A one-minute practice to find your purpose

Finding it difficult to find your purpose? Try out this one minute practice to find your purpose which has helped multiple people already. Tune in to find out!

Finding our purpose can feel like such a colossal thing when it really is simple.

Your purpose is to embody the sun, shining your light radiantly with the world.

Now the unique ways you can do it, that is your dharma.

I want to share with you a one-minute practice you can do to remember your purpose (because the truth is, it’s already inside of you.)


One minute practice to find your purpose

What are five careers you’d love to try if you weren’t doing what you were doing?

A marine biologist? Match-maker? Screen-play writer? Belly dance teacher? Rockstar? Philanthropist? DJ? Author? Painter? Novelist? Gardener? Researcher? Life coach? Sculptor? Poet? Inventor?

List them out now.



Now under each career, list what that says about you.

For example, my curiosity about being a marine biologist is because of my deep love for exploring the depths of the ocean.

My interest in being a match-maker is because I love to learn ways that people can work together and spread love.

My excitement about being a screenplay writer is because I love coming up with rich stories and having them come to life to be seen and experienced by others.

Write yours.

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Beautiful, now you’ve just found out five new things about yourself related to your dharma. These are unique ways you express energy, even if you aren’t doing it yet.

Within each of those careers, explorations exist a truth of your soul.

Now dive into it. Make it a part of your life. And see where it guides you.

It may not be that actual career but it’s an aspect of it that makes you come alive. And that’s really what living your dharma is about.

Your excitement are the breadcrumbs guiding you towards your dharma.

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