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6 Steps to Start Living Your Life with Purpose | Sahara Rose

Do you feel lost in the overwhelm of every day? The constant notifications, overflowing mailboxes, and never-ending to-do lists? Do you ever feel like you …

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How to Find Your Purpose: The Definitive Guide

Does your life feel stuck? Like in an endless traffic jam? Does it feel like you are blocked, no matter where you want to go? …

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The Best Answer To “What Should I do With My Life?”

Have you ever wondered, “What TF am I doing with my life?” “What is even the meaning of life?” And “What should I do with …

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4 Ways to Find Your Dharma

  Once upon a time, the Creator wanted to hide something from the humans until they were ready for it. It was the realization that …

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Should You Drink Hot or Cold Water? Here’s How That Preference May Affect Digestion

Recently, I ordered a glass of ice water at a bar and was met with palpable disdain from my dining companion. “Why ice water?” he …

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