Highest Self Podcast 498: How To Have Energetic Orgasms with Bibi Brzozka

To me – spirituality is not about leaving this human experience and having no pleasure, no sensation, and no desires. But rather being integrated into the full human experience. This includes my emotions, my bliss, shadows, sensuality, and the full spectrum of what makes me alive.

This week’s Highest Self Podcast Episode with Bibi Browshka is all about your body being an orgasmic wonderland! We share about the many types of orgasms, tantric approaches, how to access your pleasure, and how orgasms do not need to be a goal but rather a state of being.

We also dive into the importance of the sounds you can make to accompany pleasure, misconceptions of BDSM, how to be sensual without penetration, erotic blueprints, the power of slower sex, and SOUL much more!

This episode will have you hanging on every single last word! Whether you are in a relationship, dating, or single – this episode is for YOU because pleasure and sensuality are universal and meant to be felt by everyone (and often!) I hope this conversation serves as a reminder of the bliss that you deserve to feel. Enjoy!

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Episode #498: How To Have Energetic Orgasms with Bibi Browshka
By Sahara Rose

[00:00] Sahara

It’s not about reaching orgasm as a goal, but rather it’s riding the wave. So, can you speak a little bit, what does it mean to ride the orgasmic wave?

[00:08] Bibi

Yeah, beautiful. So, it actually is, to sum it up, opposite of what we are doing as a default in our society, because we only know one type of an orgasm, it’s a climatic orgasm and it comes down to a build-up of pleasure in our genitals, then there is an explosion, a climax, a release of that energy, and it’s followed by a contraction.

We, in Tantra, like to call it a peak orgasm because it’s sharp, it’s short, it usually lasts about from 5-15 seconds, and there is so much more than that. But again, this is mainly the orgasm that we see on pornography and this is what we think the orgasm is, but there is so much more to it.

So, what I like to talk about is Vali orgasm. And really, a Vali orgasm is an opposite experience. So, when in the peak orgasm, we focus on the genitals, here, we really allow the pleasure, and that energy, and that eros, to move and expand for our whole body.


[01:25] Sahara

Welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast! My name is Sahara Rose and this Podcast is all about taking spirituality and making it modern, fun, juicy, relatable. 

I bring on my personal teachers and friends to guide you on this journey of embodying your fullest expression. Because, to me, spirituality is not about leaving this human experience and having no pleasure, and no sensation, and no desires, and living as a monk in the Himalayas by yourself, but rather, it’s being integrated in the full human experience. And that includes our emotions, that includes our pleasure, that includes our shadows, it includes the full spectrum of what makes us alive.

[02:06] Sahara

And personally, I have been on a tantric path, I am on a path of really embodying the sacral chakras energy, which is that second chakra related to pleasure, creativity, abundance. 

And for me, tuning into my own sensations and what feels activated within me, opens up sparks of ideas and insights that I then share with the world.

[02:29] Sahara

So, the past few years, on this tantric journey, I came across this incredible teacher. In fact, she’s been on the Podcast before, we’ll share more of her story but I’m just going to, like, give you a little micro dose right now. 

[02:41] Sahara

I went to this workshop of hers, in Tulum, and it was this energetic lovemaking workshop, and that name really called to me of, you know, I’m a very energetic person and I’m like “How can we bring that into our lovemaking?” And this queen literally lies down on the ground and has a full body orgasm in front of all of us, without touching herself, with her clothes fully on, like, there is nothing, she’s just lying down, having an orgasm, like, in front of 60 people. And I was blown away! First of all, just by her courage of doing that, but also the fact that it just showed me that it’s possible to have an orgasm without anyone touching you, without you touching yourself, just through the waves of energy. And the truth is, that I’ve learned now, years later, is, we are living orgasms. Like, if you think about it, we are an orgasm that came to life, and sprouted legs, and is listening to the Highest Self Podcast now, we are living orgasms.

And if you’ve ever experienced with psychedelics or with meditation, sometimes when you tap into your true nature, you feel that orgasmic energy and you remember “This is who I am”. 

So, it’s really like a radio channel that we can tune into at any time, and when we can tune into that orgasmic channel, we realize that that energy was always available for us. And this is so profound, whether we are single, in relationship or not.

[04:05] Sahara

You know, for me, on my single journey now, I’ve realized that I don’t need anyone else to feel orgasmic, and that releases that pressure of “I need to find someone” or “I need to make something work”, and seeking anything outside of yourself, because, the truth is, every part of your body is orgasmic and you can always tune into an orgasmic state.

[04:24] Sahara

So, this Episode is all about your body being an orgasmic wonderland. We were like “What should we call it”, we’re like “Your Body’s an Orgasmic Wonderland”, duh!

And we’re going to be dropping into the many types of orgasm, but infusing in that tantric, sensual approach, because orgasm is not a goal to get to. And we’re going to be speaking about that, that’s a very western model of like “Oh, I need to have sex or I need to masturbate to have an orgasm”, and it’s not the point, but rather, looking at orgasm as a state of being, a state of consciousness.

[04:56] Sahara

And if you look at the koshas, the layers of our energy bodies, in the Vedic wisdom, our truest body is Ananda Maya Kosha, which means bliss. So, actually, who you are at your core, is bliss, it’s just, we have forgotten.

[05:12] Sahara

So, with that, without further ado, let’s welcome queen, the founder of Energetic Lovemaking, my personal friend and teacher, Bibi.


[05:21] Sahara

Welcome, on The Highest Self Podcast, so good to have you back!

[05:24] Bibi

I know, I’m so excited, especially that I have received so many beautiful messages and feedback after our last episode, we definitely planted seeds for a lot of orgasms.

[05:35] Sahara

Yes! We’ve had almost 100k people, now, listen to that episode, and it’s one of the top most downloaded episodes on The Highest Self Podcast. 

So, here we are now, two years later, with so much more experience, and I’m excited to see where this conversation takes us. And we’ve taken it up a notch of what we talk about on the Podcast.

So, what I love about you is like, when we’re together, we’re like “Let’s get specific here. Like, what are we doing, wait, what position was that, can we share more?”

So, before we get into all of that, those juicy details, I would love to ask you what makes you your highest self?

[06:07] Bibi

Yeah. What makes me my highest self, and this is actually something so related to what you do, really being in my purpose and being of service, and it’s just, especially alive.

Before this Podcast today, I was on some of the group calls with my students and just listening to the breakthroughs and listening to the transformation and witnessing it and knowing that I can be a portal to that, just makes me feel alive, makes me feel fulfilled, and this is the best feeling that I can experience.

[06:41] Sahara

Yes! Purpose and pleasure are really hand-in-hand, you know, because when you step into your purpose, you experience so much pleasure, but you also remember how important it is.

And sometimes when we’re just like “I need to work, I need to achieve”, we forget about pleasure, and that’s why so many of us don’t have pleasure practices. We don’t prioritize sex with our partners, we don’t even prioritize intimacy in general.

