Highest Self Podcast 417: Healing Trauma Through Breathwork + A Channeled Message From The Arcturians with Hellé Weston


Have you ever experienced the radiant states of consciousness that is available to you through Breathwork? It is one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had and truly one of the missing links to full integration. In this week’s episode, I’m joined by Hellé Weston on this deep dive into the higher stages of consciousness available to you through breath. We talk about how trauma is stored in the body, the balance between accepting and transforming circumstances in your life, acceptance vs transformation, how trauma is stored in the body and how she came to begin channeling a group of intergalactic beings called the Arcturians through breathwork. She then live channels a message for them for us on the episode. This is one you won’t want to miss!

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Episode 417: Healing Trauma Through Breathwork + A Channeled Message From The Arcturians with Hellé Weston
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:20] Sahara
I’m really excited to share today’s Episode with you because this Queen is seriously rocking this world! She is bringing breathwork to so many people, including many celebrities, including Megan Fox, and Travis Barker, and many others.

[00:38] Sahara
And what I love about her so much – we met in Costa Rica, a little bit more over a year ago and it was like an instant soul connection and we’ve become friends since. But what I love about her is, she really keeps it real. She has full sleeves on her body, she has really cool style, and channels the Arcturians, and is extremely intuitive and deep and wise, and you get to really feel it all in this Episode.

[01:06] Sahara
And I’ve got to say, since recording this Episode with her, I’ve been really prioritizing my breathwork practice. It’s something that I’ve been doing for years, but it wasn’t a consistent daily non-negotiable to me until I did this Episode with Hellé. And it was just such a huge reminder to me of like “Wait, if I have this tool, why am I not doing it every single day?” So, I’ve been waking up every day, just in my bed, doing 20 minutes of my own breathwork practice, 20-minute mits, including three rounds of breath, with breath holds and a meditation at the end, and oh my Goddess, I’ve never felt so good! “I feel good, I knew that I would. I feel nice!” That’s my Shakira voice “Like sugar and spice!”

[01:53] Sahara
So, if you want to feel like this, breathwork is one of the many keys, but I think that, right now, breathwork is majorly popping into global consciousness because we need that pattern interrupt, we need that break, we need something to physically shift our being. Because, here’s the thing with meditation, it’s like when your brain is all over the place, it’s really hard to just sit down and meditate, and sometimes it just makes you realize how cray-cray your brain is acting and it stresses you out even more. I’ve spoken about my struggles with it on the Podcast many a times, and breathwork has been that thing that allows me to meditate without even trying. It removes the “I’m trying to meditate. I’m trying to not think. I’m trying to clear my mind!” and it just allows me to just be and to feel.
And honestly, I’ve had full-blown orgasmic waves move through my body from doing breathwork, and it is just such a powerful practice, from releasing trauma to opening up your intuition, to even opening up the codes to channel. And we go there, all the way there, in this Episode!

[03:07] Sahara
So, the first half of the Episode we really dive into trauma, the difference between big t, little t, and how breathwork helps. Then we dive into intuition and channeling.

[03:19] Sahara
So, one of the things that Hellé and I really bonded on, when I first met her, is that she channels The Arcturians, which are an inter-galactic group, who are here to share messages of consciousness with humanity. And we literally stayed up till 2AM and she was channeling The Arcturians, and I had all these different questions.
So, in this Episode, she actually live-channels The Arcturians for us. And I ask her this question, really about Acceptance vs. Transformation. When should we just accept that “These are my conditions that I’m in and I’m just going to accept them” vs. energy of fire and transforming your life, and she channels a very, very profound and beautiful message.

[04:06] Sahara
So, whether you’re in thew car or doing your laundry, or whatever you’re doing, just get ready for a ride with this Episode. By the way, I have all of the videos of my Podcasts on my YouTube Channel, if you did not know this, youtube.com/sahararose, and I’m also starting to upload the videos on Spotify as well, because it’s just another level of transmission when you can see us and have that visual experience of being there.
So, be sure to watch as well on YouTube or on Spotify, so you’re able to fully be immersed in the experience.

[04:42] Sahara
Well, without further ado, let’s welcome Hellé Weston, to The Highest Self Podcast.


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[07:42] Interview

[07:42] Sahara
Welcome Hellé, to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you here!

[07:46] Hellé
I am so excited to be here!

[07:48] Sahara
The first question I’d love to ask you is, what makes you your highest self?

[07:53] Hellé
The first thing that comes to my mind is integrity, being in connection with my truth, walking my talk, doing what I know I’m supposed to be doing, which means connection with my spirit, and actualizing the guidance that’s coming through every day in the little things and in the big things.

[08:13] Sahara
Love that so much! And it’s so simple, it’s just to continually be in alignment with your truth. So, I’m so glad that you’re living your soul’s purpose!
And I got to experience some of your magic about a year ago now, in Costa Rica, and instantly we were like, shit, I think our first conversation was like 6 hours long!

[08:33] Hellé
I remember that! You and I were at the table, we were battling each other who can ask the most questions because we’re both so curious!

[08:41] Sahara
Yes! The Projector in me sees the Projector in you! And it’s been so amazing following you since and seeing the way that you’re transforming so many lives with breathwork.
And I know breathwork really is such a growing field and modality. And I know for myself, I’ve done transcendental meditation, and so many different types of meditation, but for me, I have an active mind in Human Design, and so, it’s hard for me to just sit and do nothing. Again, I see the benefit of that, but when I do breathwork, meditation happens naturally, I don’t have to force it, it’s just the natural result, which, to me, feels a lot more fluid and a lot more of the purpose of meditation, to allow myself to just be rather than force the being.
So, can you share with us a little bit about what is breathwork doing to our systems that’s allowing us to actually come to this state of complete peace?

