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Transitioning Into Your Purpose (Dharma) At This Time

Are you feeling the shift?

So many of us are making major life changes right now– and this is bringing us closer to our dharma, soul’s purpose.

But it doesn’t always come easy.

It requires us to let go of what we used to be and all that comes with that former identity.

In this week’s Highest Self Podcast solocast I share how beginnings are endings and endings are beginnings.

You can’t take a step forward without taking a step away

We live in a city that celebrates the step forward, but grieves the step away

Both are a celebration

You are growing, refining, evolving into who you are meant to be and how you are meant to show up at this time

And sometimes stepping away even when things are fine is the bravest thing you can do.

In this episode, I discuss how to take courageous, aligned action, move through the overwhelm/ confusion and step into your highest self in this pivotal moment.

I also discuss my own shifts with my move to Miami and why it’s completely normal to feel fear as you are expanding and evolving. Tap in with me!


With smiles,

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