And we were chatting this weekend about how we often, we schedule time with our friends, we schedule time to go, even, to the gym, we schedule time for our work, but do we schedule time for intimacy, even with ourselves? And for most of us, even one hour a week, it sounds like too much and it’s like, the thing that we want more than anything, but we don’t prioritize it.

[07:24] Bibi

Absolutely. And I know that there is a lot of talk about scheduling time and it can be a really trendy thing, and also, there’s also a lot of resistance towards it because people have that idea that it’s going to take away the spontaneity of it and it’s going to become mechanical.

But something that I also shared with you this weekend, is that, currently in my Couple’s Course, the number one realizations that those couples had, that when they were continuously lacking and they were behind with the home play, they realized that, often, they don’t even have one hour a week for their intimacy. And for them it was a huge ‘aha’ moment because all of them want to have sexually thriving relationships. But if you don’t even dedicate one hour a week to that, let’s be honest, it’s going to be challenging that it’s thriving, and especially long term, right?

[08:14] Sahara

Absolutely! So, step one, put an hour a week for your self-pleasure. And I want to just talk about orgasmic energy and how it’s not about reaching orgasm as a goal, but rather, it’s riding the wave. So, can you speak a little bit about what does it mean to ride the orgasmic wave?

[08:32] Bibi

Yeah, beautiful. So, it actually is, to sum it up, opposite of what we are doing as a default in our society, because we only know one type of an orgasm, it’s a climatic orgasm and it comes down to a build-up of pleasure in our genitals, then there is an explosion, a climax, a release of that energy, and it’s followed by a contraction.

We, in Tantra, like to call it a peak orgasm because it’s sharp, it’s short, it usually lasts about from 5-15 seconds, and there is so much more than that. But again, this is mainly the orgasm that we see on pornography and this is what we think the orgasm is, but there is so much more to it.

So, what I like to talk about is Vali orgasm. And really, a Vali orgasm is an opposite experience. So, when in the peak orgasm, we focus on the genitals, here, we really allow the pleasure, and that energy, and that eros, to move and expand for our whole body, so, that’s number one. 

The peak orgasm is focused on the build-up on pleasure, right, on movement, on action, a lot of doing. Here, it’s going to be the opposite, we are actually doing less and being more. And I like to say, instead of chasing and forcing, we are allowing and inviting. 

That short-peaked orgasm is, again, short, 5-15 seconds, that Vali orgasm can be as long as you want, but it’s a prolonged, it’s a state of being, right, it’s, you don’t have an orgasm, you become orgasmic. A good Vali orgasm is, I would say, at least 20 minutes. 

And another thing we do here is, instead of…

[10:18] Sahara

So, you’re feeling orgasmic energy for 20 whole minutes?

[10:22] Bibi

You can feel, yes, you feel orgasmic for 20 minutes, half an hour, really, as long as you want to because, again…

[10:28] Sahara

But you never climax, correct?

[10:31] Bibi

I don’t climax in the way that I don’t climax from genitals (I’m going to come back to that wave) because what’s important here is that we are not directing the energy downwards and outwards, we’re directing the energy inwards and upwards. 

So, I’m going to combine all that information, I think, you know, one of my talents is, I’m very practical and relatable, and I make things easy, and it’s easier for people to apply. So, we’re going to combine that with pleasure scale.

So, again, we want to start observing how aroused we are, from 1-10, 1 – we are not aroused at all, 10 – we are having an orgasm, and we’re not going to run from 1-10, right. 

So, normally, the average time of sex in our society is 5.4 minutes.

[11:18] Sahara

I just can’t believe that. When you told me that, I’m like “The average person is having sex for five minutes?!”

[11:23] Bibi

Mm-hm, yeah. Actually, when it comes to ejaculation, especially, more than half of men ejaculate within less than 2 minutes. So…

[11:32] Sahara

Men, come on! We need 20 minutes just to warm up! No, 35 minutes, according to… 

[11:37] Bibi


[11:39] Sahara

Can you imagine!?

[11:41] Bibi

Yeah, so, we kind of run, we sprint, from 1-10, right? So, there’s few consequences of that, of we sprint. First of all, there is not enough time for us to fully relax, so, there is not enough time to create space for this energy to expand, there is not enough time to build up more of that energy and to start circulating that, right? There’s not enough time for this relaxation, non-doing, surrender, invitation. There’s this grasping, chasing, forcing, right?

And when we start to ride that wave, we can bring ourselves to a 7 and then slow down a little bit and surf that 7, breathe into that 7, observe where in the body that 7 is.

[12:27] Sahara

Okay, what does this 7 feel like exactly? Because, to me, and I like to just be vulnerable on here, it’s like, when you feel an orgasm coming, it’s like you are, kind of, focused on that energy because you want to have an orgasm. So, what is it like to just stay at the 7?

[12:44] Bibi

So, let me, maybe it will be easier if I explain a little bit how it feels like to be at a 3, okay? 3 vs. 9, how about that?

So, a 9 is, imagine that the fire is burning, you put a lot of wood, the fire is burning, there’s a lot of heat and it’s quite overwhelming, you can’t really be fully present with so much heat, right?

With the 3, there’s less wood in that fire, the fire is lower, it’s less heat…

[13:13] Sahara

Is 3 like kissing?

[13:15] Bibi

3 can be kissing. But that’s also what’s interesting here, I want to say. So, let’s say, you can be kissing and you focus all your awareness to that point of touch. So, you, kind of, really meditate on your lips, right? So, not thinking about what’s coming next, or are we going to penetrate or not, you’re fully enjoying that sensation in your lips, and then you breathe into it and you sound into it, so you can, kind of, intensify that experience through breath, through sound. So, this feels, that energy starts to expand and it’s even more delicious and it expands to the bigger area of your body and you’re becoming even more present. So, we can use the breath, and the sound, and the movement, to help us ride that wave.

[14:08] Sahara

So, one thing, because I took one of your classes, and you mention using the breath and the sound, and I was like “Well, isn’t it weird if I’m, like, kissing someone, I’m like “Mm. Ah”, you know. So, it’s like, how do we bring in, like, sound without the too spiritual, you know what I mean?

[14:26] Bibi

Yeah. And you, I’m sure you also teach this is the Goddess collective, but our throat and our womb, and those two centers, the sex center and our throat, are two of the centers that, historically, has been most suppressed for women, right? So, actually, sounding is really huge.

So, on one hand, it really changes the game, okay, because the vocal cords are connected to our Vigus nerve, so we’re actually tuning into the Vigus nerve, we’re relaxing, but we’re also letting go and we’re building the energy up, we’re also creating vibration, so that allows that energy to be distributed over the body.

And I want to say the following, at the beginning, it might sound at bit awkward, okay.

[15:16] Sahara

What kind of sounds are you talking about here?

[15:17] Bibi

It can be “Ahh”, just as simple sigh. It can be “Mmmm”, “Mmmm”, “Ahhh”.

