Highest Self Podcast 497: How To Support Your Manifestation – 5 Tips To Help with Mia Magik


Want to discover how strong your intuition is? In this week’s Highest Self Podcast episode, you will how learn to strengthen your intuition with a game shown by me and Mia Magik! Trusting your intuition is crucial as you begin to come into alignment with what the Goddess has planned for you.

Sometimes, however, it is easy to doubt yourself and ignore that little nudge inside of you because you may not have enough experience with that connection. A fun way to learn to tap into this energy is through a telepathy game with someone else.

Join Mia and I as we play this game with each other and guide you through this exciting technique to deepen your trust.

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Episode #497: How To Support Your Manifestation – 5 Tips To Help with Mia Magik
By Sahara Rose

[00:39] Sahara

Welcome back to Manifest Your Magik! My name is Sahara Rose.

[00:42] Mia

I’m Mia Magik.

[00:44] Sahara

And today, we are going to be playing the telepathy game, to enhance your intuition.

So, one of the biggest questions that we both get is “How do I enhance my intuition? How do I notice those whispers, which will guide me towards my soul’s purpose, my magic, my abundance, my ideal partner, friendships?”, well, it all comes through practice!

So, we have created a game that we’re going to be playing with you today, which is…

[01:10] Mia

Sahara loves games, y’all! One of my favorite things about her is, she, like, sent me this photo of a plan of her own birthday that she made, 7th birthday party, color-coded, like “Mom, these are the specific games, these are the things…”

[01:22] Sahara

Musical chairs!

[01:23] Mia


[01:24] Sahara

Tiggly-wiggly, Guess What’s Happening. I love all games! It’s just such a fun way to encode knowledge into your mind, in a way that’s playful and heart open. So, we’re going to be playing this intuition training game.

[01:34] Mia


[01:35] Sahara

So, the way that it works is, we have a series of magical note cards, which have a series of numbers, as well as animals. And the way that it works is that, we will first be playing with each other, guessing what is the animal or the number behind the card.

So, first we’ll play with numbers, just to get the ball rolling, then we’ll move into animals. And full disclosure, we have no idea what animals are even on here, our assistant added these on, so we don’t even know what these animals are. 

[02:03] Mia

That’s what’s going to make it fun!

[02:05] Sahara

That’s what’s going to make it fun. And the reason why we’re doing this is, even if we don’t get anything right, it’s to practice that intuition, practice feeling into what feels right with no prior knowledge, and then we’ll be playing this game with you.

[02:17] Mia

And that’s one of the things is that, sometimes, you don’t get it right, and sometimes you think that you follow an intuitive hit and you’re like “Oh my god, okay, I got this intuition”, and you go there and you’re like “Nothing happened! Like, what the fuck?!” And it’s okay, it’s great. Even the fact that you listened, maybe your intuition literally just did it to, I mean, you know, not like test you in a negative way, but to see if you’re listening, to see “Hey, are you paying attention to me? Are you willing to follow my guidance?”, because, I tried to do that, and all the times that I don’t listen, I always regret it. And every time I do listen, whether there’s something powerful that happens at the end, or not, I’m always grateful I did.

[02:55] Sahara

So, let’s get this game started.

[02:57] Mia

Okay, you want to start or do you want me to? So, now, we’re going to get started and what I’m going to do is, I’m going to focus on this number in my mind, like, even tracing it over and over again, or just sending it to Sahara, and also, holding the cards so that she can’t see it, because the cards are kind of see-through, but I’m going to hold the card so she can’t see it, and focus on it, sending it from my mind into hers.

[03:22] Sahara

I’m feeling between a 3 and 7, I don’t know why. I’m going to go with 3. 7?

[03:28] Mia


[03:31] Sahara


[03:32] Mia

No. Okay, go. Yeah.

[03:41] Sahara


[03:43] Mia

Close, because I was drawing the shape of it. What if you put a hat on a 4?

[03:49] Sahara


[03:50] Mia


[03:52] Sahara

Okay, here, I just doubted my own intuition because I went 7, 8, and the next logical thing, I wanted to say 9, but I was like “No, it can’t be so obvious and do 9”, I need to go somewhere else.

[04:01] Mia


[04:02] Sahara

So, I disobeyed my intuition and I didn’t get the number, okay. 

[04:04] Mia

Okay, you do me. 7? 6? 4? Okay, I’m like “Am I even listening?”, okay. 1? 

[04:34] Sahara


[04:35] Mia

Yeah, but who cares, I guessed five times. And we’re really good at this, so, like, really good at following our intuition, but look, you know, but with numbers it’s just hard.

[04:45] Sahara

It was 2.

[04:46] Mia

Okay, great. Yeah, I didn’t even see that.

[04:48] Sahara

So, now we’re seeing, okay, how can we, maybe – we have to find our way that we’re meant to psychically communicate with each other. So, maybe, like, we were chasing the shapes. I did that because you said maybe it’s not working, maybe it should be more like we’re thinking of the number of that thing, like 2 swans or something like that.

[05:04] Mia

Oh, I like that.

