Highest Self Podcast Episode 005: The Seven Universal Archetypes and Discovering Yours

What was soul put on this planet to do? Find out through understanding the seven universal archetypes according to the Michael Teachings in this Highest Self Podcast Episode.

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Episode 005 – The Seven Universal Archetypes and Discovering Yours

By Sahara Rose

Hello everyone, welcome back it is Sahara Rose here and you are tuning in to the Highest Self podcast I’m your host and today I will be sharing with you one of my favorite topics which are Understanding our Archetypes.

  • What are Archetypes?

  • What does that even mean?

  • How do we figure out what our Archetypes are?

In the last episode, I spoke a little bit about our past lives, how we can find out who we were in our reincarnated past and in this episode is kind of going to go off from there. If you haven’t listen to the last episode, I invite you to listen first so you can know a little bit more about “What your past lives are all about how you can find out what they are and what it really takes?” that was podcast episode 4 so in this episode we are going to be talking more about the Spiritual Archetypes.

What is an Archetypes?

An Archetype is essentially a role and each of our souls has chosen a specific role in this reincarnation. Although each soul has basically one main role, we have secondary role influences which have to do with our essence twins and casting which I won’t get into in this but we mostly will resonate with one but they are others that we also resonate with. It’s just like Dosha, you have a primary Dosha but you might have a secondary that you also resonate with.

This Archetype gives you a huge understanding of what you are put on this earth to do and at the same time it will give you a great understanding of why certain things are so hard for you and what are the lessons that you need to learn in this life?

I began discovering the Archetypes and merging myself in them probably when I was in college I have a I have a lot of just questions about “Why were place on this earth and what are our purpose was?” and I learned about the Michael Teachings which this is all based part of the Michael Teaching so go on michealteachings.com I’ll put that in the show links. So, the Michael Teachings breaks down the Archetypes, soul ages basically and everything you need to know and it’s a system that I really resonate with, there are many different spiritual systems but this specific one it was told by man a spirit named Michael it’s this whole story I won’t get into that but “The Seven Rules” are something that I see every single day everywhere I go and they make a lot of sense, and if you look at all different type of Archetypes and all different kinds of systems and religions and cultures they all kind of come down to the same.

The Seven Archetypes in the Michael Teachings are:

  1. Server

  2. Artisan

  3. Warrior

  4. Scholar

  5. Sage

  6. Priest

  7. King

I have an article that I wrote all about this which is on my website eatfeelfresh.com. If you click on the article section you will see the archetypes article, the Seven Archetypes. It has it written down here in case you don’t remember it I were all down all the notes for you.

What are these archetypes how did they show up for us, just hearing them maybe one of them kind of like jolted out to you or maybe they were all just kind of sound like a game of chess I don’t know. So let’s discuss:

  • What these Archetypes are?

  • What their intentions were on this planet?

  • What their burdens are as well?

So we’ll begin with the Server – the Server was placed on this planet to alleviate suffering and what they want more than anything is to solve the world’s problems in the material and physical sense. So the Servers are basically the ones were always there helping other people. They are nurses, social workers, mothers, even doctors, they have a strong tendency towards domestic living so a lot of times like housewives are in the Server categories, grandmothers are the Server categories and they carry the burden of everyone around them but they oftentimes have a hard time asking for help themselves.

It relates to the Khaffa Dosha of being there for everyone else but you know when you need something you feel like it’s rude to ask. So Khaffas also carry this Server Archetypes. Servers are about 25% of the population, a large percentage and I think a lot of that percentage is female, like Mother Theresa would be a really famous Server she was obviously put on this planet to serve others. Servers are extremely capable they’re great caregivers, they’re caring, competent, they’re very devoted to their family, their friends and their causes, they’re extremely friendly, they’re very inspirational, the way that they put people in front of them is truly inspirational for others. They are extremely loving they have so much love to share, they’re very nurturing, they’re motherly at the same time they are practical you can come to them when you need something and they’ll get it done for you. They are very sweet, trustworthy, they’re warm, they’re sensible.

Servers comprise actually the largest population in the world, the highest percentage of the world’s population because so many of us where put on this planet to help others. What the Server does is they kind of work behind the scene and they like to work on a one on one level, So they often times find themselves as therapists or just healers, practitioners, massage therapist, they’d like to feel that their helping people. They make excellent nurse, doctors, things like that, we definitely need more of them in the medical industry that’s for sure. Well what happens when you’re too giving? When all of your energy is placed on serving the common good but not really looking after yourself?