[15:25] Sahara

These are hot, I like these sounds.

[15:27] Bibi

But what’s so beautiful about it, Sahara, is, once you truly let yourself go, once you truly allow this energy to move and you go into those orgasmic states, your critical mind, which is there, telling you that you are sounding weird and that you’re going to be judged for that, is quiet, it’s not online and it all stops to really be relevant. And you’re just allowing that energy to move through you and that sound will come naturally, you’re not even going to be thinking if you’re doing “Ahh” or “Ohh”, it will just move through you. And the more energy will be moving through you, the more sound there will be, and vice versa, because it’s a two-way street.

[16:07] Sahara

Yes. On the topic of sound, you know, I think a lot of us, as teenagers, when we started, you know, self-pleasuring, you didn’t want your parents to know, so you taught yourself how to be quiet, because that would be so embarrassing, right? So, we have learned – and also, a lot of us have roommates, lived in apartments, things like that, so, we’ve trained ourselves to be silent in this thing that, or to make sounds in a performative way, based on porn, which is not actually what the sounds that they would want to make. 

[16:34] Bibi

Absolutely, and I just want to say that we’ve kind of, almost, lost this ability to have that natural sound of pleasure because on one hand, it is suppressed, and even as a child, it was uncomfortable to catch your parents having sex, right, or just the idea of that? So, we’re suppressing some things that are part of our natural expression. So, what happens then, it comes out of the opposite end as perverse and then we have pornography with all the performative pleasure and fake sounds (and I was guilty of that myself), and where is this natural way of sounding for your pleasure? We almost lost that ability.

[17:15] Sahara

And I think it’s like, informing your partner, you know, of, like, the way that this would be helpful for them, that you can actually feel more when you make sounds, because you’re immersed in the experience and using all of your senses. And the more of our senses that we bring online, the more full body it becomes.

[17:32] Bibi

Absolutely. And to me, sound is also non-verbal communication as well, because if someone is touching you, or you’re completely silent, what are you communicating? You are communicating you’re not feeling much and then what happens is, that, often, our partners will go into a more intense stimulation because they think we’re not feeling. Instead, if someone is touching you and you are communicating with your breath, then it’s so much more easy to start dancing together as partners and have that feedback.

[18:09] Sahara

Totally! Then you know that person is enjoying this, if not, you’re like “Okay, did they not like this, did they like this?”, and then you’re, like, trying different things. But then, people, yeah, they’re not sharing because of whatever shame.

Okay, so…

[18:21] Bibi

I’m going to add two more things, two, three things.

[18:23] Sahara

Okay, because we want to continue this wave and go through all the numbers.

[18:25] Bibi

One, we actually can have sound-gasms, or voice-gasms. So, I recommend, if you want to, guys, experiment with that, bring yourself to an arousal level of an 8, pause the stimulation and start sounding really loud, and observe what happens. 

And what I am also playing with, since I was having a couple of dates with a lover over Zoom, who was far away, on the other side of the planet, I can actually, also, orgasm to someone else orgasming, just hearing them. I can orgasm to the sound of an orgasm, it’s so hot, it’s so powerful. So, there is so much we can do here with the sound, so I really encourage everyone. And the more resistant you are, the more of a breakthrough there will be on the other side. 

[19:11] Sahara

I love that! Okay, so, a 3 could be just feeling the sensation on your lips, starting to feel like, putting the fire in the embers. So, what does that, you said around a 6 or 8 is where you would pause?

[19:27] Bibi

So, to be honest, again, once you get into a state of flow, you’re, kind of, going to, intuitively, move through it rather than exactly giving it numbers. But I would say, you want to start observing – for men, it’s very clear, it, kind of, is a point of no return, for us, we don’t really have that point, we’re multi-orgasmic. But just, to a point where you can easily slow down. 

So, where’re you’re getting to a point, Sahara, you mentioned, that you really don’t want to slow down and that slowing down feels like a burden, then maybe you went too far.

[20:01] Sahara

So, that would be like a 9?

[20:03] Bibi

9, for some. So, there’s also an interesting part to it. The more you practice that, that point will move higher. So, probably, when some people start, it might be at a 7, but the more you practice this, you will be able to hold more and more pleasure in your body, without a needing to release, without a needing to climax. So, you start with a 7, but a few months into this practice, you might realize that it’s actually an 8 or a 9.

[20:34] Sahara

And that’s like sexual maturity, you know, to be able to hold and be in turn-on energy without needing to have a climax. And I feel like a lot of times, we are conditioned, again, the first times that we had sex is like, we just stay like that, and it’s like – you know, we’ve shared different stories of things, which I won’t get into, but I think it’s important for us to know, like, you can be in a state of turn-on and, you know, be really into each other, and it not lead to sex, and that still be enough. It’s just our western model thinks like “Oh, if you guys are kissing and making out, like, you have to cum at the end”.

[21:12] Bibi

Absolutely. And you know, I shared many times, I don’t think we talked about this in the last Episode, but what I really love are the breast-gasmic dates.

[21:20] Sahara

Oh, yes, let’s get into that!

[21:23] Bibi

And I love to play with eros, I’m a sensual person, but I don’t necessarily want to have penetration with every guy I meet. And so, there is this – and I feel there’s so much awkwardness in this realm, in our society, and I get asked this question so often. 

So, I actually, how do I go about that? I communicate this from the very beginning and it’s an invitation. So, if I’m vibing with someone, I would ask “Hey, I feel attracted, I feel tingling in my body and I would like to play with that, and would you be open for a sensual breast-gasmic date, where I guide you through a breast massage where we engage sensually, maybe energetically, but I would keep it within the boundaries of staying in our underwear and honoring that boundary. Are you open for that?” So, that is, from the very beginning, very clear. 

[22:24] Sahara

Yes, so there’s no irkiness of “Is this leading to something else? Is this foreplay?”, it’s like, no, this is the meal.

[22:31] Bibi

Exactly! And at the beginning, everyone looks at me and is like “Wow, really?!” And so many of my clients put this into practice and the feedback that I get is absolutely amazing.

I also teach at a lot of festivals, and this tool has been so beautiful. So many women came to me saying “Okay, we met someone at this 3-day festival, not necessarily ready to penetrate, and we invited those partners for breast-gasmic dates and it was so beautiful”.

And usually, actually, the partners say yes. I know hat there’s the idea that you’re going to be laughed at and maybe judged for this, but it’s really, very rarely, the case because, especially men, they, not very often, hear a woman who knows what she wants, who’s actually being very clear about her desires, and they’re curious, they’re open. So, really, really play with that. 

[23:29] Sahara

I love that so much because people would think “Oh, Bibi, you’re a tantra teacher, you must have, like, all this crazy sex all the time”, and I asked you that, you’re like, no, most of the time, like, 99% of the time, there’s no penetration involved because it’s your temple and it really is so intimate. So, there are other ways that you could play with sensual and sexual energy that are actually not sex at all.

