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Ten Ways to Raise Your Vibrational Energy

Your vibrational energy has a great impact on your mood, mind, body behavior. Here are 10 ways to raise your vibrational energy

Raise your vibrational energy

“The universe wants you to be happy.”
You have heard this before. I know what you’re thinking.

“But Sahara, doesn’t everyone want to be happy? Why do we have wars and violence in our world when everyone just wants to be at peace?”

Well, this has everything to do with the vibrational energy you put into the world. As human beings, we are at the mercy of so many forces that fill the world around us, many of which are invisible. So is it really that hard to believe that we also have the capability to change the world through our spiritual energy?

When you throw a ball into the air, you exert physical force on an object. Similarly, when you go about your daily life, you exude your inner energy into the world, passing on that vibrational energy to those around you. If gravity can exist, then why can’t spiritual energy? There have been studies conducted which show that the soul or our prana really resides within our body and that there is something more than our brain that pushes us ahead as we live.

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Have you ever stepped into a room and instantly felt the mood there? Have you experienced moments where you felt a cold chill run down your spine in certain places you’d never been to, only to learn that something tragic had taken place there?

The human body is very sensitive to the spiritual energy of the people around it, and these vibrations can make a lasting impact on people or places. It’s also why we often see people cheering each other on. When we actively think positive, we change the energy of those around us into something more positive as well.

Close your eyes and take a moment to think of your favorite people in the world.
What draws you to them? What made you connect to them in the instant you first met?

We attract what we put out into the universe, and that’s what leads us to have friends around us who also exude the same vibes as us.

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That’s why millionaires hang out with other millionaires.
That is why artists all run in the same social circles.
That’s why intellectuals seek each other out.

They make it a point to shift their vibrational energy with energy medicine. The people around you should also lift your spiritual energy higher. And changes like that begin with you.

Raise your vibrational energy

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That’s right. You could be the catalyst of a great vibration that changes the lives of those around you, simply by harnessing your own spiritual energy.

We can uplift those around us into their dharma, simply from the energy we fill our world with. We become more confident when we realize how our spiritual energy can transform the world around us. And there are proven ways to raise our vibrational energy to its highest.

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A state of flow or kriya can only take place when our body and mind are in tune with our dharma. And our dharma, in turn, is directly connected to our vibrational energy. You want to know your dharma badly; I can feel it. But are you a vibrational match for it?

Vibrational energy quote

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Imagine your dharma as that person on social media you’ve always wanted to meet. If they came over and you complained about how annoyed you are the whole time, how nothing ever works out for you, how you must be the dumbest person on the planet because your life sucks the most, are they going to want to stay for dinner?

We want to be around high-vibe people—and that starts with being a high-vibe person. Your dharma is the same way. It isn’t going to hang around while you recount everything that’s gone wrong that day. It’ll show up when you show up.

You can’t do your best work when you’re feeling like shit. Taking care of your vibrational state first is important, so your dharma can flow through effortlessly.

You reap what you sow, and I’m here to help you sow the seeds of greater spiritual energy. I’m here to help you guide your inner energy and vibrations through your chakras and out into the world so that you can reap a bountiful harvest.

I’m here to help you ease your thoughts, your body, and your soul into alignment with a new kind of energy medicine—a few techniques that are so simple, compared to the vast


Ten Ways to Raise Your Vibrational Energy

1. Meditate

Your thoughts set the tone for your inner energy. And positive thoughts are the best vibrational medicine to enhance your spiritual energy. As we go through our lives, one of the biggest factors responsible for killing our spiritual side is stress. It eats away at us, and we can’t dismiss its connection to the rise of lifestyle diseases!

Though we can’t completely stop all stress, a simple way to counter its effects is through meditation practices. From simple breathing techniques to more complex forms of meditation, it is a simple practice to incorporate into our lives and can be done anywhere, at any time.

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2. Do yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that connects the mind, the body, and the soul to let your prana flow through you. Not only does it help you align yourself to your dharma, and let the energy of the universe flow through you, it also greatly boosts your physical health and stamina.

A simple search on the Internet can lead you to great tutorials that’ll help you practice yoga! The best part? You don’t need a lot of equipment to get started!

