The Yogic Path: A Guide To Self Reflection

A yogic path is about raising your spiritual energies to their zenith. It empowers you mind & soul and helps helps you discover your true self

Sahara Rose

You have been brought here with a divine purpose to fulfill, wise soul.

You have lived on this planet before, and each time, you were incarnated with a certain purpose, a dharma that will lead you to a life full of happiness and joy. We all live lives that move from one circle to the next, and we even fall into certain archetypes that guide us to our true destiny! Now imagine your ideal life. A life in which you are so content, where everything you dream of comes true, and your loved ones grow with you as well.

Does that sound like a dream? It is achievable, and you are on your way to getting there!

Welcome to discovering your dharma! I’m so happy to share this journey with you and watch your life blossom into something divine.

But what is dharma?

Your dharma is your divine purpose on this planet, your soul’s essence, the unique vibration only you can carry out in the world.

To discover your dharma is to realize the truth of who you are. It is to elevate your body and soul to their highest state and let your actions be guided by your beautiful spirit. It is giving in to the universe and falling into “kriya”, what I call a flow state. When you are in kriya, your prana or spiritual energy flows through your chakras freely and lets you manifest your deepest desires.

A life where you follow your dharma is a life happily lived. The universe does not want you to be unhappy! You are its divine creation. You are not meant to wallow in your own fears and doubts—there is so much awaiting you!

But I’m sure you’re wondering how on earth could you be meant for all this?
Chakras? Dharma? All of it sounds like magic; how can I do that???

You are meant to be magical when you are at your purest and most primal state! Think of a baby and how they approach the world! It trusts that it will be taken care of, it looks at everything with wonder, and it learns at such a rapid speed. And so, its needs are met, it continues to take charge with confidence and creativity, and above all, it is happy.

That is what you are capable of, even as an adult.

You, my dear, merely need to set forth on your yogic path!


What is a yogic path?

Well, besides being the name of my best-selling oracle card deck and guide, a yogic path is an important part of yogic philosophy. That’s right; yoga isn’t just about bending and twisting your body into impossible shapes or chanting mantras out loud—it’s so much more than all that! You can set aside those stereotypes right away.

Yoga, at its core, is about uniting our divine mind, body, and soul to that of the world. It is attaining oneness with the world; it’s to shed all self-consciousness and ascend into the next level of existence. It is to learn to wield your spiritual energy and grow into your full potential while living your dharma.

To practice yoga is to practice bringing your whole being into states of flow and rest at will. It is becoming aware of the sacred yogic intuition that resides within all of us and attaining the ultimate yogic balance. It is to realize that the only thing that ever stopped us from moving mountains has always been our self. And it is to forgive and let go of that self, that we traverse a yogic path.

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The spiritual yogic paths are different ways to attain this enlightenment. Most people either choose to follow one of these four spiritual yogic paths or even use a combination for all four.

1. Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga is the path of devotion to purity. By focusing only on making your body, mind, and soul as pure as can be, you attain self-realization and enlightenment.

The practice of Bhakti Yoga often includes:

  • The use of mantras to bring the body and mind in alignment and to purify intentions
  • Community Meditation or Satsang, where one meditates in the company of others and works with each other towards spiritual purity
  • Japa meditation, where one repeats mantras over and over while meditating

2. Jnana Yoga

Jnana Yoga (sometimes referred to as Gyana Yoga) is the path of knowledge as a means to spiritual enlightenment. It focuses on the use of wisdom to direct our thoughts and actions and emphasizes clarity of mind and awareness as the key to yogic balance.

When following this path, one focuses on gathering knowledge, understanding it, and then using this wisdom to keep the mind in a state of constant self-awareness.

It is a path that promises that the way ahead lies in humbly accepting that we do not know all. Only when we shed our inhibitions, our fears, do we open ourselves to the ancient wisdom of our ancestors. We are all part of the same whole, and the knowledge of our ancestors’ rests in our very soul. It’s what comes to light as our intuition or a gut feeling, one that makes us feel at peace.

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And Jnana Yoga as a yogic path focuses on channeling this ancient yogic intuition as the path to enlightenment.

3. Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga is a spiritual yogic path that focuses on immense levels of control as the path to yogic clarity. In Sanskrit, Raja means “control.” By being able to control these four aspects—the body, the senses, the mind, and the breath—one attains spiritual enlightenment.

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The path of Raja Yoga is considered to be one of the most difficult of the four paths of yoga, as one has to be able to consistently control every aspect of being!

4. Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is the spiritual yogic path of enlightenment through duty, with the purest intentions. The idea is to undertake any form of labor for the duty or karma itself, and not for any egotistic reasons. It focuses on enabling people to attain a state of kriya without any thoughts of self-gain.

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Even though it sounds simple, Karma Yoga is a difficult path.

Each person often finds themselves drawn to certain yogic paths intuitively, but to attain divine, yogic balance and intuition, I believe one has to tread all four paths in different ways to attain overall yogic enlightenment.

It can sound strange and scary, at first, but that’s why I’ve made a very simple way for you to tune into your dharma and yogic path! A Yogic Path is an oracle deck I’ve made for this very purpose!

Steeped in the wisdom of the Vedas, this ancient yet visionary deck is a tool to access your yogic intuition. Illuminated by ethereal artwork, the cards provide insight into the present and guidance for the future, connecting you to your inner wisdom and unlocking a deeper understanding of life.

You can purchase your deck here! It can also be purchased along with A Yogic Path Journal to help you record your transformation into a fulfilled, spiritual being!


How does following a yogic path help?

A yogic path isn’t just about obtaining a healthy body and mind.

It’s about raising your spiritual energies to their zenith. But how exactly does it help?

1. Yoga helps you deal with stress and anxiety

Picture your life right now.

You flit from phone to laptop to tablet, stressed out about work. The ring of the phone instantly makes you dread what you’ll hear when you take the call. Adding to all this is the stress of living in a world that slowly seems to be wrecking itself. As natural disasters after natural disasters unfurl, we are living in one of the most stressful times known to mankind.

But where do we channel all this stress and anxiety?

Yoga is one of the most effective ways to treat anxiety! It’s been proven to help significantly reduce stress and keep one’s mind just as healthy.

2. It pushes you into action

One of the biggest tenets of yoga is that once we set an intention, we must follow through with action. From picturing an asana and breathing as you move into the position you picture, yoga helps us set intentions and then act on them. No longer will you make lists of future achievements and let them go to waste.

As you tread your spiritual yogic path, you will find greater clarity on how to create change in the world around you. All the powers of yogic intuition and yogic balance will come together to help you achieve your dreams.

3. It helps one develop greater yogic intuition

We’ve all had those gut feelings that made us make decisions that changed our lives for the better! Wouldn’t you like to tune into the same?

Yoga is a practice that pushes us to turn inwards for all the answers. It asks us to gather the ancient knowledge our ancestors have given us in the form of intuition and to channel it into our dharma every day. It helps one gain yogic balance through spirituality. Following a yogic path is a way to tune into our highest potential. It helps us access the plethora of wisdom that our spirit already knows about the past, the present, and the future. Everything is a cycle, and your spirit already knows what is to come, way before you realize it. Yoga simply lets you use this to your advantage.

4. Yoga helps you find clarity in your dharma

Yoga is the one practice that grounds me in my true purpose, When I find myself getting lost in the rush of everyday life, I take a few minutes to practice yoga, and instantly, I can feel myself align spiritually to my dharma! It is invaluable to me.

5. Yoga is empowering

If you follow a yogic path, you will be able to master your body, your mind, and soul. And that has an entirely different impact on who you are as a person. Imagine being able to still your thoughts, instead of hearing them in a rush. Imagine being in control of every breath, every movement of your body.

Yoga is empowering because it puts your conscious mind in charge. You are the only thing that holds sway over your feelings, your emotions, and your destiny. Isn’t that powerful?

6. Yoga helps you quiet your mind

Sit down and listen. Listen to the rush of thoughts in your mind. Now try to stop them. Are you able to successfully make your mind blank? Or does it feel like your mind is a crowded metro station, with too many trains of thought bustling in and out?

In such a restless state, how can you ever truly focus on the things you wish to achieve? How can you make the right decisions when your mind is cluttered with thoughts and to-do lists, and songs? To be at our creative, disciplined best, we have to be able to quiet the mind and focus on just one thought at a time.

When we learn to have a still mind, we can see the bigger picture more clearly, and the consequences of our actions are easier to catch on to. It’s why some of the quietest people we know are the wisest. No action, or word, or thought will ever be wasted. And yoga is the best discipline to inculcate a habit of quietness.

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I hope that this helps you find your yogic path! I can’t wait to hear about your transformation into the most divine version of your being as you attain yogic balance and intuition!

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