5 Ways to Unlock Your Sole Purpose

If you looking for an answer to the question, “Why am I even here”, then read this blog to find out 5 ways to discover your sole purpose.

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‘Why am I even here?’

I’m sure this eternal question has popped up many times in your head. For me, I know it certainly has. In fact, it happens so often I couldn’t even begin to count! Be it after a sweaty yoga class when you were pretty sure you left your body. Or while watching an epic sunset that no Instagram filter could do justice to. Be it even at an awkward family party where your uncle tries to engage in a political debate with you!

Humor aside – ‘what is my sole purpose?’ IS a big question. One that we often dismiss and instead opt for playing ping-pong with our lives. But these overflowing inboxes, never-ending to-do lists, and social media feeds are all distractions from the biggest eternal question.

Why are we even here?

It’s like getting dropped off at a random party and wondering if they have guacamole or salsa, without even wondering why you’re at the party in the first place.

The very fact that you’re at the party means you have something super important to bring. And the party won’t be complete without you sharing it. More importantly, you won’t be complete without sharing it. And that’s why you need to unlock your sole purpose – which is to find your SOUL purpose.

YES! You have a purpose

I know you may be thinking, ‘Sure, I see other people having these profound purposes, but I’m not sure it applies to me.’

Do you think the universe happened to slip up and forget to give only you a purpose? If that were the case, wouldn’t you be the most special of all?

Your soul came here with a purpose.
If you’re here, there is a reason.
And till you find it, your sole purpose is to look for it!

If anything, we all have this one single divine purpose—your dharma.

This sole purpose binds us all together. Your deep inner purpose is the single driving force that keeps you going on the path to discover your true self. And that is, to raise consciousness.

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But what is dharma?

Simply put, dharma is the soul’s essence, the unique vibration you carry that ONLY YOU can bring out into this universe.

Finding your dharma is a beautiful thing – something most of us miss out on because we aren’t asking the right questions; ven I wasn’t. I was trying to fit into what others thought my dharma should be. And it was the Universe that brought it to me. In the various things that I was doing, trying to find what resonated with me, I found the super-powerful healing touch of Ayurveda and rediscovered my soul.

You discover your dharma when the body is aligned with your soul. It is when the inner self and the outer self are in synchronized harmony.

Dharma is what gives you a transparent clarity of your existence and is much bigger than your job or your relationship roles. Discover your dharma with my definitive guide!

To unlock your life purpose, you must first understand what your divine purpose is. Your divine purpose is the perfect alignment of the mind, body, and soul to a higher awareness of the self in tandem with the spiritual divine. This discovery reveals itself in all its glory only when you surrender to the path of finding your deep inner purpose — your dharma.

The divine purpose is the journey of discovering your dharma and that which we all seek — as people who want to do good to others. It is the higher conscience that we are here for a reason other than just existing.


Five ways to unlock your sole purpose i.e finding your soul purpose

I never set out to find my divine life purpose or deep inner purpose. Like every other person my age, I simply wanted to do well for my family, friends, and community. If there was anything I was sure of, it was that I wanted to help people.

I wish I had someone in my life with whom I could share my thoughts on my journey to discover my dharma. But it was not to be that easy. I suppose I learned it the hard way. So that I could help all of you and make it easier for you to find your life purpose and put you on that path.

In my journey, I was sure that I wanted to hold on to my values so that I do not eventually feel lost in my spiritual journey. I found my dharma through Ayurveda and yoga, amongst many things.

From personal experience of how healing and liberating it is, I want to set you on the path to discovering your divine purpose through Yoga and Ayurveda, followed by a systematic plan that will coach you on the right path with confidence and the necessary tools to make you ready for the world.