[23:52] Bibi

Absolutely. And first of all, I am a sensual, energetic, blueprint, I’m not a sexual blueprint. I like penetration, but I get even more lit up if there is a slow, sensual teasing and I can go for hours like that. So, there’s the sensual play, there’s the energetic play, right, without penetration, sometimes even without touch, and there’s, of course, BDSM and Kink.

[24:18] Sahara

And we’re going to get into sensual doming and doming you did on me at Envision Festival, we’re going to get into all of that. But I want to go through all the different types of orgasm, because your entire body is capable of being orgasmic.

[24:32] Bibi


[24:32] Sahara

You Your wrists can be orgasmic, your ear can be orgasmic, and then, of course, your outer labia, inner labia, G-spot, A-spot, cervix, perineum, the list goes on. 

So, let’s talk about that, of all the different types of orgasms. So, you started with breast, and let’s go into that a little bit more, how we can have breast-gasms?

[24:50] Bibi

Yes. So, first, I’m even going to take a step back and I’m going to divide into two types. So, I would say, physical orgasms, would be one category, and energetic orgasms would be another category. So, breasts will come to the physical, right?

Because we are starting with the breasts, so, the nipples – actually, there was research done, no, it’s not a spiritual woo-woo, the nipples are connected, and when we stimulate the nipples, the same part of the brain lights up then when we are actually having G-spot orgasms or clitoral orgasms. So, research confirms that we can have breast-gasms. 

So, I teach a lot of breast massage – so, no, we’re not going to go straight to the nipples – really, massage the whole breasts, warm them up, you always want to start with the least erogenous zones, from the outside of the breasts, slowly coming closer to the nipples. And really, this whole area is sensitive, so, playing with the whole area.

[25:49] Sahara

And even just massaging your heart.

[25:52] Bibi


[25:52] Sahara

Opening your heart in this way, and tapping your heart, because we all hold so much, so many layers and being guarded, that for me, I just, like, touch my heart and really open that up and feel so much love for myself.

[26:05] Bibi

Why don’t I share three of my favorite moves when it comes to breast massage.

[26:09] Sahara


[26:10] Bibi

And I love, you just inspired me, because one of my favorite moves, I call it rain drops, so, literally, it’s a little bit of tapping, literally. But when you’re really aroused, that’s going to feel so delicious. And I tap all over the breasts, and especially focusing on the area of the heart. And to me, this is actually the number one gateway to heart-gasms, and my lovers learn that pretty quickly and they tap, or when I have a Zoom date, they tell me to tap my heart and I almost immediately go into a heart-gasm. So, that would be one, the rain drops.

Another one that I really like is an infinity, and you can do this with a feather, you can do this with your fingertips or with the entire hand and coconut oil. Why I love this move is because it just reminds me of the infinite potential of our breasts, you know, there’s a double meaning to this. 

And another one that I really, really like is what I call palm dust. And I have really, really sensitive nipples, so I am open for squeezing, but really, maybe 20 minutes into the stimulation. But what I really like is teasing, and again, I am an energetic sensual type. So, what I like to say is, when this is your nipple, you kind of hover your palm around the nipples and tease, and I call it palm dust. So, these are some, but there’s many more and, you know, I hope…

[27:33] Sahara

And when we tease, we actually allow our bodies to reach the totality of the turn-on, which is going to make, even if you have sex or penetration, so much better. But most of us are preemptively going into it, that we’re not at our full blossom. You know, it’s like a rose and it’s like, partially starting to bud, but like not really, and, like, then tearing it off, it’s like, it never reached its full potential.

And I think that so many of us, we feel pressured because men tend to just be faster, they don’t need as much stimulation and then we feel guilty about taking too much time and, you know, being annoying, and we feel like they’re not patient with us so we, like, force ourselves to get into it and that’s why so many women need, like, lots of lube, or even have pain with penetration. So, doing these things is going to allow you and your partner to have better sex for both of you, when you’re able to really tease yourself and make your body want it and call it in.

[28:29] Bibi

Exactly. I like to say you create a yearning, right? And there’s even a funny saying, or a little anecdote, that I can say, that I want to share here, makes people laugh, and actually it’s a beautiful metaphor because there’s a story you can say, that we want to worship a woman’s body to a point that she’s begging for penetration, and she should actually beg three times before we enter her.

[28:53] Sahara

I love that. That’s really funny because, in Persian weddings, the man has to ask the woman three times if he wants to get married, and she has to say no, no, and the third time she says yes. So, there’s something about asking them three times.

[29:05] Bibi

I loved it, I loved it. And really, so, you know, this is where we are really, really open.

[29:11] Sahara

And that’s hot.

[29:12] Bibi

It’s hot.

[29:13] Sahara

Of like “I want it”, it’s like “Nope, you can’t have it”, it’s like “Oh, I want it”, like, that is like, then you’re going to be so ready for it.

[29:18] Bibi

Exactly, that’s where we’re going to touch on Kink, in a second, right?

[29:22] Sahara

Okay. So, we’ve got the breast-gasms, what else?

[29:25] Bibi

Well, we have some of the obvious orgasms, so, we have the orgasm of the – actually, those are on the outside, maybe, little less obvious. Apart from clitoral orgasm, so, I’m going to skip that because, usually, there’s a lot of conversation about that one. But I want to talk a little bit about the orgasm of the entrance of the vagina, there are so many pleasure nerves.

So, I definitely can feel like a separate orgasm there, and there’s also a U-spot. So, this is literally our pee hole that has skinned lines on the left and right side of the pee hole, and it’s actually, therefore, called U-spot because it can be orgasmic as well. I definitely experience orgasms that are really, really laser focused on that spot.

So, even on the outside, we can have so many different types of orgasmic experiences. Then, when we venture inside of our vagina, we, of course, can have G-spot, and an A-spot, and a cervical orgasm, we also can have anal orgasms. So, this would be all kind of typical physical orgasms.

Now, there are also some orgasms that will be kind of on the verge of, I would say, physical and energetic. So, I experience an ear-gasm or a neck-gasm. And then, also, there are all types of energetic orgasms, from that full body orgasm, energy orgasm, vali orgasm, but also a sad-gasm, or a love-gasm, or an anger-gasm. 

And to be honest with you all, I don’t even think we can, kind of, give a complete list because there are infinite possibilities.

[31:06] Sahara

I think if you just take enough time with any part of your body, it will become orgasmic.

[31:11] Bibi


[31:11] Sahara

It’s like you’re giving it that love and attention. And I know, like, inside your elbows and knees, are really, just like anywhere that’s sensitive on your body, even just like gently touching and stroking your arm with the tips of your finger up and down, it feels orgasmic.

[31:26] Bibi

And I love that you mention that because yes, we have all these non-genital erogenous zones that we kind of know, it’s not maybe something you heard for the first time, but I’m really going to ask everyone who’s listening to pause and observe and reflect, are you spending time stimulating those zones. And is this our scalp or our ear, neck, the inside of the wrist, the inside of the elbow, our hips, the inside of the knee, our feet, our ankles, and actually, research shows that there’s at least 12% of women that can have orgasms just from stimulating those areas alone.

