How To Find Direction In Life

Confused? Don’t know where life is headed? Then read this article where I discuss 12 ways to find direction in life.


If you’ve ever wondered, ‘Where am I heading to?’ or ‘Where TF am I going in life?’
If you’ve ever thought that you are just floating by in life with no direction, no purpose, and no meaning.
If trying to figure out how to find direction in life has given you sleepless nights.

Congratulations! You’ve taken that first step towards awakening your purpose. You are now aware that you need direction. That is HUGE!

The existential problem: the loss of direction

Do you know how many people just coast through life without coming to this realization? That they need a direction in life? And it sucks!!! Because all of us came here on this planet to serve a purpose — to live our dharma. It’s just that in the usual humdrum of life, we forget that purpose and lose that direction in life.

As children, we are so tuned in to what we want. We aren’t ashamed or embarrassed by our gifts. We aren’t afraid to ask questions or to wish for seemingly impossible things.

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Check-in for that childhood wonder and joy with your grown-up self. When was the last time you believed in something that looked impossible? When was the last time you skipped down a rabbit hole to the wonderland below when everyone else thought there was nothing there?

It’s been a while, right? You’ve put your rational brain in the driving seat, and it’s not really geared up for the task. Your brain takes your attention away from your purpose. As you live life, events, people, work, etc., everything else becomes a priority. You veer away from what’s important to YOU and get focused on where everyone else is going.

No wonder you feel lost! It wasn’t a path meant for you in the first place.

life direction

Let me come out and say it — your soul won’t rest easy till it finds your direction. It’ll keep asking these questions and making you seek the best answer to ‘what should I do with my life?

So, how do you manage to discover your dharma and find the direction to your life?

Here are 12, yes 12, ways to do that.


12 simple ways to find direction in life

1. Be in touch with what you feel

The first step of finding your direction is to be in touch with your feelings, your emotions. Your soul asks you many tough questions, and most of us have never learned how to deal with them. That’s because most of us have lost touch with our intuition. You have given in 100% to your rational mind.

When seeking answers to life, your rational mind isn’t really going to help you. These answers will come to you, not by thinking. It comes from activating your connection to something beyond thought — something you can feel. And that happens when you connect with the universe.

The universe tells you. It teaches you. Guides you. All you have to do is listen, and you can channel your highest self, break your conditioning, discover your direction in life.

2. Take the leap of faith

One way of finding your direction, and your dharma, is to take ‘the leap.’ You guessed it — it’s exactly what it sounds like: let go of your comfort zone and take that leap of faith into a new way of being. It could be anything – quitting your job, investing money into your new business, moving to a new city or country, or anything that seems extreme but feels absolutely necessary to find your direction and live your dharma. Something that you feel you need to do, but you hesitate because it’s risky. This way is risky but also the most transformational.

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3. Transition yourself

If taking a leap of faith is too much stress, try transitioning. Start what you love doing as a ‘side hustle.’ Exploring what you feel called to do on the side will give you the confidence to take that leap of faith. My friend, Krista Williams, worked nine-to-five when she and her friend decided to do a podcast. They recorded episodes in their closet and finally launched it after months. Two years later, Krista made enough income to quit her full-time job. Listen to her amazing story on this podcast and learn how to transition to your dharma.

4. Embrace the ‘accidental’ discovery

I always say this: they are no coincidences, only circumstances that appear coincidental. The universe is powerful and knows you better than you know yourself. All you have to do is to follow the excitement. My friend had an uncle who was an engineer for thirty years! One day, when his office asked everyone to sign up for an extracurricular activity, he ‘randomly’ picked pottery.

In his first time on the wheel, feeling the fluid earth move through his fingertips, he was hooked! In time, part of his life was about making machines, and the other part was about making bowls. Had he not ended up accidentally in that pottery class, he would have never found that direction in his life to embody his dharma. These accidental discoveries are not accidents; they are surprises. They are your destiny. The universe directed you to this situation because it was meant for you.

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5. Prioritize your dharma

Think about it. What if you were in a relationship with your dharma, and your direction was based on this? Looking at your schedule right now, would you be complaining about how you never spend time with her? Let’s get real! Most of us don’t spend nearly as much time with our dharma as much as she needs to unfold and blossom. And just like your partner, your direction in life will only become clear if you give your dharma the attention it needs.

Remember, your dharma will only unfold when you make her a priority.‘But how am I supposed to do this even if I don’t know what direction I am in?’ That’s when you dedicate time to figure it out. Just like dating, you gotta kiss a few frogs before you find the prince.

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6. Kill those excuses

Whenever someone tells you to prioritize something, you might go, ‘But I’m so busy.’ I hear you. I felt I was too busy to write this article. Heck, I almost got too busy to write my book, Discover Your Dharma, with my very full work-life/ getting married/ moving/ speaking/traveling/ life events. Until I asked myself a very important question: WTF actually matters? If I were to die next year, what do I really want to leave in the world?

