Highest Self Podcast 381: Law of Attraction Techniques with the Secret Creator Rhonda Byrne


Have you ever watched the movie The Secret? For many it was their opening into spirituality and Law of Attraction, and for others it was very triggering! In this conversation with the founder Rhonda Byrne, we speak about what she’s learned about the Law of Attraction in the past 15+ years since The Secret has come out. We speak about the role of destiny and karma with manifestation and going beyond manifesting for material desires. At the end of the conversation, she said it was the best interview she’s done! I’m so excited to share it with you.

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Episode 381: Law of Attraction Techniques with the Secret Creator Rhonda Byrne
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:20] Sahara
If it’s your first time listening – welcome! My name is Sahara Rose, I am a bestselling author, host of this Podcast, for over 4 years now, and most of all, I’m an ancient soul in a modern body here to teach you that Spirituality can be fun, grounded, easy and relatable, and also here to help you remember your soul’s purpose, your dharma, your big mission on this planet. So, welcome! I’m so grateful our paths have reconnected in this lifetime

[00:49] Sahara
And if you’re here every week – welcome back! So grateful to be reconnected with you and so excited to tune into this Episode.

[00:58] Sahara
Now, this Episode really dives into the pillar of intuition. I sit down with a really well-known woman, who you may have heard of, and if you have not heard of her yet, I think you’ve definitely heard about the film she created The Secret which came out in 2006.

[01:14] Sahara
Now, this movie, The Secret, created ripple effects around the world. Some people loved it, it was their entry point to spirituality, it taught them that the Law of Attraction existed and the power of thoughts. And other people hated it, they thought that this was some BS, they couldn’t believe it, it really triggered them. And it was really what the world needed at this time, to just open up this conversation that we do create our own reality. And while she didn’t get to share the whole picture of Law of Attraction in this film (which she shares herself) because you know how films are, especially in 2006, you don’t really get the whole picture. It was enough to really start this movement, this crescendo, of people who are wanting to dive deeper into different Law of Attraction authors, work, and most importantly, beginning to question their own thoughts and the energy that they put out into the Universe.

[02:05] Sahara
So, I am so grateful for her putting The Secret out into the world and for it to be one of the first films in our mainstream narrative that really has spoken about spirituality. And even now, here we are, 15 years later, and there still isn’t that much information, especially in the Film and TV space, mainstream mass media (when it comes to spirituality).
So, the fact that she was able to make this movie happen in 2006, just, really in itself is a testament to the Law of Attraction that she was able to manifest this experience.

[02:41] Sahara
Now, in this interview, I wanted to dive in even deeper with her of what she’s learned about manifestation now, 15+ years later. And she was born in 1951, so she’s about 70 years old now, and has had a lifetime of really diving into these practices, so I wanted to see where she is at now; what were her understandings of these different concepts and, most importantly, what does the role of Destiny and Karma and Free Will have to play with manifestation.
And guys, at the end of this conversation, when we stopped recording, she said this was the best interview she’s ever done. Which, again, she may just be saying it to be nice, but I was truly touched. And you can actually see her and hear her, if you’re watching this on YouTube, actually get very emotional during some of the questions because most people, when they look at manifestation, they’re like “How do I get this? How do I get that? How do I get the boyfriend? How do I get the car?” But really, what we dove into, is moving beyond that and really looking at your life as your manifestation and having that space for surrender and allowance and trust, as well as being the creatrix of your own reality.

[03:52] Sahara
So, I‘m super excited for you to just drop in and be that third person in the room with us, in this conversation, and I know, especially if you’re a Law of Attraction, Manifestation person, or even if this is all new to you, that you’re going to love it.

[04:07] Sahara
So, without further ado, let’s welcome Rhonda Byrne to The Highest Self Podcast.

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[06:06] Interview

[06:07] Sahara
Welcome Rhonda to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you here!

[06:10] Rhonda
Thank you so much Sahara, it’s wonderful to be here, thank you!

[06:15] Sahara
And the first question I’d love to ask you is what makes you your highest self?

[06:21] Rhonda
Oh wow, great question! Being present, being in joy, being unattached – actually, not listening to the mind when it’s saying things that I’m less or we’re less or that we’re lacking. So, that’s a big one, not listening to the mind – using it, of course, to manifest. So, yeah, all of those things and definitely when I’m in love, when I’m in peace, when I’m in joy – that’s when I’m really being my highest self, yes.

[07:03] Sahara
I love that so much! And it’s so beautiful! So many of the words that you just said are the words that I journal upon every day. And collectively, we all want to feel that way, we want to feel joy, peace, serenity, harmony, but it’s all of the disillusions in the mind that sometimes keep us from seeing that it already is here, we aren’t just able to fully recognize that, so I’m excited to dive in more.
But a lot of listeners probably know you from the movie The Secret, which, has come out more than 20 years ago, which is crazy, I mean, more than half of my life.
So, I’d love to know, what was that process like, creating this movie especially a the time (in the 90s) where these conversations were not trendy, they were not at the forefront. Was there any backlash you received? What was that journey like for you?

[07:51] Rhonda
Sure, sure! I mean, I think it was considered quite controversial at that time, but even though it was considered that, I was absolutely determined, because when I discovered it, I knew it was the truth (without a doubt), I knew that Law on Attraction applied, I knew that our mind was creating absolutely everything (depending what we focus on), and so, I was just determined to get this movie out there no matter what. And truly, Sahara, to this day, I don’t know how it happened. I just had the Universe give me everything that I needed because I was, in such a lot of debt, there was actually – it was impossible, if you looked at it from where I was and where I started, it was impossible for me to be able to do it. But it’s just everything that was needed was given.
So, it was, I remember my daughter saying to me “Well, you’re a controversial writer” and I said “No, I’m not, I just write about the truth, I write about the truth”, so, yeah, it was a journey for sure!

