5 Steps To Find Your Dharma

To create a life that inspires beyond measure, you should be in line with your dharma. Discover how to find your dharma in 5 simple steps in this guide.

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Once upon a time, the Creator wanted to hide something from the humans until they were ready for it. It was the realization that they create their own reality.

The Eagle said, “Give it to me; I will take it to the moon.”
The Creator said, “No, one day they will go there and find it.”
The Salmon said, “I will bury it in the bottom of the ocean.”
The Creator was not convinced, “No, they will go there too.”
Then the Grandmother, who lives in the breast of Mother Earth and has no physical eyes but sees with spirit, said, “Put it inside them.”
And so that was done.

This story is a reminder that you are not here to live a life that does not inspire you.⁠⁠ You are here to create a life that inspires beyond measure!

We are all here to elevate the vibration of this planet we call home. But the way we choose to do it is unique to each one of us. And that path is your Dharma.

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Why should you live your Dharma?

Most of us live our lives feeling numb. We eat food, but we’re still hungry. Humans scroll, but we’re still searching. We have success, but no satisfaction. What we forget is that our external reality reflects our internal world.

Dissonance with who we are, creates discord in life. And then we chase momentary highs to try and distract ourselves, to stop feeling like there is a void in our lives. But the truth is that there is only ONE way to fill this void. Only one way to feel completely ALIVE. And that way is to live your Dharma.

why you should live your dharma

When you’re living in alignment with your Dharma, there is no separation between the outer and inner you. Every aspect of your life is a conscious choice. You are tapped into an endless stream of creativity, passion, and inspiration, which is the cosmos running through you.


How To Find Your Dharma?

Your Dharma is something unique to you, and no one can tell you what it is. What I can do is to guide you on a path to Discover your Dharma.

1. Discover your Dharma Archetype™

We all have different roles or archetypes that we embody that we activate within us, Sahara says. For example, your archetype can be a teacher, artist, entrepreneur, entertainer, or visionary. Discover your top archetypes via a short quiz. Sahara says that knowing which archetypes are your most dominant can serve as a permission slip to fully step into those roles.

Don’t know your archetype yet? Take this free Dharma Archetype™ quiz to find out


2. Notice the mediums that come naturally to you

The mediums that you most naturally express yourself through is another key element of your dharma, Sahara says. Maybe it’s writing, speaking, creating art, or something else. To help you get clear on yours, Sahara recommends grabbing a journal and writing out what mediums you most enjoy, and to get really specific. For example, if you enjoy speaking, introspect about whether you prefer speaking in front of large groups, on stage, or in front of a camera. All these details provide clues about your dharma.

3. Realize the obstacles you’ve overcome

“These obstacles you’ve overcome are your soul’s unique curriculum,” Sahara says. “This is exactly what you can then share with others.” Obstacles can include health issues, going through a divorce, experiencing feelings of uncertainty, or moving around a lot as a kid and learning how to make friends. Sahara notes that obstacles can also include things you’ve helped others overcome—and no obstacle is too big or small.

4. Pay attention to what excites you

The things that excite you, Sahara says, are like breadcrumbs that guide you towards your dharma. She recommends writing out a list of all the things that make you happy—things you find yourself googling late at night, topics you love talking about or learning about. Then start to categorize them and notice any patterns.

5. Find your superpower

According to Sahara, we all have superpowers, but often it’s difficult to recognize them because they come so easily to us. Examples of superpowers include making people feel seen and heard, having Marie Kondo-level organization skills, or hosting the most beautiful dinner parties. To help pinpoint your superpowers, Sahara recommends asking friends and family members what they think you’re naturally really good at and where you shine brightest.

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4 Tips To Find Your Dharma

1. Find out what comes naturally to you

The more you know yourself, the more your Dharma will naturally emanate from your life. You could be doing the same thing as several other people – write books, style hair, create something of beauty, create deeper connections, solve problems – the difference lies in how you do it. What is the magic sauce that YOU bring into the world? What are the things that get you excited?

Take time to really ask yourself, “what are the natural gifts I was born with, and what are the modalities I am best in offering them.” For example, your natural gift may be to help people with relationship issues, but you find that a long coaching conversation drains you out. On the other hand, writing calms you, brings out a flow in you. So maybe your Dharma wants to express your natural gift through the modality of writing instead of speaking.

And when you get back on the highway to your Dharma – you’ll know. Then everything will be in a state of Flow. What you’ll experience is Kriya, the Universe guiding you and creating synchronicities that make everything just fall in place.

