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The Definitive Guide To Dharma

The Definitive Guide To Dharma

Dharma is like the summit of a mountain. When you look up at it, it appears colossal and the journey impossible. But once you climb it, the feeling is surreal. That feeling is beyond comparison because now, you know your purpose, you know that you have a reason to live. And nothing feels better than to know your purpose.

In this descriptive guide about Dharma, I, Sahara Rose, will guide you through the process to climbing that mountain which seems insurmountable, but trust me, you can do it. Believe in the process & you will be there, on the top, very soon.

I, Sahara Rose, am an ancient soul in a modern body. I’m here to help you discover your dharma (soul’s purpose) so you can share your gifts with the planet… And show you that your highest path of service is your highest form of joy. I write books, channel podcasts, share ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and dance through this sacred journey called life.

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According to a January 2021 Pew Research Center survey of 715 unemployed, furloughed, or temporarily laid off adults in the United States who are looking for work, 66 percent said they have seriously considered changing careers completely. And that makes a lot of sense. While it can be presumed that many folks are interested in a career shift in order to find sustainable work period, especially after being laid off or furloughed amid the pandemic, some may be considering the prospect of making a career change to live more in alignment with their purpose. With this in mind, the concept of living your purpose—known in Sanskrit as your dharma, which has roots in multiple religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism, and also Ayurveda—applies. That said, for many, the challenge of actually discovering that purpose remains. Below, Sahara Rose, host of the Highest Self Podcast, Ayurveda expert, and author of Discover Your Dharma, breaks down what dharma is and then offers five steps for how to discover your dharma.


Table of Contents:

1. What is Dharma

2. What it does not mean

3. How to Find Your Dharma

4. Paths to Dharma

5. Types of Dharma

6. Free Quiz To Find Your Dharma Archetype

7. My Book

8. Confused About Your Dharma?

9. Dharma Support Circle



What is dharma?


“The word dharma is an ancient Sanskrit word that refers to your soul’s purpose—the big reason why you are here,” Sahara says. “And it’s not just what you do, but how you do it, and why you do it. Your dharma is not a career, or a project, or a certain role you play. It’s the unique vibration that your soul carries to everything that you do and every way that you are.” For instance, someone’s dharma can be to bring beauty to the world, and how they do it can look in so many different ways, such as through being an artist, an interior designer, or a hairstylist.

“Your dharma is not a career, or a project, or a certain role you play. It’s the unique vibration that your soul carries to everything that you do and every way that you are.”

                ~ Sahara Rose, Ayurveda expert

If you’re not living your dharma, Sahara says you may experience feelings of being stuck—like you’re taking action, but not really moving forward. The future doesn’t excite you. You’re surviving rather than thriving. This, she says, can be accompanied by feelings of anxiety, depression, unworthiness, or just feeling off. When you are living your dharma, Sahara says, you experience feelings of satisfaction with the way you are expressing and sharing your unique gifts, and you know you’re touching the lives you are meant to touch.



Following Your Dharma Does Not Mean..


Following your dharma does not mean overworking yourself. It means honoring your sacred doing. Your sacred doing is when your doing and being merge. There is no longer any separation between the two. The writer becomes the words, the yogi becomes the asana, the artist becomes the painting, the practitioner and the practice merge as one.

There is no forcing, coercing or even a need to “motivate.”

dharmic path

You are simply being the natural expression of who you are. This is possible for every person and in fact our birthright when we are living our dharmas (soul’s purposes.) We live in a society that most people dislike what they are doing, hence the war against doing. We act like doing is a bad or even less evolved thing and make games plans for how we are going to retire early to just “do” nothing.. as if doing it this thing to escape from. The doing only feels exhausting when it’s not in alignment with our dharma. I remember when I had a clothing line, I dreaded long days vending at different yoga festivals. I spoke with my friend who was also doing the same thing and she said she loved it and was actually excited about it. It gave her energy, passion and fulfillment, whereas I was counting down the hours.