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3. Practice affirmations

Okay, I know how this sounds. You might even feel a little silly, saying things like “I am one with my dharma”, or “I am a beautiful human being, in all aspects”. But if negative words can shoot down a person’s self-esteem, positive words can raise it.

My favorite time to do affirmations is after I wake up and before I go to sleep. It really sets the tone for my day, and for my subconscious mind.

Here are a few of my favorite affirmations!


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4. Play some music and let that booty bounce

The body loves movement! Now, I’m not saying you have to be a dancing pro; just get up, stretch and feel yourself groove to your favorite beats. Trust me, nothing feels as amazing as dancing to good music to hype yourself up. The movements also help your blood circulation increase, and it’ll help your chakras clear up. The clearer your chakras, the better your vibrational energy. Besides, who wouldn’t like to groove to any of those amazing songs from Lizzo?

And this can be done in the privacy of your room, or you can make it a fun activity to do with your friends, partner, or children. The happiness boost you get will keep you going through even the most hectic days and it also makes for a good bonding activity.

5. Write a list of what you’re grateful for

A lot of the clutter in our heads stems from feeling overwhelmed with everything that’s happening in our life. And when you’re in a state of brain fog, you won’t be able to channel your positive, inner energy to be more creative. When I feel myself reach this point, I sit down, take a deep breath and then list out all the things in life that I’m grateful for. It helps me root myself in my reality, and to be thankful for all that I have. Above all, it reminds me of my dharma, and when I have that insight, there’s no obstacle too great for me to cross! Remember, the universe wants us to succeed!

6. Spend time with a pet or a loved one

Love is one of the most powerful forces in the world. And the love you feel towards others can be like a fresh wave of sunlight, raising your spiritual energy to its zenith. There’s nothing like spending some time with your loved ones or your fur babies to give you a shot of energy medicine. Set aside your free days to spend time with them, and as you sit together, channel the love you feel towards your goals. The universe works on positive energy and when it sees your vibrational energy glow with love, it’ll do all it can to help you achieve your dharma!

7. Call or meet with a friend and talk about what’s going great in your lives—no complaining allowed

Remember when I told you that the kind of people hanging around you have a huge role to play? This is exactly what I meant. Use your Sunday brunches to create positive energy for your own life and that of your own friends. When you come together and only talk of the positives and where you’d like to go in life, you’re elevating everyone’s inner energy and helping them visualize their success! Besides, who better to cheer you on than your squad? The only rule is no bad vibes!

8. Walk around in nature

The world around us thrums with positive energy. All we have to do is harness it. Our vibrational energy used to be at peace when we lived our life around forests and mountains when our ancestors understood the blessings of the oceans and the rivers. As we began living in concrete jungles, our vibrational energy lost touch with Nature’s prana. Whenever you can, plan little trips to forests or beaches near you. Walk barefoot on the sand, or in the mossy banks near rivers. Let Nature lend you her vibrational energy to make your life bloom.

9. Read a book or listen to an audiobook/podcast

Information is one of the biggest commodities out there right now. And the kind of books you read or listen to help you focus your vibrational energy! In my journey, I focused on reading and listening to the best spiritual healers and life coaches. Deepak Chopra’s books have always helped me maintain high spiritual energy, and years down the line, I’ve even had the pleasure of having him write the foreword to my book, “Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose”.

10. Let the sun hit your skin

Energy quote

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The Sun is the biggest energy source in the world. The energy it radiates is what enables life itself to flourish. So if you’re looking to increase your vibrational energy, what better source could you ask for? Spend a few minutes in the morning, soaking in its rays. As it warms up your body, picture your entire being filled with its pure and brilliant light. You are a child of the universe who can make every dream of yours come true! Remind yourself of your dharma as you stand there, illuminated by the sun.

You were put here, on this planet, in this body for a reason. Now, how you choose to utilize this lifetime is entirely your responsibility.

Will you align yourself with your dharma and send out positive vibrational energy into the world? Will you elevate yourself and those around you as you heed your calling?
Or will you choose to be another sheep, blindly chasing after society’s whims and fancies?

You are divine, and you are meant to bring change to the world. After all, you’re reading this article because you feel the calling to chase your dharma and be the best version of yourself! If you’d like to know more, head over to my Highest Self podcast for more!

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