[32:07] Sahara

I thought you were going to say ankles, I was like “Wow, ankle-gasms!”

[32:11] Bibi

Yeah, ankle-gasms.

[32:12] Sahara

Yeah, some people are into feet stuff, maybe that’s why.

[32:15] Bibi

Yeah, but those are really…

[32:18] Sahara

And foot massages can feel orgasmic too.

[32:19] Bibi


[32:20] Sahara


[32:20] Bibi


[32:20] Sahara

And to mix and match them, that you could be having, you know, sex or foreplay, or something, but then touch the back of their knees or inside their elbows, and it’s like, I feel like we, the moment it becomes sexual, we’re so focused on genitals. And it’s like, sometimes, bringing it to another area that’s maybe not used to being touched, it creates this new feeling.

[32:42] Bibi

Absolutely. And trust me, those are really, really, really delicious. And when it comes to breast-gasmic dates, so, I often get asked, okay, your partners ae mostly men in this case, I also have done breast-gasms with women (breast-gasmic dates), but they gift me with this kind of stimulation and I often give to them, with the stimulation of the neck and the ears areas. And I have given so many neck-gasms and ear-gasms, and therefore, I know it really, really works.

But just, again, building up areas of excitement and anticipation, and really slowing down and focusing on that specific area can be so delicious.

[33:25] Sahara

So, this is a natural segway into our exploration at Envision Festival where I was DJ-ing and you were there, it was so much fun, you were with a friend. And you were telling me “I just went to this Tantra meets BDSM retreat and I’ve channeled this new modality called The Sensual Domming”, I’m like “Tell me everything”. And you taught me it, and I was doing it on our friend Mickey and we were all, like, practicing and you were giving us feedback. And it was so cool because, you know, for many of us, the BD… like, a lot of us who listen to this Podcast, we’re spiritual and we’re probably sensual/energetic blueprint, which is my own, and if you’re not sure, I’ll link the podcast below that we did with Miss Jai, who created the Erotic Blueprint Archetypes. But sensual is like, you need, you love to listen to the music, and the candles, and the sensation, and take your time, and feel the energy. And then, actually, energy is more like, it’s not even just about the sensation, but it’s more about just the energy and the thought of it.

[34:24] Bibi

Even anticipation.

[34:25] Sahara

Anticipation. Yeah, she gave this really amazing analogy of how you would eat a cake, says your erotic blueprint.

So, she said “Let’s say there was like this delicious chocolate, vegan, gluten-free, keto cake in front of you, what would attract you the most about it?” Would it be just the thought of knowing that you had this cake waiting at home in your kitchen, you’re just thinking about “Oh, I can’t wait to go home and eat that cake?”, so, that’s the energetic. Or is it, you open up that cake, you put on perfect music, some Masango, you light your candles, you dim your lights, you start gently touching…

[35:05] Bibi

You have this whole ceremony around the cake.

[35:06] Sahara

You have this ceremony.

[35:07] Bibi

That’s also me.

[35:07] Sahara

Then you just slowly put that cake in your mouth and swirl it around your mouth, and you’re feeling it and it just tastes so good and so rich, you’re like “Mmm, this cake is just so delicious”, that’s me, that’s the sensual. Or are you like “I’m going to eat this cake, mmh, put it in my mouth, give me that cake, ahh, it’s so good!”, that’s the sexual. Or you’re like “Hey, you’re not allowed to eat this cake until I tell you, you can eat this cake! Whoosh! You’d better be a good girl if you want to eat that cake”.

[35:42] Bibi

I love it.

[35:42] Sahara

Or like “You can eat that cake, but you can only use your mouth and you can’t use your hands, let’s see how you can do it”, that’s…

[35:50] Bibi

I love those analogies, so, so good!

[35:53] Sahara

So, that – or, it just, like, depends on your mood, and that’s the shapeshifter. So, I feel like that basically describes the Erotic Blueprints, you don’t need to do the quiz.

But for a lot of us who listen to this Podcast, I find, is sensual and energetic mostly, and then a lot of Kink, like, we all watched Fifty Shades of Grey and it’s like dark, and painful, and we’re like “I don’t want pain”, like “I don’t want to be tortured”. But there’s something really hot about, like, that polarity that happens with the dom and the sub, of like, letting yourself surrender and be ravished, and that’s that deep feminine yearning of just like, letting yourself be, like, adored and ravished, and someone just wants you so badly.

[36:34] Bibi

They cannot resist.

[36:35] Sahara

Yeah. And I feel like that’s the core feminine desire, and the core masculine desire is to penetrate, and that’s where these Kink polarities can come in.

So, what you’ve created and you’re, like, really developing right now with sensual dom, is infusing the Kink dynamics, power dynamics, but not painful, instead make it sensual and soft. So, can you share a little bit how to work with this?

[36:57] Bibi

Yeah. So, I want to just say that I also had my judgment around BDSM and Kink, and even when I was filling up the test, initially, of the Erotic Blueprints, I scored very low on Kink, because, to be honest with you, I realized, I actually never really experienced it in a conscious container, so I was like, I’m saying no to those things, but I never really tried them.

[37:19] Sahara

It’s like somebody slaps your ass out of nowhere, you’re like “Ouch”.

[37:21] Bibi

Exactly. But once, but there was something, a lover planted a seed and there was a curiosity, and I’m always yes for exploration. And the tantra and BDSM was really even more inviting for me. And again, my mind was blown away by the depth of it, by the variety of it, and by the fact, what I didn’t realize really, is that, the Kinky Blueprint is the one that can, let’s say, play or combine with all the other blueprints in the easiest way because you can play kinky and energetic, and kinky and sensual. And so, there is, again, such a beautiful way to create a variety of experiences.

Now, I, you know, I’m just at the beginning of my dom journey (dom and sub and BDSM journey), but, because I am sensual and energetic, that combination of kinky with sensual energetic felt so natural, felt so home, that it almost, you know, that I felt like, you know, it’s been in me forever. And what I love about that is, that kinky can be very subtle.

So, imagine that I’m just going to blindfold you or I might just tie up your hands, we’re going to do sense deprivation, right? So, you cannot see and you cannot move, and then I’m going to start, sensually, tease you with a feather. So, the same kind of stimulation will be so much more intense because you’re focusing all your senses on that feather touch. And because the fact, and in way you cannot move, but there is pleasure, you might want to act on it, makes it even hotter. So, there doesn’t necessarily have to be a lot of pain or it doesn’t have to be aggressive. 