[09:05] Sahara
It’s crazy how something like you create your reality and you are worthy of joy, and peace and love is considered controversial, but then all of the horror and action, and all of those things, no one bats an eyelash at that!

[09:17] Rhonda
Right?! I mean, that is so true because what I felt was, the news that I’m delivering is the best news you’ll ever hear. Like the message of this is incredible, of, both for The Secret and of The Greatest Secret. And The Secret was basically telling people that they have the power to create the life that they want to create, and The Greatest Secret is really showing them why they are unlimited and why they can create anything that they want. And it is just all good news!
And so, it doesn’t make any sense to me either that there would be pushback but we have to remember it’s the mind that’s pushing back. That’s what’s pushing back, it’s not – it’s certainly not who we are.

[10:05] Sahara
And I think it’s also the element of responsibility, of “If I am creating my own reality, and I created this, I don’t want to be responsible for that because I don’t like this, so let me blame something external around me” that, you know, your government, all these things, they do have a role to play, but if we give up our sovereignty and wait for the government and everyone to give us what we want, we’re going to waiting many, many lifetimes.

[10:27] Rhonda
Yes, and you’re right, taking responsibility for our life is the first step, and when I first discovered this, my whole life flashed before my eyes. All of the great things, and all of the really tough things, that I went through, but I could just see how I created it all. And of course, I never, deliberately created the tough things; those were in adverted, those were sloppy things (kind of thing) but I took responsibility for all of it.
But for me, and I know for millions of other people, the news of this, when the truth resonates, it is the first, most colossal, step to freedom, and it is gorgeous. It is absolutely gorgeous to feel that sense of freedom that you have to create a life that you want to create.

[11:20] Sahara
I love that! It puts the power back in our hands and it takes our energy from trying to change the external world that we really have no control of, to the things that we can control, which are our daily practices and actions like we can take, like journaling, gratitude, etc. that these things will actually make a huge difference in our lives; and the ripple effect of that as well. I think we really undermine that as a society, we think that change has to come from such pain and agony and suffering and the old way, and really what I think what this new paradigm is about is creating change from the vibration that we want in this world.

[11:57] Rhonda
Oh, exactly! Yes, definitely! It’s all an inside job, all of it. And it’s so easy to change our lives, just as you mentioned, with gratitude. I mean, somebody can really see the difference in their life in under 24 hours, with gratitude. It is so fast and if they are doing that genuinely and from their heart, they will see a really big difference in a very short time. And so, gratitude just is the easiest thing to do to change your life. And begin to see the power that you have when you are being grateful for what you have.
And then of course, love is also another thing (to use love), and in a similar way to using gratitude; so, doing a rampage of love, for example, of all of the things that you love.
And the really great thing about the Law of Attraction is, you kind of start “What can I think that I love”, “Well, I love when there’s blue sky and I love all things summer; and I love fresh air; and I love it when traffic is really easy”, and you start to do these deliberate thoughts and then Law of Attraction kicks in, and then in 20 seconds, Law of Attraction is just giving you one thing after another, after another, of all of the things that you love. And so, when you were doing that, your frequency flies really high; the happiness in joy (inside of us) increases; and when we are really happy and joyful, we can create within heartbeat. I mean, we can create really, really fast, and manifest very, very fast. And then if we’re down, kind of super low, the really good thing is, we don’t create as fast, it’s life a self-protecting mechanism that we just don’t create as fast if we’re in a really lower frequency.
Yeah, so, gratitude and love, and all of those upper emotions and feelings and passion – they are all just life-changing. And you actually, you need to feel them first. I remember in The Secret, I would say “You need to be happy first”, be happy first and then you’re on the happy frequency where all of the things that you want, because they’ll make you happy, are sitting, right? So, yeah, it’s sort of a little bit around the other way than what we tend to think “Oh, I’ll be happy when; I’ll be happy when…”, no, be happy first and watch your life change.

[14:29] Sahara
One hundred percent! I think about it, like being in an apartment building and every floor is a different frequency. So, if you get off on that happy or joyful frequency, there you are, where all of those things on the floor are, but then you could go down the elevator into the shame frequency, or anger, or sadness and then you’re living that experience.
And, there’s so much more that you have uncovered in your newer book “The Greatest Secret”, so I would love to know, what was your pathway from “The Secret” to “The Greatest Secret?” What were the things that you learned about The Law of Attraction that you got to put in “The Greatest Secret” then years later?

[15:06] Rhonda
Oh, Okay, that is such a good question too! As the years passed by, I realized, more deeply, the incredible power of our mind to create. On just a far more expansive level that I came to understand that the entire world is a projection of our mind. And so, if the entire world is a projection of our mind, then it’s actually really easy to create because the world is just pictures of our minds. So, therefore, if we just hold an image in our mind, then that image will be projected into the world, and if we’re holding the image in our mind, without any resistance that you don’t deserve this and any of those kinds of emotions, but just knowing the infinite power that we have to create the life that we want to experience and have, is, once we’re at that place, we can really just manifest anything.
I also dived a lot into Quantum Physics as well, and understanding The Observer Effect, and all of those kinds of; and that, sort of area, and that helped just back-up everything that I knew spiritually (was to look at that). And there are really incredible scientists out there that are cutting-edge and that know that the whole world is not what it appears to be, that it’s very different, and that’s all-good news too, that’s some great news.
So, I came to understand that the power of our mind to focus on something is – when we focus on something, we will see it in the world. And I also came to understand the power about the Power of Beliefs, that we cannot experience anything that is outside of our beliefs. And so, therefore, letting go of beliefs was an important thing to do; letting go of suppressed emotions (emotions that we’ve suppressed) where we’ve had difficult moments in our life and we experience, sort of, traumatic, sad or low emotions – letting those go meant that we would get happier and happier and happier with every single one that we released and let go.
So, I, sort of, what I came to see is that the mind is the most incredible, powerful tool to create whatever we want in our life, but it also can be our greatest torturer, if we believe its negative thoughts, because all of its negative thoughts are not true. We are, the being that we are, is absolute perfection, and so, anything that the mind says that is less than that, “You can’t do that”, “You don’t deserve that”, any of those kinds of negative thoughts are not to be believed at all and not to be given any attention.
So, it was a journey of really understanding the mind a lot more; the wonderful parts of the mind and the other parts that are not so wonderful; and how we can be completely free and existing in permanent happiness. And that was kind of my journey.
And then in 2016, I had a really big second wake-up call (“The Secret” was the first), but in 2016 I had a really big second wake-up call, and I’ve been a journey of the truth like crazy, 24/7, reading, reading, reading, listening to everything I could find (there must be more of the truth). And then in 2016 I found, what to me, is the biggest thing of all, is understanding who we really are. And that really sets you free, completely, actually, and puts you into a life with no fear (which is a big deal) and a life of permanent happiness.

