Highest Self Podcast 393: Reclaiming Your Inner Witch, Sharing Your Voice + Healing The Feminine Wound with Mia Magik

We go IN on this episode! I sit with one of my best friends + fellow witch Mia Magik to talk about all things being a witch in the modern world. We discuss sharing your authentic voice, the sister wound, the micro ways patriarchy is still operating within us, celebrating Samhain, honoring your ancestors, Samhain ritual practices, reclaiming your truth, taking ownership and SO much more. This is a juicy, empowering and deep episode with SO many truths. Enjoy, especially this Samhain season.

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Episode 393: Reclaiming Your Inner Witch, Sharing Your Voice + Healing The Feminine Wound with Mia Magik
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:21] Sahara
If it’s your first time here listening – welcome! I am so grateful to be here in your presence. This Podcast is about all forms of spirituality, but making it fun, modern and relatable.

[00:33] Sahara
For me, I have always been interested in spirituality, since I was a kid, but I didn’t get back into it until my early 20s, through diving into my yoga journey which brought me into Ayurveda, the world’s oldest health system and brought me into this journey of discovering my Dharma, my Soul’s Purpose. And eventually, writing multiple books including “The Idiot’s Guide To Ayurveda”, “Eat Feel Fresh”, my latest book “Discover Your Dharma”, all with Forwards by Deepak Chopra; and creating my Yogic Path Oracle Card Deck, Yogic Path Journal, and soon to be Note Cards, which are coming super soon.

[01:08] Sahara
So, for me, my life has really been dedicated to making spirituality more approachable, grounded, feminine, fun, because I feel like so much of it is really from this, still, patriarchal lens, that it’s so linear and so much structure and you’re supposed to do this and be like that, and it’s so rigid. And I really believe the whole point of this all is to be playful and to have fun and to also dive in and do the deep inner work that can sometimes be confronting.

[01:37] Sahara
So, one archetype of spirituality that I have always resonated with is the Witch. Now, what does this word bring up for you – Witch? Does it feel fun, curious, something you want to learn more about? I’m assuming so since you’re listening to this Podcast. But maybe there’s also a little bit of “Witches are evil; witches are scary; I don’t trust witches”, and some of that conditioning that we were raised with from the time that we were children, to be like “The witch is bad”. And really, this Episode, and so much of the work that I do in Rose Gold Goddesses, which is my Divine Feminine Mystery School, is about reclaiming that word and reclaiming the different divine feminine archetypes that have been suppressed because of the patriarchal conditioning.
And I love this Episode with one of my best friends, dear sister queen, Mia Magik, who’s been on the Podcast before. And in this Episode, we really dive into what it means to embody the witch, the wise woman. We speak about the ways that the patriarchy has made us fearful of stepping into this archetype of being the wise woman, of sharing our truth, sharing our voice, sharing our wisdom. The ways that the patriarchy has pinned women apart, creating the sister wound where we are competitive with each other or it feels like every woman is going to gossip about you or stab you behind the back or take your man, or all of these false narratives that we’ve been told that keep women apart and keep women connecting and communicating, and we actually dive into why that is and how that has to do with the times of the witch burials.

[03:11] Sahara
We also dive into many different types of scenarios I see with my students from, again, not feeling fully expressed, afraid of cancel culture, afraid of saying the wrong thing, afraid of being shamed, judged. And Mia gives incredible advice for every single scenario of how we can move past that.
So, this is an amazing free-flowing conversation that is just so juicy and so jam-packed.

[03:36] Sahara
And this month, right now, is October, which is the month of Halloween, as well as Samhain, and Día De Los Muertos, which is actually on November 1.
And we also talk about how to celebrate these holidays, how to honor your ancestors. And by the way, if you’re listening to this after, we can always honor our ancestors, even if it’s not this time of the year.
And this Episode really allows you to see that being a witch doesn’t mean you’ve got to have a broomstick and a pointy hat, though you can express it in that way. But it’s really about healing the deep, feminine wound that has been, essentially, passed along generationally because of the traumas that have happened in all of our lineages.

[04:18] Sahara
And also, I want to preface this, by, Witch, doesn’t just mean European, but the wise woman archetype exists in every single culture, whether it was the medicine woman; whether it was the wise woman; Rishis of India. I mean, every single culture had their own form of feminine healer. And maybe we don’t know who they are in our family because the past 2000-ish years we’ve been in this patriarchal era. However, it still lives on inside of you. We each have that wise woman who knows how to work with the elements and the plants and is connected to the spirit world – we all have that inside of us. And really, right now, is this global time of reawakening that and remembering the magic that we hold. And so many of us have had traumas in our past that have made us feel that it’s not safe to be magical.

[05:10] Sahara
I know for myself, I shared this in the last Episode that I did with Mia, which I will link in the show notes, I highly recommend listening to that one as well. But I shared how, when I was younger, I grew up right outside of Salem, Massachusetts, and I was very into learning everything I could about the witch, because my past life was being a witch, being burned at the stake in Salem. So, since I was a kid, and I’m talking really young, I was seeing spirits from a very young age, but in 4th grade was the time I was going to Salem, learning rituals, doing magic, and these kids would make fun of me and it got to a point that I was walking past a group of kids that were standing on a hill and they said “Burn the witch at the stake”, laughing and pointing at me, and I was walking across this hill by myself and one of the boys had this big metal cast on his foot, like one of those casts that you can walk on, and he threw me down the hill, and he fell too. So, he came tumbling after me and his cast hit my head, which gave me a concussion and I rolled down the hill, blacked out and I woke up to them all just laughing at me. And I had to pick myself up, get myself together and walk to the principal’s office and just asked them to send me home. And I knew then that it’s not safe for me to be magical, that it gets me, literally, thrown down a hill. That was this lifetime’s experience for me, of being burned at the stake and after that – well, first of all, I wasn’t even allowed to talk to the other girls, that we all considered ourselves to be witches, we weren’t allowed to talk anymore, which is kind of what the patriarchy does (divide women). And after that, I just wanted to fit in and I started to, just, follow more of what mainstream kids were doing and I let go of my magic until, really, my early 20s, through my yoga journey, which brought me deeper into spirituality, to Ayurveda and then, again, past life information started to come back online and then I started to really dive into spirituality, which later led to my books and this Podcast. So, I needed to forget and have that amnesia in order to remember again.

[07:22] Sahara
And I share this with you because a lot of us have micro or macro versions of this, of us wanting to play with our friends and talk about the fairies or the unicorns, or whatever it was, and our friends being like “You’re crazy! What are you talking about? That’s dumb!” Or still being interested in fairy tales or fantasy books like Harry Potter and then, eventually, you’re not allowed to do that anymore. And I think it’s really sad because life is so magical and we all are the magicians, the alchemists, creating our everyday life, and that’s what society wants, for us to forget that, because then we forget how powerful we are and how much we can create change and that we don’t have to accept this reality that we’re in. We can actually pave and change our new one. So that’s why it’s so important for us to reclaim that inner archetype, whether you call it Witch, whether you call it Healer, whether you call it my Alchemist, my Priestess, my Goddess, whatever you want to call it, it’s your inner wise person, it’s your highest self, it’s your intuition, it’s you full force and it’s so important for us to reclaim this.

[08:31] Sahara
So, I love this conversation with Mia. We’re actually going to be recording a bunch of different rituals and how-to’s together, for my YouTube channel. So, if you’re not subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, by the way, I have videos for all of these podcasts, so, if you’re like “Oh, I really want to see what their facial expressions are and what they’re saying”, I’ve got videos for this Podcast as well, on my YouTube channel, which is youtube.com/sahararose. So, be sure to check that out and we have – Mia and I are going to be creating a bunch of different YouTube videos, literally breaking down different types of rituals we would do for abundance, healing your relationship with your ex, and so much more, the things that you’re wondering about, we are creating some magic for!

[09:12] Sahara
And also, before we dive in, I’m super excited to share that Mia is going to be our expert guest this December in Rose Gold Goddesses, guiding us through a live, interactive witchual, with our members.
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[10:34] Sahara
So, without ado, let us welcome Mia Magik to The Highest Self Podcast.


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[13:43] Interview

[13:43] Sahara
Welcome Mia to The Highest Self Podcast! It’s so great to have you back!

[13:46] Mia
Thank you, Queen, so good to be here! I wish we were in person again, but it’s all good!

[13:51] Sahara
I know! With your beautiful witchy background, it just looks so luxurious Salem vibes, I’m really into it!

[13:59] Mia
Luxurious Salem vibes is really what works.

[14:02] Sahara
Five stars Salem!

[14:03] Mia
Yeah! This chair is actually from 1926, so yeah, we’re working with the vintage witch frequency.

[14:08] Sahara
Into it! And my first question for you is what makes you your highest self?

[14:13] Mia
What makes me my highest self is believing in magic; is having faith and trust. I just share that the origin of the word ‘confidence’ is actually trust. And so, it means trusting in myself, trusting in the Universe, trusting in my capacity to divine wisdom and information from the elements, from the world around me, from the way that my life reflects itself back to me. And ultimately being able to inspire others to believe in magic and just awaken to their own innate power and release the middle man between us and the divine. That’s really what makes me my highest self.

[14:49] Sahara
I love that! And something that I love that you do is you really break down words and that’s so true, ‘confidence’ is ‘con’, ‘fidance’ with the confidence.
And I’d love for you to break down what the word witch actually means?