I love to play with the feather. And in this game, this is exactly what I was doing. I am teasing the neck and ears, and I think I actually have been able to give partners, or playmates, let’s say, call it like that, more of the ear-gasms and the neck-gasms, when I have this Kink element that I add on top of that. Is it with blindfolding someone or telling them they cannot move or lie down, and then I start to tease them. And I feel that, as you mentioned, there is, I actually want to be teaching this to actually more men, because so many women craved it, and I already played with this idea. I actually, I have a permission to share this story. I dommed someone’s wife on this retreat and she was not into Kink, her husband was, and she was struggling. And I, kind of, saw her sensual blueprint coming online and I asked “Would you be open to me domming you sensually?”. And we went into a 2-hour play and she had all the types of orgasms that we mentioned here, from a love-gasm, breast-gasm, ear-gasm, neck-gasm, she actually had her first energy orgasm in that session, and the energy is moving. So, today, I just got a message from them, a few days ago, and you know, that combination unlocked something. And I feel like there’s this deep yearning for women to be on one hand dominated, but in a conscious way, and then touched sensually, because so many of us are sensual blueprints, yeah.

[40:47] Sahara

It’s that perfect combination of, like, wanting to be, yeah, not even dominated, but just, like, desired, yeah, taken, ravished, chosen, like, someone’s, like, full attention is on you, but not to like hurt you, not to make you, like, tormented and tied up and, like, whipped until you’re crying, like, that’s the part that does not sound fun at all. But like, to just touch you gently and to open your heart and to connect with you, but, like, they need to do that, so it’s like, it’s the both. Whereas, sometimes, going into sensual, it’s like, can be a little bit of a sleepy energy at times, you know, of like, you’re cuddling, you’re touching but you’re, kind of, falling asleep and this, which is great in its own way, but this is like a “Boom, I need you, but, like, I just want to open up like the goddess that you are”.

[41:36] Bibi

Absolutely. And I think, you know, some of the misunderstandings around BDSM, dom is actually in service of the sub, right? So, once we understand that dynamic, and dom acts from a place of love, and from their heart, so, if they are spanking someone, it’s because the sub asked for it, right? But again, they are in the service of the sub.

I find this dynamic such a beautiful format of embodying that feminine and masculine within all of us, because I feel, with all the MeToo Movement and just the fact that women are living so much more in our masculine and men are not, and then there’s just this whole polarity thing is becoming increasingly challenging, either way, however we configured it. And these tools give us really practical ways of dropping deeper into those polarities. And I really love that.

[42:31] Sahara

And we can do it on men as well, and it could be a really good entrance for men to get into sensuality. 

[42:38] Bibi


[42:39] Sahara

Because a lot of men tend to be sexual archetype, you know.

[42:42] Bibi

Because that’s what we often see, that’s what we mostly see in pornography, so, yes, this is something most familiar.

[42:48] Sahara

Right, they’re like “Okay, I want it, go!” And so, this can really teach them how we want to be touched, you know, and allow them to feel the subtleties. 

You showed me, with the sensual domming. Essentially, what you did was like, you, kind of like, you know, and we both were outside guys, it wasn’t like in a bedroom, we had our full clothes on, we’re not that kinky, you know. But it showed the playfulness of it, of like, you sort of, like, held me and then you were just, like, touching my neck really slowly.

[43:18] Bibi

And then I was also asking you for numbers.

[43:20] Sahara


[43:21] Bibi

And I love this combination! So, I actually used it a couple of times, I’ll be honest, on the Envision Festival.

[43:27] Sahara

Oh, you were practicing. You cheated on me, okay, fine!

[43:31] Bibi

I cheated on you Sahara. Because, again, I find, I want to play with eros and I don’t want to be, you know, having penetration with every person I meet on a festival.

[43:41] Sahara

Yeah, you’re not trying to get those energetic cords up in your business.

[43:44] Bibi

I’m not into drinking alcohol, I, you know, what nourishes my body and lights me up is playing with eros. And again, this can get very, very awkward. So, that dynamic, and this another limit that I love about the BDSM, the clarity, communication and boundaries.

[44:03] Sahara

Best communication I ever received, actually, is the Kink and the Polyamory community.

[44:07] Bibi


[44:08] Sahara


[44:09] Bibi


[44:09] Sahara


[44:10] Bibi

Inspiring, exactly! So, I’ve done this a couple of evenings, in the festival, it was like “Would you be open to play?”, and I find…

[44:18] Sahara

Take us back. You’re on the dance floor, you’re vibing with this guy and then you’re like “Would you be open to play?”

[44:23] Bibi

Aha, no. So, we were actually, already, on the dance floor, there was a bit of touch and there was a little bit of playing, so it didn’t come out of nowhere, we were already sensually playing on the dance floor. And then I actually, I’m pretty, you know, transparent and I’m clear and vocal, I vocalize my desires very clearly, and I was like “Yeah, I’m actually exploring this, recently, this is, I’ve been fascinated by the dominance dynamic and would you be open to play? And I will be playing with some of your non-erogenous zones and asking you for numbers, and we take it from there?”, and actually we have energetic orgasms with different people, several times. 

[45:13] Sahara

Wow! Okay, so you tell him…

[45:15] Bibi

So, they came to a 10 from me doing that. 

[45:19] Sahara

First of all, I just want to, like, like, really honor your boldness of that, of like “Hey guy, we’re going touch some erogenous zones, I’m going to give you some numbers, are you in or are you out?”, and, like, that is some bad bitch energy right there, of just like, this is what’s happening. And I’m sure people are like “I’ve never heard of this before, I’m in!” 

So, then…

[45:38] Bibi

It was very subtle and elegant.

[45:40] Sahara

Exactly, yeah. So, like, how do you bring this up because I feel like, in my head, I’m just like, I don’t even know how I would say that.

[45:46] Bibi

So, we were lying on the beach, literally moon-bathing, okay, and we started with breathing together. There was a little bit of breathing, a little bit of conversation of what we were open for and not, and then we, I just started touching him very, very slowly. And it was the arms and the neck, and then going down the belly and up, I didn’t go anywhere near the genitals. And I asked him to breathe and sound, and I would ask “Hey, how does that feel? What number are you at?”, and it started with 2, and then it went to a 4, and 20 minutes in, we were sounding it a little bit more and when I, also, hear the sound of a partner, I’m also becoming aroused. Again, to me, I’m an energetic type, so just from that sound of the arousal and pleasure, I’m getting off of that as well. 

So, we both started breathing and sounding louder, and yeah, he was actually able to go to a 10, for the first time in his life. And funny that I’m bringing this gentleman up, but he literally wrote me a message a few days ago saying that this experience has changed his life. He was actually struggling with a porn addiction for many years and had very destructive patterns when it comes to sexuality, and when he met me, he also heard me in a workshop, he was, you know, blown away, and he was super curious and open, and he said that (this was in February), since then, he’s been reading, but most importantly, he’s been practicing, he, maybe, ejaculates once a month, he’s now into slow lovemaking and he says “It’s been life-changing, and I want to thank you, and I’m on this new path”. So, how beautiful and powerful is that? 

