The Four Types of Dharma

Not all of us find our dharma in the same ways. Discover the four patterns or types of dharma through which people find their purpose.

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We all have a dharma but we don’t all get to it in the same ways.

In my own journey and through interviewing thousands of people who have discovered their dharmas, I break down the four types of dharma as part of my upcoming book, Discover Your Dharma.

Some of us were born knowing our gift, whereas for others it was only through a breakdown we had a breakthrough.

Others found our purpose through finding the solution to one of our problems, and others through solving a problem for someone else.

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Some of us have had major life-defining moments and others feel like we don’t have one at all.

Through my journey, I found patterns in people when it comes to dharma. After studying them, I have broken it down into types in my book Discover Your Dharma.

From my book, I’ll share the types of dharma in brief.

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So the four types of dharma are:

1. Born with a gift:

You are born with a gift, like an incredible voice, artistic skills, etc. You know your gift. They have an undeniable gift they came on this Earth to share. Most artists and athletes fall under this category. They were given an incredible voice, the ability to shoot a goal or tell a joke, all skills we celebrate in our society. However, that doesn’t mean they’re set for life. The gift was given to them but it’s up to them to determine what they want to do with it. Some of the best musicians aren’t even playing, not because they’re less talented, but because they did not chase their Dharmas the way that others did.

2. Shaped By Situation:

You have a break-down and share it. “I was on my knees, wondering if God does exist when suddenly a voice came over me and I knew what I came here to do.” These break-down, breakthrough stories are often what you hear from coaches, motivational speakers, and authors, all of who falls under the teacher archetype. From this point of breakdown, you take radical responsibility for your life and transform your worldview with a newfound sense of Purpose to share your realizations with others. Your pain becomes your Purpose, and your mess becomes your message.

3. Shaped By Personal Needs:

You had a need and now are solving it. We often find our Dharmas by serving our own needs and then finding that others need the exact same thing. It doesn’t have to be anything traumatic but something we genuinely needed help in ourselves such as support in the early stages of our business, organic baby wipes, or deliverable Ayurvedic soups. If you have an issue, chances are someone else does too, and they’d love to know your approach to solving it.

4. Shaped By Other’s Needs:

People around you needed something and you found the solution. This is the less talked about way to find your Dharma, but it’s just as important. You don’t personally have to go through an issue in order for it to be your Dharma. What problem can you solve for others? You might be passionate about health because you helped your father versus his diabetes and want to help others do the same. You don’t have to personally have gone through the issue to want to be part of the solution.

You may have a combination of two, maybe even three types of dharma as related to each

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To know more about each type of dharma, I suggest you either listen to my podcast or read my book Discover Your Dharma. I assure you, if you read this book, you will find answers to all your questions with respect to dharma.

This article is a part of a definitive guide to dharma. So if you want to know more about dharma, click here.

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Want help in finding your soul’s purpose? Then tune into Sahara’s free Discover Your Purpose Masterclass.


Just know that you are already in alignment with your dharma. All it takes for you to remember the truth of who you are.

When you release all that you are not, you step into the fullest expression of who you are.

Sending you the highest vibes and may it bring you further in alignment with your higher purpose <3

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