Why You Should Have a Sense of Purpose & How to Find It

Sense of purpose acts as a beacon in life & living a life of purpose helps you feel accomplished. Discover your purpose through this blog.

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I want you to picture something with me.

It is nighttime, and a person is sitting up bent over a screen in their bed. The blue light shines on their face as they scroll past yet another feed filled with updates about their friends, family, and their role-models. As they scroll, they mindlessly double-tap away, wishing they were taking a vacation in the Bahamas or sighing at how cruel the world has become. They wish things were different.

They sleep, wake up, and head to work, only to return to the same cycle every night. Sound familiar?

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If you’ve experienced the blankness that comes with living a 9-to-5 job, you’re experiencing your soul’s rejection of your current life. If you’ve felt this doubt in the back of your mind, a gut instinct that something has gone wrong, then this is for you.

I’ve been called to tell you to wake up and embrace your soul’s purpose. After all, among the millions of web pages on the Internet, you’re here, reading this one. We are all given a finite life on this planet, and your soul cannot bear the idea of doing anything other than its dharma.


What is Dharma?

Your dharma is the truest expression of who you are.

I’m talking about the one that’s been quashed by years of schooling. That sense of identity and purpose you had as a little one, carrying your toys with a world that seemed to be filled with endless possibilities! Somewhere along the way, we’re told to keep our eyes on the ground and not focus on things like our creativity. I’m here to help you reclaim that power. I’m here to let you open up to the world, to let your inner child’s dreams come true through an adult’s capabilities.

Your dharma is your divine purpose on this planet, your soul’s essence, the unique vibration only you can carry out in the world.

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Have you felt misunderstood as a child? Growing up, it was like everyone else just knew what they wanted to do, but none of the things they chased called to you? You, my dear, are meant for a higher purpose. I know what you’re thinking. “I’m not meant to be some big-shot celebrity! What purpose could I serve in my little corner?”

And you’re not wrong to think that. It’s not like it’s easy to chase your dharma in a world that steadily glorifies overworking in the name of hustle culture, and that forgets that the body needs green spaces and fresh air just as much as the mind does, to refresh itself.

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No, my friend, that’s not an easy decision to make, and you’d be all the braver for taking the risk.
But imagine this! A world where you wake up each day, filled with excitement for what a new morning could hold. You feel energized and connected as you go through your day, connecting with your people in deeper, more meaningful ways. Your sense of purpose is stronger, and your energy feels endless. Your business flourishes, and you engage with a network of like-minded individuals who also have their purpose in life, which they fulfill. Nothing about works fazes you or seems tedious. Your body, your mind, your soul feels refreshed.

Does that sound impossible?

This is all within your reach!

There’s so much for you to do, and take joy from! I’m not talking about a wild fantasy; I am talking about something that you can do right here, right now. I’m talking about finding your dharma.


Finding your sense of purpose in life

Right now, you’re in stage one of your dharma discovery journey (if you’d like to read more on my thoughts about this, click here!). You can’t shake off the feeling that there’s something more to living than just surviving! And you’re not sure what it is, but you know there’s something you have to do. A call that your heart wants to answer. The only thing that’s for sure is that things can’t remain like this. You are self-aware, and you’ve begun to plant what I like to call “the seed of dharma” in your life. It’s confusing, I know, and it can feel like a lot!

But things will only go up from here, and remember, I’m here to help you through this. When I began following my dharma, I was just as clueless as you are. At 21, it felt like everything in my life had been turned on its head. I was doing everything and yet felt nothing. There was no sense of purpose at work; I couldn’t figure it out at all. And my body went through the wringer.

I was suffering from digestion problems to even major hair loss. Was in a state of despair, and now, when I look back? I know that’s my very being telling me to shift my focus to my true path.

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And finding your purpose doesn’t have to be complicated either! Head over to this small one-minute activity I’ve made. All you’ll need is a sheet of paper and a pen.

Over these years, I’ve learned a lot, and the biggest surprise was at how the universe aligns for those who seek to enrich it with their dharma!

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Need help in finding your soul’s purpose? Then tune into Sahara’s free Discover Your Purpose Masterclass.


Five powerful ways to unlock your divine potential!

Your dharma is something you are gifted at and passionate about. It is something that brings you deep joy and contentment. If you’ve ever felt like you can’t change the world, I’m here to tell you that you can, by following your dharma!