Servers might start to feel like a doormat after while they are always making sure everyone else is okay but they don’t lookout for themselves that leaves them feeling you know just forgotten about, they don’t practice self-care, they often times gain weight because of that, they obviously don’t practice enough Yoga and take a bath somethings like that, they’re just too busy helping people. You will be also spot a Server when you just feel this kind of soft diffusion of light that emanates from their eyes and that’s the inspiration access energy. Their light is just very clean and pure and therapeutic. The priest and the high priestess which I will mention later they have that quality too but their light is a lot more intense like the light that you see in a priest or priestess like “Wow that light” while the Servers light is just light is warming and soothing, it’s like taking a bath.

If you feel like you are a Server you need to look out for yourself, you are not able to help those around you if you are constantly putting them before you; you are not going to be the highest version of yourself. So always always always practice self-care listen to your body listen to yourself, know that sometimes you need to say no You can’t say yes to everything and at the same time let go of control, a lot of the reason why Servers feel like they need to help everyone is because they feel like if they don’t do it everything will collapse they feel like they need to be there for their friends and for their family and for their workspace because no one else can do it, it’s sort of this kind of closet control freak behind the serving, let go of that, things work out as they are meant to be even if you are not the one to do them. Some famous Servers that we’ve seen out there, the Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, a lot of just people like in charity and things like that, Oprah for sure they are just so so so giving but they just have to make sure that they’re provided for as well.

So after we have the giving Servers we have the Artisan. The Artisan are extremely creative, they are like sort of the Vata’s they are expressive, they’re fresh, they’re imaginative, they’re constantly reinventing the wheel, they’re very original they tend to be stylish, they’re spontaneous, they are always looking for the next think. So Artisans are obviously into the arts but they’re also into engineering, computer programming, physics, science, web-design all of these things, they are always looking for ways to create something. So for them they don’t see the world as the sort of like one direction’s omnidirectional space, they see it like a fan that can flow in so many directions. That again, the Vata, the wind, the movements that they’re really feeling, they are constantly picking up on ideas it things to do frequency super high but what they struggle with is keeping their attention in one thing for long enough to complete it. They often times, just like the Vata, they starts with tons of projects in and end up not finishing them all because then I get excited about the next one and the next one, they love to begin things, not to finish things.

Artisans, they are very metaphysical, they are always looking for what’s the highest purpose here? they are looking at the world like always very trippy, very into like geometric patterns and sacred geometry and things like that, but Artisans at the same time they can have these creative goodness but they can sometimes get really like moody and can actually turn crazy. With all of the movement and flow going on and Artisans mind sometimes that can just turn it to too much and it turns into anxiety, in turns into just irritability and they just don’t know how to handle it all and it’s really important for them to stay grounded, to stay present to regain and grounding earth Khaffa like energy, otherwise they can’t really spiral out of control. Artisans tend to get bored with like the everyday 9 to 5 kind of work space, they really need to challenge, they need freedom, you know that creative space but they also have to find that strength from themselves to finish and like stay in some sort of like routine or habit.

Artisans tend to be writers, actors, engineers, composers, even surgeons, surgery is artistic thing, and carpentry is very artistic as well. You will recognize an Artisan because they’re always just making something, they’re doodling, they’re drawing something, their Instagram is probably super creative, they’re always taking really cool photos, and they just see the world in a totally different frame of eyes. So if you are Artisans and you are something like that it’s so important for you to stay in a space of creativity because the moment that you stop creating your juices cease to flow and once your juices no longer flow you become stagnant, you become stuck and that energy gets stuck in your body and you feel back aches and you feel tension and digestive issues, all of these things because you are not allowing. Imagine, it’s like a stream and there’s all of these water coming through the top of the steam and coming through your mind and all these creative ideas but if you are not letting them come through you, they are just getting stuck and then the water is going to begin to flood and you’re going to feel heavy and resistant and angry and impatient and things that Artisans were not meant to feel.

If you have this inventive mind, use that because your genius was given to you for a reason. You don’t need to stick to routine if you don’t want but create some sort of routine to yourself so your body knows what to expect and you’re actually going to be able to produce a lot more when you’ve given yourself kind of like “Okay, well today I’m going to this or that”. It doesn’t need to be a strict hour to hour schedule but feed yourself at the same times of the day, have some sort of routine in your life because the body functions best knowing what you can predict, and with Artisans don’t get carried up into the future, don’t get stuck on to what’s going to happen later and this and that because anxiety is when you’re stuck in the future instead of the present, just like depression is when you’re stuck in the past rather than the present. So stay present and allow yourself to get deep in thought but then come back to this moment because if you’re always just stuck thinking about the future you’re going to miss out on it.