[15:03] Mia
Yeah. So, the word witch, wicca, wicked, wisdom, wizard – they all come from the same origin, which is wise. It meant wisdom, it was spelled ‘wicce’, which, in the old Germanic languages, which really influenced English, and those of us who speak English, that’s where most of our words come from.
And so, it was about being a person who had wisdom; wisdom of the plants; wisdom of energy; wisdom to divine information from the Universe or God or the Divine, and was able to, then, heal people or understand what we needed to do with our crops – talk to the plants, talk to the land, really be able to lead and guide us towards our highest selves.
And before the Personal Development Movement, that was the highest iteration of our tribe. It was about being our highest selves as a community and as a group, as a collective. Before pharmacies we didn’t have any drugs, we didn’t have anything that was synthesized, we only had that which came from the earth, we only had plants to heal ourselves and to remedy any ailments that we had. And so, that’s really a big part of wisdom and being a witch, is really just reclaiming this knowledge that we all have access to but that most of us have been told that we need a preacher or someone in between us and God or us and the Divine, us and Mother Earth to interpret, like we are not ever going to be able to understand what it is. But that’s the true nature of wisdom, is your own interpretation, your own receivership of that divine wisdom and information.

[16:53] Sahara
I love that so much! So, witch, you would say, is essentially a wise woman?

[16:56] Mia
Yeah! A wise woman, a wise man, a wise person. It’s just about wisdom, right? We look at Sah, and he’s very much Buddhist. You’ve got all this amazing Ayurvedic wisdom; then Mayan comes from more Celtic earth-based spirituality. It’s like we all have these different relationships to wisdom, but it’s about how you embody it and how you bring it forth in your life, not necessarily even having to share it with a wider audience, but just how you share it with everyone in your own immediate reality.

[17:27] Sahara
I love that so much, and it’s so funny that you mentioned about the origin of the word we because I remember I had this dream about two years ago and I woke up from this dream and it was like “Wyrd, you are here to be wyrd”, and I looked up and I was like “Wyrd? What does that mean?”, and it was weird, my dream was telling me the original German word “You’re here to be weird”, and I was like “That makes total sense!” And then I also found that the original word for weird meant destiny. So, it’s like to be weird, is your destiny, it’s to be unique.

[17:59] Mia
And word and weird, that ‘wyrd’, the way you were pronouncing it, is because it was spelled wyrd and word (our word ‘word’) and wyrd come from the same origin, which is destiny, because we’re speaking our destinies with our words, how we speak really determines our destiny, and then, ‘we were the weird ones’ if we were moving in the direction of our fate or destiny rather than along with the herd, with the crowd, just doing the same thing as everybody else.

[18:25] Sahara
So good! And so much of right now really is speaking your truth. Speaking your truth in relationships, friendships, business, social media, and I feel so many of us have this throat chakra block which I believe is stemming from past lives, the ancestral memories of the times that we were burned at the stake. And sometimes, even I struggle with this too, and I’m someone who does share a lot of myself on social media, but I have this, when I get down to the core of what the fear is, I have this fear of saying the wrong thing and a group of people coming against me, who all dislike me for whatever reason, and basically tearing me down, which threatens my safety, which is exactly what happened to the millions of women in these witch hunts in Europe and in the US.
So, can you share a little bit more about the origins of where this fear of speaking our truth comes from?

[19:21] Mia
Yeah. I think it’s interesting, so many people feel it as being strangled or choked, feeling a rope around them, like you said a throat chakra block, it really is. There’s so many different facets, one is that – look at every indigenous tribe throughout time, colonizers came in and wiped them out, they were living in their truths, they were living connected to the land, utilizing their own magic, whatever it was. The Dogon tribe, some of the most ancient magic from Gabon in Africa; you look at Native American tribes; you look at South American Mayan, Aztec, Incan cultures, it’s happened literally all over the world.
And so, one of the big things that was occurring, that leads to this throat chakra blockage, is, look at what we just said, the wise woman, the person who was the healer, so that was like our doctor. Look at how we idealize doctors in this modern society, imagine if all of a sudden there was just some big crazy group of people that was like “All the doctors are evil, let’s kill them”, everyone would be like “What?! We can’t kill the doctors, we need them!” And the brainwashing and the propaganda, which also came through words. Some of the largest numbers of witch burnings occurred right after the printing press was invented. And the first book that was put on the printing press was guess what – The Bible! And so, during that time, the Bible changed a lot. Many of the words in the Bible were mistranslated or literally shifted from manipulation into witchcraft, so it made all of these things about women healers, or anyone who could be connected to the divine, without a middle man, evil, dangerous, not safe to be around, not safe for your children, they’re going to eat your children or whatever, all these crazy things.
And so, of course, that means that then, the person who has been healing, maybe birthed all of your children and has been healing them since they were born, all of a sudden she’s not safe to be like “Hey, I’m a midwife, I’ll take care of your kids. I’ll give you this opportunity to be held through your birthing process.” And that happened systematically throughout, definitely, all of Europe, and with any and every major indigenous culture, throughout time. And so, of course, it makes us afraid.
J.K. Rowling wrote this other little story where Albus Dumbledore gives this whole speech about why the wizarding world went into hiding, and even though it’s fiction, it doesn’t feel like that to me. Of course, the wizarding world went into hiding, because it was literally dangerous, it was life-threatening to be magical, to be in your power.
And so, that happens for all of us that are doing this work. There’s a moment – every client that I’ve had, even just this week, everyone in my program is like “I want to share my gifts, I want to build my business, I want to let people know about this healing modality that I’ve discovered” or “This incredible practice that I do that has changed my life, but I’m terrified!” And it’s just kind of an inevitability at this point, that we all get to work through, and that’s some of the biggest – yeah, I think that’s one of the biggest missions that we’re all on right now.
And then, you were killed for such minutia. So, it’s not just like how you are up and out, and you’re on the podcast, and you’re doing the thing – it’s not just in the big sense of things, it could be that your village turned against you. These people came in and said that you were bad, and people that you grew up with, people that took care of your kids or that you traded eggs and bread with, or whatever the case may be, all of a sudden turned against you and you weren’t safe. And it could’ve been that you let too much water in your well; it could’ve been that you were too wealthy, “Oh, my crops got taken out by weevils, but your crops survived, you must be a witch, you’re dangerous.” And so, there are just so many things that happened, and because people were programmed and because propaganda was being utilized to make people afraid and to make the subservient, and to keep them from their destinies to keep them from being weird.
Yeah, the wound that lives within all of us is really impactful, and has lasted for hundreds, if not thousands of years at this point. So, it’s totally normal for everyone who’s feeling it. You and I both feel it all the time! It’s not easy to be walking around wearing this pointy hat you know, but I know that it’s part of my mission to do so, I know that I am meant to be a vessel for the reclamation of this word because I do believe, in my soul, that its essence is goodness and it’s just been turned into evil. And I know that I am here to do good. And so, if me putting on a hat helps to heal all of the wounds and all of the fear for stepping forward and speaking our truth, I’m going to do it and I’m going to be terrified every step of the way but I’m still going to do it.

[24:31] Sahara
I love that so much! And I was just in Salem, and I was telling you, about a month ago, and I went on a tour of seeing the different places where the Salem Witch Trial happened and just learning a lot more about the history, and they were sharing how, basically in Europe, it had been going on for a good 500 years, they estimate over 9 million women were killed in Europe in this 500-year timespan for being a “witch”. And then, when the Puritans came to the US, to settle in Plymouth, basically they [the Puritans] didn’t get along with the original people of the Mayflower, they made settlement in Salem, which was like 30 mins outside. The main mayor had to go fight a battle against the Native Americans, because that’s what they were doing at the time, so, he put his lieutenant in position of taking care of Salem. The lieutenant had a vested interest in the church and getting people to side with the church and getting people to side with the church, because people were kind of losing their connection with the church, so basically, they started a campaign, to call whoever they did not like, in the village, a witch.
So, one of the first people was this woman who had been remarried twice, they didn’t like that, she was the first, I think her name is Sarah Bishop, first person killed. The next one was a woman who had some sort of disability, some sort of learning disability, they didn’t like her. The next woman was a homeless person. So, these weren’t even people who necessarily were even identifying as a witch, doing magic, any of that stuff, these were just women who were independent, who were different, who they couldn’t control, who they simply didn’t like. And how easy was it to throw a label on them, which, you can’t fight yourself back from the moment someone labels you as a witch, you have to go through this trial process, which, you will die, simply, in the trial process. Most people never even made it through. Just the amount of torture methods they would do, torturing you until you declared yourself as a witch, which, putting literal 1000lb stones on people that could crush them, or throwing them into the water etc. And it even got to a place that husbands were accusing their own wives of being a witch because they thought “Well then, I’ll be safe”. So, it created this, basically, the original cancel culture of “Let me throw the blame at someone else because that will create my safety.”
And I see that happening again today, with this mob on social media, this fictious mob of people that we want to do the right thing, on the right side.
So, let’s say I call you, I’m like “Mia’s a witch” or “She’s whatever”, whatever the label is today that they want to call, but now we have our own ways of saying it “We don’t like Mia because she believes this; she doesn’t believe this”, all it takes is my accusation and you will never be able to bounce back from it. And in fact, the more you try to explain yourself, the more that they use it for ammo, and it’s sad because even today it’s a lot of women doing it to other women.
And I know you have a lot to share about the origins of this sister wound, if you can share some of that?

