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I wish I spent more time caring what people think.

“I wish I spent more time caring what other people think.” “I wish I spent more time in fear, worried about my future.” “I wish …

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I have a dream of everyone living their dharma

MLK once said “I have a dream” and these words made a ripple effect on society that we celebrate today. We honor his Visionary gift …

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Living your dharma does not mean overworking..

..It means honoring your sacred doing. Your sacred doing is when your doing and being merge. There is no longer any separation between the two. …

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It’s time to Discover Your Dharma (soul’s purpose!) Here’s how.

Today is the day! I’m SOUL excited to share with you my new book Discover Your Dharma is now available in book retailers internationally! This …

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Why “following the path of least resistance” won’t always work.

I remember always reading spiritual books telling me to follow the path of least resistance and thinking, “How does that make sense? If my mother …

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