In the process I realized one thing…

I realized then that the long days weren’t the problem– it was me not feeling in alignment with how I was spending them. That’s when it became crystal clear to me that I needed to focus on what I truly wanted to do– write. Living your dharma is not a result of overworking. It’s a result of alignment your work with exactly what is coming through you. That feeling when creativity is just oozing out of you is a sign you are living in aligment with your dharma. In one download (stream of consciousness) you can actually channel what may have taken another days, months or years. Because the idea is not coming from you, but rather through you, from a greater source. Your only job is to tune in and allow it to channel through you.


Now.. wondering how to actualize this embodiment within yourself?

This was my greatest question and curiosity on my own journey, which led me to studying Ayurveda in India for two years, living in Bali and then writing three best-selling books and an oracle card deck. The question I kept getting from people was how I created this as my reality and this is what led me to write Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose, which is now available in book retailers internationally! ⁠Read along to find out more about it.   



How to discover your dharma


According to Sahara, the first step for how to discover your dharma is realizing that it’s not something outside of you that you have to find but rather something you remember. “You were born with your purpose,” she says. “It’s just that we’ve forgotten. We’ve gone to school and been conditioned and had different goals and expectations placed upon us by society. It’s more of a de-conditioning, unraveling, and unlearning. The more you can let go of everything you are not, the more you can remember who you are. It’s already inside of you.” With that in mind, keep reading for Sahara’s intel about how to discover your dharma in five steps and live in better accordance with your soul’s unique purpose.


1. Discover your dharma archetype

We all have different roles or archetypes that we embody that we activate within us, Sahara says. For example, your archetype can be a teacher, artist, entrepreneur, entertainer, or visionary. Discover your top archetypes via a short quiz. Sahara says that knowing which archetypes are your most dominant can serve as a permission slip to fully step into those roles.

If you do not know your dharma archetype, take this free quiz to find out

2. Notice the mediums that come naturally to you

The mediums that you most naturally express yourself through is another key element of your dharma, Sahara says. Maybe it’s writing, speaking, creating art, or something else. To help you get clear on yours, Sahara recommends grabbing a journal and writing out what mediums you most enjoy, and to get really specific. For example, if you enjoy speaking, introspect about whether you prefer speaking in front of large groups, on stage, or in front of a camera. All these details provide clues about your dharma.

3. Realize the obstacles you’ve overcome

“These obstacles you’ve overcome are your soul’s unique curriculum,” Sahara says. “This is exactly what you can then share with others.” Obstacles can include health issues, going through a divorce, experiencing feelings of uncertainty, or moving around a lot as a kid and learning how to make friends. Sahara notes that obstacles can also include things you’ve helped others overcome—and no obstacle is too big or small.

4. Pay attention to what excites you

The things that excite you, Sahara says, are like breadcrumbs that guide you towards your dharma. She recommends writing out a list of all the things that make you happy—things you find yourself googling late at night, topics you love talking about or learning about. Then start to categorize them and notice any patterns.

5. Find your superpower

According to Sahara, we all have superpowers, but often it’s difficult to recognize them because they come so easily to us. Examples of superpowers include making people feel seen and heard, having Marie Kondo-level organization skills, or hosting the most beautiful dinner parties. To help pinpoint your superpowers, Sahara recommends asking friends and family members what they think you’re naturally really good at and where you shine brightest.

To help you in this journey, I have written a book to guide you throughout. I ll talk more about the book later in this guide. Stay along!



Path to Dharma


Dharma is like the summit of a mountain. When you look up at it, it appears colossal and the journey impossible. You’ve never climbed a mountain before and you don’t even know what the path looks like. You’re afraid you might take the wrong one and end up lost on your journey, even more lost than you are now. But the longer you remain where you are, the more uncomfortable this stagnancy feels.

So you begin hiking, foot-by-foot.

