How To Shift Your Energy With How You’re Feeling Right Now

A lot of us are feeling uncertain, anxious and fearful right now.

Of course, we are humans and we experience different emotions but most of us have never learned how to deal with them.

When shadowy ones show up, we run away from them instead of going into them.. which inevitably makes them come back.

It’s time for us to learn how to move through our emotions.


Right now we are puddles for our emotions, sitting with them until they become cloudy with dirt.


Instead we must learn to become channels for them, feeling them and letting them move through us, allowing s p a c e for new ones to come through.


This collective experience is here to show us that we are not our emotions but rather a witness to them.. and we get to choose the direction in which we want to go.


Do we want to sink in despair? Or rise in consciousness?


We get to choose.


We are being asked to find our light.


What is that thing that lifts you up?


What is that practice that brings forth your radiance?


What is that tool that changes your state?


This is the time to bring it forward.. and share it with others.


There is no coincidence that our souls chose to incarnate at this time.


This is the work we’ve signed up for.


The greatest awakening in human history.


We have signed up as part of the crew who is here to raise the vibration of the planet in the most potent time in human history.


We have done the work (the meditation, the yoga, the Ayurveda, the soul-searching, the rituals, etc) before this experience so we can be prepared at this time to be the sunlight that shines over the collective shadows of the world.


We are here to illuminate the path forward.


We are here to let people know they’re going to be okay.


In fact, things will be better than they ever have before.


We just get to trust and continue choosing our light.


I’ve recorded three powerful Highest Self Podcast episodes to active you at this time.
273: Overcoming the FEAR of Corona Virus with Sahara Rose

271: Why This Is The Most Important Time To Find Your Light with Sahara Rose

269: Why The Corona Virus Is Our Greatest Opportunity for Global Awakening with Sahara Rose

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With gratitude,

Sahara Rose

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