[27:33] Mia
Yeah. Well, what you were saying about the torture methods, that was really common, you would be burned all down your legs or on your genitals and then be thrust onto an iron chair, and they would say “Oh, if she screams when she hits the chair, she’s a witch”, but she’s just had third degree burns on her legs and you’ve covered them with her skirts.
So, one of the methods that torture was utilized for, was for you to out another witch. Dear friends, if it was like “I’m being crushed by 1000lb stone and I know the name of the girl who lives down the street”, even if you could mitigate naming all of your best friends, you would still, just knowing another woman’s name, was dangerous. It was dangerous to you, it was dangerous to her, you couldn’t go out and gather herbs and berries in the forest together to make tea or to feed yourself or to season your stew, or whatever the case may be.
So, that’s where the origin of the sister wound comes from, that’s where this tearing other women down comes from with us, because when you look back, you read books like “Sex at Dawn” or another book called “Sex Time and Power”, women operated in a tribe together, we were supporting each other, it was like “Let’s all weave the baskets, let’s all gather the eggs and the berries and the nuts and the seeds, let’s all take care of each other’s babies together. And so, when these witch burnings were happening, you know, it’s very similar to the Cancel Culture, in the, I feel very grateful that they haven’t fucked with me yet, bless them, thanks guys, watch out if you do because I’m a witch (just kidding). But it’s people who are afraid, it’s the same as what was happening with the church, they’re afraid that they’re not able to ever do enough or that they won’t reach their mission, they won’t find their purpose, so let’s cancel everyone else who has. It’s the same as with the church, they had this story that they were the ones who knew God and they were the ones who were going to eradicate all the witches because “This is God’s true will”, yeah, but if you’re speaking about someone who says “Love your neighbor and be charitable” and you’re proclaiming that you’re His vessels, and His servants, how on earth could you be the one – could witches should be the ones we should worry about? You’re the ones we should be worried about!
And it’s the same with the Cancel Culture, it’s like “Oh, you want us to cancel these people who are just doing their best, doing their best to serve, doing their best to share”. I’m sure some of the people who have gotten cancelled, maybe they’re charlatans or they’re not in integrity, but I know that a lot of people are and a lot of people are just living their wisdom, they’re just honoring their wisdom and what comes through them. And so, it’s just about fear, we’re all so terrified. And I think it makes sense, we’re talking about us being afraid because of the way that this lives within our lines. And you’ve got crazy stuff from your family line and all of your grandmothers and the arranged marriages, and so much shit to work through.
I was just realizing this massive upper-limit glass ceiling thing that I have that I inherited from my dad that I have to work through. We’re all doing that all the time and it’s hard, it is not easy, it is incredibly challenging, it takes all of your effort and your devotion and your commitment. And so, I think the people that are running the Cancel Culture are just too afraid to do that. And I get, I have compassion for that fear, 100%, but I’m still going to be committed to pushing past it and moving through it every day.
And so, when we think about women doing it to each other, it’s like they’re just still listening to those old stories. There are practices that I really engage in with myself, is, yes, I’m the witch, but I am the witch hunter, I am the perpetrator, that lives inside of me too. So, how can I, every day, be more in devotion to the witch than the witch hunter? And it’s like that proverb “With which wolf do you feed”, it’s the same, it’s like, this is the wolf that I want to feed, is me being the witch. Do I hear the voices and the criticism and the hate and the fear of the witch hunter? Yeah, and I just have to make a conscious committed effort every day not to listen to that and let that inform my choices in my life.

[32:10] Sahara
I love that so much, that, even that witch hunter energy lives inside of us, and how the ways that we also may be judging or shaming or perpetrating that on other people. And I think survival and safety is really at the core of human needs and if we feel like me going with the mainstream opinion and narrative, etc., it’s going to lead to my safety, well then, fuck the girl down my street, or whoever it is today. And I feel like we also, and we’ve seen this happen with different social media movements, we’re like “I’m a good person; I’m a good person”, and we put up whatever they tell us to do “I’m a good person”, and then, because people aren’t living their purpose, they get the sense of morality and righteousness of “I’m doing something for humanity” by what? By tearing down the people who didn’t react or respond as quickly or in the way that they wanted to. And I think that it’s so important for us to recognize that in ourselves and have compassion that we’ve all been indoctrinated by the system that still exists right now and we’re all, every time we walk to the media, we’re… We were talking about watching Hocus-Pocus and we were both like “Yeah I loved Hocus-Pocus” and we were like “Wait, Hocus-Pocus was kind of, actually, whack!” they’re a depiction of witches but it’s like, still, in the media today, it’s like, the girl is fighting over the guy and who’s going to get to the top and who’s the most beautiful and which celebrity is fucking whose boyfriend and who is making the most money? And it’s like, how are we still part of this narrative? And I think we can’t even have this conversation without the patriarchy that’s playing a huge role in this.
I was telling you how I’ve been going through even deeper womb initiations and I realized Drake, who is such a well-known, probably most famous rapper, his new album is called Certified Lover Boy, and it’s a picture of a bunch of pregnant emoticons – pregnant Asian, black, white, Hispanic, all these different pregnant emoticons, and the album is “I’m a certified lover boy”, and showing like “I impregnate all these different women”. I haven’t read one article or seen any form of backlash against that because it’s so normalized, we’re like “Oh cool, Drake, he’s impregnating and leaving women, awesome.” It doesn’t even create a discord in our minds because we’re so accustomed to it and that’s what also perpetrates that sister wound, that if we’re like “Men are going to impregnate and leave me, that means every woman is my competition to try to get him to stay, to love me, to ensure my safety.”
So, how do you see our role of healing the patriarchy in the ways that this wound is even still in minor, in subconscious ways within us?

[34:51] Mia
Oh girl, I mean, we could spend the whole podcast on that, we could spend hours on that. I think it’s different for everyone, it really just depends on – what I like to do, how I like to think of it is that, we all have masculine and feminine, we all have that middle way, that sort of, non-binary, androgyny within us. We all have an internal mother and father and, sort of, daughter and son, you can think of it as this quadrant. And what has worked for me is just “How can I heal that within myself? How do I see my father, my actual father (whether he’s in your life or not), how do I see him being disempowered or doing what I actually want him to do? What ways does he show me?” And I’m like “Yeah, this is good, I want to emulate that.” In what ways am I like “Eww no, that is something I need to leave behind.” And then “How do I witness that within myself? What is my inner father like? Am I really disciplined, maybe to the point of where, if I take a rest, I shame myself and I get angry at myself and I don’t just let myself have a break and take a bath?” or “Was my father absent and so I have no discipline and I never create any structure in my life and I haven’t been able to build a business or a solid, safe foundation for myself? Okay, well then, that’s patriarchal wounding inside of me, how do I work on that?”
Same goes with the mother, “Do I nourish myself? Do I take care of myself and nurture myself? How do I feed myself? Do I tend to my body well?” Then, when you go into the child archetype, it’s like “How am I creating? How am I setting forth in the world? How am I standing up and showing myself and shining my light?”
And so, I always recommend, that’s the work that I do with my clients and then I share with my students is, that that work starts within you because we are microcosmic expressions of the macrocosm. At this point, just hating the patriarchy, we’re wanting to smash it.
I haven’t found many women who are successful at doing that on a grander scale other than the ones who are doing it the way that you are, the way that Layla is, the way that I am, the way that Alexi is, the way that Amber is, we’re all doing it in our way, we’re showing up, we’re shining our light, we’re building a business, we’re creating masculine structure or discipline in order to build something that’s safe, that keeps us safe, that’s solid, that’s a foundational element that we can actually grow from. And then we bring our creativity to it, we bring our inspiration, we bring our magic, we bring our flow and we give it, we offer it. And I think that, yeah, there is just so much to unwinding these patriarchal systems.
And one of the first things that I think is really important is paying attention to how you tend to the earth because that’s the biggest way that we are all, as a collective, out of alignment. We weren’t able to extract things from the planet; we weren’t able to have plastic bags and shit into our fresh water, to be perfectly honest, that’s not how we grew as humanity, as a society.
And when you’re talking about safety, in tribal times, if you were passed out, a line was going to get you or you were going to die from frostbite or whatever, you needed your tribe, you needed to be together with people in order to survive. And so, it’s scary to be weird, to move in a different direction. But I believe that there are, I know you and I share a vision of, doesn’t have to be utopian, but of creating heaven on earth. I know that we share that with Blu, I know that we share that with so many sisters. I know that so many men also, like my partner, is so attracted to me because he literally, when we read one of the Goddess books, he was like “Man, fuck the patriarchy”, and I was like “Yes King!” And he’s like 6’5 Viking and like “I’m a goddess on the inside.” and I’m like “Yes, baby, you are!”
There are also men who are here to help us unwind it and who are willing to look at their shit too and say “Oh, that’s patriarchal of me”, ‘Oh, I was shaming you for that” or “Oh, I’ve had judgment around that because I’ve been indoctrinated too.”
But I think the most important thing is to just work on witnessing where you see the patriarchal beliefs informing your reaction to other people. I’m sure you know, also, we can go in the downward spiral of comparison or we can go on the upwards spiral of cheerleading and support, and like “Yes, queen, you got this!” And so, I think that the biggest thing is just looking at how is the patriarchy affecting your immediate reality and your relationship to that reality; what are the belief systems; what are the habits and behaviors that show up. And then start with those; start with seeing where you’re afraid to shine your light or you’re afraid to speak your truth to someone. Because, ultimately, we don’t want to be in partnerships with people who we can’t speak our truth to; we don’t want to be friends with people who we can’t be ourselves with. Our families – God bless them, they are all there to teach us. But even those relationships, there are, I’ve seen, with some of my clients, even with really strict religious parents, I have seen massive transformation simply by a person being willing to own what their truth is to themselves, “This is my truth”. And then, something in the energetic dynamic of their relationship to their family changes. So, I think that’s how we shift the patriarchy, because, I don’t know if we can count on the larger systems, I don’t know, I don’t trust them too much, but I trust me, I trust the way the goddess expresses to me and I trust this amazing planet, this Mother that we all share. So, I think that just tuning into those things and healing our disconnection from ourselves and each other and this Mother, that’s the best place to start.

