A Guide to Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation not only helps you align your central chakra points but also boosts your well-being! Here is a complete guide to practice it.

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You, my dear, are destined for greatness. As we walk down this path of healing and growth, I’m sure you must have wondered.

“What can I change in this big, wide world? Where do I begin?”

I’m here to show you the path.

After years and years of buying into the belief that conforming to what people expect will bring you happiness, and chasing after illusions, you’ve now seen the light. You know that you are a spiritual being who was created by the universe for a special purpose. It is only when we live our dharma that we find true joy and spirituality. We become one with the world when we celebrate our divine purpose in this life.

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And this path of light begins with self-healing. Any great change begins with action, and the best way to set out on your spiritual path is to heal your spiritual body.

The first step? Opening and strengthening your chakras!

According to ancient Ayurvedic texts, human beings exist in two parallel dimensions at the same time, as the sthula sarira (physical body) and the sukshma sarira (divine body). These bodies share spiritual energy among each other, and anything that happens to one form will affect the other. Ayurveda has long focused on treating both sides of our being to help reach fulfillment.

Our divine body is a form made entirely of energy that flows through channels called nadis. The nadis flow between energy points called chakras. These spinning points are where the body accumulates much spiritual energy, and unlike what movies would have you believe, the human body has around 88,000 chakra points spread through it! It’s no different from the circulatory systems that exist in our body– this one just transports divine energy!

Chakra healing is a very important path of spiritual growth. Most people’s chakra points are blocked over time, as they grow older and stray from the path of their dharma. We’ll be focusing on chakra healing so that your divine and physical body can work together to help you transform into your best self!

How do we heal our chakras? Through chakra meditation!


All About Chakra Meditation!

meditation is the ancient practice of aligning your main chakra points and opening any blocks within them to better facilitate energy flow and chakra healing. It can be done in two ways–by focusing on one central chakra at a time, or focusing on all seven together!

Chakra meditation is a meditative technique that brings balance to the spiritual and physical self. It helps us healthily deal with our emotions and it helps our body stay healthy by making sure all the central chakras are in alignment.

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Unlike regular meditative exercises, chakra meditation focuses on chakra healing by working on the flow of energy in the body and stilling the mind to be able to focus on the movement of the divine body. It is a practice that has helped me connect with my inner self, and thus, with the world at large. It helps my chakras stay in alignment so that my physical body and divine body are at peace.

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The Seven Central Chakras: The Key to The Soul

The seven central chakras are the ones that lie in alignment with our spine. They’re sometimes represented by different colors, and each of them has a specific purpose or function. Let’s take a look at them!

1. Root Chakra (Muladhara)

The root chakra is located at the base of our spine. It is what connects us to the world around us (hence, the name). It also controls our basic needs for things like food, shelter, etc. A blockage in your root chakra often leads to emotional and physical distress, especially digestive ailments.

2. Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana)

The sacral chakra is located just below your navel. Considering its proximity to the reproductive system, it’s no surprise that this is the chakra point that governs creativity and sexuality. It is the birthplace of new ideas and dreams! A blockage in the sacral chakra leaves people feeling disconnected from new experiences and stuck in their creative process.

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3. Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

The solar plexus chakra is the chakra that rules our self-esteem and discipline. When we experience new things and learn from them, the solar plexus chakra is where we absorb the lesson into our psyche and truly understand its meaning. It also controls digestion. An imbalance in the solar plexus chakra can sometimes lead to mood swings, stubbornness, a loss of confidence, or a quick temper!

4. Heart Chakra (Anahata)

The heart chakra is the chakra point at the very center of our being, surrounded by our vital organs. It is what lets us form intimate relationships with the people around us. A closed heart chakra causes us emotional distress or imbalance, as well as respiratory or cardiac issues.

5. Throat Chakra (Visshuddha)

The throat chakra is located right next to the thyroid glands. If the name wasn’t a dead giveaway, the throat chakra controls all aspects of communication and self-expression. A blockage in the throat chakra leads to miscommunication, an urge to isolate from loved ones, and even hormonal imbalances.

6. Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)

The third eye chakra rests on the forehead, just above where our eyebrows meet. It is responsible for the gut feelings and intuition that guide us through everyday life and our spirituality. It is the chakra of insight, of the ancient knowledge the cosmos holds. A blockage in the third eye chakra makes us more susceptible to deceit and can also cause issues in our perception and focus.

7. Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

The crown chakra is found at the top of our heads. It is where our energy flows out and connects with the world’s energy at large. It is the seat of spiritual awareness and enlightenment. A healthy chakra alignment leads to peace in the crown chakra.


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How Do I Begin Practicing Chakra Meditation?

Practicing chakra meditation is the art of chakra healing by connecting with one’s inner self and the world outside! Some people like listening to poetry and meditating while others prefer silence.

So, before you get started with this little quiz to figure out the best meditation style, let’s help you shift into a better mental state to start your chakra meditation!


1. Wear comfortable clothing

The last thing you want to do is feel that bra strap digging into your shoulder or the waistband burrowing into your waist when you sit down to meditate! Wear clothing that is comfortable for you! It can be anything, from sweatpants and a shirt to a cotton dress!

2. Practice in open spaces, preferably closer to nature

As with any spiritual exercise, open places help you reach in and dive deeper within. It helps us connect to the world around us. Whether it’s seating yourself on the ground or under a tree, being in an open space gives us the mental freedom to focus on chakra healing. It helps us connect with the universe at large!

3. Put aside your phones, laptops, and other devices!

Put your phone on silent, switch off your laptop and truly leave them behind when you sit down for chakra meditation. This is a time to reconnect with the world, not with your work. Set aside this time for yourself!

Remember, this is for your chakra healing process! Making yourself comfortable and then following the meditation practices will be of great benefit! You can also check out these lovely chakra meditation guides from Chopra,

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Benefits of Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation doesn’t just help you align your central chakra points; it also helps boost different aspects of your being! Here are a few benefits I’ve noticed from practicing chakra meditation.

1. It helps you find energy for the things you love

A balanced chakra system means a healthy body and mind. As your central chakras slowly unblock and connect, you’ll notice that you have more energy to do things. Goodbye, sluggishness!

2. You’ll rest better

If you’re someone who wakes up feeling tired, and just can’t seem to get enough sleep, I have good news for you! Chakra meditation can help you fight sleeplessness! You’ll get a deep, restful sleep as you slowly help your subconscious mind ease up and rest.

3. It helps you fight stress!

As you get used to chakra meditation, you’ll be able to use it to calm different chakra points during stressful times! With enough practice, chakra healing becomes easier and you’ll be able to tell when your chakras are off-balance and correct it quickly.

4. Better mental and physical health

When the physical body and divine body are in harmony, the chakra points will match your vibrational frequency with that of the world. Your health will be at its peak, as you intuitively begin to take better care of your mind and body!

5. You’ll welcome positivity and creativity into your life

The change in my outlook and attitude was instant! I felt like I could do anything, and the ideas would just keep flowing. I didn’t even have to lift a finger! Goodbye, creative blocks and insecurities!

I know this might sound a little too good to be true. But you are worth all the effort. You deserve to shine, star being! Let’s walk this spiritual path together and grow! If you’d like to find the best meditation style based on your dosha type, head over here!

I hope you reach for the stars and touch them too! May your spiritual journey bring you joy and fulfillment.

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