[05:05] Sahara


[05:06] Mia

Okay, great. I’m going to try that. Let’s go.

[05:07] Sahara

Okay. Let’s see how this goes.

[05:09] Mia

Okay. Hang on, I found another animal. Okay. 

[05:23] Sahara


[05:25] Mia

No. Literally, in my mind, I was like “We’re going to nail all of these!’, okay, go.

[05:35] Sahara


[05:35] Mia


[05:37] Sahara

When you nodded, I heard 8, like you nodded 8.

[05:40] Mia

Yeah, yeah. Good, yes! Okay, here.

[05:45] Sahara

Now, this one, you guys guess too. 

[05:49] Mia

Yeah, see what you feel.

[05:54] Sahara


[05:59] Mia

4? Damn it! 6?

[06:08] Sahara

I was thinking about dice, because they have, like, 6 on the end.

[06:11] Mia

Oh, nice! 

[06:13] Sahara

We’re getting better.

[06:14] Mia

I was, like, thinking, I don’t know why, it’s not like I heard 4, I was, like, guessing 4. Yeah, but, no, but as soon as I, like, really tuned in with you, I was like 6.

[06:21] Sahara

And here’s the thing. Sometimes our intuition…

[06:23] Mia

And I almost didn’t say it, too. Same thing, I was like “Hmm…”

[06:26] Sahara

Because something like this is like the intuition of connection, so, it’s not just, like, what number is coming up from me, but it’s like “What am I receiving?” It really does practice your divine feminine, it’s such a good practice with your partner as well.

[06:36] Mia

Yeah! Ohh, I love it!

[06:37] Sahara

It’s like, to tune into what they are sending out to you.

[06:39] Mia

Oh, yeah, that’s good. 

[06:48] Sahara

You guys are guessing with me. 

[06:59] Mia

I literally felt you just almost say it. 

[07:01] Sahara

Oh, what, 10?

[07:03] Mia

Yeah. I knew you were going to say it, I knew it! I was like, I literally saw it coming out of your eyes.

[07:09] Sahara

But I’m like “10 is too high of a number”.

[07:11] Mia

I knew it, you looked away and I was like “Yes, dude, that’s it!” Yeah! 

[07:17] Sahara

See, you’ve got to learn, you got to get the ball rolling.

[07:19] Mia


[07:19] Sahara

Keep going.

[07:20] Mia

Yes! I love that! Okay.

[07:22] Sahara

Okay, let’s move on to animals.

[07:22] Mia

Yeah, let’s do that. Okay. Cool. Do an animal with me, this one.

[07:26] Sahara

Okay. So, you guys practice this with us. 

[07:31] Mia

She always gets me. I love games too, but she always gets me going on the games and then we’re, like, so excited. Our favorites are like the improv games, you know.

[07:38] Sahara

Okay, this one is the one.

[07:43] Mia

Snake? No. Dragon? Tiger? Phoenix? Why are you nodding your head at me like that? Okay. I’m just guessing, stop doing that at me. Dolphin? 

[08:06] Sahara

Yeah. Yes, yes.

[08:08] Mia


[08:09] Sahara

But you know what, I almost got so excited because dolphins are my power animals that I was just more in the excitement energy than the dolphin energy, then I was like “Okay…”

[08:15] Mia

I thought you were saying it because of me, like, you know. I was like “No”, see, that’s so funny, but that’s even one of the things, it’s like, I was thinking about my – like, we were talking about divine feminine so I was like “Oh, she’s saying this is the one, like, oh, for me, or for us, like, I’m going to get it easily”, so, I guessed the ones that we easy for me, instead, of course, guessing the easy one for you. Yeah.

[08:37] Sahara

Did you get that one?

[08:38] Mia

The first thing I would’ve said. Okay. Oh. 

[08:57] Sahara


[08:58] Mia


[09:04] Sahara

Okay, hmm, I think I’m, like, in the energy of the snake, I’m like “Serpent”.

[09:13] Mia

I know, right? No, totally different, but…

[09:16] Sahara


[09:18] Mia

But it has feminine in its own way.

[09:20] Sahara

Okay. Peacock?

[09:25] Mia


[09:26] Sahara


[09:26] Mia


[09:27] Sahara


[09:29] Mia


[09:32] Sahara


[09:33] Mia

No. You were much closer with the birds.

[09:36] Sahara

Okay. Parrot? 

[09:39] Mia


[09:40] Sahara


[09:40] Mia

It’s a Mexican parrot, that doesn’t really…

[09:43] Sahara


[09:45] Mia


[09:46] Sahara

Who wrote these? I’m like “What? A Mexican parrot?”

[09:50] Mia

It’s not, they’re not Mexican. The last time I saw one, like, out in the wild, flying over me, I was like… 

[09:56] Sahara                          


[09:57] Mia

No. Flamingo.

[09:59] Sahara

Oh, flamingo!

[10:00] Mia

Yeah, I was like “Pink”, they’re pink.

[10:02] Sahara

Yeah, yeah, that’s a good one.

