6 Steps to Start Living Your Life with Purpose

Do you feel lost in the overwhelm of every day? The constant notifications, overflowing mailboxes, and never-ending to-do lists? Do you ever feel like you are wasting the time you’ve been given here? Do you ever wonder, “Am I living my life with purpose?”

life with purpose

Congratulations! You’ve leveled up!

You see, most people don’t even ask these questions. They live life robotically, never pausing enough to think about their purpose.

And yes! All of us have a purpose – our raison d’être, our why. We are all born with unique gifts that we are meant to share with others to collectively raise this planet’s consciousness. But only a few make an effort to do that. Most people take this divine gift of soul purpose and stuff it in a closet, never to see the light of day. For them, it’s easier to pretend that their goal doesn’t exist than to embrace it.

“Why,” you ask. “Is it difficult to live your purpose?”

No! Not at all.

Living your life with purpose is perhaps the easiest thing once you’ve taken that first step. Your goal is what the Universe wants you to live, so going off-track is what makes life difficult. And every time you get back on track, things effortlessly fall in place. Living a life without purpose is like eating under-seasoned food – it’ll fill your belly but leave you disappointed. Research says that living your goal is the key to longevity and happiness.

“So why don’t more people live their purpose?”

One of the main reasons people aren’t living their Dharma, their purpose is the feeling that they aren’t enough.

Good enough. Rich enough. Old enough. Young enough. Smart enough. Talented enough. *Insert your mind’s excuse here* enough.

These are just excuses and illusions. But we all have them.

Imagine Oprah saying that she’s not thin enough to help people, Einstein saying he’s not good-looking enough to be listened to, or Justin Bieber says he’s not old enough to be a singer. Can you imagine if they let those thoughts hold them back from sharing their gifts?

Before I started living my purpose, I had these doubts too. I remember thinking that I just wasn’t one of those special ones to have something unique about myself. That only a few people had a purpose. When I discovered and healed myself through Ayurveda and so deeply wanted to share it with my generation, I continued to feel that I wasn’t old enough, no one would listen to me, and no one even care what Ayurveda was.

If I kept listening, I wouldn’t have written multiple best-selling Ayurveda books with a foreword by my biggest inspiration, Deepak Chopra. I would still be questioning whether I had a purpose instead of using that energy towards embodying it.

And I know there are other people like me out there, with a sacred mission that will uplift the vibration of humanity, but feel like they aren’t enough to do it.

Let me tell you something. The only gatekeeper to your purpose is you. No one is stopping you but you. And it could be because you don’t know where to start. So today, we’ll talk about six steps that will get you started living your life with purpose.


1) Understand what living your life with purpose would feel like

Since we were children, we’ve been conditioned to follow explicit directions by a teacher, parent, or board game and are waiting for the exact directions towards our purpose. Hint: There are no instruction manuals for your Dharma because it’s a path you’re meant to pave!

But while there is no map to follow, I can tell you how it will feel once you’ve started living your life with purpose. It’s like suddenly, a veil has been lifted from your eyes. It’s as if everything that was holding you back has fallen away. You feel entirely alive, awakened in your senses, with an ignited flame burning in your heart. You suddenly discover what life was meant to be like, and you have this fierce desire and determination to do whatever it takes to stay on this path of bliss and fulfillment.


why you should life your life with purpose


2) Ask the right questions

Your purpose is to share your unique gifts with the world. These gifts may not be fully nurtured, but they wait for you to tap into them. They’ve shined through occasionally as you go about your everyday life and sometimes could also be things that you are ashamed of. If you want to shine a light on these gifts and express them to the best of your abilities, you need to know what they are. And asking a few simple questions will give you an obvious idea of what your purpose could be.

Here’s a guided meditation that will help you discover your purpose with six questions you can ask yourself. You can even do this one-minute practice to find your purpose or find your Ikigai with some simple questions.

When in search of your purpose, look for inspiration and excitement. Inspiration is an invitation by your Dharma. Excitement is your soul’s language, saying, “Pay attention here; I have something for you.” Now it’s your job to step into that and explore what is awaiting you on the other side.