[40:53] Sahara
So good! I love all of that! And I remember reading once, I think it was from David Data, that we attract someone that is the opposite of the feminine and masculine poles that we are. So, let’s say I’m 60% feminine, 40% masculine, so, my husband Steven, I would say he’s like 60% masculine, 40% feminine, he has a bit more of a masculine energy than I do, but he’s a musician, he’s connected to his femininity. I have more of a feminine but I also am a Capricorn and create businesses. So, it works because if I was like 90% feminine and 10% masculine and I was like “Daddy, save me”, in that total princess, he wouldn’t actually be attracted to me because I wouldn’t be able to meet him there and balance him there.
So, someone like Drake, who is hyper-wounded masculine, just assuming from the type of content that he’s putting out there, he’s going to attract people who are probably hyper-super-feminine wounded and they’re going to trauma-bond with each other and live out this dynamic of impregnation and abandonment, and that will continue that. Whereas, if we all do the inner work and we’re like “No, I don’t need you Drake, to pay my bills, I don’t need you, man, to support me or to provide my safety or to provide me opportunities or what I want in life, I don’t need a sugar daddy, I’m my own sugar daddy, then, those men, naturally, are either going to have to all be single forever (which I don’t think is going to happen) or start to shift. And I think that that’s really the difference between the culture of the Feminist Movement.
I do consider myself a feminist, because a feminist believes in equal rights for male and female, however, I don’t identify with this feminist culture that’s been created around it, which is like, “To smash the patriarchy, we must, essentially, become men”, which is also perpetuating the patriarchy of “You’ve got to get your way to the top, to the corner office, to basically become the most ruthless and disconnected from your heart”, which we see in, I don’t know, the Hillary Clinton archetype for example (again, I don’t know her personally). But we see that happening again and again and it’s still reinforcing that same patriarchy.
And what I think the beauty of embracing our inner witch is all about, we get to be feminine and feminist; we get to be empowered and soft; we get to be connected to the earth and creating our own reality; and that’s the beauty of it. And I think that that’s why the patriarchy was afraid of it, because then we become sovereign and we don’t need them and we can’t be ruled by them and we’re no longer going to be a victim of their narrative, then we actually break free from this system, which obviously, if the system is based off of control, they don’t want.

[43:39] Mia
Yeah, totally! And I think that the piece about how we relate to each other, it’s so important. Every time I’ve seen a woman, or a man, or a gender non-conforming person, anyone that I’ve ever seen, who puts up a boundary and says “I’m good on this relationship because of…”, they might not say that the labeling because of patriarchy, but because of the way that the patriarchy is showing up in this relationship, like “You don’t let me speak my truth” or “You’re shaming” or “There’s abuse’, or whatever the case may be. Every person that I know, that has left a relationship, in order to find something better, truly, the person that they left becomes better for that. They are inspired, they are activated, they’re motivated to say “Okay, wow, I loved this person, they left me, I want to change.” And I don’t have a lot of contact with men who engage in domestic violence, so don’t let me overstep and not be compassionate or empathetic to that situation, maybe those men never change, but the men that I see, the women that I see, even for me, with friends, in my early days in LA, I remember this girl was like “Mia, I love you, but you’re too sad and I can’t hang out with you.” I’d just gone through a break-up, she’s like “That’s all you talk about, you’re too sad, I just can’t.” And God bless her for saying that to me because that is what propelled me on my journey, that was what made me like “Okay, shit, my old friend is like ‘I don’t want to hang out with you’, so I need to fix my sadness. Not fix it, but I need to find what it needs. I need to not let I be…”
You know, I’ve been building Hogwarts in VR, building Witch school in VR right now, and I’ve been just looking at how we can utilize all of these elements that we think about, you know, if fire is our action, well, water quells fire and puts it out. And so, our emotions can keep us from taking action, they can overrun that power, that inspiration, that activation, like “Wow, yeah, I’m going to do this, I’m going to get this”, but if we’re too sad and we’re letting the sadness keep flooding our reality, then, of course, we can’t take action because there’s no room for the fire.
And so, that is such a beautiful opportunity – if anyone’s listening to this and they’re like “Oh, man, I don’t want to leave my relationship, even though I know I’m settling. This isn’t what I want”, I promise you, if you communicate it properly to that person, if you do it with love and you genuinely are looking out for yourself, they will be inspired, even if it takes a couple of months or a couple of years, they will be inspired and they will see how they can change their own lives too.
And I think that – we were just talking about our other friends today, who moved from being with a woman who wasn’t as much in her power to being with a queen, and to being with a goddess, and what that does to a man, to be like “I am with a goddess now, I’m different, I want to be different to and for the feminine.” And so, we are the leaders, we have the portal, we have direct access to the divine in our wombs, we are the leaders! And so, it’s up to us to be an example and a role model and the embodiment of that which we are seeking. And that’s why the Feminist Movement, just tearing men down, is never going to work. That’s exactly what the patriarchy did, that’s not helpful, we’ve seen how poorly that all goes.
We have to be equal; we have to empower ourselves and each other, and be willing to support and heal.
Even in one of my group programs, we’ve got one dude, in my group coaching, he signed up, it’s a program for women and her just signed up and was there and I was like “Cool, I’m so glad you’re here!” And all the women still let themselves be safe because they know that he’s actually there for the right reasons, and that’s what will change everything.

[47:33] Sahara
I love that so much! And I think we have just been taught that the loudest person, the most aggressive person, they’re the ones who are going to get their message across. So, I think, I’m grateful for the Feminist Movement and what it’s done for women in general since the 60s, and it isn’t the long-term solution because it’s not really fighting for what we care about, it’s saying “Well, now I’m even louder than you and now I’m going to put you down”, which actually makes the men get more defensive and it actually just creates an even stronger reaction, which, we don’t realize that our strength is in our softness; it’s actually in our ability to be like “Do you know how I feel right now, honey?” and just that alone opens a man’s heart. But we have just been, I think, hurt and betrayed.
And I really want to talk about that, that deep betrayal wound that is in so many of us, that’s like “I opened my heart before and I was betrayed. I trusted a sister before and I was betrayed. It’s not safe for me to open my heart again”, how can we move past that?

[48:37] Mia
I think that the greatest thing that I would say is, there has to be something you learned. You can look at the disempowered thing that you learned, which is, people can’t be trusted, but what if – I worked with this with a client who was really, she had been abused by her partner and she was having a really hard time taking responsibility in her own life, she was like “But he did this to me”, and I just looked at her and I was like “Was there ever a moment in the very beginning, before it happened, where you saw a red flag and you didn’t listen, you didn’t follow that guidance, you said ‘I’m going to stay’” and her face just dropped and she was just like “Oh my God”, and so, that’s the biggest thing for all of us, this betrayal, it’s from ourselves, it’s because we were forced to betray ourselves in order to survive; we were forced to betray our truth and our gifts and our magic in order to survive.
And so, the first practice is not to betray yourself, listen to those tiny little nudges, those little itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny subtle whispers where your intuit-witchion says “Bring a jacket” or “You want to go left right now”, it can be so small, they can be so tiny. It’s gotten to the point with me where it’s like the smallest little thing, and the example that I always share is – I was at my partner’s house and he had this little green bag sitting right next to his backpack, and I saw the green bag and I thought about saying something, and then I didn’t, and we went back to my house and they next day it was my birthday and he’s like searching everywhere, I’m still in bed, I’m like “What’s going on”, he’s like “I’ve lost your birthday present”, I’m like “What does it look like”, he’s like “It’s in this little green bag and I can’t find it anywhere” and I just didn’t say anything and I would have.
The other day I was at Layla’s house and I had this thought like “Is someone taking a shower” and I was going to ask her but it’s like “What, why would I ask her that” and her bathtub was overflowing and it flowed all the way down into her living room and got all over the rug, and if I had asked, she would’ve thought “Oh my God! There’s no one showering, it’s the bathtub!”
And so, these little whispers, these small ways that our into-witchion, our inner wisdom speaks and communicates to us – if we start to not betray that; if we start to listen and say “I hear you, I will let myself be guided, I will say this weird thing about a shower, just because that’s what you’re telling me to do, I don’t know why but I guess it’s just because that’s what I’m meant to do. And I will do that and I will let you lead me”, that is how we stop betraying ourselves, and we let our inner wisdom and our inner guidance know “I trust you and you can trust me in return.” And then when we are radiating that energy of trust, that’s what then brings in people to our lives who we can trust, who won’t betray us, who are going to love us.
I have no fear of that with you, I know you would never betray me, ever, it’s because I trust myself, because I trust myself to call in people, into my life, who are amazing and are going to be in integrity.
And I think that healing betrayal is hard, it sucks! When people cheat on you, it’s hard to forget; when a parent or someone abandons you, it’s really hard to believe that someone else won’t do the same thing. But if you can start cultivating, even in that healing process, “What does my body need right now; what does my heart need; what does my soul yearn for to feel right now, how can I meet that need myself; how can I show my soul I’m willing to give that to you”, that is what will then shift and transform the whole belief that no one can be trusted or that everyone will betray me. It’s like “No, I know I can be trusted and I know I will never again betray myself”, and then that vibration rippling out will just change the game and no one will be fooled by someone who’s out of alignment with that trust in themselves and who would have the capacity to then betray them.

