All About the Law of Detachment in Spirituality and How to Use It

The law of detachment is a cosmic law to help you reconnect with yourself. Learn how to escape the chaos in your life with Sahara Rose.

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Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by the world around you that you can’t breathe? You feel like the world is closing in on you, the objects in the room seem to stifle you, and when people try to talk to you, it’s a blur. It might feel like there’s too much happening at the same time.

This is what happens when we become too attached to the world. Within each of us is a sense of the divine feminine – a word used to describe the intuitive spiritual side of our soul. The world today grows ever louder, with no place for a person to find peace.

Everywhere you go, we are surrounded by concrete jungles teeming with people, flocking about with a million personal devices, all ringing and blinking away together. This chaos is a sign of the world on its brink, of too many people chasing after material objects instead of seeking to reconnect with their divine feminine. The universe is asking you to wake up, my dear.

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There is a way to escape this chaos. And that would be to practice the law of detachment.

It’s an actual mathematical law, and it has even been used in quantum physics. Everything in the universe is connected, and believe it or not, even science blends in with spirituality.

No, it’s not giving up everything and running away to the Himalayas. Far from it, the law of detachment is a cosmic law to help you get in touch with your spiritual side and learn to release yourself from the negative energy of the hustling crowd around.


What Is the Law of Detachment?

Deepak Chopra, one of my favorite spiritual leaders in the world, defines the law of Detachment as:

“To get anything in the physical world, you have to detach from the outcome and be in the process.”

Now hold on; this does not mean you have to throw away all your material possessions and become a hermit. Far from it, the law of detachment emphasizes focusing on the process rather than the outcome.

The real meaning of detachment isn’t that you’re not involved in the world; it’s changing the way you react to it. If you are completely immersed in what is happening to you in the world, you will find yourself becoming overwhelmed and exhausted. Every little problem or issue can trigger you and create negative energy in your life.

The law of detachment is one of the basic tenets of spirituality.

Taking time to develop a higher state of consciousness will allow you to begin to recognize and isolate the source of negative emotions. You grow detached from your desire while continuing to find ways to fulfill them. A need turns into a want.

You are no longer driven up the wall by your desires. Being able to detach lets you focus on how to achieve it and not be bothered even if the result fails to match your expectations.


Why Is It So Hard to Let Go?

Most of us don’t want to part with the things or people that we love. It stems from a sense of not being enough. So, we hold on for as long as we can, until things end. This unhealthy attachment can lead to a lot of mental and emotional anguish. By choosing to actively concentrate our energy on keeping things, we forget that the universe offers us more in plenty. Our greed will never be rewarded; it is only when we give things up that our life takes a turn for the better. You have to trust that the universe that gave birth to you has your best intentions in mind when it takes things away from you.

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Holding on to something beyond our control can cause us great stress and unhappiness. It also keeps us trapped in the past and prevents us from growing and living freely. If we want to be happy and free, we must learn to let go.


How Do I Use the Law of Detachment in My Life?

It isn’t easy to relinquish control, sun being. Especially when so much of our conditioning tells us to focus on greedily chasing after people and material possessions. The Law of Detachment is easier to practice by making the below commitments to yourself, and following through on them.

1. To commit to detaching yourself from everything around you.

Remove the weight of expectations from yourself and others. What will be, will be. And no matter what the outcome, you shall learn and grow to be okay with it.

This step is so crucial because it means letting go of any notions of what the world owes you or what you owe it in return. But trust me on this, the moment you let go of this and let yourself be? That’s when the universe will rush to greet your divine feminine with open arms and help you achieve your dreams in return for the vulnerability you display.

2. You have to accept that you cannot control anything.

Expect the unexpected and let life take you for a ride. Yes, this means that you cannot micro-manage everything down to the tiniest factor. Imagine how free your mind would be without all that overthinking?

The universe is asking you to trust it and take a leap of faith by letting go of uncertainty. You will never really know what the future holds, but at the end of the day, whatever is happening to you is what the universe believes is best for you. Let go and take that leap. I promise the world will catch you.

3. Be open to different things.

There is a world of opportunities out there, most of which we end up ignoring simply because the world teaches us that we are supposed to focus only on one specific thing. Have you ever seen wild carnivores on the hunt? If they can’t catch the prey they were chasing, they try to hunt something else. So why are we humans, the apex predators, so hell-bent on achieving that one specific goal?

The animal kingdom has long known this. To focus on one object is to lose sight of the world around you, which holds infinite possibilities. Why choose to put yourself through such pain when you could take what the cosmos offers to you freely?

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When Do I Use the Law of Detachment?

Maybe, you lose your business, and you run out of money; you have nothing to show for years of hard work…

Or you get a divorce, you believe your life is over, and you’ve lost your family…

Perhaps, you’ve lost the only people who have ever loved you, and life has come to a standstill.

You’re on ground zero, with nothing to show for your life so far. Just the devastation you feel within. As incredibly lonely as it may feel, you truly are not alone. This is the moment where you let go.

Let go of your past, your mistakes, your life as you knew it.

This is where you detach and start over. The world can take nothing more from you; it can only give now. Keep your head down and find your true purpose, your dharma. You are much stronger than you realize. When you let go, the universe will show you all the myriad possibilities you can choose from. You can think, you can imagine, and you can also create.

Detach, and turn inward for connection.

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Let your divine feminine embrace you and take care of you.

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You are all you have ever needed. You are all that you have. So, take care of this vessel and cherish yourself. Detach from all things and give yourself over to the world. Let your true self shine through. When we truly take in the law of detachment, nothing can stop us.

And you know what happens when you truly believe that you have nothing to lose? You live life at the moment. Take each breath as if it may be your last. You adapt spirituality into your life – be it through technology or other healing practices like Ayurveda. Chase risks that prove to be worth it. You, my dear, transform into a force to be reckoned with.

And who doesn’t want that for themselves?

Let go, and discover the real you. Transform, and let your divine spirit shine through. You, my dear divine being, are capable of so much more than the world has told you.

Let nothing stop you from taking what is rightfully yours. As you tread this path of spirituality, I wish you nothing but the very best of all that life has to offer.

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