10 Dharma Quotes from Sahara Rose

Explore the top thought-provoking dharma quotes by the best selling author & host of the highest self podcast, Sahara Rose

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We all need gentle reminders about the magic of Dharma, sun-being! So here are some of my favorite thoughts about Dharma. If you’d like to read more, head over to grab a copy of my book here.

Feel free to print these out and stick them into your journal or use them as a bookmark or a poster. Visualization always helps us to remember the bigger picture, after all!

Here we go!

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Top 10 dharma quotes by Sahara Rose

1. “Discovering your dharma is not about going somewhere and finding something. It is not outside of you, but rather, it arises from going within.”

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2. “When you’re living in alignment with your dharma, you stop engaging in drama.”

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3. “Your dharma requires you to get out of your own way.”

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4. “Your dharma isn’t really about you. It’s meant to feel good so that you keep doing it, but really, it’s about serving humanity and raising the vibration of the planet.”

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5. “Those living their dharmas have a certain glow to them.”

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6. “Your dharma isn’t putting a flag in the ground and marking this territory as forever yours. It will unfold in its many layers until the end of your life.”

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7. “My dharma is to radiate like the sun.”

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8. “There are infinite paths that you can take. The one that feels most true is your dharma.”

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9. “One of the most empowering things you can do is walk away from a version of ‘success’ that isn’t in alignment with your dharma.”

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10. “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you were born with unique gifts you were meant to share with the world. Don’t keep them hidden. Share your light.”

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