How To Increase Your Spiritual Energy

Feeling drained as heck and have no motivation in life? Then you are lacking spiritual energy! Here are tips for you to increase your spiritual energy and be full of life!

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Have you ever spent time in crowds and then walked away, feeling exhausted and drained?
Do you find talking to people an excessively tiring task?
Do you find little to no motivation to work on yourself as you go about your daily life?

That is not supposed to be your normal; you aren’t supposed to feel tired and drained of life all the time!

What you’re suffering from is a lack of spiritual energy. That’s right.

As you begin your spiritual evolution as a divine being, one of the first hurdles you’ll cross will be that of limited spiritual energy.


But what is spiritual energy?

Spiritual energy is what permeates every level of reality and makes it divine. It exists on every plane, and every living thing holds some of this precious energy within itself.

When you throw a ball in the air, it falls back down into your hands. Did you need a visible explanation for that, or did understanding gravity prove to be enough? That’s an invisible force exerting itself onto objects. Similarly, all living things hold spiritual energy within themselves that they use while interacting with other living things. It’s just another type of energy, much like the ones you’re familiar with. The only difference? You were never taught about the magic it can do!

For millennia, ancient civilizations have attempted to harness this spiritual force to exert greater changes. They called it by many names—Qi, Ki, Prana, Pneuma, Mana—different names that all talk about spiritual energy so great, it can change a person’s destiny. Imagine someone coming up with a pair of gloves that let you increase or decrease the gravity of the things you touch. Doesn’t that sound like having a superpower? That’s what our ancestors have been using forever! What may seem like a fluke is years and years of ancient spiritual practices, honed and refined to help you use your spiritual energy to complete your divine purpose or dharma.

Imagine being able to make your every wish come true.

You’d like to be the best in your field. Your spiritual energy can manifest that for you.

You’d like to be a better parent/sibling/child. Your spiritual energy can do that too.

If it’s humanely possible, your spiritual energy can do it, for sure. (Sorry, guys, you can’t fly just yet.)

All human beings are born with a certain spiritual energy level. You can harness this power and even increase the amount of spiritual energy you hold through different kinds of exercises. Walking a spiritual path is no easy feat, but I’m here to guide you through it.

Are you ready to change your life?

Ready to increase your spiritual energy levels?

Are you prepared to begin your spiritual practice?

Let’s make you a divine, spiritual being.


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Harnessing Your Spiritual Energy

Your spiritual energy is a force that exists in your body. Much like blood, it exists in a state of constant flow, and it gathers at certain places in greater amounts. These points are called chakra points, and to harness your spiritual energy, you’ll have to be able to open each of these points through constant practice.

At school, we’re taught how to take care of our physical bodies. We’re told to stay hydrated, get lots of exercise in, eat the right kind of food, etc. But what about your spiritual body?

When you begin to harness your spiritual energy, you’re starting at Level Zero. It may take a long time to evolve in your spiritual path, and you need to be okay with that. There’s no quick fix magic crystal that opens chakras; there is no five-minute YouTube video to open your third eye. At the end of the day, your spiritual practice is for yourself, and you need to be willing to work at it continuously to strengthen your spiritual body. It’s like going to the gym, except this one is for the soul.

But why should we work on harnessing our spiritual energy?


Harnessing your spiritual energy has several benefits.

1. It awakens your spiritual energy and lets you become one with the world.

The world around you holds an immense amount of energy. Take a look around. From the sun to the plants and animals nearby, there is an immense amount of energy that is constantly being created and consumed in a never-ending cycle. Now imagine being able to tap into that collective energy? Feeling tired? Zap – you’re now feeling recharged because you’ve had your spiritual awakening, and you know how to tap into the collective energy of the world. You are at one with the cosmos, and the universe is only delighted to help you out!

2. You feel pure.

One of the most monumental changes I experienced was a feeling of purity! It felt like my mind, body, and soul were cleansed, and I was made whole. Sounds crazy, I know, but when we are forced to live our lives without ever knowing what spiritual energy is, engaging with it becomes a revolutionary feeling. Peace swept over me, and I couldn’t help but be glad to live! I was clear on what I had to do; it was like all the doubt and fear were swept away!

3. It helps you naturally increase your attention span and focus on things.

The breathing practices associated with increasing your spiritual energy levels also improve your lung capacity and oxygen intake, which in turn leads to improved focus and attention! Not only that, but the increased spiritual level can also serve to help you stay focused on your goals.