Here’s a quick technique that will help you find your natural gifts:
  • Take a piece of paper and divide it into two columns
  • In one column, write down all your interests, however random or unrelated they may feel like
  • In the second column, write down the different jobs you’ve had or roles that you have played
  • Next, see if you can link your list in column 1 with that in column 2. If you find a link, connect the two with a red line
  • When you are done, look for patterns. Is there an interest that reflects across multiple roles that you have played? That is an indicator of your natural gift.

Another way to do it is through meditation. I spoke about that in my conversation with Vishen Lakhiani on the MindValley podcast. Give it a listen here 

2. Find out what you are naturally ashamed of

Did you know that often the things that we’re the most ashamed about are the things that really set us apart? For the longest time, I hid the part of me that loves to dance – that enjoys being in vibration with the music. I did that because I thought dance doesn’t fit in with what I am talking about. I thought connecting dance to Ayurveda and Dharma would look silly. But whenever I let that side of me peep through, I found that people connected with me more. And today, I am dancing my way to my Dharma!

So, if you can’t identify your natural gifts, then think about what are the things you hide from the world, what is your weird quirk, and there you might find the answers you are looking for.

When you feel an irresistible pull towards something, give it a chance. The Universe will not steer you wrong. Surrender to the Universe, feel your heart’s desire – and go after it. That is the path to your Dharma.

3. Discover your Dharma Blueprint™

I created the Dharma Blueprint™ to give you an actionable direction to live your purpose to help you find your dharma. It’s a 5-stage process that points you to action aligned with your purpose based on your Dharma Archetype™, the medium that naturally flows through you, the things you get excited about, the obstacles you have overcome or helped others overcome, and your superpower. Together these five elements create your roadmap to your Dharma and help you shift gears as you move through life. Read more about these elements in my recent guide on how to find your purposes

dharma blueprint

4. Identify your Dharma with your Doshas (Ayurveda)

Ayurveda classifies souls within three Doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha – and each of them has a particular dharma. We’re all a combination of all three in varying degrees and some that dominate.

  • Vata is air energy – that of creation and ideation – and people with a dominant Vata are creative thinkers, trendsetters, and artistic.
  • Pitta is fire energy – that of execution – and people with a dominant pitta are sharp, goal-oriented, and go-getters. They are organized and disciplined and like having reusable systems and tools.
  • Kapha is earth energy, and people with dominant Kapha are grounded; they care about connection and have stability and anchoring in their being. Some examples of people with Kapha energy are Lisa Nicholas, Oprah, and Eckhart Tolle.

You can find your Dharma by identifying your Dosha. You can do this by answering a few simple questions in my Dosha quiz. Take the FREE Dosha Quiz!


Journey To Find Your Dharma

You’ve never climbed a mountain before and you don’t even know what the path looks like. You’re afraid you might take the wrong one and end up lost on your journey, even more, lost than you are now. 

But the longer you remain where you are, the more uncomfortable this stagnancy feels. So you begin hiking, foot-by-foot.

You realize there are countless paths to bring you to your dharma. Some are windy and long, while others are steep and intense. And they all happen to cross and connect to others along the way. 

There are times you want to give up, to get off this mountain and back to familiar grounds But the desire within you to climb comes alive the moments you’re out of breath. 

And step-by-step you find your lungs expanding, your body strengthening, your heart-opening. And before you know it, you’re at the peak of this summit.

The first step to finding your dharma is realizing that it’s not something outside of you but rather something you remember. “You were born with your purpose,” she says. “It’s just that we’ve forgotten. 

With that in mind, here are the five steps and live in better accordance with your soul’s unique purpose.

The dharmic path is not always easy, but it is 100% always worth it.

Remember, no one can tell you what your Dharma is because they don’t have the same context to life. They are looking at life and possibilities from their own lens.

There is nothing more sacred than pouring your energy into your Dharma and experiencing the expansion and alignment that comes with it.

If you are ready to Discover your Dharma, join me in this exhilarating journey that is life!


Final Thoughts

This journey of discovering your dharma is not a one-time process but rather a commitment to always honor the truth of your soul.

The manifestations and iterations of your dharma change as you deepen your journey. But as long as you’re listening to your truth, you’re always on the right path. 

As you step into your dharma, you’re going to trigger people who haven’t stepped into theirs. ⁠⁠Your light is going to shine too brightly for people who haven’t met their own. ⁠Don’t let that stop you from being the light that you are

Hence I created the 21 Day Dharma Discovery Journey to support you step-by-step in gaining clarity, confidence and courage on your dharma.

Each day you’ll be given an actionable practice to help you gain clarity on your purpose and know exactly what it is to focus your energy on. The results so far have been nothing short of AMAZING. Come join us and see your life transform over the next 21 days!

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