3) Find your Dharma ArchetypeTM

The Dharma Archetypes™ are the universal expressions of the soul types that exist within all of us. There are nine archetypes – the teacher, the nurturer, the visionary, the entrepreneur, the artist, the researcher, the entertainer, the activist, and the warrior. Each has a unique embodiment of their purpose that sparks joy in them. For example, a nurturer would love to connect with people and spend quality time with friends, and a visionary would get excited about channeling new ideas.

things that spark joy in dharma archetypes

Want to understand why you are drawn to certain things and where might you find your purpose? Take this quiz to see your Dharma Archetype™.


4) Get closer to your Dharma with your Doshas

Your Dosha is your Ayurvedic mind-body type. There are three types of Doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha – present in each of us in varying degrees. We were each born with our combination of all threeDoshas for a reason—because it offers us the exact strengths, interests, and innate talents we need to fulfill our dharmas.

The Source made the painter more creative, the entrepreneur more
ambitious, the life coach more compassionate. We need thoseDoshas because they cause us to gravitate to the ways we were meant to serve naturally. You’ll find more alignment with what you do if you tailor it to your Doshas. Here’s a quick quiz to find out your Dosha and get more in alignment with your purpose. Learn more about this alignment in my book Discover Your Dharma.


5) Step outside of fear and take action

There will always be doubts and naysayers. I had to leave everything behind, including the approval of my family, who threatened to disown me for choosing an alternative path. It caused me to reprogram my thoughts and limiting beliefs and
realize how much I had been living for external validation. I didn’t know “if” I was going to make it or even what “making it” looked like, but I knew that the path I was previously on was not where I wanted to end up. There were so many times I considered just giving up, choosing a “normal” life, and making my family happy—but I knew I wouldn’t be honoring my soul. I had to let go of my need for my

dharma quote

Family’s approval, but more importantly, I had to give full support to myself to follow this path without knowing where it would take me.

So if you are letting your fears hold you back, it’s time to step forward boldly and trust in the Universe. It will not steer you wrong. All great dharmas start simply. We often look at the enormity of our dharmas and remain at a standstill because we don’t know where to start. That first step can be a meditation, a conversation,a thought, an email, an audition, a curiosity. Then let the next step unfold. Excitement will always light the path, even as you’re quivering with the next move forward.


6) Have fun!

Are you feeling pressured to find your Dharma? Relax! You don’t have to take it so seriously. Trying to force your purpose will only cause you to jump into something that isn’t your Dharma. Yes, your Dharma is the most important thing you can do in this lifetime, but it’s just this lifetime. Your soul has been here many times before and will continue across planes, dimensions, and galaxies, coming back again and again until you embody your Dharma. So if you don’t get it in this lifetime, don’t sweat it. You’ll be back. Just enjoy the ride!

Learn More:
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Your purpose is unique

We are always comparing ourselves to others. Their lives look much better from where we are at. And social media has amplified this comparison and even the possibilities of who you can be and what you can do. So, it’s really appealing just to replicate what’s worked for someone else. And we look at other people, we look at views of their ideal happiness, and we try it on for size. But the thing is, no one has your Dharma. No one was born for the same reason that you were born. Just like no two people have the same fingerprint, no two people were designed in the same way to lie the same path.

So looking at me and saying, “Oh, she seems like she’s really on it, and she’s doing this podcast, and Ayurveda, I want to be just like her.” That’s not a good idea. Looking at Deepak Chopra saying, “I want to be just like him.” Not a good idea. Looking at Tony Robbins, I want to have that sort of thing.” No, cause that’s Tony Robbins’ thing, that’s Deepak’s thing, that’s my thing. Everyone has their own thing.

You can get inspiration from people; you can say I want that same type of fire and drive for the thing that I am meant to be doing. But you are not ever meant to replicate someone else because you’re setting yourself up for disaster.


Your purpose is ever-evolving

Just because you’ve found that one thing that embodies your purpose doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing you have to do for the rest of your life. Your Dharma is not about the destination but rather the journey of embodying who you truly are at any given moment – and that changes throughout your life.

We are always evolving, and your Dharma requires you only to be the most recent edition of who you are. It’s not giving up if it’s honoring your truth. Giving up is quitting something you love because of external feedback. Evolving is choosing something else because your energy has moved. You can be an artist, healer, visionary, entrepreneur, and activist at the same time—different archetypes will just show up in different situations, and your Dharma is to find the unique ebb and flow between the various sides of you.

If you are ready to discover your Dharma and step into your purpose with confidence, join me in this 21-day quest to find your purpose.

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