After the artistic Artisan, we have the strong yet humble Warriors. So the Warriors, they are the protectors society, they are the movers and shakers, they get things done, they are Pitta energy and full force, full of fire. They amazing at setting goals and getting them done, I have a lot of heat energy in my mind you can see I set the intention for this podcast yesterday and I’m on episode five now. So when Pitta’s up and about you’re like “Yes I’m going to do it and there’s no stopping me” and it’s a really good feeling.

Warriors and Pitta’s they are very energetic, they’re determined, they’re focused, they know what they want but at the same time they are grounded, they don’t lose themselves in it, they know exactly who they are and what they are meant to do. They don’t have that same Artisan Vata energy that kind of loses itself sometimes they are like kind of firmly planted but at the same time very energetic. They love a good challenge, they’re competitive in nature, highly organize people, they love to have schedules, stick to their schedules, knowing what to expect, they have really strong morals and principles. They’re extremely productive, their protective around those who they love, they are proud of themselves, they love themselves, they are very resourceful as well, you can put them in any situation and they’ll figure out a way to get by, they are very skillful and they are survivors of the day, you can put a Warrior in any situation and they will find a way to survive.

Warriors they aren’t just fighters in a way, they are actually more leaders, they are very street smart, they can read people really well but at the same time they enjoyed the earthly pleasures of life. They have strong appetites for food, for sex, for sports, for physical challenge, they want success, success is very important to them. There’s no taboo about like making money and money is a bad thing, like they don’t have that drama, they are like “No, I deserve the money for the work that I do” which is great and more of us should feel that way.

Warriors are very in touch with their physical, they tend to naturally have stronger and muscular bodies, they tend to gravitate naturally or muscular but also less physical activity. When they work, they work out hard, they can be really competitive if you see them in a yoga class they are like in handstand the whole time, spin class through like a winning the race, they can be super competitive and too much competition can make them hot-tempered as well. Warriors, they are just like Pitta’s they can become really irritable, they can be  impatient, they might become kind of aggressive and telling people what to do and pushy. Some people especially Servers and Artisans, like a Server might be like “Oh my God you’re like bossy” and like an Artisan might be like “Oh my God you’re so inflexible”. So you see how these Archetypes and how these Doshas essentially kind of can come neck at neck at times.

Warriors, they have all this energy it’s really important for them to put their energy at the right place because if they’re wasting their time sweating the small stuff they’re not doing what they were put on this planet to do. So Warriors do really well as entrepreneurs because the work that they do needs to be super true to who they are otherwise they are going to burn themselves out because they will be working, working, working and then one day question like “Why am I even doing this?” that’s how burnout happens but burnout doesn’t happen when you love what you do and you feel nourished and gratified by every moment that you are doing it.

Warriors need to make sure that they are living their life in alignment with their truth and their purpose. Warriors also need to take note of the other people sensitivities, they might not notice that like their intensity for some people can be scary or it can be aggressive or I can be harsh, they need to always like look at themselves from a third eye perspective and say like “How could a Server see me? How can an Artisan see me? Am I being sensitive to everyone’s needs?” and Warriors also they can be highly persuasive people but they need to know like is that argument even worth it? Sometimes it just pick up arguments for the sake of winning but was it even worth proving yourself at that point? Was it worth the hurt that you caused upon someone and even the stress that you’ve cause upon yourself? A lot of times “No” and Warriors need to work on just their communication style, being more empathetic, just seeing people eye to eye instead of how you want to see them.

Warriors we need you, they are a lot of famous Warriors out there. Athletes have Warriors but also lot of just actors and actresses that we see that are naturally strong like Arnold Schwarzenegger maybe, he can definitely be a Warrior, lots of just politicians I say have these Warrior tendencies, they want to like protect the masses that is definitely a Warrior type thing, like Rosie O’Donnell she’s kind of a Warrior, she’s like fierce and she’s like protective and some people might be a little bit scarred of her fire but she is definitely a Warrior. If you notice that Warrior inside of yourself just make sure you give yourself time to cooldown, to cool of the fire and be sure that you are living in the life truth to your highest alignment. The goals that you are running to race are actually getting you somewhere, you’re not just like chasing a goal for the sake of money or getting this job or getting this position but it’s actually part of your higher plan and whatever that higher plan is, that is something you have to think upon.

