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The Highest Self Podcast

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Highest Self Podcast 184: Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique with Elana

I recently underwent the deepest form of hypnosis where you go into your past lives and it was a remarkable experience. In this episode, I …

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Highest Self Podcast 162: How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides with Sahara Rose

We all have a support team that is helping us on this human experience, called spirit guides. In this episode, I discuss what that means, …

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Highest Self Podcast 030: Healing Ancestral Wounds: Why Some of the Stuff You’re Dealing with is Your Ancestors’

This may sound like a totally foreign concept to you (it did when I first heard it) but not ALL the stuff you’re dealing with …

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Highest Self Podcast Episode 024: How To Become a Clear Channel to Access Your Past Lives

The first time I’ve ever cried while recording a podcast episode. I share a recent dream I had where I was shown my souls birthplace, …

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Highest Self Podcast Episode 004: Discovering Your Past Lives and How I Realized Mine

Who were you in your past life? It’s something not everyone believes in.. But then again, not everyone believes in global warming 😛 Learn more …

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