Highest Self Podcast Episode 004: Discovering Your Past Lives and How I Realized Mine

Who were you in your past life? It’s something not everyone believes in.. But then again, not everyone believes in global warming 😛

Learn more about accessing your past lives and hear the story about how I discovered mine in this Highest Self Podcast episode.

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Episode 004 – Discovering Your Past Lives and How I Realized Mine

By Sahara Rose

Namaste everyone! It is Sahara Rose and welcome to episode four of the Highest Self Podcast. I am your host and todays topic I’m really excited to talk about, I’m just free flowing here and seeing what comes through me as I’m tapped into my divine self and the episode today is all about past lives.

  • What are they?

  • How do we know what they are?

People talk about them and it’s really confusing, so let’s discuss and just jam on this. Not everyone believes in past lives and not everyone has to. Not everyone believes in global warming either, there are things you can believe in and things that you don’t have to. My entire life I’ve always believed in past lives, it never made sense to me that our soul was just put here for this one lifetime and then leaves and then that’s it. I believe that the soul lives on and I believe that it takes on different reincarnations. I believe that some of these reincarnations are humans, some can be animals, some can be plants, I don’t think our souls are like always in the game, I don’t know if it’s like you just die and you instantly come back but I think in between lives there’s a little bit of time that your soul kind of needs to think about “Okay, what were the lessons I have learned in this lifetime and like what are the things that I still need to work on.”

In Hinduism, Buddhism and a lot of spiritual beliefs this notion of past lives and Dharma is extremely crucial. Our Dharma is essentially our purpose here. When we were born, we were each given a purpose and this purpose is tied in with the gifts that we were given. Let’s say you were born with a strong musical talent, just musical instruments have always come really easily to you, like my boyfriend’s this way, he can just pick up any instrument and begin playing it and he never took a music class in his life and he plays five instruments. He is someone that obviously in his Dharma it’s too play music and he works in the music industry now and he is in the other room making music as we speak. That is such a part of his lives path, now when I look at him and his past lives I think “There was definitely a musician there” but then you can go deeper “What kind of musician was it, where did this musician live, where was it?” all of these things.

The best way I find to go about it is to follow the familiarity. Our bodies are basically these compasses that we have and they are always signaling us where to go and what to do and what feels right, that’s why you know when you have like a weird feeling in your stomach you know somethings up or when you feel excitement you like feel it and your heart feels it expanded. Our bodies are these like instruments and they’re always like picking up on frequencies and the frequencies are telling us like “This feels right, this feels wrong”. So, for me I really follow the frequencies of my body and I see how something feels in me physically and that allows me to see “How does this resonate with my soul?” because a lot of times the mind puts on stories and the mind says “That would have been really look if I was Marie Antoinette, you know I like cakes so maybe I was Marie Antoinette” but you are not feeling your body, your just creating a story for yourself. It’s very different feeling something physically of this like nostalgia and like knowing this even when I talk about I like get this like jumps in my stomach and it’s like “Whoa, oh my God, that was exactly what happened”.

For me, I always knew I was Indian in my past life, I remember when we were in 5th grade you were supposed to dress up as your hero and people were like “My mom, like Marilyn Monroe” and I came in like a full on turban, I’m like “I’m Gandhi, hello kids” and they were all like “What the hell” and I remember they were like “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I’m like “I want to be a nun and move to Kolkata India” and I was like obsessed with Mother Teresa and as I mentioned I used to have an Indian accent, I look very Indian and I always ate with my hands. I would listen to Bollywood music and cry, it was like literally speaking to my soul on another level and I would watch these Bollywood movies and just everything about them felt so at home to me, like I felt the way that they were dressing and the storyline, and everything. I was truly like an Indian person watching their own films even though I had grown up in Boston which is like the polar opposite.