[09:40] Hellé
Yeah. That’s such a good question! And especially mentioning the overactive mind, which I know so many people struggle with, and in particular, the experience that HSPs have (highly sensitive people) who are very sensitive to stimulus and the environment; internal sensations; energies and on and on and on. I mean, I’m one of those people, and I know you are as well.
And so, for me, too, in meditation practice, I often find that there is so much information, it’s like entering into a soup or the code of the matrix. And I find that breathwork is so powerful because what it does to your brainwaves, allows you to, firstly, slow down out of that state of analyzing, which is more of a logical state; and you get to go to a more creative experience. Being still with your sensitivity, being with the information that’s available to you and that open a vast space in a more creative way, which allows us to – I see it like connecting the dots or building networks. Whereas the logical mind takes a lot longer to piece things together and it can feel a lot more overwhelming and chaotic to be with the information of our inner world.
I, firstly, will just say that it will slow down your brainwaves when you do breathwork. After about 5 minutes, you’re going to start to experience your brainwaves slowing down, so you’ll go from that beta brainwave, analytical-thinking mind to more of an alpha brainwave pattern, which is more relaxed, more open, that is more associated with, say, a meditation state. When you really get into your meditation, you’re relaxed, you’re present, you’re open and receptive, that is more if that alpha brainwave pattern.
And then, through breathwork, we can also go into apheta brainwave pattern, which is even deeper, so more of a deep dream, like a daydream-kind of state, or dream state. And that’s where the impressions that your mind and body can experience become even more interesting.
So, a lot of people who do breathwork with us experience themselves going back in time, or going forward in time, seeing things from childhood that they had totally forgotten about, that all of a sudden, it just completely makes sense why they’re been shown there and the relevance that it has in this time in their lives and what they’re currently navigating; or a future time and seeing specific details that are really important to understand.
So, the mind and body are incredibly intelligent, and I do believe that we’re shown in these non-ordinary states of consciousness, like going into a breathwork session, we’re shown things that are relevant to us, that are important, that are powerful, that are significant, and we don’t need to understand all of the mechanics of why it’s happening to gain value from it, right?
I think the best thing that anyone can do, who’s curious about breathwork, is just experience it for yourself, feel it for yourself and you’ll understand the power of what can be revealed when you access a non-ordinary state.

[13:00] Sahara
So true! And it really is so different for each person, and each time I really feel like breathwork gives you whatever experience that you need in that moment; and sometimes it might be orgasmic energy and other times you may be crying.
I remember I went to this breathwork class with Steven in Tulum, and it was called Shamanic Breathwork, it was an inhale through the stomach, inhale through the chest release. I got the lobster claws, when the energy gets stuck in my hands and I’m like in my head of like “Argh, my hands are stuck, what do I do?!” and I’m trying, because it’s kind of painful when it happens, I’m figuring out “Do I have a blockage in my hand tracker, what’s going on?” And then I hear someone crying, and I just thought it was someone else in the room, and it was Steven, and I had never seen him cry, and he was like full on bawling and I was like, then I got in my head “Why is he crying?” So, obviously, I was not totally present in mine. And after, he was like “Wow, I just released so much stuff from someone that I knew 10 years ago that I thought I was totally over that situation, but all of this emotion that was just in my body, that I wasn’t even aware of.” And mentally, again, we think we’re over something, but the body is still holding on.
And it was so beautiful to see him, especially as a man, let himself go there and fully feel it and release it, and just the lightness that he experienced after.
So, how is it healing past conflicts, traumas, how is breathing doing this to us? It’s quite fascinating.

[14:39] Hellé
It is! That’s a big question and there’s so many different aspects to why and how it’s happening. I feel, in this moment, the part that I want to go to is the expansion of our perception. So, when we change those brainwaves, and also another thing that happens when we’re in the breathwork state, especially – so, the technique that I shared, just so everyone has reference, is called Awakened Breathwork. And like you were saying, without that two-part breath, that you’ve experienced, there are many different styles of breathwork. So, I think that’s important for people to be aware of, that you’re not going to go to some random breathwork class on the street and get the exact same thing that we’re talking about right now.
So, what we teach with Awakened Breathwork is mostly a conscious connected breath through the mouth, which is more continuous. So, there’s no parts to it, it’s just a fluid flowing in and out really deeply, and it’s a full body breath. So, once you start to build momentum with that breathing pattern, after about…

[15:50] Sahara
Are you exhaling hard or just gently releasing it?

[15:54] Hellé
It’s a deep effort on the inhale and then an easy effortless exhale, so soft exhale.

