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Highest Self Podcast 327: Accessing Your Intuition + Connecting To Your Guides/ Past Lives with Manuela Welton

So many of us want to access our intuition but don’t know how to recognize it’s voice vs the voice of our ego. This episode …

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Highest Self Podcast 277: How to Tap Into Your Intuition With The Collective Energy Right Now with S

I was guided to record this episode because I can feel so many of you are craving deeper spiritual connection but your antennas are completely …

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Highest Self Podcast 265: Trusting Your Intuitive Gifts with Sahara Rose

You were born with intuitive gifts. It’s time to TRUST them. Are you more clairsentient, claircognizant, clairvoyent, clairaudient, clairalient or clairgustant? Find out in this …

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Highest Self Podcast 176: Intuitive Gifts + The Loneliness Epidemic with Teal Swan

You may recognize Teal from her vastly popular Youtube channel. I sat down with Teal to discuss all things intuition, channeling and the biggest problem …

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Highest Self Podcast 132: Enhancing Your Intuition with Natalie Miles

Natalie Miles is a real-deal intuitive and in this conversation, we discuss many of YOUR biggest questions such as: -How do I connect with my …

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Highest Self Podcast 035: Understanding The Ayurvedic KOSHAS to Harness Intuition + Expand Consciousness

If you’ve read my book Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda, taken my quiz on, read my blog, follow me on Instagram or listen to my …

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