Warriors really do love to help people and it does come down to it, the protection comes around people. Like in Hinduism she’s Durga, Durga is the goddess of protection and she is a warrior goddess, so they have a lot of Durga energy and Durga is the mother because the mother is extremely protective as well, she’s protecting her kids and protecting her community. So, find a cause that you want to protect and that you want to fight for and that energy that you are placing upon is actually helping get you and the planet somewhere. That’s going to be super, super important and medicinal for the Warriors.

After the Warriors, we have the Scholars. The scholars are the librarians of the universe, they were put on this planet to learn and transcribe and collect and they are essentially sponges and they pick up everything around them and sometimes they pick up too much their minds are constantly working. So my dad is hundred percent Scholar, he’s the smartest man I’ve ever met. They are extremely curious they are always asking questions they want to learn about everything, not just what’s in periphery but anything out there they are hungry to learn about.

Scholars are extremely knowledgeable they’re very logical at the same time they are more into learning about like the sciences and the real things a little bit less in the spiritual realm more in the like things that they can like actually see and be proved by science or some other form of methodology. They’re very neutral they get along with everyone they don’t need to prove themselves they’re too busy learning and they can be really understanding at the same time they are easy going they can make friends with everyone People like being around Scholars because they contain a wealth of information. Scholars’ is one of my secondary archetypes for sure, I love sharing information, I love learning and I’m constantly just like researching things and looking at books and trying to learn from people and I see the light, like the entire world as a resource to be learn from the that’s why I love the internet what should talked about.

Scholars at the same time might to go at their entire life studying and not actually doing. You know how they say that those who cannot do, teach, it’s messed up to say but that’s sort of true with the Scholars. Sometimes scholars are just learning, learning, learning that they’re not actually putting those skills to practice because they just feel the need to learn more knowledge and a lot of times there like a free to take the next step because they feel like they don’t know enough and the thing is the problem is they know too much. They know too much so that’s why they don’t want to take the next step, whereas Warriors oftentimes they don’t know that much but they’re like “The step needs to be taken, let’s go for it” and like Warriors get a lot of places, they become Presidents because they are not afraid, there like to just go for the jump in and whereas scholars are like “Well will we have to research the data analysis and I don’t know how this is going to go, let’s make some spreadsheet and see where this is going to be five years from now and blah, blah, blah”. In this time that there are like analyzing other people are doing and they often times get left behind.

So a lot of times with Scholars I’ve notice there’s resentment, there is resentment of how can people be so short sighted and how can they jump in things when it doesn’t make sense but it actually comes from their own anger that they have not found the courage to take that step themselves. With Scholars it’s really important to obviously think and learn and see the world as this scribe but also do and sometimes you have to stop and thinking and just start feeling and feeling cannot be proved and a statistic or on a graph but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and Scholars have a really hard time understanding human emotions, for them it’s like “Well, the world is supposed to be as it is” and like “This is just how things are” and like “People die” and they see it black and white whereas it’s a thousand shades of gray and orange and silver and every color in between.

So scholars need to see that you know it’s not always by the book, there’s no right and wrong, there is no black and white. Everything has its own side and if you hear about a story from each person’s point of view you will see it in a totally new way. With Scholars on the con side they can sometimes be a little bit arrogant they feel like they know everything and that there is nothing left to learn, so it’s someone that they see that they are not going to learn from you then why should they talk to you, I mean I think we’ve all been around a Scholar that made us feel that way before like “You’re not smart enough for my time” and sometimes Scholars get into the state that they are always, always teaching that they are not learning and that can also alienate people as well because everyone has something to teach you even someone that is illiterate they probably have more to teach you than anyone. It’s not a battle of who can store the most knowledge in your mind, there are so many lessons that no words can ever describe.

Another thing with scholars as they tend to intellectualize things they will look at a horrific situation and try to make sense of it and say “Well the reason this happen is because he perform like this and she reacted like that da, da, da” and it’s like “No”, when your friend is telling you that her husband got mad at her for something just like feel for her, you don’t need to make sense of it, you don’t need to like give your hypothesis just be there for her. Scholars can sometimes be seen as overbearing because they think they know what’s right they might know the right way of doing it but that’s not always the best way of doing it is not always the right way for all people And on the flip side sometimes they can be passive sometimes they just let things happen they don’t take a stand because for them they’re too busy thinking and there’s a light in their own world, they can be very abstract but they are not doing, they can be too theoretical they are focus on like “What is the purpose of life da, da, da?” One’s like “Hey no, we got bills to pay”. I mean you will definitely see that a lot in L.A. people are like “On my meditation practice this came to me, that came to me” and it’s like “Okay, but we need to pay for gas”. Sometimes you need to also come down to planet earth.

