How to Find Your Purpose In Life: The Definitive Guide


Does your life feel stuck? Like in an endless traffic jam?

Does it feel like you are blocked, no matter where you want to go?

Do you see a path opening up just to find yourself stopped again?

Is life meant to be that way? Absolutely not!


You were meant to shine your light. To live your soul’s purpose and to envelope the world with your radiance.

Life is all about being in flow, in synchronicity with the Universe, and about living your purpose. It’s beautiful! And it lights you up from inside.

And if you haven’t experienced that yet, it could be because you haven’t discovered your purpose – your Dharma.


How to find your purpose?

The good thing is that your purpose is already inside of you. You know it in your heart and your soul. You just haven’t consciously acknowledged and acted on it yet. So, it’s not so much about finding your purpose as remembering it. And that’s much simpler right? In fact, it’s going to take you just a minute. Here’s a one-minute practice to find your purpose!

All of us are born with a purpose. Think of your Dharma as the end of a highway. You were born on track for it. But as you go through life, you see all these exits. They tell you, “this way to make more money,” or “turn right to fulfill your parent’s wishes,” or “do this before it’s too late.” And you see so many people taking these exits; it feels like you ought to do it too. You start having doubts about the route you are on. And so, you take an exit too – and derail from the path to your purpose. That’s when things start to go wrong.

Here’s a secret – the Universe wants you to find your purpose and live it.
So, when you get off the track, it tries to bring you back on it. It tries to get your attention that, hey, this isn’t the way to go. If you don’t listen, it’ll keep increasing the attempts to get your attention. These attempts come to you as discomfort, and pain, and sometimes a head-on collision. Things that leave you reeling and force you to listen.

The Universe is not doing this to negate you; it’s doing this to nudge you back on that highway to your Dharma. The universe is trying to give you a wake-up call. It’s telling you how to find your purpose.

For me, this wake-up call came with my health problems. It put me on track for self-healing and then taking this healing to others. And when I got back on track, my life just changed!


How does it feel to live your purpose?

I believe that we are not our minds or bodies but souls having a human experience. As such, in this experience, we forget our limitless potential. Our quest in this life is to go through experiences that will help us remember our purpose and live it.

It’s not an easy road. You will experience doubts, find resistance, get labeled, and sometimes it will feel like the whole world is against you. It might even feel selfish to pursue your purpose! I have struggled with all of this before I found my Dharma. For the longest time, I thought I was just confused and didn’t know what was good for me. After all, all these people telling me what to do could not be wrong, right? They were wrong!

From the moment I committed to my purpose, I found a sudden shift. Everything seemed to be going my way, and it just felt too good to be true. I thought this would be over soon! But I was wrong.

When you find your purpose and live it, you open yourself up to Kriya. Kriya is boundless action by the Universe – the path of least resistance.

But society doesn’t foster that. It fills our ears with so much noise that we forget what our intuition sounds like. We forget what Kriya feels like.

Meaningful synchronicities are supposed to be the norm. If that’s not the case, then something is wrong. You have just been living out of alignment with your purpose. You are being held back by blocks and limiting beliefs.

When you align with your Dharma, your purpose – things happen that you could not have arranged yourself.

Purpose is the best expression of your natural gifts. When you find your purpose, it feels good. It kindles a fire of pure joy inside of you.


The Dharma blueprint to align your life with your purpose

Your purpose doesn’t have to be colossal, but it definitely is about how you contribute to society and be of service to humanity. It can be as simple as, “I am here to connect women back to their bodies” or “I am here to help people spend more time in nature.”

Your purpose is not about what you do but why and how you do it.

To find your purpose you need to start asking yourself, “Who am I?” “What do I care about?” “What are my soul gifts?”

