Highest Self Podcast Episode 006: Struck By Lighting- A Kundalini Awakening Interview with Sabrina Riccio

I am SO excited that my dear friend Sabrina Riccio aka ShamanessaGoddessa is the FIRST interview of the Highest Self Podcast. We discuss her own journey from mystic child to depressed college student to literally being struck by lightning to awaken the dormant kundalini energy that existed inside of her so she can serve her mission on this planet as an international Kundalini Yoga Teacher. I hope listening to this episode will shift something inside of you.

Discover her offerings at shamanessagoddessa.guru and Instagram @shamanessagoddessa
Check out her podcast Sovereign Goddess Podcast at soundcloud.com/shamanessagoddessa

I’ve changed my Instagram name since this episode to @IAmSaharaRose btw.

Thank you Sabrina for your constant support, encouragement and powerful words you share with us in this episode!

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