[52:40] Sahara
So powerful! And such a great reminder of the inner GPS system that we have of our intuition that truly is always looking out for the best in us. And I think, sometimes, as women, we are trained to overlook that GPS system, we’re like “Oh, well, you know, I just see the best in everyone” or “Oh, it’s fine.” And I know I’ve done that with friends before, that I’m like “Oh, well, they’re still fun” and then I’m ignoring all of the other ways that they don’t, I’m like “Oh, you know, no one’s perfect”, and then until it comes around and it hits me.
And I think that we – it’s a beautiful thing to want to see the best in people and follow those intuitive nudges of like “Hey, maybe I don’t feel totally safe sharing all of this with them, maybe there is some form of jealousy here”, it doesn’t make you a negative person if you genuinely sense that. Maybe it is your own story and it’s your own shit, and you can actually ask and journal and dive deeper and be like “Hey, I’m feeling that there’s something weird going on between us” and have that open communication, but if you’re still feeling that, it is an invitation to make a shift. And I truly believe our intuition is always looking out on the best of us.
I don’t know if you’ve seen this show Manifest? It’s basically like, this new show, and a plane crashes, it gets into this time vortex and they come back and the people on the plane have this thing called The Calling, and it tells them “Go into the house”, “Sabe those two, save those two” and they find it’s two girls that are in this room and they save them and they keep getting these hits in their mind, and it’s basically guiding them to save lives. And it’s really showing that we all are connected to this collective that’s giving us signs of this calling of really helping us and helping humanity. We, just, have trained ourselves to second guess and override it.
And, as you were sharing that, I remembered this story that I’ve actually never shared with anyone before, and last time you were on the Podcast, I shared my story about being thrown the hill for being a witch, so, you always bring out my old stories.
But, I remembered, in college, in Boston, I was on my way to watch the Boston Marathon. I watch it every single year and I lived on Boylston Street, which is the street of the Boston Marathon finish line. So, I was on my way, walking to the finish line, but something just kept telling me, I don’t know, like, “It’s not time to go”, I kept stalling, I kept like “Do we have food”, I don’t know why. The marathon, it was probably at the early afternoon that, I want to say by them, I kept stalling, then for some reason I’m like “Let’s actually take a train instead of walking there”, my subconscious kept stalling us, until I heard an explosion and I just saw a bunch of people running my way. And none of knew what was going on or what was happening, we all ran home, and I was in my apartment for the next three days while the search was happening for the Boston bombings. I was supposed to be right there at the finish line, watching it. And if my intuition didn’t guide me, I could’ve been that person who lost their leg or their arm, or whatever it was, and it was my own intuition telling me “Don’t go, don’t go!” And it reminded me, you said a backpack, because the bomb was in a backpack. And it’s just so crazy to think, and again, and some people were affected by it and I am in no way victim-blaming and horrible things happened, and my heart goes out to them. And there was a reason that my intuition was guiding me and I’m so grateful that I listened, otherwise my plan was to be at the finish line the whole day when that bombing happened.

[55:58] Mia
I’ve got to recover from that. I was thinking about you being there, I’m like “I’m so glad you’re okay!” Yeah, I mean, that’s how it works. The craziest part about it is that it can seem so nonsensical, it can seem irrelevant and silly, and that’s how I felt about the smallness of the question at Layla’s, like “Why would I ask her if someone is showering?” We don’t know, we have no idea what the reason might be, but just try it, just see, just listen and what might happen, what might shift, what you might be saved from or what you might find.


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[59:17] Mia
I remember one time I was up in Humboldt with my mom and I was supposed to give this ceremony to her friend and I just was called, I was like “Mom, I got invited to this party, I would never bail on Quinn (her friend), I would never bail on her on anything, but something just tells me I have to go”, and I left Humboldt, went down to this party and met someone who provided me, at that time, the biggest opportunity that I’d ever gotten in my life. And I had to bail on my mom’s friend, it sucked, I did not want to do that but I knew I had to be there. And so, it can save us, it can save your life, it can save your arm, or it can grant your wishes, it really just depends and the point is just to be able to start listening to it, cultivate a relationship with it.
We do a lot of that at Witch School – are there any colors, are there any signs, are there any specific ways that your intuit-witchon wants to communicate with you so that you can really see like “Oh this is the direction I’m supposed to go in” or “This is a hard no for me. This isn’t just my fear or my ego, this is actually my guidance telling me that this is not something I should be doing.” And yes, it’s the most worthwhile practice because I’m just led all the time and it’s so much easier to do everything in life.

[1:00:34] Sahara
I love that! So, what are a couple of your favorite tips for harnessing more of that intuition?

[1:00:40] Mia
Really just practice. When you notice some weird little thought, try it out, see what happens. Mine, lately, especially has been, it’s almost on the backend, I’m always like “God, I wish I listened to that” or “I wish I’d said something” or “I knew that that was going to happen”, and so, just try, just try practicing it. And either way, it’s the same as with the relationships, either way you’ll learn. Even when someone betrays you – yes, you can learn the disempowering thought of like “people can’t be trusted”, but you can also learn “Oh, wow, I had thought at the beginning, that made me feel like “Oh, I don’t want to do this”, or “This doesn’t feel right”, or “I don’t feel safe.” And you can listen to that and then save yourself from that drama. And I think that there’s so many different things. Tuning into what part of your body – is there a part of your body that really makes you feel grounded, stable, that feels like a resource, that you can listen to or place a hand on when you’re looking for support? Is there a color that sort of lights you up? Is there an angel number, that when you see it, you know you’re on the right path? Is there a sound, some people are more auditory, I’m much more visual but some people are more auditory? If you close your eyes and listen, is the tone of the voice that’s whispering to you, is it gravelly and scratchy and kind of makes you feel contracted or is it open and harmonious and soft and makes you feel expansive and excited?
There’s so many different ways that we can do it and I think it’s the most important relationship that we’ll ever have. It ultimately, it is our highest self communicating to us, like “Hey little human, down there, look, I have this whole expanded perspective and I know something you don’t know, try this!”

[1:02:26] Sahara
Totally! And I feel like, it also, yeah, it has so many different textures and changes. What is your best tip for understanding what’s coming from your intuition and what’s a story you’re telling yourself that’s not based on the truth? Because what if I have this fear that every woman is going to betray me, let’s say. So, I text you and it took you 2 days to text me back, so now my story is “Mia hates me, Mia doesn’t want to be my friend, Mia is going to leave me”. So, how do we know if that’s coming from intuition of, maybe you have been spending the last two days like “You know what, I’m kind of done with Sahara”, or that’s my own fear?

[1:02:59] Mia
That’s hard. I think that watching the stories, going back to the root, what do you make it mean about yourself. So, if you say that and you’re just witnessing, I had this happen to me with somebody recently, and he totally freaked out at me and was really upset and I was like (one of my gay friends), I was like “Girl, I’ve been off the grid, my phone’s been off for 3 days that’s why I haven’t texted you”, and he’s like “Oh my God, I’m sorry, I went on this whole trip with myself.”
So, looking at “Okay, Mia hasn’t texted me back in 2 days” – 1. what do I make that mean about myself? Do I make that mean that I’m not worthy, that I’m bad, that I’m wrong, that she doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore, that I’m stupid, I’m fucked up, I did something bad? Okay, looking at that and instantly seeing “Wow, I’m making a really big meaning out of this” and this is something you want to work on with a Coach or a Therapist or someone who can facilitate or support you with. If you’re doing it on your own, it’s like “Okay, when was the first time I felt that? When is the first time I made that story up? Oh, it happened when my dad left me, or it happened in, like you said, in 3rd grade all these people started telling me I was a witch and pushed me down a hill and broke my arm.” That’s when “Oh, they didn’t want to talk to me, they didn’t want to hang out with me and I got this belief that there’s something wrong with me or that I’m bad”.
And I think that that’s a really helpful practice, is to look at what the meaning is that you’re making it, and then, like I said, tuning in to the sensation or the color or the sound, what does it feel like to hear that, what does it feel like to receive this guidance or this information? Does it feel bad? Does it feel icky? Does it feel scary? Or does it feel just edgy? And there are definitely things, especially for me, with business, where I’m like “Ugh, I don’t want to do that. I’m not good at that or I’m just going to fail anyways, I shouldn’t even try”. The VR thing has been big for me on that, I’m building a video game of transformational healing, how the fuck am I supposed to do that? I do that when I’m engaged with people, I didn’t play video games, since Mario party with my brother when I was 10. And I can feel that on the other side of the story, there’s so much growth, there’s so much expansion, there’s new trust and faith in myself, there’s empowerment, there’s all this bliss and beauty. So, that’s usually your intuition.
Even if you’re feeling like “Ugh!” you can look at the story and think about how you would feel on the other side of it. If you’re right and this person does betray you, okay, maybe you should’ve listened, but if this is the kind of friendship that you’ve always hoped for, then, wow, great, that was your intuition guiding you or inviting you to expand. And in that, like you said, the most important thing I think you can do, if you have fear or an issue coming up with somebody to open the communication, is to be really honest and say “Hey, I was really hurt that you didn’t text me back for 2 days” or “Hey, I was abandoned by my father and it brings up so much when I don’t hear from someone that I’m dating.” And the thing is, is that if a person can’t accept you speaking your truth like that, then bye girl, bless your light and peace, I’ll go find someone who can and who wants to communicate their truth to me in return. And that’s always really helpful.
So, when it relates to other people, definitely checking in and seeing, because, so often, it’ll go both ways. Sometimes people are like ”Actually, yeah, this is not really a friendship that I want to engage in” and you’re like “Okay, thank you”, or they’re like (like I was with my friend), I was like “Babe, I love you, I had nothing, I just literally wasn’t at my phone, that’s a story that you’re making up.” And either way, it generally leads – one of my sisters and I just went through a big thing where she was like “I feel like I can’t trust you” and I was like “Okay, I get that, let’s work through it”, and she didn’t want to through it, but I just kept pushing and showing up and saying “Babe, I want to work through this, I want you to be able to trust me”, and just by me showing up and maintaining commitment to continuing the conversation and not just being like “Okay, she doesn’t trust me, peace, whatever, I don’t care”, that is what rebuilt the trust for her, she was like “I’ve never seen someone show up in a conflict in the way that you’re doing right now, this is so healing for me.” It’s like “Great!”
So, it’s so many different things and so many different ways, and it just depends on what you want on the other side of it. Do you want to feel more connected or do you want to feel more isolated? Do you want to feel more empowered or do you want to feel less fulfilled?