Scholars I would say that most related to the Vata Dosha because Very heady it’s very in the mind and they need to tune back in with their bodies, they need to feel the Khaffa feel, the earth, they need feel the fire, feel the warrior and that is going to make them feel whole again and allow them to use that knowledge for good and act upon it and help people with it If you are someone that is a Scholar then taken note of are you alienating people all of your information or are you helping them? Are you acting upon this knowledge that you’ve gain or you just letting it sit in your head and not to be shared?

Famous scholars in the world like Albert Einstein he’s obviously such a scholar, such a genius and Tesla, even Abraham Lincoln, Deepak Chopra, a lot of this really intelligent people Eckhart Tolle there all scholars and may just have so much wisdom to share but all have their own things maybe someone can seem too boring or someone could seem to aloof for whatever it is Scholars were put on this planet to teach us and we have so much to learn from them. So, thanks Scholars.

So after the intelligent Scholar we have the expressive Sage. The Sage is the great communicator of the universe they are the storytellers, the actors, the musicians the entertainers. Their purpose is to entertain us essentially they were put on this planet to be a source of inspiration to communicate, to broadcast, to speak and they share, they tend to share values of wisdom, of beauty, of love, of comedy, harmony, even philosophy as well. The sages are a bit different than the scholars there a little bit more entertaining that they are often times like comedians they’re really good at just like sharing a story and making you super just involved in it they’re really expressive, they are articulate at the same time, they’re really good with their words, they’re light hearted, they’re fun, they’re friendly, it’s less serious than the Scholars it’s more just like an actor for example like Tina Fey would be an awesome example of a Sage because she’s just super entertaining and she’s obviously an extremely intelligent person but the way that she expresses that is not in a very scholarly way but it’s more in like a she’s implanting her wisdom through you without you even realizing it because you’re laughing the whole time.

Sages were put on this earth to perform. You may have been born knowing like you were meant to be on a stage and you feel the most at home when you’re in front of a group of people making them laugh or even make you cry making him feel something. Sages tends to be musicians, actors, storytellers, journalist, all sorts of things like that but on the flip side Sages sometimes can kind of manipulate other people and manipulate themselves so they kind of are known as like the used car salesman of the universe, sorry to say that but like they can they can get someone to do anything, they’re very, very good at being just conniving I don’t know, not always in a bad way but they know how to get what they want. The key role is Never argue with the stage because you will never win and they will figure out a rebuttal for over every single point that you have and they will always want to have the last word You can go back and forth with a Sage and they will bring in the badadadada so when you argue with a Sage you just got to let it go.

Sages live their lives on stage in a way they are always sort of performing and sometimes that can make them live a false life because they’re always looking for the applause around them, they are always looking for the appraisal and the “Good jobs” and the “You did it” but oftentimes that keeps them from living their actual truths because they want to be liked by people but sometimes they aren’t being who they truly want to be. They have a very strong need for fame which is not a bad thing at all, some people were meant to be famous, some people are meant to be in the public eye but sometimes they get too wrapped up in it that they just get lost in their own dramas and when they’re not getting attention they might throw tantrums because they need that drama and that attention on them so you will see like, when you have that friend on Facebook that all the time like her statuses are like this happened and that happened and they are freaking out and blah blah blah and everyone is like “Are you okay?” but it’s like every single day that something happens like that and they just need that attention, they thrive off of it. They do the best when all eyes are on them, it’s not a bad thing we just have to understand that’s part of their Archetype and if you are someone like that, that you just live for attention, how can you balance that and how can you find that fullness within yourself so you don’t need attention and the approval for other people but you can gain it in yourself?

If you are a Sage, you may sometimes feel like drama just follows you around, you might feel like people lie to you a lot, you might get into situations that people use you and maybe you came in with an open heart but the industry has sort of made you have like a black shell around it. A lot of people are very drawn to Sages because of the energy that they have and this is just cause they are so much fun and i want to be around that but sometimes they draw the attention of the wrong people and very deceptive people can kind of cease along that energy, that’s why we see a lot of times in the entertainment industry celebrities getting extremely use by their managers. That’s again the Sage dynamic of needing that attention, needing that approval and then the wrong person giving it to them.