[19:14] Sahara
I love that so much! And when you spoke about beliefs, it brought up for me – I remember I went to Varanasi, India, which is where all of the cremations happen (millions of cremations a year), but when you go there, no one is crying, not a single person there is crying, in fact, they’re just chanting and they’re in their deep, deep in their spiritual practice. In fact, it’s a huge honor for them to be there. But they are, literally, cremating by hand their mothers, their husbands, their most loved ones, but it’s this belief of death that we have, in the Western world, that death is the worst thing that can happen for you, is surrounded by sadness and grief and loss. I mean, even this idea of a loss, something is taken away from you, but that belief is just not there in India because death is just a cycle, you’re just going to transform into your next dimension. And in fact, they say, whatever vibration that you were carrying at the time of when the soul is transitioning, that is what the soul will leave with. So, if you’re screaming, crying, angry, the soul is not going to have peace to be able to depart in this clear way that it is meant to.
So, even so much of our actions are to avoid death, right? Like, this whole 2020 of a year and everything beyond, it’s like, whatever we can to avoid death, but if we really look at it, is death actually the worst thing possible or is it just this inevitable that if I change my beliefs around it, then I don’t have to stop living my life in the fear of what is, eventually, going to happen to all of us?

[20:47] Rhonda
Yes! Yes! I mean, it’s so beautiful, I mean, in India, they most certainly understand that there’s no death for the soul, as you say, that for the being that we are, and so, it’s just for the body and there’s nothing else that ends. We can’t end, it’s actually impossible for us to end, and we never began either, of course, that means, so, we’ve had an incredible experience of being a human and it’s fantastic, and that we’re separate, all of those kind of things, and we’re in this incredible objective world, but it’s just an experience, and who we are never began and will never end. And is actually, which I think is very beautiful, untouched and unharmed by anything that takes place on earth, in the physical world, we remain untouched and unharmed. But even just this one question that I would say to people – what if you knew, without any doubt whatsoever, that no one dies? What if you knew? How would that change your life, your world, your opinions, your outlook? What if you knew that no one ever dies? There can be no end to any being – the world would be so different, right?

[22:18] Sahara
Yeah, I think we would stop gripping in fear, trying to control everything, trying to delay something that is just a natural process of life. I think we’ve created so many systems and technologies and things to try to keep death as far away as possible and we don’t really have a relationship with it either, it’s like, you know, Halloween, it’s the closest thing that we have but it’s scary, right? But, I think the more in touch we are with our death, the more that we can truly live.

[22:48] Rhonda
Oh, absolutely! And it is possible to live your life without the fear of death; it is possible to know, not to believe, I’m not saying to take on a belief, but to know through your own experience, without any doubt whatsoever, that you, who you were, will never die, that the body will end but it is not who you are.
And you know, I remember I had this mantle, really beautiful man, many years ago, he is the imperator of one of the esoteric traditions, and he said to me that the moment of death is the greatest moment of life, because of the realization that you never die and that you can’t take any of the negativity with you. And so, eventually, what happens, what he says is also true – that you’ll experience whatever frequency you are on in the moment of death, you will experience that, but then, ultimately, you can’t take that with you in the spiritual realm, so you can pick it up on the way back in. But yes, so, he said it’s just joy and love and happiness, and so, I’ve always thought about that, that it’s like that. But since “The Greatest Secret”, I’ve been fortunate enough to have the experience of being much more than the person and the form that is sitting here, and that is what I would, honestly, so wish for everybody because that is what will set them free and that is what will deliver to them a happiness that can barely fathom.

[24:39] Sahara
So beautiful! And how do these realizations come to you through for you? Is it through just contemplation, writing, meditation, taking walks? How do these awareness’s really start to show up in your reality?

[24:53] Rhonda
For me, after the sort of realizing who we really are, for me then, for the last 4 years, I have been releasing everything that I’m not. And so, that has been releasing beliefs, limiting beliefs, when any kind of negative emotion appears to release that and to welcome that emotion so that I’m releasing all the suppressed emotions from inside the body. And when you release a suppressed emotion, you’re releasing thousands upon thousands of thoughts that are attached to that. And so, after releasing those things, you feel lighter, happier, lighter, happier. And so, that’s what I’ve been doing, and if I feel like, for example, if you feel disappointment in me, then this is a great day to celebrate because now you can let that disappointment go. And my teacher would say to me you’re only feeling these things only because they’re ready to be released. And so, that’s what I did, I would just release disappointment, impatience, any anger, and then the next time I would feel one of those emotions, it was really weak, it wasn’t so strong. And once again, I would release it and then it would get to a point where it’s not possible to feel disappointment because I don’t have any disappointment left inside of me. And so, I took a really practical path.
And I mean, of course, too, I would be consciously holding myself in the space of the infinite being that we are. And so, I would do that as much as possible in the day, was to really hold myself in that space and just remembering all of the time who I am, the piece of who I am.
And so, it really happened, I think really, really fast, in a short time, I began to feel happier and happier, more at peace. And do you know what’s incredible? All of the things that you begin to see is that things that used to annoy you, don’t bother you one bit anymore. And you wonder “How is it that I ever would get annoyed at that” or “That that person would sometimes irritate me”, you just don’t feel any of that anymore, nothing really bothers you.
And so, it’s so amazing (really incredible) and I know that is possible for absolutely everybody. So, yes, I took a practical approach to be free.

