Dive Deeper Into Your Dharma (Purpose) Archetype

So many of you have reached out to me saying you’ve been having MAJOR breakthroughs on your purpose after taking my Dharma Archetype Quiz!

It’s given you permission to be the exact person you were born to be and express your gifts in a way that is unique and authentic to you.

I always say the Universe designed you to be the Sims character you were born to be! So why compare yourself to someone else when you were encoded with your own gifts to share?!

This week on Highest Self Podcast, I dive deeper into the Dharma Archetypes, breaking each of them down.

Know that you aren’t just ONE archetype but rather a combination of all but in varying amounts.

You may be primarily Nurturer, secondarily Researcher, thirdly Teacher, fourthly Artist or any other combo. There are nine in total!

The Dharma Archetypes™ are the universal expressions of the soul types that exist within all of us, and have proven to be a crucial tool that’s helped me to work through my own dharmic journey and guide others through theirs.

Learn more about the Dharma Archetypes in this week’s Highest Self Podcast solo cast What’s Your Dharma Archetype? Available on iTunes, Spotify, or Soundcloud!

Our Highest Self Podcast interview this week is with Ayurvedic Doctor + Vedic Astrology Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar all about Discovering Your Dharma Through Vedic Astrology so check it out after you tune in! You can also watch the video as he shares a screen-recording going through my Vedic chart here!

Have you taken the Dharma Archetype Quiz yet? Find out which are your top two archetypes and how they are related to YOUR purpose, with custom videos for each here!

Ready to find yours out?

Discover your dharma archetype


Make 2021 the year you fully step into your purpose with support, frameworks and inspiration from my upcoming book Discover Your Dharma!

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Your Dharma Archetype

Your Dharma Archetype


I’ve been sharing all about the dharmas of each Dharma Archetype over on my Instagram @iamsahararose! Click the image above to read them and check out my recent posts for more!

So excited for the magick, impact, and transformation you will create when you are in full alignment with your dharma.

With Gratitude,



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