If you are a Sage it is extremely important to find that inner peace within yourself. When you have found fullness you no longer look for the approval of others. You know that you have the ample source of energy but it doesn’t need to always be shown, you don’t always needs to have the funniest joke and be the most entertaining and it’s exhausting to always be acting like that. Like there are times you can just chill and I like not think of a cool comeback, be in the public eye and have an interesting story to tell that can really be exhausting. It’s important for Sages to just realize that they can just be and they don’t always have to pretend, the same feelings that Servers feel that they always have to help people.

Sages feel like they have to entertain people and entertaining is their way of helping the world you know without the comedians like the people on the daily show and Jon Stewart like people like that our world would be a worse place we need that sort of sense of humor so I really look up to the Sages for being able to bring that in but they have to be able to balance that out with like going inwards and not always you know having to be seen and heard before an audience.

So if you’re a Sage just work on that inwardness, focus less on how you look to others and more upon how you look within yourself. If you are in love with a Sage or you have a friend who is a Sage then give them the recognition that they want it really means a lot for them and sometimes the smallest gesture “That was awesome, you’re really funny or that’s really insightful” it means the world to them. So if you can tell that they’re looking for that, give it to them but at the same time don’t feel like you have to feed the ego

A lot of us are crosses, we can be Sage Servers, we can be Sage King which I’ll talk about later. So you may feel like that part of you and it might not be your full self, I can talk more about the dual thing is in another podcast episode, if you think you’re a Sage work on going inward and thanks for cracking us all up.

So now you may be wondering well what’s your Archetypes are, you know all about these Archetypes, which ones yours? You may have thought, maybe I was the Server, the Sage, or the Scholar, this one’s mine right here.

The Priest or the Priestess, the Priestess I’ll just call it in the feminine her purpose is to serve the higher good, it is similar to the server they both want to help people but the Priestess sees it as the larger masses. So while the server works really well in one-on-one settings the Priestess feels best when she is healing a group of people at once because she feels like there is much more that can be done when you’re speaking in front of a group of hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, whatever number of people than just one-on-one.

There is obviously a time and place for everything and you know besides speaking in groups they love talking to people one-on-one but they know that their highest selves purpose is to talk to people in front of groups The Priestess doesn’t just want to talk about anything, she’s not really there to entertain but she is there to raise the consciousness of this planet.

The Priestess feels like she was put on this earth to help raise people’s vibrations she was meant to inspire others to motivate them become their highest selves, funny enough is the name of my podcast. They say about 8% of the population have this Priest or Priestess role, so it’s pretty a rare role but their true sense of fulfillment are often the things that other people are afraid of they love public speaking, they love taking on like a huge task and getting it done, they’re really amazing channels, they are able to pick up on people’s energies superfast and they are super intuitive and in a way like they have the sort of enlightened aura about them, you come to them and you just feel like this feeling of peace.

They are often times are good looking people that’s what the Michael Teaching say and the reason that they were given good looking features is because they need to be approachable if they are not approachable then people aren’t going to listen to what they have to say. So a really good example of famous Priestess Barack Obama, whatever you think of him he’s very enthusiastic, he’s very inspirational, he has this energy about him that makes you want to be his friend and many say he’s a great looking person I don’t deny that.

People who have the Priest or Priestess energy they’re very high spirited, they’re brimming with energy, they are really good at just motivating an audience, they feel their best when they are healing the world with their words, they are very big picture focus people, they’re super passionate, sometimes they can come off as fiery but the intensity they have is to help people, so sometimes you might hear when I talk I’m like la la la la la im just so into it because I’m so enthusiastic and passionate about what I’m saying, passion is like my word of life, it has always been the word the resonates with me the most because anything I do, I do it with outmost passion.

Priests and priestesses they have this dynamic energy they are glowing but at the same time for some people it’s way too harsh and they might look at them as judgmental, they might look at them as just kind of preachy of course, they might be like “Oh my God you talk for so long, aren’t sick of hearing yourself talk?” my cousin always jokes with me she’s like “You’re like the Mullah” which is like the Islamic Cleric like “All you do is talk” for me I’m like “Well I just have a lot to share” and I’m not talking to hear myself speak, I’m talking to educate the masses but to the outside world it might just seem like I’m just talking way too much. So it’s really important if you are someone who’s a Priest or Priestess to be aware of that not everyone wants your advice, to many other people they see them as irrational. Priestess and Priest are very into the Utopia, the highest self, they are very spiritual and other people might be like “That’s impossible, you’re just singing Kumbaya”.

