Highest Self Podcast 328: What To Do If You’re Confused About Your Dharma with Sahara Rose


When I was writing Discover Your Dharma, I kept thinking back on what MY mental blocks were around my dharma and that’s EXACTLY what I write about. I was someone who wanted to know exactly what to do and then take action, until I realized that’s not how the world works. You dive into action and the road will reveal itself. In this episode, I share another excerpt from Discover Your Dharma all about how to overcome confusion. And a reframe that will show you that confusion is actually a GOOD thing. Tune in to learn why.

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Episode 328: What To Do If You Are Confused About Your Dharma
By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

I am so excited because finally, my book “Discover Your Dharma” is available for pre-order! If you are moving through a big shift this year, which every single one of us is, you are going to receive so much from this book. It really allows you to access the Truth of your Soul – who you are – and then, practically how to apply that into your life. What does that mean in terms of my career; my projects; my job; my everything? And your Dharma is so much more than what you do, but really it’s who you are. But our external reality won’t shift until we know this.

So “Discover Your Dharma” is part spiritual book of understanding the Truth of your Soul; but then also, super-pragmatic and action-oriented. As you guys know, who’ve listened to this Podcast before, I’m very much about how we’re going to apply this into the real world. It’s not just about having a lofty idea; it’s about how is this going to create a change, not only for myself, but for humanity.
And in this time where it can be very overwhelming on what to focus on with the news; with legislation; with politics; and all these things happening in the world outside of us. The one thing that I’ve known to be true, from being very involved in the political sphere, is that we can only create change when we are in alignment with our Purpose. And if you are not, you’re actually not going to see that thing through. It’s just going to become another idea that you have; another debate that you engage in; another social media account that you follow – but does it actually create change? And I think we’ve seen this year of “How are we really going to make a difference?” And that doesn’t come from dipping your toe into something and moving on, that comes from really committing yourself to something that is larger than you. And that doesn’t have to be sacrificial; that doesn’t have to be suffering; your highest point of service is also your highest point of joy.
So that’s why you see me on Instagram and TikTok dancing and being silly and playful, because I’m embodying my Purpose and it doesn’t have to be so serious. It can be playful, in fact it’s meant to be because it’s meant to embody you to the full you.

So, I have been sharing excerpts from my new book “Discover Your Dharma” as my Solocasts on the Podcast. Last week you could hear the excerpt on “The 5 Stages of Dharma Discovery”, so, if you have not tuned into it, be sure to tune into it after this Episode. Please let me know on Instagram what stage are you on, I’m hearing back that a lot of you guys are on Stage 4, some of you are on Stage 3 – so, would love to hear where you guys are at.
And for this week, I wanted to read another excerpt.

This is Chapter 8, called “Taking Action Requires Courage.” And I wrote this chapter, because when I was writing this whole book, I kept on just thinking about “Okay, what were my mental blocks? What were my constant thoughts? What did I keep coming up against in my own journey of discovering my Dharma?” And this was the hardest thing for me because (I explain more in the book) but my family was very, very against what I was doing. I am the first woman to even work in my family let alone move to Bali and India and do what I’m doing now. So there was a lot of fear and there was a lot of reprogramming that I had to do, and really what it came down to, is this point of taking action. And I was someone that wanted to know “Well, okay, what do I need to do? And once I know what I need to do, then I’ll take action!” And I realized that that’s not how the world works; it’s not that you know everything that you’re going to do, and then take action, it’s you dive into the action and then the road will begin to reveal itself. I’m not going to figure out how to get to the other side of the highway until I begin driving it, and all I’m going to be able to see is how far my lights are. Maybe its 6ft ahead and that’s all I know, but I could keep trusting that and keep moving forward. I’m never going to see the end of the highway to begin driving.
So, this Chapter is really all about that taking action and the courage, because you really can’t have a spiritual conversation or a conversation about Dharma without the actual gritty, get shit done. You’ve got to do it and it’s fucking scary; and it’s going to be the last thing you want to do and I wish that it was smooth and easy all the time, but it’s not.
And I think that we try to sell this quick fix or you’re just going to manifest your way to Purpose, and that’s just not how it works. It takes you moving through the fear; it takes you taking consistent action; it takes you manifesting it into 3D form, because in this 3D world that we live in, we need to share and experience it, and that’s how we’re going to get feedback from the world and see what’s working and what’s not; and pivot along the way and move forward. So, this Chapter is really about that.
When I was writing the book, I was constantly polling you guys on my Instagram stories on “What are your biggest blocks” “What are your biggest challenges?” And I actually polled hundreds of you guys. And in this Chapter, I actually go down the Top four Fears that people come across; the obstacles that are keeping them from their Dharma. Those are:

– Number one – Confusion (that was definitely mine as well)
– Number two – Not Enoughness;
– Number Three – Not Knowing Where to Start;
– Number Four – Not Enough Time.