[27:48] Sahara
I love that! So, let’s say you get into a fight with someone and some anger shows up, some fear of what they’re going to do, how would you then release that experience you’re in?

[28:00] Rhonda
Okay, so what I would do is – I feel the emotion, so I notice it and then I take my attention of it, because, as you know, whatever we put our attention on, expands and magnifies. So, I would take my attention; I would first notice, and you don’t even need to know “Is that anger” or “Is that impatience”, it doesn’t matter, it’s just to notice the negative emotion. Then I would take my attention off it, and that’s the thing, once we take our attention off it, it is automatically released. And so, we kind of have this self-cleansing mechanism in our body (it’s so amazing); take our attention off it and the energy of that suppressed emotion will unwind and be released.
So, to be sure to do that, to take our attention off it, what I do is, I welcome that emotion. And so, I don’t try and change it, I don’t try and get rid of it, I don’t try and fix it, I don’t try and do anything with it, I allow the emotion to be there for me. And I’m kind of putting my arms out, as though you’re welcoming, you’re about to put your arms around somebody, because, I find that if you have your arms out, you’re not tensing up and resisting anymore, and it helps you to just kind of relax. And so, it’s really surprising how fast the energy of an emotion will pass out of our body, when you do that. And so, that process is what I did, I’ve put in “The Greatest Secret”, it’s the most powerful thing I’ve ever done in my life and I did that for beliefs – I always thought of belief and I just be like “Wow” and I’d just put my arms out, basically and just allow, look at that belief and allow it to be there, and it will just dissolve to such a point that I couldn’t even remember what that belief was, because once it’s gone, you can’t remember it anymore.
And so, I also did it with any sort of subjects, negative subjects, or negative train of thoughts. I used that one process for all of that. And then I would just revel in the peace and the bliss, and the happiness that would arise within me.

[30:30] Sahara
Wow! It’s so simple, yet so profound! And I think the difficulty is – sometimes what I experience is, my mind thinks that I need to think through a problem to find the solution, so I need to keep repeating this because maybe I’ll come up with something that wouldn’t have and then I create this evidence of “Oh, well, one time you thought about this problem enough and you came up with a solution, so you should keep on doing that”.
So, what advice do you have if you are kind of like continually thinking about a problem over and over again?

[31:02] Rhonda
Yes, well, the first thing to know is that the mind has no solution, it doesn’t. So, a true solution will come from the infinite being that you are, and it will often come as an insight or intuition. So, the mind doesn’t really have any answers to anything. It asks a lot of questions, for sure, but it doesn’t have the answers. The answers and the insights and the true resolutions are coming from beyond the mind. And so, what the mind will tend to do is keep you trapped. It loves problems because it’s a whole lot of energy and it feeds off of those things, so it will kind of keep you trapped in a maze, going around in circles, and then just when you think you’ve resolved it, something else pops up and so, you’re attracting more and more problems, right?
And I think, for many people, they spend their lives just putting out spot fires of problems “Oh, here’s the next one, now I need to put that one out”, and that’s perfect for the mind, but for who we are, and for beyond the mind, there’s not a single problem anywhere at any time.
And so, to be in that frequency, to be at that level, when you’re at that level, it’s like the problem gets resolved all by itself, without you doing anything. Like when you just open yourself to that and step beyond the mind, and just open yourself up, it will just get resolved all by itself, and you’re like “Wow!”. I’ve had that situation so many times where I’ve had one of the executives in my company call and say “Oh, there’s …” I don’t think anybody in our company calls it a problem, they say a challenge or whatever though, they’ll use other words, and they’ll say “There’s this that we need to address” and straight away I just hear it and I just release it, it’s automatic, and I release on it, and they call back and they say “Oh, that thing I was talking about, it all got sorted out”. I didn’t do anything; I didn’t do anything but just release the idea of it being a problem and not allow the mind to convince me that it is. So, that’s when you put yourself on a plain, where there is absolute perfection and whatever it is, it will be resolved.

[33:25] Sahara
Yeah, I was in a situation that was going on for months, it was like this dispute and I kept trying to come up with all these solutions and this and that, and then the best solution was just to walk away, like, I don’t want this problem anymore and there’s the solution.

[33:41] Rhonda
Well, you see, that was most definitely, as you would say your highest self, speaking to you because that’s the exact answer, and I’m sure when you walked away, and I’ve been in that situation as well, some kind of a dispute and that’s just really, really tough and the mind loves that too, comes up with all kinds of things and, you know, “Let’s fight” and “Let’s do this”, and it’s like “No, let’s let it go”, and that feeling to let it go is way beyond the mind and you would’ve felt such relief. Like, we always know when we’re on the right track because we feel this, first of all, we feel this incredible sense of relief, it’s just like so beautiful to let something go. And the wonderful thing about letting something go, is now you have the space for something new to come in, and something different to come in, or the solution to come in. It’s almost like, let go of everything, just let go of everything, let go of it all, let go of the story that you have about yourself because that story is created by the mind and that story, therefore, is limited, it’s definitely limited because it’s created by the mind, and we are unlimited, we are absolute perfection. And so, just letting the story go, of who we think we are, suddenly there’s all of this incredible space for who you are to just come flooding in and fill your life with joy and bliss – oh, heaven!

[35:23] Sahara
So, where do you think processing our thoughts plays a role in this? You know, some people feel like they learn when they process, whether it’s when they’re talking to a friend, journaling, their therapist, talking through everything they’re thinking, to find clarity. How would you say this plays a role or would you say to not even entertain that because it’s entertaining the mind and making the mind’s problems even bigger?