So people who are maybe like warriors or something they might be like “Oh my God you’re just all talk but no action” so they can definitely be those faults that happen and sometimes they can be overly zealous they want to do and achieve so much that again they like the Artisans they can start a lot of tasks and end up not finishing them Artisans tend to have more of an issue with this because they’re just super flowing in creative and moving. Priests have a lot more power to them they have a lot more Pitta to them So did you try to stop what you’re doing like if they’re passionate about something They will get it done look for me I set the intention for this podcast yesterday and I spent the entire day just recording podcast episode, for me a fire has been set under my bum and I’m like “Get this podcast done” that’s Priest energy but other people might be like “That’s intense, that’s too much, you’re not imbalance” so you have to take a note of both, it’s beautiful to look at both

With Priest if you feel like you were someone who wants to improve the world, you have a vision for the higher good, you don’t mind being in the public I buy or not it’s not really your main focus but you know that in order for major shifts to happen you have to put yourself out there. You easily just attract attention wherever you go people just tend to gravitate to you for advice just for the energy that you have, and you may have always just been a leader in your school, in your community, in your family, you may have been the black sheep in your family just going off with your own drum beat and you’re put on this world to inspire people. So don’t let other people’s ideas get before you, don’t let them say you’re to preachy, you’re talking too much, let that passion fuel through you because Priest you were given this light and it is your duty to allow it to shine.

Some famous Priests I mention, Obama was one, I’d like to say Angelina Jolie would probably be one, who else like Bernie Sanders is for sure one, Bernie Sanders is like hardcore Priest but he’s speaks so well and he just motivates you and he is all about for the higher good and some people say “Bernie is crazy” but he’s Bernie, you know. Anyone that their message is really their cause has that Priest energy.

Again if you’re a priest that you find yourself at a loss and you don’t know what to do, find a cause that matters to you most, so it may take a little bit of time i encourage you to get into different forms of healing like shamanism is a really good way to channel that Priest energy, anything that’s more active something like Reiki would be better for the Server because to do Reiki you have to be really passive and like allow yourself to become a medium and a light and it’s very soft energy whereas Priest is a little bit sharper. Shamanism really resonates with fellow Priestesses because it’s a very earthy, moving, you feel it, you sweat it and things like that you can feel in your body is really good for Priestesses.

Again if your Priest make sure that you don’t come off as self-righteous, make sure you don’t come off as, I mean you might come off as too preachy but try not to give your opinion when it’s not needed, allow people to ask for it or come to you, to all my fellow Priestess out there what’s up.

Now we’re going to go to the very last Archetype guys. The seventh Archetype is the King role and this is the rarest archetype which is about 4% of the population. Kings are the commander’s they naturally attention, commands power, commands authority. A king is a natural born leader, wherever they are people come to them when they need advice, they need guidance, they need just to be told what to do, they’re managers.

They lead less from this place of inspiration and be the light that Priest do but it’s more “Okay, this is what needs to be done” They have a very commanding presence, they speak with authority, they are perfectionist, they demand excellence from everyone, from themselves and all of those around them. They look to be the master in situations so they tend to often times just find themselves kind of like being the boss even if you’re working at like a gas station you just become the manager of the gas station anywhere you go you end up in that position of leadership it just comes to you, they’re really good at delegating jobs to the right people, they’re good at seeing the big picture, so they are really wonderful CEOS and things like that, again strong Pitta energy.

The Kings at the same time can be a little dominating. They are oftentimes viewed as controlling, demanding, overbearing, and also can shift into being tyrannical. The Kings need to have things their way it’s really hard for them to meet eye to eye with people because it’s sort of like this is my way and it’s my way or the highway. A lot of people have issues with the Kings specially if there’s someone that has their own strong personality, they feel like why should I listen to you, what do you know that I don’t? So the Kings can be seen as heartless, as inflexible, as intolerant, they might be you know insensitive to people’s emotions they share that with the Warriors, the Warriors and the Kings are both strong and Pitta fire energy but the Warriors are more doers, they’re more in their bodies, they are more about serving a purpose, they are very action oriented whereas the Kings more sit back but have other people do for them, they take more of a  managerial big picture role whereas the Warriors are like “Hey let me just get in there and get things done themselves” but they can both be scary especially if you’re like a Server or Artisan or something like that.