You realize there is no one path but rather countless paths to bring you to your dharma. Some are windy and long, while others steep and intense. And they all happen to cross and connect to others along the way. There are times you want to give up, to get off this mountain and back to familiar grounds But the desire within you to climb comes alive the moments you’re out of breath. And step-by-step you find your lungs expanding, your body strengthening, your heart opening. And before you know it, you’re at the peak of this summit and realize it’s a mountain range. With many other summits and peaks that go past your eye’s view

And that this journey of discovering your dharma is not a one-time-process but rather a commitment to always honor the truth of your soul.

The manifestations and iterations of your dharma change as you deepen your journey. But as long as you’re listening to your truth, you’re always on the right path. I’ve been feeling more in alignment with my dharma than ever before with Discover Your Dharma being out for over two months now and reaching tens of thousands of you. Stay along to know more about the book.

dharma wisdom

As you step into your dharma, you’re going to trigger people who haven’t stepped into theirs. ⁠⁠Your light is going to shine too brightly for people who haven’t met their own. ⁠Don’t let that stop you from being the light that you are.⁠

Hence I created the 21 Day Dharma Discovery Journey to support you step-by-step in gaining clarity, confidence and courage on your dharma.

Each day you’ll be given an actionable practice to help you gain clarity on your purpose and know exactly what it is to focus your energy on. The results so far have been nothing short of AMAZING. Come join us and see your life transform over the next 21 days!

dharma consulting  


Types of Dharma


We all have a dharma (purpose) but we don’t all get to it in the same ways. In my own journey and through interviewing thousands of people who have discovered their dharmas, I break down the four types of dharma as part of my book, Discover Your Dharma. I’ll tell you more about it soon in this guide. You can order your copy too. Some of us were born knowing our gift, whereas for others it was only through a breakdown we had a breakthrough. Others found our purpose through finding the solution to one of our problems, and others through solving a problem for someone else. Some of us have had major life-defining moments and others feel like we don’t have one at all.

Not to mention,

In this episode of the Highest Self Podcast solocast episode 332 called Four Types of Dharma , I share the Four Types of dharma and how to find which are yours.  

Also available on iTunes, Spotify or Soundcloud!


Find Out Your Dharma Archetype With This Free Quiz


To help you find out your dharma archetype, I have a free quiz for you. This quiz can really be a guiding light in your journey to discover your dharma.

So many of you have reached out to me saying you’ve been having MAJOR breakthroughs on your purpose after taking my Dharma Archetype Quiz!

It’s given you permission to be the exact person you were born to be and express your gifts in a way that is unique and authentic to you. I always say the Universe designed you to be the Sims character you were born to be! So why compare yourself to someone else when you were encoded with your own gifts to share?!

On a side note,

On one of the episodes of Highest Self Podcast, called What’s Your Dharma Archetype

Here, I dive deeper into the Dharma Archetypes, breaking each of them down. Know that you aren’t just ONE archetype but rather a combination of all but in varying amounts. You may be primarily Nurturer, secondarily Researcher, thirdly Teacher, fourthly Artist or any other combo. There are nine in total!

Also available on iTunes, Spotify, or Soundcloud! You can hear this podcast & read it’s transcription here:    



The Dharma Archetypes™ are the universal expressions of the soul types that exist within all of us, and have proven to be a crucial tool that’s helped me to work through my own dharmic journey and guide others through theirs.

what archetype am I

So have you taken the Dharma Archetype Quiz yet? Find out which are your top two archetypes and how they are related to YOUR purpose, with custom videos for each here!

Ready to find yours out?





My Book


I’m SOUL excited to share with you my book Discover Your Dharma is now available in book retailers internationally! This book has been two years in the works and my life’s work to date. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀

It shares my story for the first time of how I embodied my own dharma and the obstacles I had to face from family disapproval to feeling doubt and confusion to step into who I am today. ⁠⠀

I wrote this book for you. The person who knows there is something greater out there for them, who deep in their soul knows they have a purpose but may not be sure quite what it is… or how to take action on it.