[1:07:36] Sahara
I love that so much! And, yeah, I would say the voice of your intuition is always expansive and the voice of your fear is always contractive. So, if you’re feeling like “Oh my God, Mia probably hates me because I don’t know if she thinks I’m dumb and that’s why she’s not responding to my text”, that’s a contractive thought, that doesn’t feel inspiring, that doesn’t feel empowering, that’s not the voice of your intuition. However, maybe your intuition is saying “There’s so many people who live nearby me and maybe I’m putting all of my eggs into this one relationship that I’m not looking at all of the people around me that I haven’t even been putting any energy or effort or attention into, that can be the voice of your intuition.
And I think, also, sometimes when you take that first action, when you’re guided by your intuition, you start to notice the synchronicities of, let’s say you’re holding onto this friendship because they’ve been your best friend for 20 years and you don’t know life without them but you’re such different people at this point, then maybe you start to open up and meet new people, and then, before you know it, you’re meeting all of these people and it’s like that synchronicity, that path of least resistance is in action because your intuition is like “Yes bitch, we’ve been waiting for you to do this! We have all of these amazing people!”
And I think one of the witch wounds is a feeling of “Well, no one else is going to get me, I can’t find people”, and I know we even sometimes say this ourselves “No one understands us”, but then it’s hard because it feels like there’s only X number of people in the coven and “I’m not going to be able to connect to anyone else so it’s better for me to be alone or in relationships that aren’t serving me because I’m not going to be able to find new friends.”
So, if someone is feeling like ‘It’s really hard for me to make aligned friends”, what would you suggest for them?

[1:09:17] Mia
I would say that the most important thing is (it’s like betrayal) to be aligned with yourself. How are you not hiding? How are you not shining? How are you shying away from going to the things that you’re interested in? That was how I found basically every friend I’ve ever had. I think it was Fern that invited me that night that you and I first met, it was like, Fern invited me over and was like “Hey, I’m just having some witches over”, maybe she probably didn’t even say that, she was like goddesses or whatever it was, and I only knew Fern. I didn’t know Cassandra, I didn’t know you, who else was there? Alison was there, I didn’t know any of you guys, and someone else, Desiree? And I just knew I was supposed to be there.
So, for me, one of the best things is saying yes; is going to things; is same as the destiny, like “Oh, let me do something weird. Let me do something that’s a little out of my comfort zone”, and that’s where I found all of my best friends, is by saying yes to some weird thing that I didn’t know what I was getting myself into (I mean, there’s boundaries on that). Maybe you want to go to a dungeon, who knows, do you, do whatever you’re into. For me it was sound baths and breathwork and all those things, I mean, not that I’m opposed to dungeons. Anyways, another topic.
So, but that’s one of the big ones. Actually, practicing speaking your truth and being who you want to be so that then you know that the kinds of people you’re attracting are attracted to you as you are (that’s such a big one). And then, also really just putting yourself out there.
I just worked through this with one of my clients and it was so beautiful, she was like “I don’t have any friends that know what I’m interested in” and she shared that with one of her friends, she expressed “I’m feeling like I can’t be myself, I really want to get into the spiritual stuff”, and two weeks later it was her birthday and her friend that was not as spiritual, gave her this beautiful heart chakra necklace and made a transition and shifted and wanted to be friends with her. And then two days later, this random girl in one of her university classes just comes up to her and is like “Are you into tarot cards?” and she’s like “Oh my God! It’s happening!” So, I think that just being yourself, giving yourself permission to be yourself is the biggest thing. And then, keep putting yourself out there, let the people that aren’t aligned, fall away. People worry about being alone, but the origin of the word ‘alone’ is being all one, because when we are alone, we can remember that we’re one with everything, we are connected to everything. Go connect to the earth, make friends with a tree, sit and communicate with a plant and feel how connected you actually are to this living sentient being, and I guarantee you, again, just like everything else, that ripple will affect your entire reality. And keep having trust, trust in yourself, trust in your voice, trust in your unique essence and medicine, and the more you trust in that, the more you will attract people that trust in their own and who are then excited to be friends with you.

[1:12:17] Sahara
So true! And I think so many of us feel like we have to be this lukewarm, vanilla, average person, so people can like us. The thing is, no one actually likes that, no one’s like “Yeah, I really like a real, basic friend”, but here we are thinking “Oh, if I’m too loud, too mystical, too spiritual, too out there, I’m going to be abandoned, I’m going to be put into that box, men aren’t going to like me, women aren’t going to like me, and I’m going to be the woman with a bunch of cats who died alone in the middle of the cottage.” We’ve even been told stories like this from the time we were a kid of like “See what happens to the witch alone in the forest, she’s so ugly and no one likes her”, we’re like “Shit, I don’t want to be that person, I want to be the princess with no personality because she has the palace and she has the man and she has the people around her.” But the thing is, we are attracted – when I think about the biggest artists of all time, like Prince or Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, etc., they were loved and hated, they were both, they were polarizing. Because when light is so bright, it is naturally going to attract the people who are like “I can’t stand that!” And no matter what you do, there’s always going to be people who like the opposite. In making a choice, you’re also making a choice to not be a thing,
We’re saying we are witches and we are spiritual, so, we are saying “We are not mainstream, we are not whatever this thing is”, so, there’s always a choice. And I think that so many of us, we want both, we’re like “I want to be unique and every single person like me”, and that’s just not how it works.
So, what advice do you have for our inner people-pleaser, that desire in us, for everyone to like us and how can we move past that and realize we are still safe even when people don’t like us?

[1:14:02] Mia
You know, Charles Eisenstein said to me in Egypt last year that people say you have to learn to love yourself first in order for someone else to love you, but that’s an illusion. One of the greatest healing salves to loving yourself is being loved by another. And I thought that was really powerful because you have to put it into practice, you have to try being yourself and let yourself be loved. I don’t mind people not liking me because of the people who love me, because I would rather have quality people who love me exactly as I am, who know my shadows and my darkness, but who are there for me and celebrate me and support me the way that you do, the way that all of our sister witches do, then, a thousand friends who are kind of like “Oh yeah, Mia’s cool, she’s alright, whatever.” Like you said, the basic friendship, I don’t want that, I’m here for deep, soulful connection and I know, from seeing all of the hundreds of thousands of people that I’ve seen in my life, I know that there’s someone for everyone and that doesn’t just apply to soulmates. There are people – we’ve got all this fam that are super into Ayahuasca and deep into medicine, we’ve got all this fam that are into dance and twerking and into the things, we’ve got fam that are into rituals, we all kind of mix and blend when something brings us all together, there’s someone for everyone. There are people who want to just be quiet with their friends and have a cup of tea and sit somewhere and make quilts or whatever it is. There is someone for everyone and so, I think that the people-pleaser in you, it’s, I hate to say the same thing over and over again, but if it’s true, it’s like, what would it be like to focus that people-pleasing energy on yourself? What would it be like to think about “Okay, even if everyone hated me, how am I going to feel about myself if I do this? Am I going to hate myself or am I going to love myself? And if it takes me going skydiving or making this quilt or going to herbalism school, or whatever it is, and it’s going to make me love myself, it’s going to make me feel great about myself, that’s going to be thing that when you make that choice, and then the other person who loves quilting, loves skydiving or is in your herbalism school is going to come and then they will love you and they will support you and they will be your friend, and that love, that confirmation is, like he said, is just the greatest healing salve, and that is what then – it’s like, okay, yes, we made the choice of “How am I going to please myself? This is what makes me love myself, but then it led to someone loving me and then that makes me love myself more”, and then it’s this beautiful cycle of love that just gets generated and cultivated. And I think that’s what we’re all yearning for and that’s not present because of how many of us don’t know how to be ourselves.