[35:46] Rhonda
It’s tricky, isn’t it? Because I know, for some people, that that’s what they feel they need to do, but the more we focus on something, just understanding the dynamics of our mind, and the way that it works, is the more we focus on something, the bigger, the more, energy we’re giving to it, and the bigger it becomes. And so, one other thing to understand is that who we are is absolute clarity. The mind is confusion, it’s not clarity. So, when we go through a whole process, like that of talking to people and trying to talk it out, and eventually we get to clarity, I think we get to clarity because we’ve suffered so much and we really just can’t bear to suffer anymore, and then we get clarity.
So, the Law of Attraction says, “You focus on something, the bigger it becomes”, so, therefore, we always want to be focusing on what we want. So, if we were to focus on something, then the thing to be focused on is us being in joy and having a solution, not to be focused on the problem. And it’s tricky because the mind is constantly luring us in “What about this”, making out like it has the answer, but it doesn’t have the answer. All of the most incredible things in this world came from beyond the mind. They came from the infinite intelligence that we are, that’s created absolutely everything. And so, it’s when the mind is quiet that all of that comes in. So, all of the solutions, all of the incredible inventions, all of those amazing creations, the beautiful music that’s composed, you know, that we feel just came from some divine frequency; a piece of music or art or all of those things, they all came from beyond the mind.

[37:42] Sahara
Absolutely! Sometimes I feel what journaling helps with is getting all of the mind’s shit out so then you can go beyond the mind because sometimes the mind’s just like “I need this thing! I need to give all of our focus to”, to have that out, like “I listened to you, I heard you, now let’s go what’s beyond this!”

[38:01] Rhonda
Yeah, I don’t have a problem with journaling because I actually think journaling is – journaling is sort of different to talking to somebody about it because then you’re kind of getting into the frequency and the problem, and sort of holding yourself there a little bit. But journaling, most definitely – like, I just did an ‘advantages and disadvantages’ list yesterday of a decision I’m wanting to make, and so I decided to an advantages and disadvantage because I wanted to see what my subconscious mind was holding. did it hold any block, was there any kind of block anywhere? And so, when we do journal about that, so, I’m a big supporter of journaling, most definitely, because we are releasing a lot of potentially limiting beliefs and so we can see them on the paper, a limiting belief that is coming out. And so, I think journaling is different from, sort of, focusing into a problem, talking about it over and over and over.
So, I think my daughter has always journaled and it has been incredible for her, incredible.

[39:09] Sahara
Yeah, I think we process in different ways. Sometimes dancing is what you need to just move it out; sometimes it’s singing, praying, whatever feels good but eventually all of those things are boats to take you beyond that action.

[39:26] Rhonda
Yeah, that’s exactly it, exactly it! And when you release all of that and then the peace that you feel; and then you get all of these insights “Oh, I know, I’ve got an idea”, then there’s the space for all of that to come in. And it’s more that our mind is creating the, sort of, blanket over us and stopping us from seeing all of the solutions and all of the answers and all of the clarity. And so, if we can just, sort of, let that go and move that aside, then, I mean, we have all the solutions, we have all the answers, we are complete clarity, it’s only the mind that has confusion, we are clarity. So, if we can just shift that away, then the clarity will arise within us. And, in a insight, I’ve had lots of insights in my life where I’m just like “Oh, wow” and I knew it didn’t come from the mind because I had this whole thing instantaneously, that would take the mind half an hour to explain it, right? Because when you get an insight, it’s like you get this download and it’s instantaneous. So, yeah, wonderful!


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[43:27] Sahara
Yeah, I can feel the difference of the thoughts when I’m channeling, that it’s much faster, clearer, it’s like the stream of information that’s flowing through me and it’s almost like if I don’t write it at that moment, it will pass right by and I will actually forget it. So, you can feel because it’s, yeah, it’s full of information that you probably wouldn’t have been thinking of in your everyday normal thoughts.

[43:52] Rhonda
Yes! And you’re right to write it down because you won’t remember it. It’s like, when it’s an insight, you need to, kind of, grab it, you need to grab a hold of it and writing it down is really great.
I mean, I’ve had insights and I’m like “Wow” and then I go to tell somebody and now it’s gone, it’s completely gone (what was incredible). So, it’s really a good idea to write it down and just, sort of, cement it.

[44:23] Sahara
Yeah, it’s kind of like a dream!

[44:25] Rhonda
Exactly! It’s like a dream!

[44:28] Sahara
Yes! So, I’d love for you to share with us what is Effortless Manifestation?

[44:33] Rhonda
Okay! So, Effortless Manifestation is created with an effortless thought and that is really a thought that’s beyond the mind, or it kind of sounds contradictory but when we are in a place of zero resistance, so, we’re not contracting anywhere, no resistance whatsoever, then one thought will manifest virtually instantaneously. And if that thought is not contradicted by any other thought. I mean, that’s the power that everybody has. You focus on a thought, if you do not contradict that thought, it will manifest.
And so, one of the things that we can do is – we want something or we want something to occur, we have a desire, and then we visualize it or we think about it and then a whole of other thoughts come in “Well, how’s that going to happen” and “You didn’t do that well in that subject, so how are you going to get that job” or “Things haven’t worked out for you before in that area, so what makes you think it will work out this time” and all of those kinds of thoughts, which are contradictory thoughts. so, every time there’s a thought like that, it just cancels it out, it’s resistance to the thought that we had basically planted to manifest.
And so, Effortless Manifestation is, really, effortless thought and having one thought that is not contradicted by any other thought at all. And so, the more joy that we’re in and the more happiness, the happier we are, then our thoughts are going to be effortless. Because when you’re in joy and happiness, you have very little resistance or gratitude (in gratitude you have very little resistance). That’s why when we’re super grateful we’ll have tears come to our eyes, because we’re letting go of resistance. So, the higher we can be in joy and happiness, or love, or gratitude, the less resistance that we have, and that’s the time, I think, to manifest, is when you’re feeling that way, not when you’re feeling “Oh, I don’t know; I don’t know if I’ve got it right” or “I’ve been waiting for this a long time and it’s still not here” or those kinds of things. If you can just get yourself up higher, into joy, or into happiness, or into passion, then you’re in a place where you don’t have as much resistance and then you’re going to manifest. But basically, Effortless Manifestation, it takes one thought to manifest, just one, as long as it’s not contradicted with any other thought – and that’s Effortless Manifestation.