1. Heal with Ayurveda

The cornerstone of health is achieving mind–body balance. Ayur = life. Veda = knowledge. Ayurveda is the art of synchronizing science and the cosmic rhythm of life.It recognizes how every aspect of our life, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the fabric we use, the skin we wear, and even the words we speak and think has a multi-dimensional impact on the life we lead. Discover more in my book, Ayurveda (Idiot’s Guides).

2. Strengthen with Yoga

Yoga aligns the mind with your body and soul. It strengthens the bond between your body and soul by powering up each of your chakras. When you practice yoga regularly, it gives you flexibility and the ability to put the specific chakras in your body at work that you need for your sole purpose; whether it is your intellect, creativity, or physical skill you need to activate.Yoga opens the networks between your body and mind that you did not even know existed, trust me! Or, you can check out this scientific paper on how yoga affects our brain health!

3. Get into your chakras

When you have a spiritual routine and a pragmatic routine, you might find certain energy you bring into each task. When transitioning from one task to another you will even find a shift in the energy around you. This is because each one of these tasks activates and draws energy from a certain chakra.So, it helps if you schedule the tasks based on which leaves you with a better vibration. Take up the task that leaves you feeling elevated before a task that feels draining so that you get into the tiring one with a lot of energy. This allows you to put your best foot forward ALWAYS! Check out the Highest Self podcast on How to Get Into Your Lower Chakras!

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4. Be aware of what you feed your body

When we talk about what to feed the body, I do not mean just food. It is also what your body is in constant contact with. The food you eat, the fabrics you interact with, your skincare routine, and the other products you use.Be mindful of your surroundings. Are eating the right food that will enable your growth onto your purpose mission? The tenants of Ayurveda also aid in telling us which food helps us to heal. It also helps you deal with your doshas.

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5. Get a sound sleep

All work and no sleep makes Jack… you get my drift! It’s simple. Your body needs to rest. When you are on the right path towards your dharma, your mind, body, and soul are functioning at the optimal capacity. This is why letting your mind and body recuperate and rejuvenate helps.A fresh day after a good night’s sleep is like a freshly mowed lawn — it feels fresh, it looks welcoming. So, after a good night’s sleep, be ready to welcome all the new ideas and opportunities that are waiting to be discovered by you.

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How can you unlock your dharma?

Dharma is the big purpose for you existing in this universe. It is the very essence of your being — living and breathing. It is more than your job or career or even any role that you play in your life.

Unlocking your dharma could be the single-most-important thing you do for yourself in your life. This is why finding your dharma is the ultimate form of self-love out there.

But let me tell you this at the very outset. It is not an easy task. However, trust me that the journey is worth your while. Finding your dharma is not an overnight discovery you can make. It needs you to be non-judgmental with your own decisions and choices. It needs you to permit yourself to dream big and add beauty to this universe.

Most importantly, it needs YOU to be consistently driven towards your values. As you can already guess, it is a huge commitment. Yep. But this is the journey I am here to help you through!

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Your sole purpose could be to use your intellect to help people or to add beauty to this world through your creativity or use your handiwork and skill to change people’s lives. It does not matter what your life purpose is, as long as you are committed to fulfilling it.


Why should you understand your sole purpose?

Most of us are in the rat race yet we are tired of it. We live life in a state of numbness, void of satisfaction from anything. When you answer to your higher calling, you are breaking that pattern of destruction to get into a path of personal fulfillment towards your deep inner purpose. And when you answer that calling, everything you truly wanted manifests itself into your life. You will even find a shift in the energy around your body and mind.

Living your purpose is the ultimate form of self-love. It is also getting hold of the unassailable truth of who you are. You want to energize the all-seeing third eye to give you the divine purpose support that you have been looking for all this while.

The fulfillment, abundance, clarity, confidence, worthiness, and peace you have been on the lookout for is just within your reach. Whatever has been holding you back will set you free. And it is my job, my dharma, to give you the divine support to keep you on that path.

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I am excited for you and what lies ahead for you. Celebrate your unique strengths with me and join me on our journey to Discover your Dharma!

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