[1:17:13] Sahara
I love that so much! And I feel like, because we’re all at home and separated, we feel like “Well, where do I find the other quilting people? Where do I find the other people into dungeons? Where are they?” And I think that that’s also the beauty, it’s online. There are so many online communities, Rose Gold Goddesses, which you’ll be teaching a ritual in December, everyone in Rose Gold Goddesses is resonating with divine feminine energy, probably has a playful, joyful side to her, resonates with this Podcast so you all know that you have this big thing in common. People who join Witch School, they all are really deeply wanting to embody the Witch. People who want to join a Shaman Course, you all know they want to dive into quilt school, whatever it is.
So, I think that so many of us, we just haven’t tapped into what is right in front of us. There are so many opportunities to connect with people, all around the world, and we also have the story of like “Well, I need them to live immediately close to me and only in person”. But look, we live on opposite sides of the country now, and have for the past year, but we make an effort, we’re like “Hey, let’s FaceTime, let’s plan a time that we can see each other again, let’s keep each other updated in our lives”. And I think that, I don’t know how long I’m hoping for a time when we all live in a community, and we can all be in person, but I think what we aren’t realizing is, we’re all here to raise the vibration of the planet, so does that mean you can only interact with the people around you? No! There are so many people across the planet that you get to share codes with and it’s so fun to be able to experience people who don’t know anyone you know and have none of that context, and you can actually be the newest version of yourself with them, without them like “You used to be like this in high school” or whatever the story was, and you get to experience them in this new way.
And the other thing is, there are a lot of loose friendships that we may have that we’re not cultivating.
I remember, even when we met at Fern’s, it wasn’t until, I want to say 2 years later, that we dropped in. I would see you somewhere, we’re like “Yeah, let’s chat”, but it wouldn’t happen and I think one day we were like “Okay, we need to hang out, this needs to happen!” but it was just maybe not diving timing but also, neither of us fully making that initiative.
And I think that so many of us, we probably have ten or more people that you, maybe, follow on social media, you’re interested in, but we’re assuming that other person is busy, so we’re like “I don’t want to be a burden and message them or get rejected by them so I’m just going to not say anything”, and that person is feeling the exact same way “Why isn’t anyone reaching out to me?” So, if we just reach out to people, drop the story that we’re a burden and no one wants to hang out with us, we’re all going to have so many more meaningful relationships.

[1:19:53] Mia
Yeah, and I think that’s a really great Segway into, just, mentioning for Samhain, for this beautiful witch’s holiday that we have coming up, is, this is the in-between time between summer and winter (the solstices) and between the, well, technically it’s between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. So, it’s like the in-between time of the in-between time.
And in-between times in the earth-based traditions are said to be the most magical, the most mystical, because it’s not quite day and it’s not quite night; it’s not quite autumn but it’s not quite winter; it’s this middle ground, it’s like that Buddhist middle way path.
And so, in Mexico, you’ll see Día De Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) and all of these different traditions really utilizing that in-between time to ask for guidance, to ask for support, to connect to the ancestors. And so, the New Moon in Scorpio actually comes up on November 4, so just a few days after Halloween, when we’re definitely still in that (or Samhain), when we’re in that portal of the in-between times, and that’s such a great moment to set intentions, ask your ancestors, know about the witch wound and how it’s showing up for you. Based on this conversation that you and I have had, what can you dive into or look at, what kind of journal prompts or questions have you answered that we’ve discussed, even just in this last hour, and how can you look at what are the seeds that you want to plant in terms of creating transformations? Scorpio is the sign of the alchemist, of the great transformer, the death and rebirth. It’s like, what are the ways that you want to let die? Maybe it’s that fear of being betrayed and you want to trust in yourself and in people, and you’re planting the seeds of listening to your intu-witchon or doing a ritual once a month for yourself, or whatever the case may be. It’s just interesting that this Samhain, this holiday, that’s celebrated all over the world, is coming up, because everything that we’re talking about is transformational, it’s like, how can you transform your life, your relationship to your own wisdom to your own magic in order to feel like you can trust it to feel confident in it, to feel like, even if somebody tries to cancel you, you know how important it is for you to be exactly as you are. You know that there’s no person that’s more important to please than yourself, than your highest self, the one giving you that guidance.
So, just a little, little ritual inspo for all of you as this comes up because I think that would be really powerful.

[1:22:35] Sahara
Yes, and we’ve done rituals together for the past two years now for Samhain. And my favorite one we did two years ago, in person, where we each brought a picture of an ancestor or an artefact or something connected to our ancestors such as a photo of a grandmother or something of your lineage etc. and we each shared that person’s story and had all these beautiful Fall harvest vegetables to really celebrate that time of moving into the darkness. And really, what was beautiful about it, was to let our grandmother’s stories be heard again because so many of them, they died in the shadows, no one got to hear their voices, no one got to hear what was present for them. And so many of us are choosing to do the clearing work for our entire lineages right now and it’s just such a beautiful portal and what’s incredible about it is Samhain and Día De Los Muertos in Mexico, are one day apart. These cultures had no communication with each other and chose one day apart, as the day that the veils between our realm and the ancestral realm are the thinnest to give respect to the ancestors. So, there’s something beyond our 3-dimensional senses that these two different cultures chose the exact same portal of time.
So, if someone is wanting to do, and we’re going to be, this year, in Rose Gold Goddesses, doing a Samhain ritual of sharing our ancestor wound stories of speaking what happened, whether it was rape, assault, child marriage, really heavy things, or maybe your grandma was the first woman to work in your family and whatever it was, but letting her story be heard and witnessing other women’s stories to know that we all come from long, long lines of women, we’re not like these vacuums in a box, we didn’t all show up today, we are the result of – just for us to be here, there had to be, I believe it was 7000 – something, great, great, great grandparents, just for us to be here, we’re connected to all of them.
So, do you have any tips for doing a solo or group Samhain ritual?

[1:24:45] Mia
Yeah. I think that it really just depends on what you know about your ancestors, what you desire. I just started, where it started Witchy Rich on November 11, which is the money work and we’re starting with working with deities and what is a deity or deiva, or just a larger energetic frequency that you can tune in with. And the thing is, is that if you don’t have relationships with your ancestors, specifically, if you don’t know about who your grandmother was or these 7000 people that go all the way back and you just don’t know that much, you can tune in with any energetic frequency in the universe, whether it’s a God, a Goddess, or an angel, or just a conscious vibration, worthiness or love or harmony. And you can utilize this in-between time – the reason why it’s a day apart is because it’s in between the solstices and in between the equinoxes.
So, the solstices and the equinoxes were celebrated by every major ancient civilization. Those were the high holy days; it didn’t matter what your religious belief was. The pyramids in Central America, the pyramids in Egypt, the Stonehenge, all of the standing stones in the UK and in Europe, all of them had something that was magical, (the temples in Cambodia), everything had something magical that would happen on the solstices because those were the cosmological events that we could all be aware of.
And so, everybody knew, like “Okay, this is the time, moving in from autumn to winter, this is the time when we’re about to move into that season of death, so everyone is present.” So, you can do anything you want on your own. Like you said, maybe your grandmother was the first one to work, in your family, and you want to actually honor your ancestors; maybe you’re feeling really empowered right now, really great about your business, and so you don’t necessarily want to let something dies, you want new things to be birthed and to be born. You can create a ritual that’s all about the gratitude for the harvest that you’ve experienced throughout this year. Like, what have you learned? How have you grown? How have you expanded? You can create a beautiful altar that represents every single thing on it, whether it’s flowers or like we had the autumn fruits and gourds and colors. You can create something that’s all about that bountiful abundance as a blessing to move into the dark time and say “I’m giving so much thanks for everything that has occurred. I feel safe to move into this dark time” or you can say “Hey, this particular God or Goddess or a great grandmother or my matrilineal line that I don’t know anything about, I am your dreams come to reality, I am here, now, in this time, and I believe I have a destiny and I haven’t found it yet and I’m feeling stuck and tired and afraid, and I am asking for help.” And you can dance, you can shake, you can move, you can twerk, you can cry, you can breathe, you can go out and connect with the earth, you can write a letter from that.
One of the practices that I always recommend is a channeled writing “I call upon X (it can be my ancestors), I call upon the Goddess, I call upon the Spirits of the earth, the dragons, whatever it is, I call upon you, to write to me, through me, anything I’m meant to receive in this moment.” And I promise you, you will receive something so beautiful if you do that practice intentionally.
And so, there’s so many different things you can do but definitely honoring the stories, if you know them, where you came from, and if you don’t know the stories, just honoring yourself, that you are here, that you’ve made it, that you’ve chosen to be alive in a really pivotal time on the planet. And it’s important for all of us to – it’s like that Mulan song “She’ll bring honor to us, she’ll bring honor to us all”. How do you want to bring honor to your family? And Mulan’s destiny was not to do it by getting match-made. It was to be this amazing female warrior who then saved the life of the emperor. That’s the kind of honor that you have the opportunity to bring if you so choose, and you can ask for guidance, especially during this time.

[1:29:14] Sahara
So beautiful! Can you repeat that journal prompt again?

[1:29:17] Mia
Yes! It’s “I call upon (whatever it is you want to call upon) to write to me, through me, anything I’m meant to receive in this moment, or any messages meant for me in this moment.”
I did that every day for a year, saying “I call upon my highest self” and it was so powerful, and it’s 2:22 here for me right now, so you know that’s the Goddess being like “Yes, tell them, this is good, call upon me, I’m here, I’ll answer!”

[1:29:48] Sahara
It’s amazing, sometimes, when we take the time to journal, we’re like “I wouldn’t have thought of that, realized that, channeled that, if I didn’t this space”, that we’re like “Why isn’t my intuition working?” Have you given it any time? It’s like a relationship, it’s like, why isn’t it thriving? Have you given it any time? Have you worked on it? Have you created a container? So, even just that practice, lighting a candle and just journaling.
And I believe there’s so much power too, in utilizing the throat chakra and being seen by another woman and sharing that. I feel like, in the past two years, and in spirituality in general, it’s very solo and that masculine and that’s great, and to be in circle with other women, and to feel their energy and to feel their tears and what shows up for them, there’s just such a level of humanness. And we instantly drop in when we’re in that, like you said, the water-like energy. In our society, especially right now, with politics etc. it’s so fiery and I feel what we’re really missing is that deep connection. Even right now, we’re on Zoom but I can still feel you through it because I’m seeing you. So, the invitation is to connect with other sisters and let yourselves be seen and heard and celebrated.
And another little note on the Samhain, Día De Los Muertos connection is, I actually heard it was related to the Lemurian portals, because there were time portals that were connecting Europe to Latin, South America and that’s why so many of the pyramids and codes, and this also actually traces to Angkor Wat and these different places, there’s so much math and sacred geometry of how they’re connected, but it did come from those Lemurian time-travel portals.

