The Entertainer is here to make you laugh, cry, smile, gasp, ponder, and every emotion in between. Making you feel is their greatest joy. The Entertainer will take something boring and make it novel. Nothing makes them feel more alive than performing, whether it’s in front of a crowd or a camera. To them, life itself is a performance, which can sometimes blur the lines between who they truly are and who they are pretending to be.

The Entertainer is always trying on roles. They wonder how other people would think, talk, dress, love, and fight. They’re constantly observing how people behave and notice their little quirks, so they can do a kick-ass impersonation. It fascinates them to be inside the minds of others.

If imbalanced, the Entertainer may be unsure of who they are. They play so many roles that it can become confusing to distinguish which is their truth. This is why many professional actors, singers, and comedians struggle with depression and addiction. They feel so much pressure making the world smile that they forget what makes them smile.

When Entertainers are told to stop playing or shut up as children, they grow up believing it’s not safe to be their loud, entertaining selves, and they put their big personalities on a shelf in order to fit in. They feel their gifts are “too much” and they won’t be loved if they give them their fullest expression, but the opposite is true. This lifetime is all about reclaiming their voice and owning their gifts, knowing they are safe to shine. Chances are they know about their gifts, but find it hard to admit it because it feels too wild and crazy.

Being an Entertainer doesn’t mean you have to quit your job and move to Hollywood (unless that’s what you want to do!), but it means inviting some of your entertaining qualities back to the table. That can be performing at the company’s holiday party or going to karaoke with your friends or joining a theater group or starting a YouTube channel.

Entertainers usually have a deeply spiritual side. Because they are so fascinated by the human character, their understanding goes deeper than the superficial. Wanting to know why humans behave the way they do leads them to the seat of the soul.

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