1. Take a look at the things you were drawn to as a child, and still enjoy

Children are naturally tuned in to their dharma, and more often than not, those supposedly “silly” hobbies you carried into adulthood are closely linked to your sense of purpose in life. If you enjoyed playing doctor and find yourself helping others around you heal from the things they face, you might be destined to be a healer!

2. Look inwards

Take some time to sit down and meditate on what you’d like to do in life. I’m not talking about what you want, but what you’d like to engage in, every day. It has to be work that is fulfilling, the kind you’d never be bored of! Your dharma isn’t meant to wear you out; it’s meant to uplift you and those around you. You deserve to live a happy life following your dharma, and that requires a deeper understanding of the wonderful person you are. It means sitting down with your thoughts and being kind to yourself. After all, it’s only when your mind feels safe that it opens up to the possibilities of all that you could do…

3. How do you impact those around you?

Are you the friend who’s always there for others? Or are you a silent provider or a leader? The roles we take up in our relationships with others tend to show where we belong and our roles as a part of the same universe. These qualities can help you determine your Dharma Archetype, a simple classification to help you figure out your dharma!

4. Look at your ancestral lines!

I’m not saying this will always hold true, but if your ancestors tend to migrate towards certain occupations or show certain gifts, it may be a good idea to see if you’d like to continue their work! For example, if you’re from a family of actors, singers, musicians, magicians, and other artistic lifestyles, your dharma may lie in the same path. It’s also perfectly all right to feel drawn towards something that’s the complete opposite as well!

5. Make a habit of sitting down with your thoughts at the start of each day

Our thoughts when we wake up after a night of rest can tell a lot about a person! Do you find yourself drawn to thoughts of going for walks or hikes, or to thoughts of helping others? Use this clarity to see what parts of your day you truly enjoy and see if your purpose is connected to the same! And then engage in this process every morning.


Discover your soul purpose with this meditation guide:


But Why Should I Fulfill My Dharma?

Your dharma is the one puzzle piece that will let everything else click into place. I’m sure you’ve read countless books about how it’s all about wishing for this or that. But it isn’t about just wishing for something; it’s also about putting that wish out there in the world through your actions.

The universe wants you to be happy. It’s as natural as the Sun that shines on us each day…

What it feels to live your dharma

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And finding your sense of purpose in life doesn’t always mean drastic changes like quitting your job and hopping on a train, no! Most of the time, it’s a transition, and one that lets you slowly bring the joy of finding meaning in your life.


Five benefits I noticed while following my sense of purpose!

  1. My self-esteem went up, as I found a sense of purpose in my work and my life. With each obstacle I crossed, I felt like I was heading towards my goals. I felt powerful, strong, and capable!
  2. Felt hopeful. I was in the habit of endlessly doom-scrolling through social media, taking in the evils of the world and feeling helpless. But now, I know that I’m making changes in the world, that I’m making it better, one word or action at a time!
  3. Purpose helped me attain a flow state or as I like to call it, “kriya”. It’s when the rest of the world fades away, and it’s just you and what you’re doing right now. I w=could do more things without feeling tired!
  4. I felt like I was a part of something bigger. By aligning myself to my dharma, I was now part of the universe in the truest sense, and every action I take will reflect for others. My conviction in helping others became stronger, and I no longer felt alone.
  5. It gave me a place to channel my energy. I used to spend ages just sitting around, as negative thoughts filled my mind. But now, I find myself engaged in such meaningful work; I rarely fall into those negative thought rabbit holes.
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Need help in finding your soul’s purpose? Then tune into Sahara’s free Discover Your Purpose Masterclass.


There’s no need for you to feel lost and like you’ve been set adrift in a world filled with noise. As you find your sense of purpose, you’ll feel like the clouds have parted and the Sun is shining once more! I’m not saying it’s an easy process, but it’s worth the upheaval.

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And the universe will pay you back ten-fold, for choosing to love yourself! The best version of yourself may mean that you’ll have to let go of those who don’t believe in you; it may mean switching jobs or even countries.

But would you rather spend these precious years as just another cog in the machine? Or are you going to take charge of your life and make something of yourself that is so incredible, it changes the world for the better?

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Wouldn’t you rather have tried and failed, than to never know at all?
I did try, and I believed in myself.

And I’m no longer Sahara Rose, lost and clueless.

I am Sahara Rose, the best-selling author of Eat Feel Fresh, Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda, A Yogic Path Oracle Deck + Reflective Journal, and Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose. I also host the Highest Self Podcast, the #1 spirituality podcast on iTunes with over 25 million downloads.

That’s what a sense of purpose can do. Join me in finding yours.

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