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Confused about your dharma (purpose)? Read this.

The number one reason people aren’t living their dharma is that they believe they’re confused. More than ever, we’re exposed to different timelines: Someone is …

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Why I wrote Discover Your Dharma

I wrote Discover Your Dharma because I know what it’s like to be confused, overwhelmed and lost about my purpose. Through years of trials and …

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How to practice Election self-care (going to be so needed this week)

Feeling all the Election feels? Same. While it can be easy to fall into helplessness, anxiety and despair, it’s important to be reminded that your …

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Why ✨Breathwork✨ is the New Yoga

(Just kidding, though Breathwork is a great way to deepen your practice or try another healing modality!) If you’re anything like me, sitting down to …

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Transitioning Into Your Purpose (Dharma) At This Time

Are you feeling the shift? So many of us are making major life changes right now– and this is bringing us closer to our dharma, …

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