Activism Through The Doshas

There are MANY forms of activism and we are ALL meant to show up in alignment with our Ayurvedic Dosha (mind-body type!)⁠ 🙌🏽⠀

Stand Up Against Injustice While Staying in Alignment

Even though I don’t know you, I love you. ⁠💙⠀Because you care.⁠⠀Because you are committed.⁠⠀Because you have a heart.⁠⠀Because you are a human.⁠⠀

Acknowledging Our Diversity And Still Honoring Every Spectrum

We are learning so much right now about how to truly SEE someone, recognize our differences and still FEEL our similarity⁠

Self-Care for Activists

Your vibration is the basis of your activism🙌🏽 When we are burnt out, angry, frustrated and out of balance, we aren’t able to think clearly …

Are You Using The Word Empath Not To Have Strong Boundaries?

One thing I’ve noticed is the labeling of oneself as an “empath” to make an excuse for not having strong boundaries.⁠⠀

How To Embrace Our Inner Ying-Yang

In my new @highestselfpodcast solocast “Why We Need To Embrace Duality Now” I speak about how we must embrace our inner yin-yang– in our deepest …

Welcome to the New Paradigm, Goddesses!

We are living in the greatest collective shift in modern history. What an EXCITING time we are in!

Welcome To The Portal

Welcome to the portal🔮 What soul lesson have you learned over the past 6 months that you are transmuting now?

Are You Feeling The Shift From This Weekend?

Are you feeling the shift? This weekend we had the Summer Solstice, a Solar Eclipse and New Moon which brought in a wave of new …

How To Communicate With Racist Family Members

What a difference a week can make! Though things may feel chaotic and confusing, we have to remember why this cause is so important — …

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