[47:31] Sahara
I love that, because so often, when we go to spiritual practices, it’s when we’re in a low place and we want something and we’re like “I will do all of the rituals and the moon practices, and whatever you’ve got because I need the situation to change”, but when you’re just joyful and you’re living your life, you kind of forget about those things.

[47:49] Rhonda
Yes, exactly!

[47:50] Sahara
It’s like, how can you bring in more of that intentionality when you’re feeling good.

[47:54] Rhonda
Yeah, and it was perfect what you just said because “I want this to change”, and if you feel that, that’s full of resistance, “I want this to change and I want it to change now” or “I need this now” and that has a whole lot of resistance and resistance you don’t want because resistance is basically saying “I don’t have it yet” and so, then you’re not going to get it. So, that’s why we need to let go of resistance, and in those higher frequencies, there’s not as much resistance there, so it’s going to manifest a whole lot faster.
And some teachers say “To manifest you don’t want to need something”, but it’s just because of the needing has resistance in it, that’s all, needing says “I don’t have it”. And as you know, for manifestation, you have to imagine that you have it already because there’s no time for any of the laws, Law of Attraction or the Law of Physics, they’re all operating in the present moment, so that’s why you need to visualize that we have the manifestation, you already have what you want, you’ve already got it.

[49:05] Sahara
So, what if there is something that you deeply desire and it’s kind of hard to get rid of that desperate energy around it, because you so deeply do desire it? What is your advice there?

[49:17] Rhonda
Probably with that, I would release that feeling (these days), that’s what I would do, I would release that feeling, because that feeling doesn’t feel good. If you really examine that feeling, it’s not a good feeling (when you’re that kind of desperate like that). So, these days, I would just release them immediately, and I would just let that feeling leave my body.
Otherwise, I would so, if I go back to “The Secret”, then what I would do is, I would just be doing a lot of practices to have me in joy and happiness, because if you notice, when you’re in joy and happiness, you’re not so desperate anymore, because we only ever want anything to be happier; we think we’ll be happier for the having of it or for the absence of it. It doesn’t matter what it is in the world, for every single human being we have one thing in common is we’re seeking happiness, and we think that in manifesting this job or this partner, or having a baby or a house or whatever it may be, that we will be happier when we have it.
And so, if we can get to happiness, we don’t have so much, we don’t have so much resistance or needing or wanting, so we can release, a little bit, of that kind of desperate feeling. Some people will ask me is it better to have a time frame on what they want to manifest, and it’s a really hard question to answer because some people will manifest really well like “In the month of June, I want this” or “In the month of July, I want this to happen” and “By the end of July, this will have happened” and for some people, that will work really well for them because of their degree of faith and no doubt about it, and then for other people it creates resistance and so, they’re kind of, with resistance, pushing what they want away, and yeah, it depends.
But resistance is, I could write a book on resistance. I mean, I talk about it in “The Greatest Secret” a lot, but it’s an incredible subject because it is all negative emotion, is resistance, that’s what it is; it’s “I don’t want this”, it’s the three words “I don’t want this”, “I don’t want this to happen”, “I want something to go this way and I don’t want it that way”. And if just letting go of resistance is just “Oh my gosh”, the happiness and the joy that you feel, and then when you feel that way, manifestation feels really easy. When you’re really happy and joyful, it doesn’t seem big or hard at all, it seems easy, you feel like “Oh, I could manifest anything”.

[52:20] Sahara
Absolutely! And you have a less of a need to because you’re already happy where you are.

[52:25] Rhonda
Exactly! Exactly!

[52:28] Sahara
So, I’d love to know, what do you think is the role of destiny and if something is meant to happen in your life, like an experience that is meant to happen, like a soul contract etc. vs. how much we can control through manifestation?

[52:46] Rhonda
That’s a big question! We certainly have some control of some things, for sure. But, too, I feel that we have a destiny, I sort of feel like it’s both and it seems like one contradicts the other. But I feel like we’ve got a blueprint and that blueprint was worked out by us; and with very good reason (that blueprint), to free us. And so, from a really incredible place of allowing, I think we create a blueprint. But then, in between all of that, in that outline, there’s lots of little details and things that we can manifest, that don’t affect at all the overall blueprint, so I kind of feel like it’s both.
I know one thing for sure, we are all destined to fully wake up and realize who we are, there’s no doubt about that. Not one of us can ever, ever, ever miss out on that, ever! It may take a bit time (or so-called time), but every single being will arrive home and be free, every person, and realize who they are. And that’s just a beautiful way to look at everything, and there’s manifestation of people at different stages along the way of that, but it doesn’t matter where anybody is because the destination is the same for all of us.
I remember when I would speak to my mentor, and I would say “I really want more of the truth and more of the truth and I want to do it in this lifetime” and he would say to me “What’s the rush, you’ve got all of eternity”. And he meant that, you have all the eternity, what’s the hurry?
We do all have the same destination and that destination is one, whereby the incredible experiences that we’ve had in the physical world, do not harm us, the experiences, I can’t even say they’re an experience, but in the end the destination is the same glorious destination for every single being. And they will be free and they will know that they are infinite; that they are all that there is and that nothing ever, ever can harm them and they’re so much more than they ever, ever thought they were.

