Celebrating the 5th Birthday of Highest Self Podcast

I remember like it was yesterday when I hit publish on my first ever episode of Highest Self Podcast on June 5, 2017. Honestly, the only reason why I created it was because I was craving a podcast like it! One that discussed everything from past lives to dharma to conscious relationships to spirit guides, in a way that was more grounded, deeper and relatable than a lot of the spiritual content out there. I felt alone as I scrolled through the lists of recommended podcasts, wondering if I was the only one searching for those conversations. I had no idea it would even be a part of my career, but I just wanted a creative space where I could discuss all the other passions I had.

When Highest Self Podcast was born, I was writing Ayurveda books and working towards the path that would lead me to my dharma, my soul’s purpose. Even then, I knew that my dharma was to raise the vibration of the planet. I just wasn’t sure which path, which investment of my time, (writing books, recording a podcast, even coaching others in their dharma path at the time) would be the one way forward. Spoiler alert: All of them have. I began to realize that each of the options I worked towards were not their own individual paths but instead pieces of the scenery along the route that held this purpose. If I hadn’t trusted the urge to start a podcast without having the end goal figured out then who knows where my life would be today. Trusting your intuition as it sets breadcrumbs in front of you is the way to begin your journey to your dharma.

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SOUL much has happened since then. I’ve published multiple books, created Rose Gold Goddesses, got married, founded Dharma Coaching Institute, spoken on giant stages, moved to Miami, became a DJ and really blossomed into my soul’s purpose in every way! As I reflect on these past five years, I am consciously taking steps to further my purpose by embodying joy in all I do. The time I spent building each pillar in my business has allowed me the space to make time for creating my dream world, as well as playing in the world I have created for myself. If you are at the beginning of your journey, whether that is creating a business, becoming a parent, having your first spiritual awakening, or something else, then I want to tell you that it is okay to not have it all figured out. As I mentioned above, I had no idea where this path would take me. I just had an overall vision that I kept working towards daily.

Not once did I give up on myself or my dream. I encourage you to look at where you are today and trust that the setbacks, the offers, the successful moments and those denials that have shattered you, are leading you right to where you are meant to be. It is so easy to compare where I am now to where you are versus where I was when I first started and where you are in your new path. We hear that inner critic telling us that it has already been done, or no one would want that, or you’re not the one to do it. Your mind wants to keep you safe. Evolution, and your own life struggles, have made it so that your brain works to keep you from venturing out to do those things that feel like death, i.e. anything that is different from your normal routine. Our ancestors feared straying from their community because doing so meant that you were shunned and unable to survive out in nature. Your traumas from this life have conditioned you to play it safe so others want to be friends with you or so you can fit into a model that was created for you, but not with you in mind.

When you consciously choose to take up space and act on fear, your bravery shifts the vibration of your own path, as well as the planet’s vibration. This world needs people like you, like me, to act on those intuitive hits so that those around us begin to shift and acknowledge their call to joy, to step fully into their dharma. Fear compels us to stay in the box that we have allowed ourselves to be put in. However, fear is on the other side of the spectrum of excitement. Both elicit the fight, flight, or freeze response within your body before making the decision. Fear tells you that you will not be the same person on the other end of this decision and that those around you will judge you for it.

Yet, the idea of changing and growing as something that is negative is not in alignment with joy. It is impossible to stay the same and never change, and doing so limits your ability to tap into the expansiveness of who you are and what you are meant to do. This is triggering for those who choose to ignore their own intuitive hits because it is a reminder that they are choosing to live in fear daily instead of the possibility of joy and excitement. Allowing yourself to see the fear and choose to do it anyways is an act of courage and, by taking this step, you have already made a small change in who you are now and what you are willing to do to thrive.


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I have shifted through different interests and could be seen as wishy washy. This is a term given to those who want to try it all and go after all they desire. But at my core I am still the same person who began this expansive journey. I still haven’t even changed the intro music! My outer layer may look different to those who don’t really know me, yet those who truly matter in my life see that each version of me holds the connection to who I truly am on the inside. When I go back to the first episode, I still hear me, just a younger version. I’m soul grateful for that version of me that chose to hit publish, despite being judged or misunderstood, simply because she trusted the whispers of her soul.

I believe that you, too, will have such expansive growth five years from today, if you choose to take a step into that fear of the unknown that is beckoning you close. I believe you are an integral part to raising the vibration of this planet with me. Are you ready to accept where your soul is leading you next? I know soul many of you have had incredible, revelatory experiences from listening to the podcast. In honor of her 5th birthday, I’ve decided to put together an episode with clips from the top 10 EVER most downloaded episodes! There have been so many incredible moments over the past few years, and my most recent episode brings together these inspiring moments from the most downloaded episodes in our 5 year history. Can you guess what they are?!

Let’s dive in, starting with #10 and working our way up to #1!

Number 10

In this episode, modern day witch Mia Magick and I dive deep into what it really means to be a witch, and why so many of us have a hard time sharing our voices. We explore the collective feminine wound and share the ways we can begin to heal from this. Click here to tune in to this episode!

Number 09

Shaman Axel and I cover ALL the spiritual topics in this episode! We talk about spirit guides, past lives, deities, aura colors and their meanings + soul much more. This episode is like your spiritual masterclass- perfect if you’re just curious to learn more. Click here to tune in to this episode!

Number 08

Join Krista Williams and I for one of those late night convos that could go on for hours! In this multidimensional episode we dive into the Law of One, galactic beings, the media, spiritual protection + more. This episode will leave you thinking about all the things no one really talks about! Click here to tune in to this episode!

Number 07

In this episode Aaron Doughty shares his journey of discovering his dharma- from department store salesman to youtube extraordinaire. He keeps it real by sharing how it’s not always pretty along the way, but by staying connected to your intuition + taking aligned action, you can achieve anything. If you’re needing motivation to get started on your journey- this is it. Click here to tune in to this episode!

Number 06

Where it all began… Episode 1! Listen to my first ever episode as I discuss what makes you your highest self, why I wanted to start a podcast, and kick off the beginning of Highest Self! Click here to tune in to this episode!

Number 05

In my second episode I talk about how I overcame rejection, wrote my first book, and discovered what my dharma is. I take you through the early days of my writing and the thoughts and feelings that came with it. Click here to tune in to this episode!

Number 04

This is one of those wholesome episodes that leaves you with such a good feeling afterwards! I sat down with author Mark Nepo to talk about the messages in his books, overcoming fear, trusting our intuition, and the beauty of life’s teachings. There is so much wisdom in his stories and perspective. Click here to tune in to this episode!

Number 03

This episode is fiery, and so needed right now. We GO THERE. Briana Lynn and I talk about the divine feminine and what it actually means to embody it, our spectrum of pleasure, rage, + grief, patriarchal shame, community + more. Click here to tune in to this episode!

Number 02

In the second most popular episode I sat down with the founder of The Secret, Rhonda Byrne. We chat about her experience with the Law of Attraction 15+ years later, the role of destiny in life, manifesting our desires, and different techniques to try on your own. The chemistry in this episode is undeniable, and a must listen! Click here to tune in to this episode!

Number 01

Finally, our #1 most played episode on the podcast! This convo with Cassandra Bodzak covers all things manifestation and how to stay in alignment with what you desire in life. You’ll be our 3rd friend in the room for this conversation. Click here to tune in to this episode!

Let’s Celebrate With A Give Away!

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With Gratitude,

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