[16:00] Sahara

[16:01] Hellé
And that is really important actually, if you get the lobster, or we call it the T-Rex claws, which is called Tetley. The forced exhale or really pushing out that exhale is actually going to exasperate that, so, the softness, when you breathe out will really, really help. And this is about letting go. So, the body and the breath, the mind, the body and the breath, they’re all connected.
So, after we build that momentum with the breathing pattern, you’re going to start to experience a subtle, subtle shift in how you’re perceiving things, and then it gets stronger and stronger. And sometimes I describe this like, let’s say if you have a coffee, you drink that coffee and there isn’t a lightning bolt moment where all of a sudden you’re under the effects of the coffee, it’s a gradual shift, and usually you’ll notice it once you’re already fully in it, you’ll just observe things about yourself, or how you’re thinking or what you want to do, the impulses that you have that are different from your usual waking state.
And it’s the same with the breathwork. So, after about that 5-10-minute mark, you might just notice that your mind is going to places that it doesn’t usually go, or there’s tingling, buzzing vibrations, sensations as well, that are really present in the body, that are building in intensity. And so, that’s a good indicator “Okay, something is shifting in my physiology and I am opening up to a non-ordinary state.”
And so, in this non-ordinary state, you are going to see things differently, you are going to feel, potentially, more deeply, and there are going to be sensations that arise in the body, that in your daily life, maybe they are so stuffed down, out of the way, your body holds itself in certain positions that prevents you from consciously realizing that that pain is there; or there’s that creative energy there; or like you said, that orgasmic energy that’s there and available. And so, boom, it becomes available! Along with this, your limbic brain, with is associated with memory and emotion, is stimulated, during this type of breathwork.
So, I’ll keep this as simple as possible for the listeners, but basically, your limbic brain does not identify time in linear way. The limbic brain perceives your life as everything that you are holding on to is happening all at once. So, it processes the past, the present and the future, simultaneously, there is no time. Which means that if you were, let’s say, 5 years old, and you had a very traumatic experience, and you didn’t feel safe to process it and let it go, and that stress and tension, and what we call charge, is stored in the body and the subconscious mind as incomplete, like “Oh, okay, I never had a chance to really move through that, to feel that, to find safety again”, then your limbic brain is still, probably, highly likely, going to be on alert, protecting you from that occurring again. And when there’s situations which represent that memory, you will probably react in the same way that you did, or you will try to complete the cycle of that experience in a new way.
So, to give everyone an example, let’s say you’ve got a romantic partner because we’re really, really good at playing out these cycles and trying to complete things that were unresolved with the people that we love the most. So, let’s say you get into a bit of a tense conversation or even an argument with a significant other, and all of a sudden it goes from 0-100, you’re really fired up, you’re really angry and upset and you feel offended, and so you become super defensive. And if you were to take a step back, zoom out of your experience, you could see that you are totally overreacting to what’s actually happening in that moment. But your whole system is firing and kind of taking over to launch you into this reaction, and that is a good indicator that it’s not actually about that, it’s past stuff that is kind of overlaying and your mind-body system is attempting to create a resolution through that experience, or you’re just looping in an old trauma, old story, an old internal narrative about how life is, how people are, who you can trust, yada yada ya.
So, what the breathwork space allows you to do is create almost like a safe simulation. So, you go into this open state, it’s all happening inside and you get to begin to feel these things that are incomplete, at not only a thought level, but an emotional level, a physical level, and you can play it out. Some people play it out like a movie (if you’re more visual), for some people it’s going to be purely sensation, like, it could be so much tightness or even pain and tension in the body; it could be literally having an orgasm; it could be like their whole body, their nervous system is rolling and releasing, and it kind of looks like convulsion, and there’s just this huge release of energy.
And on the other side of that, it’s done. So, it’s like we’re collapsing time through the breathwork space, so the limbic system is no longer carrying and attaching to what’s no longer here, we close it out, we complete it, and then we find ourselves here, now, more clear, more open and free to live in the way that we want to.

[22:10] Sahara
It’s truly amazing because they say people have certain lessons that they keep relearning in this lifetime, but I believe the reason why they keep relearning is because they haven’t healed it, they haven’t cleared it. So, it’s not like that’s your Karma in this lifetime, but it’s, maybe someone cheated on you so you’re on high alert for “Where did you go out? Who are you following?” and that’s, because, again, you never healed that part of you that felt like “I, in myself, am not enough, someone needs to find someone else to replace me.” Or, like a little example is, sometimes Steven (my husband) gets into this silly mood where he’ll start throwing things at me and he thinks it’s so funny and I get very triggered because I’m like “It is really annoying, I don’t think you’re cute, I don’t think you’re funny, stop throwing things at me” and he’s like “Why are you overreacting, I’m throwing tissues at you?”, but I think it reminds me of when I was a kid, and my brother, and you now like when you’re a kid and your brother throws tissues at you, it is so annoying, you’re like “Stop that!” So, when he does it, he’s being playful, but to me, my body’s reacting like “Do not throw those tissues at me! Get away from me!” and it’s just such an example about something that’s like literally meaningless can mean so much to you in that moment because of what it represents. I need to do some breathwork on people throwing tissues at me.

[23:33] Hellé
You get to neutralize that.

[23:35] Sahara
“You’re okay, it’s playful, it’s fine!”

[23:37] Hellé
Yeah! And just, you know, that’s such a good example to speak to. That’s not everyone’s pain or issue or trigger, right? So, I could have tissues thrown at me and find it hilarious or someone else could, and so, we’ve got to really honor the individuality…

[23:54] Sahara
I’m going to join like a Tissues Anonymous Group!

[23:58] Hellé
Group therapy! It’s time we made up through breathwork! We’ll breathe through it and I’ll just gently throw tissues at you.

[24:09] Sahara
I am [inaudible – 24:09] thrown at me.

[24:14] Hellé
Yeah, I hope that that kind of starts to illustrate the power of going into our internal operating system and clearing out what we no longer need and creating an upgrade for ourselves. I mean, it’s just like a computer, we have an operating system, we have belief systems, sometimes our systems get way, way overcluttered with stuff and we need practices that take us inside and allow us to clear it out. And you don’t need to overanalyze it, you don’t need to pick apart all the meaning in order to be able to let something go, but doing the practice can, and I’m pretty confident to say at this point, that it will change your life.

[24:58] Sahara
So, when we’re in a breathwork practice, should we be thinking? Like, if we have different thoughts, should we be letting ourself go there or is it more like meditation that the point is to kind of not identify with the thoughts?

[25:11] Hellé
Yah, that’s a really good question. I, personally, encourage people to be curious and embrace imagination in the breathwork space because I think as soon as you go into it with expectations and even pressure to be fully in the present moment, like, not to think thoughts, you can block some incredible insights from coming through.
So, I would actually say it’s pretty similar to meditation. Like, for anyone who’s fairly experienced with meditation, you’ll know that there are thoughts that you think that are just clutter, right? They’re just noise, they’re just clouds passing through, you observe it and then you let it go and you come back to your breath. But then, there are some that are really profound, that you want to go into, and it’s the same with breathwork. The cool thing about breathwork though, is that there is less mind activity, in terms of the clouds that are passing through, because of the shift in your brainwaves, and that shift of activity in the brain. It means that there’s going to be less of those, for lack of a better word, low-quality thoughts, and there’s going to be more significant information that’s showing up in your space. And because everyone is so different, sometimes we don’t have any wow, amazing insights coming through, and it’s just sensations or it’s just being with your breath. And I feel like the best thing that anyone can do in that experience, is just be with what is, what is true in the moment, one breath at a time. Is your attention being called to be with the flow of your inhale and your exhale? Is it going to a certain sensation and area in your body? For example, the tingling and buzzing in the hands.
You can also as questions – so, you can ask your hands, for example, if there’s that buzzing and tingling, “What are you here to show me?” or go into the sensation and feel it with curiosity and go “Okay, does this sensation have a color? Does it have a size? Are there memories that are connected to this feeling? Is there an emotion here?” I mean, there’s an infinite number of questions you can ask, that will take you into the journey that wants to unfold.