[55:37] Sahara
Do you feel that the soul ages? Like the number of souls or lifetimes that we’ve had on this planet play a role in someone’s awakening, like those who are awakening are old souls, potentially, or do you feel like everyone, in this lifetime, can spontaneously awaken, regardless of how many lifetimes they’ve had here?

[55:56] Rhonda
I think that anybody can spontaneously awaken, I think that’s possible for everyone, simply because it is who we are. And so, yeah, anybody can awaken!
And I mean, I sort of wonder what happened in the previous lifetime, that I came into this lifetime, and I don’t know, and the reason that I don’t know is because it’s not important for me to know.
My mentor used to say “If you need to know anything from any another lifetime, and it’s important for this lifetime, you will remember it; it will be given to you and you will remember.” And I just have a sense of a country and things like that, but yeah, I just think that we’re all just so destined to end up where we are. And there appears to be a journey, and like an evolution for the soul; there appears to be, and certainly, when you look around, it feels that way too. And I remember that Buddha said that he had had 500 lifetimes and he recalled all of them. And so, one would think, therefore, that there are some souls that have moved along more than other souls, or have awakened, but I actually don’t know the answer to it.
And it’s kind of a speculation like, “I guess I should ask the question”, because whenever we ask the question, we get the answer and then we know for sure, but I don’t know. I just know, for this lifetime here, that I’m so, so grateful to have woken up, I’m just so grateful. And I don’t know what happened previously, but, oh my gosh, whatever it was, just thank you, thank you, thank you with all of my heart. It’s kind of a roundabout way of answering your question, but…

[58:03] Sahara
Yeah, and I think, truthfully, it doesn’t really matter. Sometimes, in our journey, we’re like “I need to know all of my past lives and my astrology chart and my human design and my this, and my that”, and it’s all of these things. And it can be educational, for sure, but really, from the highest realm, we’re all love, we’re all going to the same place, and just to enjoy this experience and to, sometimes, release, even, our need to label it and have more and more, just like “I’m a this, that, that” and it’s like “You’re here, you’re love, you’re light” and that in itself is enough.

[58:40] Rhonda
Oh, it is more than enough! And all of those labels, as you say, all of those labels just kind of box us in and imprison us to be limited, because every label is a limitation, and we don’t have any labels, really, at all because we’re unlimited. I mean, we are, and I say this, we are holding the universe in our hands; we are just beyond what most of us could even fathom. And that’s why in the ancient texts they would talk about the unspeakable, that it can’t be described because we are just beyond description. The perfection and the love, as you say, cannot ever be defined, because the moment we define it, we limit who we are. And so, yeah, just to begin to feel that presence is within absolutely everybody; it is who they are. And you can feel that presence at any time and it’s possible to wake up at any time. But it’s all unfolding, as Robert Adams used to say, “Everything is unfolding exactly as it should”. And I would say that to myself a lot of times, you know, like, when, through the last year and a half, when I saw so many people in fear, and I would just say to myself “Everything is unfolding exactly as it should”.
I didn’t have any fear at all in that time but I really increased the work that I was doing and trying to help people and sooth people through that time. But I think, that time, for all of us, was an opportunity to let go of fear, be free of fear and let go. It’s like a big wake-up call for us to let it go, and there was a lot of sadness for people who lost loved ones, but there’s no end, there’s no end.


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[1:02:18] Sahara
So, what advice do you have or someone who’s really seeking to find more purpose in their life right now?

[1:02:25] Rhonda
It’s almost like this, if we could just let go, what would unfold would be incredible. Because, I think, in so many ways, even what we think might be our purpose is limited as well.
So, for example, did I ever imagine I would be doing this? No! I mean, if I look at my life, I was a secretary, I was a producer on radio, I was a producer on television, I started a television production company, I mean, where was the spiritual journey of decades in all of this? But I know, without a doubt, without any doubt whatsoever, that this is what I came here to do, and everything else along the way was preparing me for this.
And so, I feel life will take you there if you can just trust life. And, if I look back at how this began, the point where everything changed in my life, when my did a complete U-turn toward “The Secret”, toward my own company, was when I got fired. And that was incredible to me that I got fired because I’ve always been this really good person, I don’t do anything wrong and I got fired because I didn’t dob on somebody else, and so I got fired along with her. And I was absolutely devastated, but you know, that moment, that moment is what changed my life, and right then and there I was on the runway to “The Secret”.
So, there’s just this, kind of, trusting in life and I remember when I got fired that I said to myself “This is for the good. You can’t see it yet, but you will!” And so, yeah, I have a lot of trust in life to take us where we need to go to.

[1:04:37] Sahara
That’s so beautiful, that something that could’ve been the worst thing that happened to you was actually the best thing that happened to you.

[1:04:44] Rhonda
It was, it was, completely, yeah! And that happened to me a few times in my life, including the night that I discovered “The Secret”, is that my whole life had collapsed in one big heap. And I had two phone calls that just wiped me out and I remember thinking “Oh!”, that it was so tough that night, that it was like my ego jumped on a horse and rode the heck out of there because it was too much. And then in that moment I kind of saw and realized a lot, and had a really big, sort of, awakening. But that moment in my life, truly, that moment, where I was in total despair, I let go, and in the letting go, everything came of this, what would become, “The Secret”. So, it’s a big deal! I think we get in our own way a little bit (a lot)!

[1:05:42] Sahara
Yeah! These opportunities led us to let go of what we thought the plan was going to be. I mean, even 2020, this experience for the collective, we were so in our day-to-day routines, not questioning things, just in the hamster wheel that this caused us to get off, that right now we’re going through the greatest man of job transition, and even divorce, and all these things that had been bubbling under the surface but we were just too busy to really look at them, that no, there are going to be so many beautiful businesses and inventions and ways of connecting, that maybe would not have been had we not had this rug swept under our feet.
So, sometimes, they say, you need to have the breakdown to have the breakthrough.