So for me India was always like “I’ve definitely spent some time there”. So when I visited India I was in Jaipur which is this beautiful city that I highly recommend visiting. It’s called the Pink City it’s in Rajasthan and I was staying at this place called the Rambagh Palace which is the last place that the Maharajas and Maharanis which are the royalties, the prince and princess of India used to live there, even British rule they still live there and it was the last palace that was still operating with royalty. It’s a really amazing place and they recently turned it into a hotel.

So I was staying there and as soon as I got there I like got this weird feeling of like “I’ve been here before” and I’m like going around the room and this hotel is literally in like a house essentially and I’m going around and I’m like “There’s a bathroom there and the kitchens there” and I know my way around the whole house and I was like “The peacocks are going to come out at this time” and it was this weird “I’ve been here” and that night in my dream I saw myself there and I saw myself like living my life there as the Maharani like a princess in that palace and I remember feeling trapped. I remember wanting to leave and wanting to see what is outside and wanting to see outside world but not being allowed to and I remember sitting in my room looking out at the peacock and wishing I could just be free like them and fly away.

In this reincarnation of my life I’ve always felt like that, I’ve always felt like “I wish I could just like escape, I wish I could just be a backpacker and travel and no one knows me and live in these huts” and I did that for years and since I was like fifteen I was like “I want to be a human shield and stand in front of bulldozers that are like trying to breakdown settlements and be in the Congo’s and stop the child traffickers” and I’ve always wanted to put myself in these risk of danger really, life to me was like meant to be sacrificing your life and I’ve always told my parents I’m like “I’m probably going to die in a freak accident, so don’t freak out if that happens” and they’re like “What?” but I’ve always felt that way and it finally made sense to me at this time that my past life I was never allowed to and my soul wanted to so badly to like see the face of poverty and like see what was outside of the palace walls and finally when I got the chance to my soul was like “I’m going all out” and I went to Zimbabwe and I was in Nicaragua, I was in Peru.

When I was in these places in high school I would like hitchhike and like go here and take random busses and meet people and be like “Oh wow, come with you to this village?” I was just not afraid of anything and I was always extremely protected to, it’s amazing that nothing happened to me. I always had my spirit guides which are like my past lives selves, my higher selves, my teachers who are above me watching after me like they always had my back and I’ve always known this and that also gave me this feeling of safety, because I knew anywhere I went, my spirit guides were protecting me.

When I went to Jaipur stayed in this house, had this crazy past life regression, I knew this was part of my karma basically that I was healing at this point. Coming back full circle hitting this check point of being you know “Okay, you came back here and you are the person that you needed to be at this time, so know you can move forward”. So in spiritual belief it’s that our souls kind of have these strings that are like connected to different people and places and situations and our soul kind of need hit all these points in order to keep progressing, that’s were like soulmates comes from like you might meet someone and for a period of time you guys really get along and you love each other and then like you’ve learned lessons that you needed to learn from one another and then your souls can part ways and move on. That is why not everything is meant to last forever, there might be someone that you meet for five minutes and you have that one conversation that your soul needed to keep going on its path. I know for me that happens all the time, I meet someone just that one day we have like this crazy conversation and we never see each other again but I’m like “Hmmm” but I figured out later on that’s exactly why that conversation was brought to me.

Our souls are constantly directing us and guiding us and it takes this knowing this to know “Okay, well which is the right way to go”. A lot of my past lives started to come to me after that, I became much more attuned to noticing those small details that little things I begun to pick up with and it was sort of like I have all of these pieces of the puzzle on my hand already but now I was like “Okay, well this is kind of how you can put it together”. For me as a child my first language was Spanish, when I was a kid my mom spoke to me in Spanish and my babysitter was from Guatemala and she always spoke to me in Spanish and before I knew Farsi which is my parents language the Persian language, before I knew English, I didn’t know English until I was like in kindergarten, I just taught myself but I spoke Spanish. Y tambien cuando habla espanol toda la gente peinsen que yo soy Latina. See, I speak Spanish like a Hispanic person.