[47:36] Sahara

And that’s so beautiful to remind us that this is healing work, it’s not just about pleasure for the sake of pleasure, but it’s pleasure as a part of healing, that this allowed him to literally change the trajectory of his life, to be able to meet his partners in deeper ways, to heal from a porn addiction, to find just the subtleties within himself, which is going to make him tune into more of his intuition and his creativity that – it’s like, yes, it’s fun and it’s juicy, but like, this is the most potent work, I believe, that we can do here on humanity because we’re so gross in everything, we’re so over the top, we’re so, like, hard, and fast, and more, and quick, and, like, capitalistic. And I feel like this slow sex, you know, slow orgasm, really resensitizing your body is a reclamation that we have everything that we need inside of ourselves. 

[48:25] Bibi

Absolutely. And top of everything, he’s already sharing with all his male friends.

[48:30] Sahara

Great, we need that.

[48:31] Bibi

So, then we create a domino effect. But, yes, absolutely! And I think we live in this word of overstimulation, and sometimes, I live in Tulum, and you go to a restaurant and not only the music is banging so loud that you cannot even hear what people are saying, the lights are on and people are drinking alcohol and smoking, and then they still want to buy drugs. And where is enough, enough? There is this more, more, more of everything, to a point that, you know, everyone’s so numb that there’s no end to that overstimulation.

And coming back and slowing down – and I know for some of you, at the beginning, it might be a period of, let’s say, it might be dull, it might be boring. And I always like to give an example of driving a car, you never drive from reverse, straight to forward, there’s neutral in between, and that neutral is, that’s where people run away because it seems boring, nothing is happening, I’m not feeling anything, that’s not for me. Stay there, stay there, because every time you’re going to feel a little more, and a little bit more, and a little bit more, and it’s going to start building up.

[49:38] Sahara

It reminds me of when you go into nature or a retreat, you know, at first, you’re like antsy, like “I need to check my phone, like, I probably have emails”, you’re still in that wired state that almost feels normal when you’re in a city, because everyone’s there, right? And then, after two days, you stop wanting to check your phone, and after four days, you’re breathing deeper, and then after a week, you don’t even want to go back to the phone, you know, you’re in a totally different frequency and this is what happens when you re-orient and reprogram your body for subtleties. You don’t want the vibrator anymore, you don’t want the fast-food sex anymore, you don’t want the porn, you don’t want these things because you’re having a candlelit dinner under the moonlight and that is so much more gratifying.

[50:22] Bibi

I mean, this is interesting that you mention the vibrator, and I know it because I also listened to other episodes of your podcast, and I love that you bring a variety of teachers under different opinions and different ways of looking at things. And listeners, I always encourage you to take what you heard, practice and see what resonates with you. But with the vibrators, and I’m never going to say, and I won’t tell anyone what to do and not to do, this is your choice. However, during my course, I recommend that women don’t use vibrators for 12 weeks and then I say, after the course ends, do whatever you want. I would say, 90% of women throw away the vibrators, and I don’t think I have one person, throughout the history of my course, that said “You know what, no, I’m going back to my vibrator”, not one. So, this just shows me that when we tune into those more subtle sensations, they will become more and more juicy and deeper, and there is potential for everyone.

[51:19] Sahara

I agree with you. And, you know, for me, it’s like, anything that’s man-made, it’s not natural, it’s not natural to our bodies, and we’re getting our bodies used to something that’s like, it’s not human, you know. 

[51:33] Bibi

Yeah, it’s how I see this as well.

[51:35] Sahara

Yes. So, then, it’s like – and ultimately, for me, like, sex is about the connection, it’s not about the orgasm, and when you’re using a vibrator, you’re patterning yourself to equate sex with an orgasm, and you’re, kind of, turning yourself into a male orgasm of like, fast, quick, hard and then you need a higher setting, and a higher setting, and a higher setting.

And again, I believe that it’s important, so many women like, 50% of women aren’t even having orgasms through sex, and I believe orgasms are our birth right, and whatever helps you get there, get there, and there’s, like, no orgasm shaming in this building. And do we want to go deeper, you know? Do we want to go deeper into feeling, because it’s not that some of us are, like, wired to be more subtle or not, we all are, we’re all humans, it’s just that if you’re used to being on your phone all the time, you’re going to be used to being on your phone all the times; if you’re used to people calling you and being, it’s like, your nervous system is just going to orient to whatever you get your nervous system used to, and I feel like our sexuality is the same way. And it takes unwinding, you know, it’s like, when you are used to “Okay, when I’m stressed out, I have an orgasm”.

[52:42] Bibi

I was there for many years.

[52:43] Sahara

Right. And it’s like, then that becomes your addiction, it becomes your patterning that, then you are going to have those withdrawals at first, you know. But then, over time, you can actually build new neuropathways to, then, have orgasmic experiences through things that actually even have nothing to do with your yoni. And that’s really what we’re speaking about, which is just going to make you be more intuitive to all subtle sensations out there.

[53:09] Bibi

Yeah, absolutely. And you know, I actually want to bring a definition of an orgasm that I particularly resonate with, and this definition comes from Layla Martin, with whom I studied, and she talks about an orgasm, she divides it into three parts. Number one is pleasure – so, we’re going to build pleasure, but not necessarily in our genitals, right, it can be a breast massage or it can be that neck massage. When we relax into it, this pleasure starts to expand and it starts to move. So, there’s this movement and expansion. And that pleasure, combined with the movement and expansion, then results in a mind shift, and usually it will be a state of surrender, and not necessarily surrendering to a partner, but just surrendering to what is, surrendering to pleasure, surrendering to the present moment. And if you look into the definition, it can be with touch or without touch, it can be any part of our body, it can be with or without penetration, with or without a partner, and there’s just, you know, so much depth in this definition. And it’s so beautiful to see, also, women who, often, criticize themselves or are harsh towards themselves thinking that they never have an orgasm, but we actually, especially for us women, there is so much depth into our orgasmic experiences, and then they realize “Wow, I actually experience orgasms this way”, and it’s so beautiful to see, while we widen the definition, we also realize that so many more of us are more orgasmic in how big of a variety of experiences can bring us to those states.

[54:44] Sahara

Yes. And even before we get there, the foreplay that we have with ourselves. So, for me, I notice, if I dance before, I’m going to be so much more open and juicy, even for myself, that if I like, you know, in the morning, I do yoga, and if I just go into doing my own movement and embodiment practice of moving my hips, and letting myself dance, and being on the floor, and crawling, naturally, that turn-on energy comes on. 

So, some of us, we need to turn ourselves on, we need to dance for ourselves, we need to – it’s not about a performance for someone else – that’s why I love going to pole classes, floor classes, twerking, because, then, I just feel so turned on by myself, and then that can lead to a self-pleasure practice, or you just ride that orgasmic wave for the rest of your day.

[55:30] Bibi

A-ho to that! And yes, for so many, you know, it’s just as dropping to the body that you want to practice, and especially before self-pleasure practice, right? So, for someone, it may be breathwork, but for so many it’s movement and dance, and this is also one of my favorite ways. And I definitely dance in front of the mirror for myself. 