The proudest accomplishments in my life are my books. So why did I not prioritize my writing? Once you realize that, all those excuses go out of the window. And that’s when you prioritize your direction in life. It may just be one hour a day, or a full day in a week, or just early mornings or late nights – pick what feels best and power on!

7. Ask yourself the right questions

Finding your direction in life also means asking the right questions. When you get these questions, it is the universe pushing you, nudging you to your path. Start with these to kick it off:

  • What really matters to me?
  • What do I love to do but don’t have time for?
  • How does prioritizing my dharma look like to me?
  • What will happen if I don’t prioritize my dharma?
  • If I prioritize my drama, what will happen?
  • What am I going to tell myself when excuses come up?

8. Practice dharma meditation

Remember, finding your direction in life does not mean you have to go somewhere to discover something. It means you have to go within yourself. You also know your direction and your dharma. All you need is to remember it. For starters, try this exercise:

  • Get a pen and a piece of paper.
  • Take a seat and close your eyes.
  • Notice your breath; observe its pace. Feel it expand and retract your chest. Feel it flow through your body. Connect with every breath.
  • Slowly lengthen your inhaling, counting to seven. Pause at the top and hold for the count of four and exhale out for seven counts.
  • Repeat this for several minutes until you can feel your body soften. Inhale seven, hold four, exhale seven.
  • Then, in your mind, say, ‘I’d like to speak to the part of me that knows. Calling in the part of me that knows.’ Stay with the breath for several more minutes until you feel open to receiving.

Once you feel ready, open your eyes and read these sentences out loud. Write the first thing that comes to mind.

  • The time I feel in my highest joy is …
  • If I could make anything, it would be …
  • I find myself constantly telling people about …
  • I love to help people with …
  • I’d love to spend a month just …
  • I fear …
  • I’d want to leave this world more …
  • I am ready to …

9. Your chakras will direct you

Your dreams, your emotions, your feelings – they are not here by coincidence. You are their vessel to bring them to life. They direct you to your true purpose. You might have heard of chakras as energy centers within you that keep your mind and body in balance. But, our chakras are more than just wheels of energy — they’re the road map in which we usher our dharma to life. Simply put, if dharma is your North Star, the chakras are the map points that guide you there. Check out this article to know more about how chakras help you in finding your direction.

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10. Try my Dharma Embodiment Practice

Our reality is based on our energy state. It creates our thoughts. Thoughts create our reality. If you want to feel aligned, stand up straight. Want to feel alive, sweat. If you want to feel open, stretch. How our body feels, our mind will respond. Embodiment is the practice of using the body’s wisdom to guide us. For me, it is dance!

Dance is my greatest tool toward dharma embodiment, and I believe soon it will be as popular as a healing modality as yoga. For me, dance is not a performance — an expression of your soul through the medium of your body.

And with that, I developed my Dharma Embodiment Practice to put your body in the right state to receive your dharma. This practice awakens each of your chakras to clear any blocks and tap into their full potential. It puts you in alignment with your purpose, power, play, and pleasure. It’s fairly simple, and you can check it out in my book, Discover Your Dharma.

11. Listen to the universe

I know many people stay stagnant — not taking any action — just because you are not sure if it is the ‘right thing.’ But remember dharma, and discovering it, is an ongoing practice of taking action and learning from feedback. And that feedback comes from the universe – it responds in correction action. And that is the karma I talk about in my podcasts and sessions. With every action, you receive feedback. It tells you what works and what doesn’t. You can’t eff this shit up. Because even if you take the wrong action, you will be corrected. Through feedback. All you have to do is listen and pivot toward what feels true!

12. Enjoy your journey

Your dharma is supposed to be fun. If you were nudged into your direction in life, wouldn’t the universe want you to enjoy it? Yes, your direction is made enjoyable on purpose so that you keep doing it! If you had hated the way, you wouldn’t do it, and the world’s problems won’t be solved. If everyone did what they loved, the world would come to balance. Your direction, your path to dharma, is the path of the following joy. Of course, there will be challenges, but you’ll also enjoy powering through it! The challenge is worth the reward. That’s how you know that you are on the right path.

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Creating the Right Path is Important

Remember sun-being… the universe is always tugging you in the direction of your dharma. Through your excitement and curiosity! All of us — you, me, everyone — must be open to that pull! So, next time you are in a tough spot and find yourself asking, ‘Where TF am I going in life?’, know this… Your direction is towards your dharma. And this universe is pointing you to it. Every day. Listen to it. Learn from it. Embrace it!

what is feels to live your dharma

I am excited for you and what lies ahead for you. Celebrate your unique strengths with me and join me on our journey to Discover your Dharma!

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