Then I realize my whole life I’ve just really been enamored by like Latin culture and the music and the people and like everything that was Latin American as well, always really felt at home to me. I never took Spanish classes again, I took French growing up but then when I was in like my last two years of high school I was like “You know I don’t really want to take French anymore, I’ll take Spanish”, suddenly it all came back to me, I was able to speak it perfectly and just the whole culture was so second hand to me. I learned that I had at least one past life that I was Hispanic but upon meditation I saw myself as this old lady with gray hair and looking at her face right now, she’s missing her front teeth and she’s short, she’s dark skin, she’s shriveled up, she’s I think central American, she’s like tiny and she’s like a medicine woman, she’s sitting in front of a fire people are coming to her and she’s like creating these medicines over the fire and giving them to people and like healing them with that, she’s wearing a pink shirt and I can just see this so clearly in my mind and it just came to me and I was like “Oh my God, that was me” and I’ve always just been super into making potions and trinkets.

When I was like a kid in fourth grade, my teacher called my parents because they’re like “Your daughter says she’s a witch” and I was like “Know what guys I’m a witch” and they’re like “No, you’re not” and I would practice spells, go to like Salem with the witches town in Massachusetts and with my friends and we were like a witch trio group and we would perform all this spells, go into the forest, do all these witchcraft things, like it was so crazy but that was the part of me that knew that I was this medicine woman witch before. Witch doesn’t mean evil at all, like many witches turned into an evil connotation when the Patriarchal rule came and said “Oh my God these women are super powerful” and they decided to put a negative connotation on it and say “Oh witchcraft is evil, witchcraft is this, burn them at the stake” but actually it just the power of women when they come together and heal each other, we are all witches.

That made sense to me seeing myself as the medicine woman. I’ve always been really drawn to Shamanism; Shamanism is Latin American healing essentially. When I went to Bali I found myself meeting this amazing Shaman named Malaika and then I did her teacher training “The Five Elements Shamanic Teacher Training” which I really recommend. Learning about how to heal with the elements, connecting to earth, shaking your body, playing music and all of these traditional shamanic instruments and again it was this language and this feeling of coming home. Afterwards, when I came back to the United States after spending so many time in Bali and India, it was a huge shock for me and like go into my backyard and then I would shake and do all of these shamanic rituals and my mom’s like “Okay, she’s seriously loss the plot” but they saved me and they helped me and they kept me grounded.

Some other past lives I was a belly dancer who was not allowed to dance, so again this desire to move and dance and be free, freedom is a really big thing in my life, I’ve had many past lives that I was not free and lot of past lives that I was in royalty and wanting to be amongst the people and a lot as High Priestesses. I will talk more about this in the archetypes episodes but they are archetypes which are basically Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Dosha are archetypes, just like a King or a High Priestess or a Jester, these are all archetypes. The archetype of High Priestess which is basically someone that spread the message, extremely resonates with me hard because I’m always trying to spread the higher message, I’m always trying to inspire people to be the best versions of them. For me my highest self is truly to help other people.

Learning about that and studying everything there is to know about spirituality and reincarnation and things like that and just tuning in and then it would come to me. My first advice to figure out what your past lives are is to write down the places that you feel drawn, maybe it’s somewhere that you’ve been, maybe it’s somewhere you haven’t been. For example a friend of mine who’s Indian she feels really drawn to like Ancient Rome. When she went to Rome, she had that same experience that I had in Jaipur India where she felt like she was coming back home and it was like it was this place that she had lived before and she doesn’t even look Indian, she actually looks extremely Roman, So It’s this like “You’re for sure Roman” and it just comes to her and just the language she’s really good at French, she’s just really good at European languages, so she had definitely had many past lives as European.