[1:06:27] Rhonda
Yes. And I think for a lot of people, they hit the bottom, didn’t they? And then, I know a lot of young people who are afraid and saying “Is this the end of the world?” And I know, throughout my life, there were times in the world, in the crises in the world, where we thought it was the end of the world.
There was…

[1:06:48] Sahara
Oh yeah, 2020, 2012

[1:06:50] Rhonda
Yeah, there were incidents where we were like…

[1:06:54] Sahara
…a few years, there’s an end of the world…

[1:06:56] Rhonda
Exactly, exactly! And so, I really sympathized with all of those young people because this was the first time that they had experienced something that they just couldn’t believe what was happening, to their life, to the world being turned upside down. But always, when there is something, that is massive like this, it is because it is a little bit like it’s on a global scale what happened to me and the U-turn of my life, “Oh, no! We have a global U-turn!” And I just know, with all of my heart, that that will mean that what is ahead is absolutely amazing!

[1:07:37] Sahara
Yes! It’s like the entire world having their dark night of the soul at the same time, and will all be rising up! And that’s why more and more people are opening up to spirituality and meditation, all these different practices that they never felt like they needed before, but sometimes we needed to have that ‘on my knees’ moment to finally open up and receive support from something greater than ourselves.

[1:08:03] Rhonda
Yes, definitely! If I look at my own life and every difficult moment that I’ve had, if I look back, it’s been a blessing and it has been a curve when my life turned or my life changed.
And so, I just see everything now far more clearly and don’t see anything as bad. And I’ve had lots of experiences and really what people would describe as very, very challenging experiences, but all of those things were just a fence, they’re just a fence and we’re all here and we’re having this experience, and it’s colossal, it feels so real. And it’s a miracle and it’s beautiful, and just, I think, too, to kind of, the mind is so serious, so serious, which is why the word ‘enlightenment’ – enlightenment just means more light, and more light means more doing, more happiness, more clarity, more direct intelligence, more peace, more allowing of everything. Christian Merty says one quote in the book; Christian Merty says “I don’t mind what happens” and he didn’t mind what happened because it’s all just a passing show and in the end we’re all fine.

[1:09:40] Sahara
I love that so much!

[1:09:41] Rhonda
Right? You can definitely get to that place, really and truly get to that place, where you know everything is totally fine. We are deathless, deathless! So, it’s all good; all good!

[1:10:02] Sahara
Yes! I love that so much! When I was going through my, just, awakening and was trying to figure out my path, I remember I would tell myself “It’s okay, you’re just at a shitty in any part of your memoire, one day this will be the point that everything changed.” And it’s so funny that when I wrote my book that was the shitty part of the story that everything changed. And sometimes the things that we feel like “Oh, well, I don’t want anyone to know about this” or “I never want to go back to this experience” ends up being the thing that sometimes we end up telling people about the most because it shows people that change is possible.

[1:10:40] Rhonda
Yeah! And we tend to resist change, right? That’s one of the things that fear loves you know, is to be afraid of change. But we’re in a world, it’s a duality, and we’re in a world where nothing stays the same. It’s all constantly in flux, it’s constantly changing! Which is fascinating, because who we are, is unchanging; who we are is never, it’s totally unchanging.
And so, we’re in this whole experience of everything changing. You know, I love it because everything’s slightly opposite of who we really are. It’s all the opposite and we long for attention, an approval, and yet, who we are is all the approval there is and all the attention there is. And so, there’s this deep kind of longing within us and we don’t recognize it and that, when we’re longing for attention or approval or happiness or love, we’re actually longing for ourselves, we’re actually seeking ourselves.

[1:11:53] Sahara
I love that so much! We’re already whole and perfect and beautiful as we are, it’s just remembering that.

[1:11:59] Rhonda
Yeah, exactly! Exactly!

[1:12:02] Sahara
Yes! Well, it was so great diving with you on so many beautiful topics that I know so many people are wondering.
So, I’d love to share with listeners where they can read “The Greatest Secret” and connect with you more.

[1:12:16] Rhonda
Oh, thank you so much! And I’ve got to say, it’s so wonderful to speak to somebody like you and to be able to talk about all of these things. This is just Heaven for me! Absolute Heaven! And so, thank you, thank you so much! I just think whatever we can put out there, any one of us, that will set somebody free and help them to happiness and have the life that they deserve to have, is just worth its weight in gold. Every being is so precious!

[1:12:51] Sahara
Thank you so much for your wisdom and for truly being a pioneer in this movement. I know, for probably so many listeners, “The Secret” was their first time they ever heard about these types of concepts. So, thank you for really standing in front of the mainstream media that has its own prerogative and agenda, that is not always enlightened, and for bringing the light there, where it is so needed.

[1:13:16] Rhonda
Thank you, thank you so, so much!

[1:13:19] End of Interview

[1:13:20] Sahara
Let’s just take a deep breath together. I love having conversations like that, just having a moment to dive into something so much bigger than our everyday lives and stressors and worries and problems and just to reconnect to the larger, the higher part of ourselves.

[1:13:42] Sahara
So, I hope you enjoyed that Episode! I hope it inspired you, it reunited or reactivated a part of your heart and your soul that may have been dormant.

[1:13:52] Sahara
And I’m super excited to continue to dive deeper with you in the absolutely Free 5-Day Rose Gold Goddess Challenge.
If you have not signed up yet, head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com that link is in the show notes and we’re going to be doing this Challenge together, August 16-20, diving into the Five Pillars of Rose Gold Goddesses which include Intuition, so, I’m so excited to see you inside!

[1:14:21] Sahara
I hope you enjoyed this Episode and I’ll see you in the next one. Namaste.

Episode 381: Law of Attraction Techniques with the Secret Creator Rhonda Byrne
By Sahara Rose

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