Here’s the thing. No one can tell you what your purpose is. The best anyone can do is to guide you on a path to find your purpose. I created the Dharma Blueprint to give you an actionable direction to live your purpose. It’s a 5-stage process that points you to action aligned with your purpose based on:

dharma blueprint


  1. Your Dharma Archetype™

    : Have you ever wondered who you truly are at a core level? Have you thought of how you’re meant to share your gifts? Finding your Dharma Archetype™is like putting on a pair of magical glasses – an instant clarity into what you naturally excel at.The Dharma Archetypes™ are the universal expressions of the soul types that exist within all of us. If you want to understand why you are drawn to certain things and how you can embody your true purpose, they are a crucial tool that’ll guide you on this journey. Take this unique quiz to find your Dharma Archetype here.

  2. The medium that naturally flows through you

    This is your way to best express yourself – to bring your dharma to life. Your medium could be anything that you are most comfortable with – writing, speaking, blogging, teaching, designing, analyzing…you name it! You can have more than one medium that works for you and that’s totally fine too! For me, I find my best expression through speaking and coaching and that’s my medium to live my dharma.

  3. What excites you

    Excitement is the key to manifesting your dharma. Without it, you won’t have the passion to bring it to life! That said, this is the most fluid component of the Dharma Blueprint. We all get excited about different things in life at different points in time. Does that mean we’ve lost track of our purpose? Not really, no. It just means that your dharma is calling you to channel your energies in a new area which is an evolution of the work you have been doing till now. There’s always a connection, you just might not be able to see it yet!

  4. What obstacles have you overcome or helped others overcome

    Show me someone who has never faced an obstacle in life, and i’ll show you a Unicorn – and not a very exciting one either. We all face obstacles in life, for some these could be minor, for others they could be life altering. But every obstacle we overcome, teaches us something. And when we solve it, it contains clues on how you can be of service.

    For example, I suffered from severe health issues in my early 20s. As I tried to heal myself I dived deep into the ancient practice of Ayurveda. That journey shone light on how I can be of service to the world and opened my eyes to my dharma.Your dharma is always about being of service.For some, it may be direct involvement with people, such as through coaching or teaching. For others, it may be indirect, like creating beautiful art, or building a business that makes life easier.

  5. Your superpower

    Have you ever noticed how people compliment you on a specific thing? How you are able to do some things in unique ways? It could be that you have an eye for aesthetics, or that you are super organized, or that you are a great, non-judgemental listener. This is your superpower. And your superpower is your how. It’s the secret sauce you bring to everything you do. It’s the underlying tool underneath your cape that turns ordinary into magic.

Together these five elements create your roadmap to your purpose. Your blueprint will change throughout your life as things that excite you change, the mediums and obstacles change, and even your archetypes change.

Learn More:
Need help in finding your soul’s purpose? Then tune into Sahara’s free Discover Your Purpose Masterclass.


Open your heart to find your purpose

I know you want to find your dharma. You know you want to find your dharma. Then what is stopping you?

For some of you the problem could be that you have no idea where to
get started. For others it could be letting other people dictate how you live your life. And in some cases, you could even be blinded to your own purpose because you are chasing someone else’s light. These are easier obstacles to overcome, because often they are recognizable just by paying attention.

If you’ve overcome all this, but still feel lost then it’s most likely that you are unconsciously blocking out the messages the Universe is sending your way. It’s like the GPS, you won’t find your route unless your network is open to receive the signal first.

How do you avoid doing that?

How do you open yourself up to the possibility that is you?

It’s simple really. Just listen.

The universe is always whispering to us, nudging us in the direction we are meant to go in. Meditation is the way to listen to this guidance. And when you allow this guidance to come to you, it’ll reveal your dharma. So spend time meditating, and if you need help, find a guided meditation practice that will help you remember your dharma.

The quest to find purpose is as old as time itself. You aren’t the first nor the last one to ask yourself, “What is my purpose?” You are reading this because you have already asked yourself that question.

Congratulations! You’ve taken that first step towards awakening.

I am so excited for you and what lies ahead for you. Celebrate your unique gifts with me and join me on this journey to Discover your Dharma. There is so much JOY awaiting you!

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