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Highest Self Podcast 364: Pivoting Careers Into Coaching with Dr. Neeta Bhushan

Do you feel like it’s too late for you to have a career as a coach? Does imposter syndrome get in the way? In this …

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Highest Self Podcast 363: Keeping Your Heart Open Through Obstacles with Sahara Rose

When faced with obstacles, it’s easy to close your heart, become pessimistic and see the worst in the world. But is that the energy you …

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Highest Self Podcast 362: Connecting With Galactic Beings with Elizabeth April

We got cosmic in this episode, diving deep into extraterrestrial contact, star families, galactic beings and all things cosmic. If you feel like you come …

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Highest Self Podcast 361: How To Make Your Clothing More Conscious with Kiran Jade

This episode is a true blast-from-the-past as I sit with one of my oldest friends Kiran, founder of Wolven, to discuss our early journeys with …

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Highest Self Podcast 360: How To Overcome Self-Sabotage with Sahara Rose

One of the main issues people come to me for regarding living their dharma (soul’s purpose) is self-sabotage. In this episode, I discuss what that …

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Highest Self Podcast 359: The Science of Manifestation with Lacy Phillips

How does manifestation actually work in the brain? In this episode I sit down with my friend Lacy Phillips to discuss Neural Manifestation, which includes …

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Highest Self Podcast 358: Trusting + Connecting To Your Truth with Shannon Algeo

In a noisy world, how do we connect with our truth? In this episode I sit with my dear friend Shannon to discuss following our …

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Highest Self Podcast 357: Living Your Dharma As A Health Coach with Sahara Rose + Jim Curtis

Thinking about becoming a Holistic Health Coach? This episode is for you! You’re tuning into a live webinar I did with my alma mater Institute …

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Highest Self Podcast 356: Creating From a Place of Rest vs Unworthiness with Sahara Rose

What you are creating is not as important as HOW and WHY you are creating it. Is it coming from a place of creativity oozing …

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Highest Self Podcast 355: Kundalini Made Easy with Elevate The Globe Britt + Tara

In this episode, we discuss Kundalini Yoga, the ancient technology to bring mind-body balance. Elevate the Globe Founders Britt + Tara share what this science …

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