Test Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur is here to address the problems of society through business solutions. They see businesses as more sustainable than ideas or petitions because they have infrastructure, revenue, and a team to keep them going. They aren’t going to protest about plastics—they’ll create a business that minimizes plastic waste. Entrepreneurs pride themselves on not being complainers, but rather problem-solvers.

An Entrepreneur thrives on coming up with solutions that no one else has thought of. They know that time is money and value productivity above anything else. They have a keen sense of their energy levels and pick up practices to keep their focus high, whether it’s an adaptogenic drink or jumping jacks before writing. They see the population as a bell curve they must always be ahead of and are thinking about what will happen in the future. There’s a kind of “screw the man” attitude in the entrepreneurial community, and you’ll find them sharing ways that they hacked the system with great pride. This is why you’ll find them in the start-up scene, attending business masterminds or talking about their latest funnel strategies.

With all of that Pitta energy, patience is something Entrepreneurs don’t have a lot of. They must learn that not everyone is as motivated about their business as they are. This is why they often feel unsupported: They have the expectation that people are going to care as much as they do, but that seldom is the case. This can cause the Entrepreneur to wear too many hats and take on too many responsibilities, always being “on.” It’s important for them to build a team they can trust so they can focus on their area of expertise.

The Entrepreneur must learn to accept support and express their needs. Because Entrepreneurs work on their own, it’s important to create a support team of other Entrepreneurs in similar industries they can call upon for support and share advice with.

Entrepreneurs also must learn to drop the ideal of perfection. The truth is, people care about the details way less than you think, and the most important thing is to get it done. You can shift as you evolve, and entrepreneurs are always evolving.

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