So I actually go through every single one, which I don’t know if I’ll have enough time to read all of that in this Episode, but you’ll get your hands on the book and you’ll be able to read it all. But I actually go through every single fear and give you “How to overcome it” and “How it’s not even truly there.”
So, let’s get started with this chapter.

[6:12] Excerpt of Chapter 8
You’ve always been ready for your Dharma, You were literally born for it. And, at the same time, you’re never going to totally be ready for it. Don’t you love a good Duality? Ahh, the joys of being human! The part of you who has always been ready wants to just freaking do it. You feel like you’ve been waiting your entire life for this moment. It feels so close that you can just reach out and grab it! But the part of you that is never ready is like “That looks like a lot of hard work, responsibility and time, and I just don’t have that right now!” That part of you is entrenched in the everyday tasks, hurdles and responsibilities that plague you. It’s not totally wrong, but it’s not totally right either. Both sides are important and balance each other out. You’ll never be one hundred percent ready, so the important thing is to learn when you’re ready enough. You learn through the fear.

If you feel like you’re totally ready for everything you’re doing, you aren’t pushing yourself enough. Everyone is nervous, but the secret of successful people is that they do it anyway. Your quest to discover your Dharma prepares you for embodying it.
The more you stall around being ready, the more resistance you create. The only way to become ready is to choose that you are. We cannot embody our Dharmas if we do not trust our Dharmas.
Honestly, most of us still hold on to an idea of what our Dharma is supposed to look like. When Dharma comes knocking on our door, we just don’t listen. It comes in the form of opportunities showing up without you really even trying. It comes in people being amazed by things you think aren’t anything extra. Life has a plan for us way bigger than our conscious mind can even begin to fathom.
If we can just learn to follow the intuitive guidance that comes to us from Source, then we don’t have to question anymore, it becomes really freaking obvious. What is that thing people keep asking you for help with? What is the advice you keep giving to people? What seems to come really naturally to you that other people struggle with? What can you do with you metaphorical eyes closed that takes a lot of practice for others? That’s your Dharma! Obstacles keeping you from your Dharma! The Universe throws you obstacles when it’s calling you to rise.
I polled my audience to learn about the biggest obstacles keeping them from discovering and embodying their Dharma. When I read through their answers I felt like I was talking to one person. The same person I was when I was searching for my Dharma. They all had the same doubts, fears, hesitations, worries and patterns.
I wanted to share them with you to show you that you aren’t alone. That those negative beliefs you have aren’t unique to you, and so, they’re not a part of you. They are borrowed from outside sources. It’s time to let that old paradigm end! These fears are:

– Fear of Not Being Good Enough – second-guessing yourself; time-management; familial conditioning – your family or your partner doesn’t understand; societal pressures – worrying about what other people will think; lack of courage; unable to connect to intuition, losing yourself doing what you thought you should; choosing fear over love; all the old mantras you’ve subconsciously given yourself when you were at your lowest; deprogramming and reprogramming your beliefs; fear-based thinking; lack mentality; not enough money – market is too saturated; overwhelm – not knowing where to being; too many ideas; anxiety; jealousy; feeling weird; distractions and impatience.

So, now that we know those fears are there, let’s talk about them. I’m going to dive into the Four Obstacles people face when discovering their Dharma, and show you how you can overcome them.

1. Confusion – The number one reason people aren’t living their Dharma is that they believe they’re confused. More than ever, we’re exposed to different timelines. Someone is living their best life as a travel blogger in Bali; another as a mom with the cutest four-year-old; and another as an entrepreneur with two seven-figure businesses. They all sound great and look pretty epic on social media, so we have no idea what we’re meant to do ourselves.
Back in the day there weren’t that many options available to us. As a woman, you either became a stay-at-home mom or nurse or a teacher. As a man, you could follow in your pop’s footsteps or go under your neighbor’s wing. Now there are millions of possibilities, with millions more being created every single day. People are Tantric Life Coaches and Holistic Interior Designers, and so many other things.
It can be pretty confusing to figure out what you want to do. And what if you choose wrong? The thing is, there’s really no such thing as confusion. Often, we feel confused because we haven’t fully grasped what our intuition is telling us. There is One Truth, and that Truth is Eternal. Confusion is just the blurriness that happens when you aren’t listening to it. The answers are already inside of you; your fears just aren’t letting you hear them.
We act like confusion is a bad thing, when really it’s actually a great thing! What we experience as confusion is really a process of evaluating our own Truth.

Let me repeat that again, what we experience as confusion is really a process of evaluating our own Truth.

Confusion is a higher vibration than apathy. It’s a sign you’re on the path of discovering your Dharma. You can’t gain clarity without first going through confusion.

Episode 328: What To Do If You Are Confused About Your Dharma
By Sahara Rose


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