For other people like my father, he is extremely Japanese like he looks Japanese. I can like show a picture for you guys I can post it on my story or something but he looks a 100% Japanese, he acts 100% Japanese, he loves anything related to Japan, he loves the food, he loves the math system, he always sent me Japanese math school growing up, Kumon. He loves just the way that their things were shaped, like all the architecture that he creates is based off of Japanese elements, he is a Japanese person. When my mom first met my dad, my dad is Persian, he’s Iranian as well and my mom met him and he started talking to her in Farsi and she was like “Wow, this Japanese guy speaks Persian really well” and she figured out later that he’s Persian, she was like “What?” like she literally couldn’t believe it.

Your past lives come through, so maybe you look like you’re from somewhere else, you are the odd one in your family, you like look like you are from a totally different place than everyone else around you, that can be your past life showing up or if there is a place that you really resonate with, like I know someone in my mind-body balancers group I brought this up and she was saying how anything Arabic she resonates with and she was like walking and she found this Quran or something on the floor and she began reading it and it brought back so many memories and she doesn’t even speak Arabic but she’s just so drawn and she’s I think moving to Morocco or something.

It happens all the time, it sounds like weird when you first hear of it but then when you really start to dabble in it your like “Oh, well maybe I could be from there, maybe I’ve lived in this era?” So if there’s a time like maybe you have seen in a movie before that you’re like super just drawn to that time period and you just wish you could be there and it’s more than this mental thing but more of this like physical like feeling warm, feeling at home, feeling like you’ve come back to something, that’s the feeling that you should be looking after. It might start of you just thinking about it mentally like “Okay, where do I feel this, where I do feel that?” you can write I down but it has to become a knowingness.

You are not going to think of your past life in an event diagram of what it could be “X, Y, Z” but I’m going to guess “Z”, it’s going to come to you when you’re ready to know. You already know but there are layers that you have placed before you that are preventing you from accessing that higher truth. Maybe, first you’re going to have to shed the belief that past lives don’t exist, maybe that’s what is holding you back from knowing and once you’ve shed those beliefs then you can start to see “Okay, well maybe I’m more than just my physical body, maybe I have this soul, maybe I have been here before, what really resonates with me?

I know for me and a lot of people like just the Buddha, like we see the Buddha, like I’m staring at my Buddha right now and it brings so much calmness to us. There are so many Buddhist people in the planet and could have been in the past life you were Buddhist or drawn to Buddhism or something like that. It takes true self knowingness to see “How do I feel most at home, where do I feel like I belong?” and once you’ve tapped into there, envision yourself there “What would that life have looked like, was I male, was I female?” not all of us were always the same gender, I mean you’ve probably been another gender at some point. Maybe a lot of women have masculine energy, maybe in a recent past life you were a man and that’s why you get along with men all the time, you have this tomboy side of you and a lot of us feel that way.

I have another friend she’s always saying “It’s like so hard for me to remember to be a girl” because she’d lived all of her lives before as male, so she’s just being dominant and aggressive and these are like things that comes naturally, she’s trying to work really hard on being a female in this life. This can all be related to the lives that you’ve had in your past. I’m super curios to know about what your lives experiences have been, how did you find them, was it through meditation, and was it just a download that you receive in this state of flow? You can also keep a journal and every time you kind of have this tidbit of an idea or something, maybe in a dream or maybe it just comes to you, you can write that down and just like keep on working at it and then like overtime you’ll naturally begin to tune more into that.

Again, it’s just like any other muscle. If you’ve never even consider that past lives exist don’t feel like “Oh my God, now I need to like think of all 12 of my past lives like right now” and they aren’t necessarily 12, you could have had hundreds but it takes time and it takes release and it takes surrender. So, you cannot force knowing, it will come when you are ready.

I can’t wait to hear what your guy’s experiences has been, please share on the Facebook group mind-body balancer, I’m available on Instagram @iamsahararose, and my website is iamsahararose.com. I can’t wait to hear from you guys; we will definitely have a juicy discussion going on in the min-body balancer Facebook group.

Thank you guys so much for tuning in and I can’t wait to share with you guys on the next episode. Namaste!

Episode 004 – Discovering Your Past Lives and How I Realized Mine

by Sahara Rose

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