The Difference Between Dharma and Karma

Amongst dharma vs karma, your Dharma is your divine purpose while Karma is the universe’s way of telling you when you stray from the path of your dharma. Discover how to reap benefits from karma on your path to dharma.

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Hello, sun-being. Close your eyes, sit up straight up, and take deep breaths. How does your body feel? How does your mind feel?

If you’re bracing yourself if you do that, your body feels strained, and your mind feels weary, then you, my love, are experiencing the side-effects of living a life without the light. You are not meant to feel tired and defeated, clinging to the memories of when you were happy. You are not supposed to feel this way!

We “grew” up. Traded in life under the sun, amidst nature, for an eternity spent earning money, spent in gray concrete jungles. We spend the money we earn to own things that give us a fleeting sense of joy. We’ve forgotten to feel with our hearts and souls, and our spiritual side has decayed. Is it any wonder that we’re all afflicted by lifestyle diseases and poor mental health?

Wake up! You are meant to grow, not just in body and mind, but also in your soul! Your life’s purpose was decided for you, a long time ago! And when I say it’s predestined, it’s not like when our parents tell us to follow a certain career path, no!

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Don’t worry. You don’t have to continue on this path of exhaustion! I’m here to help you find your special purpose, or as I like to call it, your dharma.

Not all of us understand the difference between dharma vs karma, let me explain it to you in simple words.


What is Dharma?

Your dharma is your big why, the reason you’re here with all these thoughts, needs, and desires. We were each born with a unique purpose and this human experience is about remembering ours.

Dharma is your way of living that has been decided for you by the cosmos. It’s a path of living that brings you happiness and fulfillment– things we’re told we can have when we retire. Life is so fleeting and fragile, so why on Earth would you want to spend it saving all that happiness up for later? Dharma is your life’s purpose, made for who you are. It’s something you’ll never grow tired of.

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So many of us live our lives, not knowing what we’re meant for. And that’s where the other side of it kicks in. Karma, that ancient equalizer of cosmic energy.


Karma: The Universe’s Divine Middle Finger or A Blessing in Disguise?


I’m sure you and I have heard all about karma, and how what we sow is what we reap. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Karma is our lady in red in the Matrix. It’s the universe’s way of saying you’ve gone off course! Think of a past relationship that ended badly. Can you see a pattern of signs, incidents that happened as an indicator of what was to come?

Karma works that way. It shows up when you’re not following your life’s purpose and makes the road even bumpier as you stray from your path. You’ll know when you’re not following your path because Ms. Karma will show up and tell you to knock it off. It’ll show up in the form of stress, a friend telling you that you don’t look happy, as an obstacle or a bump in the road – any form that forces you to re-evaluate your life.

Most people have their spiritual awakening when they keep coming up against karma and keep failing. Bit by bit, they hit rock bottom; the universe forces them to assess everything they know and start again, from the foundation. And from there, they have a choice – to follow their dharma or be just another sheep in the flock.

Does that sound evil? Maybe it does, but Karma isn’t inherently good or bad. It is just one way the universe is trying to tell you what your effort leads to. When you give your heart, mind, and soul to something that isn’t part of your dharma, no matter how hard you try, it won’t make you happy. It’s like a fish swimming against a strong current. Why resist a path that’s been destined for you, from the moment you were born?

Dharma is your divine purpose – it’s what your energy was destined to be channeled into.
Karma is the universe’s way of telling you when you stray from the path of your dharma.


When you’re on your dharma path, your karma reaps the benefits for you. You glow from within, fulfilled and happy.


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I know, it might sound overwhelming, but dharma is what you’ve always been meant for. It’s where you belong. And I can help you find your path to it!

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Bringing Dharma and Karma into Your Life!


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Before I knew my dharma, I was lost and confused. I spent years pondering my life’s purpose, while even my body fell away to karma, as I was poorly equipped to understand myself spiritually.
My body took such a battering, it almost gave up on me –my hair was falling out in clumps, I didn’t get my periods for two years, and even eating had become extremely painful. That was when I turned to Ayurveda for answers because I knew that this wasn’t just a physical wellness issue.

And well, the rest is history.

I went from Sahara Rose, weak and confused as the universe kept beating her down, to Sahara Rose, a best-selling author, thought leader, podcast host, inspirational speaker, Ayurveda expert, and the founder of Rose Gold Goddesses.

It isn’t an overnight success story, of course not. But living my dharma has brought me so much joy and happiness. Not only do I have the most transformational career to guide people towards their dharma, but I also get to have the joy of working hard and playing harder.

I am satisfied, I am happy.

And you deserve all of this too!


Few of my favorite ways to bring the power of dharma into your life!


  1. Take my Dharma Archetype quiz here, to find your dharma! It’ll help you figure out what path to take!
  2. Start a small journal, where you record your dreams and what your mind feels drawn to. As you keep journaling, your instincts will guide you towards your dharma.
  3. Take note of how and where karma takes action in your life. When do you feel the negative effects? Are those fields you must avoid?
  4. Take up meditation. As you learn to control your mind, you’ll be able to better channel your energy to find your purpose.
  5. Try new hobbies! If you find yourself drawn to the earth, take up pottery classes. Find the things that you feel drawn to; they may be a part of your dharma.
  6. Break the habits that no longer serve you. As you channel the universe to help you find your dharma, you don’t want to give yourself more obstacles! Now would be a good time to get rid of that smoking habit, or anything else that doesn’t serve you.
  7. Take care of your body. Your body is the instrument through which the universe channels the energy of the divine, and so you have to take care of it. For some really healthy recipes to change your food habits, check out my plant-based Ayurvedic cookbook, Eat Feel Fresh.
  8. Spend time in nature. Connect with the universe and let it take care of you with open arms. From spending five minutes in the sunlight every day to going on nature retreats, it’s time to get familiar with the earth from which we all came and will return.


Final Words In Light Of Dharma vs Karma:

The path ahead won’t be all rainbows and roses, as you let go of everything you’ve been taught and follow your soul. But the rewards are worth the risk of shedding your old skin and giving yourself a fresh start. You are destined for greatness.

How would I know? Because out of the millions of web pages, you’re here, reading my blog. This is your sign of change, of transformation. Amongst dharma vs karma, it is time for you to follow your dharma, and become the truest, brightest version of yourself, you divine being!

And I’ll be there to guide you, every step of the way. We’ll work on this together, one step at a time. There’s no turning back now, on this marvelous journey!

To get started, you can head over to my course of discovering your soul’s purpose right here!


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