Kings in society tend to go into business, they tend to climb the corporate ladder and they go into politics. That is why in politics we see as often  times this battle of the egos everyone’s just wants to be the best. Public office is supposed to be about giving back and serving and we have all of these Kings in there so it’s kind of not the best fit but you can see Kings in other places like a famous King that I think is a King is Jennifer Lopez like she’s a boss, she knows what she wants, she gets it done, should definitely has an Artisan in her as well because she’s an artist but she has this Kingly energy that you know that she’s telling people, she’s calling the shots and whatever situation that she’s in and she kind of manifest these like relationships that she’s definitely the decision maker in them or so that’s how it appears at least.

Other Kings like Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs is a King and a Scholar so his very smart, very interested in learning about the world but at the same time he has this King like energy that he looks at the strengths of everyone around him and said “Hey you’re really good at computer software so I’m going to hire you to do this” what got Steve Jobs where he is and what created Apple was not that he did everything on his own but he was really good hiring the right people and that is king like energy.

Tony Robbins again he is like a Priest King, he is all about serving the highest people but at the same time he really hold his own, he’s created this huge movement for himself and it’s so organized all these components because of this King like energy that he has. So kings can be super, super compassionate as well but often times it can also turn tyrannical, also like Trump has a lot of King energy that he needs it done his way. He worked his way up the business til he got bored with it so now he wants politics because he wants more power, so he is very power hungry and that’s the King energy when gets too much and out of balance.

If you see yourself as a King you just naturally take control of situations, it’s really important for you to be mindful of other people’s emotions, you don’t need to prove yourself as the best, as the strongest, as the smartest, as number one. It’s not a competition and a true leader is aware of the emotions of even the most fragile person and their group. If you really want to make a difference and connect with your audience and your tribe be humble in your approach listen as much as you speak and use that King like energy where you are able to see where everyone’s good and put them in the right positions, use that for the greater good. I think Tony Robins is an excellent example, he uses his King like energy in serving, serving, serving, he has the super strong balance between those two and I wish Trump would follow suit.

If you are in a relationship or you’re friends with a King, just be mindful that yes they are trying to control the situation but they’re not meaning it to be rude, they are not trying to like put you down, it’s just how they operate, they probably don’t even see themselves doing it, it just comes to them very naturally and if you ever see a King doing it to someone else, don’t be afraid to stand up because Kings can be very scary but no one deserves to be put down. Sometimes it takes someone standing up for the King to be like “Oh okay I’m not actually a King right now I’m just a normal human being”. Sometimes they can forget that and I need a little bit of a reminder.

Kings, make sure you are in a place that gives you the control and the managerial powers that you want but at the same time don’t turn into a ruthless authoritarian and stay balanced and stay true to who you are and use your leadership skills for good.

So those are the seven Archetypes and I’m super curious now that you’ve heard about all of them which ones you resonate with. I wrote an article which is on eatfeelfresh.com, if you click on the articles page eatfeelfresh.com/articles you can read all about the teachings there I’ve written all about them and I would love to hear which Archetypes you resonate with.

Please share on the mind-body balancers Facebook group, if you’re not in the group I’ll put the link in the show notes and tell me where you stand like for me Priestess but definitely I feel the Server, I feel the Artisan, I feel them all but that’s the one that comes through to me so I want to hear what comes through to you and like what are the ones that are like “Oh I know someone I’m my life that’s like that but I could never be like that” It just takes our inner knowing to another level when we can interacts with these Archetypes because these Archetypes show up everywhere and now that we see them were able to recognize them, when we meet someone we can instantly say “Okay, they fit with that Sage Archetype” so maybe this is what they are going to be like in friendship and relationship and this and that. It allows you to become much more perceptive and know what to expect. Now I’m not saying like go round and immediately judge people based on their Archetype but it adds a tool to your tool shed for perception and for intuition and for awareness and all these things help you become your highest self because to become your higher self you must be in tune with the world and people around you.

I hope that was really interesting for you guys, I know what I first heard about the Michael Teachings it was like fascinating for me and it just I still use it every single day I always whenever I’m with my clients I’m like “You’re such as this and that” it really has helped me to make sense of things and I love to relate them to the Doshas because they really go hand in hand. Can’t wait to see what you guys post in the Facebook group and if you have any questions you can leave a comment on my blog post on eatfeelfresh.com and can’t wait to see you guys my beautiful Archetypes, bye.

Episode 005 – The Seven Universal Archetypes and Discovering Yours

By Sahara Rose


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