[27:39] Sahara
And I feel like that’s what happens when we evolve and get more comfortable in our consciousness, that when something happens, like the lobster claws, or you might be going through an anxious, or kind of like a bad trip or something, instead of being like “Get me out of here, I need this to stop”, it’s you start to question, you get curious and you start to dive deeper into it because, often times that thing is there, it’s the boulder and you move the boulder and it’s like “Woooh”, the cave of consciousness.
So, I feel like when we evolve, we stop, yeah, trying to stop the moment things get uncomfortable, but actually lean and open up further into it. So, I love that you shared that.
And a question that I have, that happens to me all the time is, my mouth gets very dry when I’m doing breathwork with the mouth open. So, do you think we should stop and swallow or that’s kind of interrupting the flow?

[28:31] Hellé
That’s what I usually suggest. Those things are just natural bodily functions, right? And we don’t need to make it a big deal.
I find, just, if you need to have a bottle of water beside you, I always encourage my clients to drink a lot of water, both before and during, if they need to, and then after the session, because, as you’re breathing through your mouth, I mean, we only have to hold a pair of sunglasses up to our mouths and go ‘hah’ to realize that when we breathe out, there is water vapor there. And so, if you’re dehydrated, swallow, that’s going to help produce saliva, take a sip of water if you need, it’s all good.

[29:10] Sahara
And what do you think about nasal breathing in breathwork vs. mouth breathing? Because I’ve heard kind of different schools of thought of breathing through your nose is like more soothing for the nervous system, but then I’ve heard you can’t get as much oxygen in, so that’s why holotropic breathwork, etc., are with the mouth. So, what is your take on this?

[29:30] Hellé
Yeah. For anyone listening, I do want to clarify, I’m glad that you brought this up. In everyday life, please breathe through your nose, in and out through your nose is the best way to be breathing. The reason for that is, you have all of the right filters for your nose to live your life in a healthy way and ensure that you’re not breathing in unnecessary stuff, the body is designed so perfectly like that.
And, as you said, the nose breathing is more associated with the parasympathetic nervous system. So, what I recommend is, if you’re looking to really bring yourself down out of a highly stimulated state, let’s say it’s the end of the day, you’re winding down before sleep or you’re very shaky and anxious, I would recommend doing slow deep nose breathing. If you’re wanting to go into more of a therapeutic experience, which is primarily the area of what I do, we guide people do to, supervised, which is important, long-form mouth breathing sessions, for on average of 1h – 1.5h. This is not something you would want to do while you’re driving or sitting on some sort of, I don’t know, a platform or a concrete thing, you’re going to get extremely light-headed, you’re going to feel like you’re tripping out, and that is where the healing is available.
So, I personally believe that psychedelic medicines, for example Psilocybin, Ayahuasca, and so on, are important for humanity, for specific people who are seeking a deeper level of healing, especially healing trauma. These medicines have become available to us, to go to those depths; to go to the depths of the subconscious; to connect to ourselves at a soul level; and also to connect beyond this lifetime, because that expanded state of consciousness can also allow us to non-local. For that reason, I am whole-heartedly convinced that mouth breathing, for a certain amount of time, is amazing and important. It’s like, everything is designed in nature for a reason, so why can we breathe through our mouth. And in every sacred text, throughout history, there is mention of the breath.
And so, yeah, I think that that is my best answer on it. If there’s anything else that you want me to refold, then I’m happy to.

[32:06] Sahara
Yeah. And the breath can be used in so many different ways, and I love how you specified if you’re looking for more parasympathetic nervous system, cooling down, Pranayama, ultimate nostril breathing could be a really good practice, but what you guys are more taking people through is, is a journey. It’s not a regular, potentially, like, your daily practice, you guys do it every day, which is amazing!

[32:35] Hellé
Well, to clarify, as well, just briefly, while we’re on that. In short bursts, you can stimulate your sympathetic nervous system for energy, for creativity, for inspiration. And so, in our daily practice, which is 5 minutes, we give that guidance that if you’re wanting to give yourself a boost to start your day, maybe it’s before like a podcast, you want to be really in a good vibe, then you can do that mouth breathing for 5 minutes, and it will just be like a natural boost to the energy. Or, again, if you want to cool yourself down, be calm, then you can do the 5-minute practice through the nose.

[33:12] Sahara
So, how similar is it to Wim Hof breathing? Do you guys also do the breath-holds?

[33:19] Hellé
Yeah. So, I love Wim Hof’s work. To keep it most clear and simple, I would say that Wim’s work is primarily focused on peak performance and allowing people to boost their immune system, their physiology. Of course, there’s tons of different benefits that come with his practice. I know that he does do rounds and he does do breath-holds, and then he’s got the cold exposure, that’s a huge part of the work that he does.
So, for us, our focus is primarily on connecting people with their emotions and their inner guidance, so it’s very internal-focused experience, rather than being about the physicality of the practice, although, again, there are benefits. So, at the end of our 5 minutes breathing, we do breath-holds, which can help to deepen a person’s connection to their inner voice, their inner guidance, and at the end of that 5 minutes, our practice is to ask “What does your inner guidance want you to know right now?” every day, and that is strengthening the muscle of your intuition, your connection to your truth. And our mission, through Awakened Breathwork, is to get people connected to that voice within, and living from that place.
So, I think their practice is complementary. I endorse Wim Hof’s work, but they’re different in the intention and the specifics of the practice.