[1:31:37] Mia
It’s so interesting you say that, because one of the things that – I just went to the Big Island for the weekend, a few weeks age, and was having just so many synchronicities and moments, and I was told by a Hawaiian elder, on Kuai, years ago, that there were these teleportation stones that the priestesses of Hawaii would sit in, they’re like big pulled-out stones and they would teleport to Egypt and the teleportation to Egypt is actually how the original Hawaiian, pre-Tahitian, Polynesian, we call them, none of those are their words for themselves, but that indigenous island people, that’s how they learned their way-finding, was by teleporting to Egypt, I was like “That is cool! I’m into that story!”, and so, that makes so much sense, especially with all of the just different Lemurian, all of the pyramids. Dakota just went to the Azures, and she was like “It literally feels like Hawaii”, and Ireland had a baby and that’s one of the – there’s many places that are thought to be Atlantis, but that’s one of the places. And it’s also volcanic and super ancient, and she said that there were springs everywhere, to the point where – there were springs where you could get bubbly water, the earth is literally carbonating the water, and she was like “Oh, you can get still water, you can get half-way bubbly, you can get full bubble”, I was like “That is so cool!”
So, just places like that that have so much history and magic and that bountiful earth energy, so powerful, so beautiful!

[1:33:13] Sahara
So amazing! Yeah, it’s just incredible when you see these different cultures and the ways they received information. And you were sharing about your trip to Egypt and how, still, to this day, they don’t know how these pyramids were created. A human could not have created those pyramids for a number of reasons – the weight, the ways they are connected – no one can, still to this day, even a top scientist. And it was because, and you were sharing, how they would literally use their mind to move and sculpt these pyramids.
I mean, this is also in itself a whole entire podcast/dissertation of that, but why I’m bringing this up is the more you open yourself up to your intuition, to magic, the more these things open up for you. The average person wouldn’t, if we said this, they are going to laugh, “You guys are crazy! Time-travel portals?! A-ha, you’ve been watching Back to the Future too much”, they wouldn’t even receive it, but for us it’s like “This is a normal conversation”, we talk about this stuff all the time and even beyond, and that’s what happens. The more that you trust your own magic, the more magic shows up in your life.

[1:34:19] Mia
Totally! And, the Egyptian, when I was there last year, and I asked these stones, each stone is 150,000 tons, so they’re like 300,000lb or something – no, that doesn’t make sense, but you know what I mean, it was hundreds of thousands of pounds, one stone, single stone, and I sat up against them and I just dropped into meditation, we’d just done a beautiful ritual that was actually about ancestral lineages, and I asked them “How did you get here” and they said “They learned to sing our songs”, they learned to sing our songs, and when they sang to us, we volunteered and we chose to come and we taught them the ways to” – it’s kind of like, I can look at my journal and see exactly what they said, because I said the exact same thing “I call upon these stones, please write to me, through me whatever I’m meant to receive”, but it was about utilizing vibration. It’s about understanding what is a vibration of this stone, being able to then wield your mind, your tone, your sound, trust in yourself, your own personal magic, to be able to – maybe they didn’t use their own voices to cut the stone, the stones didn’t say anything about that, but they said that the stones and this song were able to work together, not only to separate the stones from the mountain, but then to move them, because that’s one of the biggest mysteries. They didn’t have boats, they didn’t have forklifts, how did they move these massive, hundreds of thousands of pounds of stone to the Great Pyramids in Giza. And that was what the stones told me, which again, I’m like, most people would be like “Yeah, fucking crazy!”, we’re like “Yeah, the stones told me!”
But they told me that it was all a matter of vibration, then they were able to change their density so they shifted and were able to be much lighter, and that’s how they were able to be transported.

[1:36:11] Sahara
I love that! And it’s just such a great testament to the power of sound, the power of the elements and the power of our minds and our consciousness, and what we can create. If we can create pyramids with millions upon millions of pounds of stone that have surpassed the test of time, unlike anything else, you can create your own reality, that’s easy “Come here, do this”, they’re like “What should we channel for the collective, history of Earth?”
So, it’s just a great reminder to connect us to something bigger. And I think that we get so caught up in our little lives and our big problems and everything feels so intense and it’s like, you are a magician, you are a witch, you are an alchemist, you create your own reality, and if something is not serving you, abracadabra, it is out!

[1:37:02] Mia
Yeah! That’s right girl! Yeah, it’s funny, I know that that’s what you guys are doing in RGG and that’s what my whole course is about (Witchy Rich) which is “How can you heal?” It’s not about just “Oh, let me get all this money”, it’s “How can you heal the things that are blocking your receivership of abundance? How can you heal the things that are in the way of creating connection with sisters as opposed to comparison, but then drives you down and keeps you in scarcity?” It’s really, we all have this power.
And working with the elements, the Earth is our body, the Water is our blood, the Air is our breath, the Fire is the power and the electricity that’s running through us all the time. It’s allowing me to have my neurons firing and see you and be able to receive the light and then that Spirit, that ether is what makes us unique, it’s what sparks that ember inside of us, that then allows us to be alive. We are so, so connected to this earth and to the world around us, and that’s why we can mold it and shift it and change the vibration of it, shift the density, raise the frequency of it, because it’s all just reflections of us.

[1:38:15] Sahara
It’s making me want to sing “Earthman body”

[1:38:25] Mia (singing)
…”Air my breath and fire my spirit” – yeah!

[1:38:28] Sahara
So much fun!
Son can you share a little bit about, with listeners, mora about Witchy Rich? And we have a really special discount code with them, code ‘Sahara’, which you can find in the show notes.

[1:38:39] Mia
Yes! So, you guys can use code ‘Sahara’ for a discount on Witchy Rich and it’s all about manifesting money and slaying scarcity magically.
So, how can I utilize magic? How can I heal myself, my own wounds, my own blockages, my own challenges or things that come through my ancestral line?
Some of the things for me was like, the upper limit. My dad was a total failure, became a total success, hit an upper limit and went back into failure. And so, those are the kinds of patterns that we can see from our family lines that we want to eradicate, that we want to move through.
So, it has Live Coaching sessions and rituals, and we’re going to be really working together to work through any and all blocks to manifesting money. And we’ve had people that made $100,000 literally out of nowhere during the program; manifested amazing; and it’s all kinds of abundance, it doesn’t have to just be financial abundance. We’ve got people that really wanted to start their business or find their purpose and all of those things are possible when we remove the blocks and do this work, like we’ve been talking about the whole time to shift our belief systems.
And so, we are starting on November 11, on Thursday, and we’ll have 6 weekly coaching calls, sessions, and you get all of the video content and rituals and workbooks and all of the other magical things and like you said, a beautiful community of people who want to heal themselves and move into their next level of abundance using magic as well.

[1:40:13] Sahara
So good! So, if people are interested, head over to the show notes, use the code ‘Sahara’ for your discount. I know so many of my community members have done your courses before and loved them so much, so I’m really excited to see all the abundance you guys manifest and all the incredible Causes and Etsy shops and coaches that you support with that abundance, because it really does create this ripple effect of, again, creating that reality that we want to be a part of.

[1:40:39] Mia

[1:40:40] Sahara
We’re like “Let’s spend it all on Etsy!”

[1:40:42] Mia
I’m somebody who’d say that because one of the things that I talk about is supporting small businesses and supporting people that are really making things with their hands.
I know you get all your beautiful art and all of those things behind you from people that make them on Etsy and it’s so great. That’s such a good way to generate more abundance, is by providing it to people who would actually really need something for other than Jeff Bezos. I think he’s pretty much set!

[1:41:04] Sahara
Yeah! I think he’s good! I love that so much! So, head over to the show notes for that and thank you so much, Mia, for sharing your heart, your wisdom, your mind, your everything, your allness! You always show up fully and I’m so grateful for you on the Podcast and for you in my life!

[1:41:22] Mia
Yeah, me too queen, I love you so much! Thank you for having me again! Thanks for sharing all the witchcraft with all the people!

[1:41:29] Sahara
Of course! Witches gotta share!

[1:41:31] Mia
Yeah, we’re just crafting our wisdom here, right? It’s so beautiful and I just honor you so deeply for always showing up as your highest self and being such an amazing sister and being so willing to show who you are to people, even in the midst of a world that can be scary, and you’re just so brave and I honor you so deeply and I love you so much!

[1:41:48] End of Interview

[1:41:49] Sahara
Yes! My soul feels so satisfied right now, having that conversation, and I hope yours does too, because it’s really just open conversations like this, that we heal. And it’s so necessary as feminine beings to gather in circle and be honest and speak our truth because we do so much on our own in this hyper-individualistic society and we’re never meant to live alone on an island.

[1:42:14] Sahara
So, I’m so grateful for Mia for being on! Again, if you want to sign up for her Witch School, be sure to use my link in my show notes so you will receive the best discount and be able to get started.
And again, she will be our December guest in Rose Gold Goddesses, so if you’re interested in joining my Divine Feminine Mystery School, also head over to the show notes for rosegoldgoddesses.com.

[1:42:36] Sahara
I’m wishing you the best Samhain ever, Día De Los Muertos, Halloween! And whenever you’re listening to this, it’s a magical day, you’re alive, we’re here, we’re rocking it! And love y’all so much! Namaste!

Episode 393: Reclaiming Your Inner Witch, Sharing Your Voice + Healing The Feminine Wound with Mia Magik
By Sahara Rose

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