We don’t live in a society that raises us to even ask ourselves the question “Why am I here?” and hundreds of you have shared with me that the processes in Discover Your Dharma have allowed you to dive deeper within your purpose than you ever have in your life. I’m honored to be able to support with the ripple effect awakening to your dharma has.⠀ I share my Dharma Blueprint Method, which is five stage process to help anyone (and I mean ANYONE) remember their dharma (because it’s inside of you all along!) ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ I’m beyond excited to share this book with you.⁠⠀

dharma books

Order your copy today!

discover your dharma

It’s time to honor, share and celebrate your gifts, your uniqueness, your weirdness.. THIS is your dharma.  



Confused About Your Dharma?


The number one reason people aren’t living their dharma is that they believe they’re confused.

More than ever, we’re exposed to different timelines: Someone is living their best life as a travel blogger in Bali, another as a mom with the cutest four-year-old, and another as an entrepreneur with two seven-figure businesses. They all sound great, and look pretty epic on social media, so we have no idea what we’re meant to do ourselves.

Earlier, things were different. Today, things are different.

Back in the day, there weren’t that many options available to us. As a woman, you either became a stay-at-home mom or a nurse or a teacher. As a man, you could follow in your pop’s footsteps or go under your neighbor’s wing.

Now there are millions of possibilities, with millions more being created every day. People are Tantric life coaches and holistic interior designers. It can be pretty confusing to figure out what you want to do—and what if you choose wrong?

The thing is, there’s really no such thing as confusion. Often we feel “confused” because we haven’t fully grasped what our intuition is telling us. There is one truth, and that is eternal.

Confusion is just the blurriness that happens when you aren’t listening to it. The answers are already inside of you—your fears just aren’t letting you hear them.

We act like “confusion” is a bad thing when it’s actually a great thing. What we experience as confusion is really a process of evaluating our own truth. Confusion is a higher vibration than apathy.

It’s a sign you’re on the path of discovering your dharma.

You can’t gain clarity without first going through confusion. We often push away uncertainty, feeling guilty for not knowing exactly what we are doing, when those are actually the most pivotal moments of our lives.

Confusion is necessary before clarity because it’s in that process you find your truth.

Ride the waves of uncertainty. They’re the only path to clear waters.


Want more?

I read out loud the rest of this excerpt from my upcoming book Discover Your Dharma in this Highest Self Podcast solocast episode 328 “What To Do If You’re Confused About Your Dharma!”

Also available on iTunes, Spotify or Soundcloud!





Dharma Support Circle


It’s time to honor, share and celebrate your gifts, your uniqueness, your weirdness.. THIS is your dharma.

dharma support circle

It’s soul important to have a community to support you as you find your dharma. Personally, that has been one of the greatest factors leading to my dharma— having sisters to share with along the way, as well as supporting them! 🦋⁠⠀ ⁠⠀  

This is why I’m SOUL excited to announce the latest offer in my membership community Rose Gold Goddesses will be Dharma Support Circles – a concept from Discover Your Dharma. ✨⁠⠀ ⁠⠀

When we are in deep conversation, we enter flow state through mutual energy exchange. To embody our dharma, we need the sounding board of others. Hearing about other people’s experiences also gives us depth to better understand our own. ⁠⠀ Right now in Rose Gold Goddesses we have a new space where we are connecting people with their own virtual Dharma Support Circles with other likeminded spiritual women! You will meet with your group of 4 Goddesses every two weeks to support one another in living your dharmas! We are also working with Goddess Green Tara who represents compassionate action and your sacred doing, with a full 1.5 hour Goddess Circle, journal prompts, meditation and practices to further support you in bringing your dharma to reality this year. Plus we have plenty of my workshops, masterclasses and 14+ other Goddess circles available for you. All of this is available for you in your Rose Gold Goddesses membership!  




May your wings expand and colors blossom sun-being,

With love,

Sahara Rose



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