4. It helps you connect to your dharma.

Your dharma is your divine purpose on this planet, your soul’s essence, the unique vibration only you can carry out in the world.

To discover your dharma is to realize the truth of who you are. You cannot know your
truth and not shift your life to be in alignment with your dharma. You can’t unsee what the third eye saw. Once you experience it, anything else will feel suffocating.

As you go through your spiritual practice, you will realize the purpose you serve on this planet and the spiritual path you must follow.

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Seven Tips to Help You Increase Your Spiritual Energy

But how do we increase our spiritual energy levels? There are several ways to go about it, and here are some of my favorites! Remember, you need to practice this over and over to perfect it, just like learning any other skill.

1. Believe in yourself and love who you are.


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It sounds deceptively easy, but most of us have forgotten who we are. We’ve forgotten what makes us awesome and why we deserve the world!

The universe needs an accepting conduit for its spiritual energy, and if you reject yourself, how can it flow through you?

Love yourself. Get to know yourself the way you would learn about a romantic partner. Go on self-dates and watch your life change as you love yourself for who you truly are.

2. Overcome your fears.


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Your fears are like anchors, trapping you in the murky waters of the physical world. To conquer your spiritual energy, you need to face your fears and make peace with them.

Learning how much you can adapt to things will make you feel stronger, which in turn, boosts your spiritual energy by removing the blockers that you feared. No obstacle will seem too large!

3. Live in the present moment.


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When things get too hectic in the real world, I take a moment to gather myself, by either meditating or going for a walk. When I take that break and come back, I’m able to connect to my spiritual side into the conversation and have her help me with my present day.

Living in the present moment makes you aware of your energy cycles, which let you take better care of it, replenishing it when needed! It’s like keeping track of how much water you drink; you’ve got to put in the work to see the glow!

4. Accept changes

One of the biggest chakra blockers is stagnating in a tedious, daily routine. If every single day of your life begins to feel like the same day on loop, step back! You need to make some changes to let the cosmic energy flow through you.

The universe is ever-changing and expanding, and when you begin to stay dynamic, it channels itself through you with ease.

Change is an inevitable part of our lives, and it makes us stressed because we believe it steals our sense of control. The only way to prevent change from causing stress is to stop fighting it and treat it as a new opportunity or talent!

5. Eat healthier foods.

Your spiritual energy is deeply connected to the food you eat. The kind of food you eat can elevate your mood, and make your body function better. But food can also elevate your spiritual energy levels!

Try to eat more natural foods, like vegetables and fruits. Focus on organic, healthy food over fast food. It’s a big lifestyle change, but it’s worth it!

6. Spend time in nature.

Like I’d said earlier, spiritual energy can be found in all living things! It’s why we feel so rejuvenated after a day spent at a park or a beach. Make the time to go on holidays where you reconnect with the world around you!

Walk barefoot on the beach, go for treks, heck, even something as simple as gardening can be a good way to align yourself with the earth and the plants and animals around you.

Not to mention, these also make for great bonding time activities, be it with your friends, family, or partners! There’s only one rule—absolutely no conversations about work or anything stressful.

7. Let go of the things that don’t serve you anymore.

I’m talking about grudges, about trauma, about anything and everything that holds you back—from that toxic relationship to the haters. Let them go. Don’t let them drain you. Do the work to help you move forward, as you go through your spiritual awakening.

These things don’t serve you anymore, so make amends and let yourself heal. You are a divine soul who deserves all the good things in the world and more! If you hold on to it, even on a subconscious level, it can affect your spiritual energy levels and block your chakras. Let it go. You deserve better.

With discipline and practice, you can slowly learn to match your spiritual energy levels with the world around you and create positive change! All you have to do is believe in it. You have to believe in the miracles you can make as a divine being!

All that you want is within your reach. It was always meant for you, and as you live a life that’s more connected to your truly invincible spirit, you will be able to tap into the collective intuition and wisdom that our ancestors used to achieve tremendous progress in their lives. True happiness is within your reach; you’ve just got to reach out and accept it.

Once you live a life that is spiritually connected to the universe, there’s no going back.

I wish the very best for you in your remarkable journey on your spiritual path! Let your soul shine.

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