[34:49] Sahara
I love it! Can we try for a few minutes, just a little taste?

[34:53] Hellé
Yeah!! I’d love to guide you through it, and all the listeners. Okay, so, as I said, please do not do this while driving, and preferably, do this in a very comfortable, cozy place, like on the couch, on the carpet, on your bed, somewhere where you feel super safe and supported.
Okay. So, we’re going to breathe in and out through the mouth, if you’re up for an energy boost, or in and out through the nose if you’re looking to feel calm, as I said before.
The breaths are continuous, so in our everyday life, we usually take a breath in and without realizing it, we hold for a little bit, and then we breathe out, and we hold it for a little bit.
So, instead of doing that, we’re just going to allow the breath to flow like a wheel. So, as soon as you breathe fully out, you’re going to bring the breath fully back in. You want to make sure that your whole body is taking in a deep, deep breath.
So, let’s have a practice and just take a few breaths in and out, hopefully my mic is picking up on my breathing sound accurately. So, you can check in, is your breath moving in your chest. Is your breath moving in your belly? And then you can even place your hands on your side, like on the sides of your ribs and just check in, is your breath moving through your sides. Okay.
So, for a lot of people, we only breathe into one area, and in this practice, you want to be breathing full body.
So, a simple way to get yourself doing that is, when you feel like you’ve taken a full breath, just go “Okay, could I take 10% more?” Try it and then see where pockets of space start to open up in your body as you breathe even more deeply. And I hear all the time people say “Oh, my gosh, I just took the deepest breath of my life”, and sometimes it takes some practice to get to that point, but there is a palpable unlocking that can take place where all of a sudden you’re like “I just felt my breath go into my sides in a way that never has”, and so, we’ve got to keep up the practice to experience that.
So, our first round is going to be 10 breaths in and out. And on the 10th breath you’re going to exhale out and you’ll hold for 10 seconds. Then we’ll take a second round, we’ll go for 20 breaths and then we’ll hold on the exhale for 20 seconds. And then we’ll take a final third round, we’ll go for 30 breaths and then we’ll exhale out, and at that point you’re just going to hold for as long as it feels comfortable for you. And a point of this part of the practice is to feel and to be in the stillness, trusting that you don’t need anything, what you have with you in that breath-hold is totally enough and you get to practice being free of external stimulation, free of motion in the body, just free of that still, vast space. And then when your body prompts you to breathe, you’ll get a “I need to breathe”, and at that point, you’ll let your breath flow in through your nose, gently. So, it doesn’t need to be like a [sound] dramatic going for it, you can just allow yourself to take that breath and let it flow out through the nose again. And then you just let your breath flow naturally in and out through the nose at that point, and you’re going to ask yourself the question “What does my inner guidance want me to know right now?”
Okay, I’m going to guide you through this whole practice.

[38:55] Sahara
One question I have is, should we be trying to do diaphragmatic breathing or just whatever kind of breath is coming through?

[39:06] Hellé
Yeah, that’s a good question. If you want to, you can focus on starting with the diaphragm. Okay, so, if you’re used to doing that diaphragmatic belly breathing, you can send your breath down there, and then if you want to play with taking that 10% extra and allowing it to rise up into the chest. Does that make sense?

[39:25] Sahara
Should it be, sort of, equally distributed belly, diaphragm and chest, or like each breath can come from a different place?

[39:32] Hellé
You want it to be all cylinders engaged, if you can. So, generally, what I find is people will start with the breath and it will start to fill up the belly, and then when you get to a point where your belly is full, you’ll start to expand up into the chest as you keep inhaling, and then you exhale, and it will start to contract down through the chest and the belly will draw in.
Most importantly, actually, I think is, don’t analyze it too much, don’t think about it, just focus on “Am I breathing deep?” And if you’re breathing deeply, you’re doing it right!

[40:07] Sahara
I just want to do a good job, okay!

[40:11] Hellé
It feels so good at everything! Okay, we got this, we got this! I totally understand the desire to do it well, that’s definitely the me, I’m like “Okay, but I want to make sure that I’m getting it correct. My first breathwork session I remember being like “I don’t think this is normal, please…”, I had my hand up, I’m like “Help me, check me. I think my breathing is not right, my hands are doing crazy things!” But trust, trust, trust. This is the practice:

[40:44] Breathwork Practice
So, when you’re ready, closing down your eyes and choose if you want to breathe in and out through your nose or through your mouth.
And my counting is going to be a guideline, if you breathe a few more breaths or a few less, that’s also okay.
We’ll begin together with our first 10 breaths, in 3, 2, 1… One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, big breath in, and when you exhale, hold for 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.
Let’s go for our breath. Making those breaths deep and full…3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, keep going, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, doing really well, 18, 19, and big breath in, fully out and hold for 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.
Final round…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, you might be feeling tingling, 7, 8, 9, you might be feeling buzzing or vibration, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, we’re over half way, 18, 19, 20, ten more breaths to go, that’s 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, big breath fully in, and then when you let it go, find your breath hold, and this is your opportunity to feel the space. And if you notice that you’re still holding your breath a little bit, you can always blow a little bit more air out of your nostrils as your mouth is closed, breath is held. And whenever you get that gentle nudge from your body saying “Okay, it’s time to breathe”, you trust and listen to it. If you’re wanting to hold it longer, I’m going to invite you to stay with it and I’ll prompt you when we’ll complete this part of the practice altogether.
If you’re already breathing in through your nose and out through your nose now, this is your time to ask “What does my inner guidance want me to know right now?” And as you ask the question, this is your opportunity to feel and pay attention to the subtleties of how your intuition communicates with you.
If you’ve been holding your breath all the way up to this point, you can breathe with us together, all the way in through your nose and out through the nose, slow deep breaths, “What does my inner guidance want me to know right now?” You might see with your mind’s eye, you might hear thoughts, you might feel sensations, you might even smell something that reminds you of a message or a memory. What does your inner guidance want you to know right now? We’re here for about 10 more seconds. Letting your body relax, your shoulders drop, maybe even bringing in a little smile to your face. We’re all intuitive and we all have messages and support available to us, it’s up to each of us to create the space so that we can connect inwards and receive it.
Okay, now bring your awareness to your sensations and to your body, maybe the clothing on your skin. And when you’re ready you can blink your eyes open. And here we are. So, that is called Awakened Daily.