[55:53] Sahara

Love! So, you also have these pleasure practices that I’ve been doing, that are amazing! And what I love about them is, you guide us through audio, through a practice.

So, sometimes it’s like, it’s like a yoga class. If you’re just doing yoga alone on your mat, you might get distracted, you might check your phone, you might leave, but if you’re watching a yoga class on video, you’re going to do the whole class. And you’ve created these four pleasure practices that you’re actually guiding us through them, and it’s called Your Ladders of Bliss Program, which, you’re going to be offering us a special one-on-one session for everyone that joins, and they can find that link in the show notes. 

So, can you share with us a little bit about the pleasure practices that you share?

[56:30] Bibi

Yeah. So, actually I – in the pandemic especially, I didn’t have a lover or a partner, and sometimes I was also lazy, I’m also a human being, right? And I was like “I wish I had a guidance for a self-pleasure practice as I do for meditation”. When I’m lazy, I press play and follow along, even some of your meditations, right? But why don’t I have that for a self-pleasure practice? Or where there are, they’re quite clinical and there’s usually no music, and I always like to create something that I, myself, wanted to have.

[57:01] Sahara

Yeah, your music is always the best.

[57:03] Bibi

I have musicians that write music for most of those journeys. And the first one was actually called Ladder to Bliss and then it sparked a whole journey because, you’d be surprised, most people, actually, so many people don’t even have any self-pleasure practice because, either, because of conditioning and their religious beliefs, etc., etc., they just didn’t think it’s something worth exploring. Or if, most people, when they have, it’s short, it’s shallow, it’s this kind of sneeze and snooze type of an experience. And I believe this is so powerful to guide people through this high-vibration masturbation process. 

So, I have all kind of journeys, starting with honoring your whole body. One is focused on their breast-gasms, another one is with the wand, another one is with the jade egg, another one is focused on the moving of the energy and energetic orgasms and vali orgasm, another one is riding the waves of pleasure, and it’s like a whole journey. 

So, I always say it’s from zero to hero journey. I’m not just going to throw people into the deep waters straightaway, especially, there is a lor of shame and limiting beliefs, so, we do it very gently, elegantly, in a safe way. 

And in the course, of course, we have life components, but I wanted to give women a tool that, in their own time, in their own bedroom, they can really go fully in. And so many women share with me that those meditations are almost like mini ayahuasca journeys, and because there is breath, there is moving of sexual energy, and they really take you places. 

And yeah, so, that is how the whole course came to life, which is called Ladder to Bliss.

[58:46] Sahara

And what I love about it is, you know sometimes you just hang out in bed, it’s a weekend, and it’s like you’re either going to be on your phone and scrolling, and an hour is going to go by and you didn’t get anything from it, or I can just press play, put on this beautiful meditation and practice, and it instantly drops me in because I’m not going to grab my phone in the middle of it. And then I’ve just entered a ceremonial space and I didn’t need to plan it or do anything, I’m literally just pushing play like in a guided meditation. And you guide us through, you know, first, just breathing and doing some breathwork. 

[59:19] Bibi

Creating a safe space.

[59:19] Sahara

Yeah, like, just touching your legs, and it’s so perfect. And you’ve come into Rose Gold Goddesses and taught us as well. And all of the women that were in Rose Gold Goddesses, and myself, all experienced, we’re like, feel so amazing. Like, even in 20 minutes, you know, just from taking that time for ourselves, that even if it’s not – like, self-pleasure doesn’t mean even, there’s the yoni involved, just from breathing and self-touch, that I’m like “Wow, they should have, like, drop-in studios of this, you know”. Like, how we have yoga studios, meditation studios, we need self-pleasure studios. You heard it here on the Podcast!

[59:53] Bibi

Seed is planted, let’s…

[59:56] Sahara

Yeah, seed is planted, they’re going to be all over New York City.

[59:58] Bibi

I do events, I do pop-up events like that.

[1:00:01] Sahara

It’s like, imagine in between, like, meetings, you’re like “I’m just going to go in for a pleasure practice”, you know, and you come out and you’re just like, ah, you love everyone.

[1:00:08] Bibi

Yeah. And listen, I am, again, I’m also only a human and I have same challenges and struggles as everyone else, and I’m also busy, and traveling, and jet-lagged, and visiting here in LA without all my toys and tools, right? Although we just have to show that little…

[1:00:24] Sahara

We have a little pleasure altar, we’ll show you

[1:00:25] Bibi

Mobile pleasure altar. I even love to listen to my own meditations because when I am distracted or when I’m lazy, or all things happen, I’m stressed, then it helps me as well. So, yeah, we all need that little accountability, or little guidance, or motivation, or inspiration.

[1:00:43] Sahara

Yeah. So, you guys can find that link in the show notes. And she’s doing a free one-on-one session with everyone that signs up through the Podcast, so be sure to use my link, my code ‘Sahara’, you can find that in the show notes, and you’ll be able to join Ladder to Bliss.

I’m on it and I’m still going through the practices, they’re, like, something you want to hold onto forever. And she’s going to be running it live at the end of June, and she does these throughout the year, so be sure to join and get that session with her because I mean, there is no one better you can get a session with than her. I have personally done it and it’s like, completely opened up my world view.

So, we love you so much Bibi, thank you for coming on the Podcast.

[1:01:19] Bibi

Yeah, so many from this community have already been in my container, so thank you for opening that community and opportunity for me. And yeah, that’s how we get to co-create and support each other and rise together. So, I’m so honored!

[1:01:37] Sahara

A-ho! Well, thank you so much for being here and sharing all your juicy wisdom. I just feel, I feel like a 5 right now, just hearing you talk, mmm, yes.

So, thank you for being on! Share this Episode with anyone that you believe will resonate, on your stories. 

I mean, if you want to have, you know, better sex, better relationships, share this with the guy you’re dating, be like “I think you should listen to this”, share this with your friends, share this with anyone, I think the world would be a better place if we all tune into our own pleasure field energy.

[1:02:07] Sahara

If you loved this Episode, you can leave a review for it in the iTunes Store and I will also send you my Womb Meditation, which is a meditation that allows you to tune into your womb’s wisdom and ask her any questions that you have and receive her guidance because our womb spaces are not just pleasure but it’s also the hologram that creates a life. So, you, when you’re doing self-pleasure practices, and when you’re tuning into your womb, you’re tuning into the energy that literally created humanity.

So, this meditation allows you to drop in and I’m sharing it for free with anyone that leaves a review for this Podcast. So, again, head over to the Podcast App, the Apple Store, leave a review, take a screenshot and email it over to me at [email protected] and you can find that link in the show notes. 

Thank you so much for tuning in today and I’ll see you on the next one!

 Episode#498: How To Have Energetic Orgasms with Bibi Browshka
By Sahara Rose

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