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The Highest Self Podcast

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Highest Self Podcast 387: What Actually Is Cultural Appropriation + Activating Your Powers with Shaman Dr. Axel Carrasquillo

You’ve probably heard this word, seen others accused of it or maybe been accused of it yourself — but what does it actually mean? What …

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Highest Self Podcast 386: Affirmations for Burn-Out with Sahara Rose

The world is feeling heavy and it’s important we take care of ourselves so we can truly live our purposes and share joy. In this …

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Highest Self Podcast 385: Content Creation Through Inspiration, Not Depletion with Aileen Lavendaire

Do you feel it’s part of your dharma to be a content creator? In this episode I sit down with Aileen, also known as Lavendaire, …

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Highest Self Podcast 384: If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the world, listen to this with Sahara Rose

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, frazzled and in complete despair with the state of the world right now, that’s because your nervous system wasn’t designed to …

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Highest Self Podcast 383: Healing Your Womb Space with Queen Afua

In this episode I sit down with Queen Afua, known as one of the mothers of womb wellness sharing this wisdom for over 40 years. …

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Feminine Truth & Body Sovereignty

Highest Self Podcast 382: Divine Feminine Truth, Embodiment + Body Sovereignty with Rev. Briana Lynn

This has to be one of my favorite conversations date because we really WENT THERE. What it *actually* means to integrate your divine feminine, the …

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Highest Self Podcast 381: Law of Attraction Techniques with the Secret Creator Rhonda Byrne

Have you ever watched the movie The Secret? For many it was their opening into spirituality and Law of Attraction, and for others it was …

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Highest Self Podcast 380: The Truth To All Your Problems That Will Set You Free with Sahara Rose

Your ego may not like what I’m about to share but your highest self will LOVE it. In this episode, I share the key to …

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Highest Self Podcast 379: How The Light Affects Your Mood with Andy Mant

I had heard of blue light before but I never realized how serious of an issue it was until this interview! I was amazed to …

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Highest Self Podcast 376: Fun Is Your Birthright with Sahara Rose

In this episode I share my secret to writing books, creating multiple businesses, launching projects, being happily married and overall so joyful. It’s because in …

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