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[51:56] Sahara
So beautiful! And every time I do breathwork, I’m like “Why don’t I do this more often, it feels so good!” And I have a couple questions that came up for me.
So, my first question is, if we want to hold our breath for longer, should we be pushing ourself to how long we can hold our breath or there’s no benefit really to that? Because when you were like “Oh, you can breathe”, I’m like “I feel like I can hold my breath longer”, but I’m like “Do I need to? Is that my ego talking?”, you know.

[52:28] Hellé
Yep. So, in your daily practice, when you’re on your own, doing it, if you want to hold your breath longer on that last hold, then absolutely you can, there’s lots of benefits to doing that. I think when you get the nudge to breathe, you can just check in, take a moment, ask yourself “Okay, could I hold it for 10 seconds more? Could I just take a few seconds longer? Or am I just truly ready to breathe right now?” And maybe there’s already some guidance coming through and you’re ready to connect into that and start breathing, you’re just focusing on the inner guidance.
So, as I’ve said, this practice that we share is not so much about performance improvement as much as it is about listening and self-love and acceptance, and creating a relationship with yourself where you can trust the impressions that you’re getting.
And sometimes, like you said, the ego can be talking or, the ego is not just the part of us that wants to push on longer, sometimes the ego is a part of us that’s “Oh, I can’t be bothered!” And so, when you’re in the breath-hold, that might come up, and you get to just take a little moment to check in and go like “Oaky, just going to double check on that, do I want to keep holding a little longer or is this it?”

[53:47] Sahara
Mm-hmm. I feel like that often happens to me more towards the beginning when you’re like 10 seconds in and my head’s like “Girl, you need to breather, you’re going to die” and I’m like, it’s seconds, and it’s like your mind is so afraid.
And I learned this when I was in mermaid school because it was all about free-diving and so much of what we – our minds tell us we need oxygen, a good minute before we actually need it, or even, sometimes, several minutes, depending on how trained you are, because it’s just this reflex. However, a visual that helps me sometimes in breathwork, during breath-holds is, I imagine taking the oxygen that’s in my hands and in my feet and in these further limbs in my body that the oxygen may be far away or stuck, and I imagine circulating it through my whole body and I tell myself, I’m like “There’s so much oxygen in my body, I could actually hold my breath for much longer”, and that visualization of moving the oxygen from my fingers and toes throughout my body really helps me hold it for so much longer.

[54:52] Hellé
Oh, I love that! That’s good!

[54:54] Sahara
Yeah. And even in the breathwork right now, I started to feel some tingling in my fingers, does that mean I was exhaling a little bit too much or is that just part of the process?

[55:05] Hellé
Yeah, it can just be a part of the process. So, the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide are going to change, which can trigger the tingling. I think more so if you start to experience severe cramping, that is when you can check in with your exhale and just observe it.
If you’re blowing it with force or with effort, then that’s a cue to relax. But it’s safe, I have pretty much always experienced tingling, vibration. And this is where the mind-body connection comes in because the mind will show through the body when we’re in the breathwork. And what I’ve seen through thousands and thousands of people, is that, when this happens, usually there’s something that we’re processing, that we’ve been controlling and holding onto. And everyone has different areas where they typically hold tension in the body. So, for example, some people really clinch their jaw, and when they’re stressed out, they’ll unconsciously clench it or they’ll grind their teeth at night. Some people, including myself, when I’m feeling stressed, I tend to do things with my hands and I notice that when I am in the process of letting go, it’s all happening, I’m being confronted with all the ways that I am grasping, holding on, feeling out of control and I don’t want to let go.
And you don’t need to do anything to have that letting go take place except for breathe. It’s a little bit like when you’re getting a massage and the therapist will get into a place where there’s some deep knots and it hurts, it feels really uncomfortable, you’re like “I want to stop, I don’t like it”, but if you can stick with it and allow the unwinding to happen, this will just release on its own.

[56:52] Sahara
So beautiful! And it’s interesting because whenever I do breathwork or meditate, I see the color purple, very, very luminous, and right now it was like a purple triangle.
So, so many of us, we have these visuals, whether it’s seeing auras, seeing spirit guides, seeing interdimensional beings, and I know that this a practice and gift of yours.
So, can you share a little bit more about your experience with channeling and how this gift started to show up for you?

[57:26] Hellé
Yeah, thank you for asking! It is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart. I began channeling very spontaneously, before I knew about breathwork. It happened to me randomly, one day, when I was in a self-hypnosis practice.
So, what is a common thread here, between the breathwork and what I was doing when this first started for me? Is that I was experiencing a slowing down of my brainwaves. So, at that point, I mean, I wasn’t connected in to have someone scanning where my brainwaves were in that moment, but probably, quite likely, I was in a deep apheta state, during that day when I opened up.
And so, I had no agenda for that connection to occur. I definitely was not trying to do anything but just be relaxed, and I guess that’s the beauty of it, right? Is, sometimes, these happen not when we’re trying, they happen when we’re ready, when we’re just open, receptive and ready.
And so, from that time, in 2012, I connected with one of my guides, who is an Arcturian, and I’ve had that contact open ever since. It was just like turning on a light switch and I remember that I have “Okay, there is this friend that I have here. There’s all of these friends that are in other plains of reality and they want to have conversations, they want to share, they want to help people”, and because I’ve been open and receptive, and I’ve accessed that part of myself, or that radio station, if you like, I’ve become open to that signal. Now I can connect in and it’s not just with the Arcturians now, it’s with many, many different star races. Sometimes I have conversations with people’s ancestors, with loved ones who have passed over, with people’s pets, all kinds of things could happen. And this is a result of developing sensitivity.
So, big, juicy topic, wherever you want to go with that, I am an open book.