[10:03] Mia

Yeah, that’s a good one. Okay, great. 

[10:06] Sahara

See, I think, too, with intuition, it’s like, sometimes when it’s not in our minds, it’s hard for us to pick up on. Something that we don’t know, it’s like, I don’t really think about flamingos on a daily basis, although, I should because they’re beautiful…

[10:16] Mia


[10:17] Sahara

So, it wasn’t in the forefront of my mind, whereas peacocks and snakes are, like, my go-to. So, it’s like, sometimes we manifest what is known to us, rather than stepping into the unknown.

[10:24] Mia

Ohh. Dropping the wisdom! Yeah, totally! And I have, like, hundreds of peacock feathers, literally, all over this house. Okay, cool. One more, do me, one more.

[10:35] Sahara


[10:36] Mia

It’s so fun, I’m like “Let’s play forever!”

[10:41] Sahara

It’s so good. Okay, you guys guess this too. 

[10:51] Mia


[10:57] Sahara

[screaming], that was so good! How did you get that?

[10:59] Mia

I don’t know! I just felt it, I just felt it in you.

[11:03] Sahara

I was just saying “Wolf, wolf”, like, actually saying wolf. And I was like, even like, my posture kind of went wolfy up, so…

[11:12] Mia

Oh, I saw it in your eyes, I was like “Oh, she just became a wolf”. 

[11:16] Sahara

Oh, yes.

[11:17] Mia

And I almost didn’t say it because I was like “Oh, what am I talking about?”

[11:19] Sahara

We think it’s too obvious.

[11:20] Mia


[11:21] Sahara


[11:22] Mia

Yes, okay, great! So, you guys, try this at home, with your friends, with yourself. You can do this in so many different ways, like, have your partner Google a cool – I had this crazy magician, y’all, the other day, he did this mentalist thing on me. He literally had me write down a woman I care about, in my life, I chose my cat, her name is Minerva, he could never have known that. And I literally wrote it down on a piece of paper, ripped it up into like ten shreds, threw it on the ground, he picked up one piece, made sure I saw that it was a blank piece, and goes “Uhm, M, it’s an unusual name, Minerva?”, I was like, swear to Goddess, he got it. It was crazy!

So, this intuition, connecting with others, being receptive, it’s so possible and it’s obviously very fun, like, look how excited we just got about that. 

So, play this game with anyone at home, with all of your friends. Again, Sahara is the queen of games and, like, gathering us all to really reconnect to our inner child, and do something that helps us hone our supernatural abilities. So, I love this, I’m very excited about this. 

Now, let’s do a couple with you guys. I’m going to hold an animal, in my hand…

[12:36] Sahara

We’re both going to, psychically, send it to you.

[12:38] Mia

And just see if you can guess it. And if you want to take a moment, you can pause the video and really tune in, feel it. 3, 2, 1. Squirrel. 

[12:59] Sahara

I was like [sound].

[13:01] Mia

I was like gathering acorns.

[13:02] Sahara

I’m like “Squirrel, squirrel”, did you get it? Who got that one? Comment below.

[13:06] Mia

I love that, yeah! Okay, great. Here, you choose another one.

[13:14] Sahara

Okay. Got it right here. Deer. Who got it? Who’s 2 for 2? I was picturing myself prancing through the woods.

[13:37] Mia

Oh, I had a whole rack of antlers, I was like, in it. Okay, cool. Last one. Oh yeah, good one. Rabbit.

[13:59] Sahara

I was like [sound].

[14:00] Mia

Yeah, me too, I was like, with my little ears and,like, up on my little bunny feet.

[14:04] Sahara

Yeah. So, who guessed them? Comment below who’s 1, 2 or 3 for 3, who had set of ours? It’s so beautiful, because, telepathy, intuition, you don’t even need to be in front of each other, you can actually be half way across the world and still be tuning into each other, psychically. And this is how powerful we are. We’re remembering our abilities to do this. And in the future, we’re actually, probably, not even going to speak with spoken word, but rather, just telepathy, download the information from each other, it’s going to be so freaking cool!

[14:35] Mia

Yeah, people are going to think we need the weird AI goggles, like, my partner is in the VR and all, I’m like, no, let’s just use our telepathy, we are the age of technology.

[14:43] Sahara


[14:44] Mia

And we are the future. Yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure you like, comment and subscribe! Share this video with anybody else who wants to enhance their intuitive abilities or that you want to play our telepathy game with. I’m Mia Magic.

[14:57] Sahara

And I’m Sahara Rose. 

[14:58] Mia

And welcome to manifesting your most magical life.


[15:02] Sahara

Thank you so much for tuning into this Episode! If you loved it, I would so deeply appreciate sharing it on your social media, it really helps get the message out to more people. And the ultimate way to support the Podcast is by leaving a review on the iTunes Store, and as a special gift for doing so, I will offer you my Womb Meditation. 

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[16:10] Sahara

Thank you so much for tuning in, and I’ll see you in the next one. Namaste!

Episode #497: How To Support Your Manifestation – 5 Tips To Help with Mia Magik
By Sahara Rose



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