[59:37] Sahara
So, how did you know that they were the Arcturians? Because maybe my purple thing is some galactic being trying to come through and I’m like “Oh, no, I just like the color purple”, who knows!

[59:48] Hellé
Yeah. Well, for me, there was no arguing or denying the experience because I didn’t know what the Arcturians were, and I went to some other reality. The closest thing I could say is like bio-locating. So, I was simultaneously seated in my meditation practice and I was in another dimension, both at the same time. And I was walking toward this light and then this light became clearer and clearer and turned into this being. And this being said to me “I’m an Arcturian and so are you”, and I’m like “What is an Arcturian?” I didn’t know, I’m like, I don’t know how to spell that, I didn’t know what that meant, I didn’t know what that was. And so, this being, who was my guide, Ikamede, explained to me that I am an Arcturian star seed and that I am connected into the Arcturian star system and I’m here to bring forth Arcturian wisdom to humanity, as just one part of my Dharma.
And so, after that experience, so classic, I got up, I was with Lucas at the time, and I said something “Something really wild just happened and we need to do some research!” And so, I went on Google and I was like “How do I spell Arcturians? Is it with a ‘u’, is it with an ‘a’?” and I just started typing different variations and then I found it, and I saw in Google, in these forums, all of these things that validated what I saw and experienced.
So, there’s been many, many different things like that, that are validating for me, where I get information or I get a word, and I’d never heard of it before and it sounds so bizarre and abstract, and then I look into it and I’m like “Oh, wow, okay, humbled!”, there we go!

[1:01:34] Sahara
So, if we see some sort of being in our meditation, should we ask “Where are you from?”

[1:01:40] Hellé
Yeah! Something that you can ask that I actually had heard of at the time, that helped me, is “Is this your true form?”, so that question can help. If you meet a spirit guide, they may shape-shift, and a lot of the time what I found with people’s guides is that they show up in a more palatable form, that’s maybe more relatable to reduce fear. That’s the biggest thing, is, we will fear what we don’t understand, and it doesn’t mean that they’re scary, but they will shift the way they appear, so we feel more relaxed to open up to that connection.
So, when I first connected with my Arcturian guide, he appeared kind of like a human, but a very weird human, emanating a lot of light. And then I said “Is this your true form?” and immediately, he, who is not a he, he’s actually, kind of, non-binary if you like, shape-shifted into a little, almost a child-size turquoisey color being. And then I said again, “Is this your true form?” and he shape-shifted again into energy. And this is happening a lot for me when I connect in with guides, is, they’ll show one expression of themselves, and if you care to get more curious, you can find that out.
So, for you, with what you were just saying Sahara, about connecting in with like a purple field, some questions that you could ask might be, I mean, there’s so many questions you could ask, “Where am I? Why is this appearing to me? Is there a form that this purple could take that would allow me to understand it more deeply?” and just by asking a question, you engage that free will, the curiosity, and it could change in an instant, one second, just by you being willing to ask the question. So, I would approach with curiosity, yeah.

[1:03:38] Sahara
Yeah, I thought that everyone saw purple when they meditated, I’m like “Oh, it’s just like your third eye is opening and you see purple”, but I’m like “Oh, I guess not, or some people do”, so that’s so fascinating.
I’d love to know a little bit more about what is the Arcturian frequency, what is their message, what are they here to share with us?

[1:03:57] Hellé
From my experience, the Arcturians are pretty serious. It’s a very straight down the line agenda to help humanity to awaken. And since the beginning of my contact experience, they’ve been very clear that it’s not about them. They are here to help us to evolve to where need to go as a collective, as a species, and they’re very direct, very unemotional, in the way that they provide guidance. So, it’s not going to be fluffy or full of different imagery or things, it’s like “Boom! Here’s why” and this is where you need to grow, this is where you have an opportunity, this is where your emotions are getting in the way, this is where you’re creating separation.
And so, the biggest message that the Arcturians have been bringing through to me since day one, and it has not changed since 2012 till now, is that we have the opportunity to evolve, exponentially, by understanding the value of neutrality, and that we are so addicted to binary thinking, it’s right or it’s wrong, it’s this or it’s that, it’s you or it’s me, and actually when we come into that neutral point, that’s more true. And our emotions get in the way of that, this is not to say that we shouldn’t have emotions, because emotions are beautiful and can connect us into union as well. But when we are operating in a very binary state, we’re not neutral, and that’s when we get very clouded and our emotions get entwined with egoic programming and behavior. And what the Arcturians invite us into, is to find stillness, to find truth, and more of that graze on rather than the black and white, and to relax into allowing what is to be. So, it’s a very undramatic state of consciousness that the Arcturians have.
For example, someone said to me the other day, something like “Do you think, if we did this differently, that this wouldn’t be happening? And is that what these guides would want?” And the kind of answer that the Arcturians would give is “If it’s happening, then it’s meant to be happening and it is what it is and it’s up to you to meet it and to resolve the parts of yourself that resist what is occurring, and resist the unfolding of your own consciousness, the flowering process is as valuable as the result that we’re seeking.” And so, even here, right now, in all of the dysfunction that’s occurring on the planet, there is an opportunity for us to find neutrality in our perception and to see that this too is valuable, and this is the part of Source, flowering and experiencing itself like a huge geometric outpouring of information and possibilities. And who are we to just that, because it just is.

[1:07:14] Sahara
It’s so interesting because, basically every spiritual lineage, when you go to the highest level of it, meaning the highest dimension of it, it always says the same thing, whether it’s Buddhism, whether it’s non-dualism, whether it’s even Christian mythology and mysticism, or Jewish mysticism, Sufism, they’re all really saying the same thing which is this message of going beyond our reactions, our references even, all of our attachments, yeah, our constant dialogue in our heads of “This is good, this is bad; this should change”, and just coming to this place of acceptance, which is so hard for our human minds, especially when we’re like “But I made my life better through my efforts so I should keep efforting.” What would you say is their answer to that because I think mine, when I hear that, I understand it, then my brain’s reaction is like “Well, if you just accepted things as they are, you’d still like at your grandma’s house! So, look, you standing up is what brought you here!
So, what do you say about that, of like transformation? If we’re just going to accept, then how do we transform?

[1:08:28] Hellé
Okay, I’m just going to tune in!

[1:08:32] Sahara
Let’s tune it in! This is getting juicy!

[1:08:35] Hellé
Yeah! Let that come from them! Okay, give me a moment, I’ll just take a few breaths and then we’ll see what comes up.

[1:08:43] Sahara
And we’ll all be in our sacred breath as well.

[1:08:53] Hellé – channeling
Okay. You fear releasing control of what you believe is mean to happen. Because you believe that if you let go, nothing will happen in your favor. You believe that without your intervention, what has been created will begin to destruct. And so, at the root of your fear of letting go, is the fear of your own destruction. In truth, what arises in the space of letting go is a spontaneous and authentic expression from each individual who desires to do only what is natural to them, nothing more and nothing less. You see, a part of the issue that you face on your planet right now is that so many people are putting their noses where they do not belong, getting involved in conversations and efforts that, in truth, do not concern them, nor benefit the whole. When you let go, when you allow yourself to find neutral, what you will observe happening is that your creativity emerges in a more inspiring and effortless way.
Gone will be the days of pushing yourself to do anything that does not feel loving or real. That is not to say that you will not do things that feel difficult because there will be times where you feel called from a place deep within to do things that challenge you. But there will be less story, less intervention of the mind. There will be less back and forth of “Should I?” or “Shouldn’t I?” because what will arise will be from a deep place of knowing. And in this, there is less drama, life becomes more simple for you.
What many people crave on your planet right now is a simple life. The error that many make is attempting to create a simple life by seeking, externally, for solutions that only further complicate one’s experience. You seek more information from outside sources, you seek more possessions, you seek more monetary gain and more control over others. If you were to let go, there, you would find simplicity because only what is meant for you, would summon you into assignment, nothing more and nothing less. And you would observe around you, in amazement, as spontaneously, others who have chosen to surrender would be summoned in ways that you would not. And together, like art, you begin to co-create.
When you fear your own destruction, you undermine the ability of others to surrender also. When you think yourself as better than, or less than, you undermine the intelligence of the source that made you. The Source that made not only you, but made others in the image of Source also. You are all made in the image of Source, designed to work together in ways that your mind cannot understand at face value. You see, there will be people in your experience who appear at face value to not be working with you in the way that you like. And if you are willing to let go of your ideas of how they should be or could be, you may find, it may be revealed to you, that the way they are working, is working for you. Perhaps it is short-term, perhaps it is long-term.
You see, Source does not work with you, only in the way that is convenient for you in this moment. Source will work to design a spiraling experience that will work with you across time and beyond it altogether. And so, what appears to not be working for you, let’s say, at age 20, may finally click into place, reveal to you, at age 80, to have been an essential aspect of your life experience; an essential contributor to who you have become.
And so, again and again and again, we invite you to let go. To let go of all of the ways that you think you know that life should be, including your politicians, including your friends and your family; allow yourself the gift of relaxation and release; allow yourself the gift of connecting into the deepest source of your Dharma, which is not your mind, it is your spirit and the space that you create through surrendering again and again and again, which allows Source, God, the Divine, to move through you as you and express more of what you can become.
You see, you are not complete yet. You see yourself, you perceive yourself, you feel yourself as this person that you are now, what if God was not done with creating you? Would. you be willing to entertain the idea that not all of you has arrived yet? That there is a process, still unfolding for God to deliver to you all that you can be. And instead of filling yourself with data of your external world, with pieces that are not truly yours, could you practice surrender, could you practice more listening, more breathing, more quiet, more feeling, more curiosity? And allow God to enter the cells of your body, to take space in your mind, and to drive you forth into action, not in the way that you think you could or should, but in the way that you are capable.
And this is how a new version of Earth becomes manifest, not by repetition and recycling of the information and energy of what has been. You see, God has already done that, God has already brought that to you. The gift that you can give, the opening that you can facilitate for this planet and the many other planets in co-creation with yours is to be a vessel of space, be a stand for possibility and be open enough to deliver to yourself and to your fellow humans, that which has not yet been.
And we thank you, Sahara, for the initiation into Dharma that you facilitate for so many; the tools that you provide to drive individuals into connection with the deepest place within themselves where creation arises from. You do this not because you have to, you do this because it is your joy and it is your life-force driving you to do so.
And so, here we will close out the question, with this answer, that whether you had to or not, you would, because it is the way that truth moves through you. Thank you.

[1:19:09] Sahara
Wow! I am just speechless! Such a powerful transmission, I was not expecting that full…

[1:19:19] Hellé
Neither was I!

[1:19:20] Sahara
I recommend everyone just save this Episode and go back and keep re-listening to that because there were so many gems in there that I feel I could listen to it 10 times and pick something new up every single time.
And what they said was so correct, we’re afraid of surrendering because we feel like if we surrender, it will lead to our destruction. Like, if I am not in control and I’m not pushing and I’m not making it happen, then everything’s going to fall apart and I’m not going to be safe. And it’s rewiring that because, you know, if that was our belief up till this point forward, then yes, we’ve created evidence for that, but rewiring that belief into “I don’t even know the level of support that’s available for me when I surrender”, which even for me, is the scariest thing, because I’m like “No, I need to be the driving force forward”…

[1:20:19] Hellé
…Hold on, make it happen…

[1:20:21] Sahara
Exactly! So, yeah, that’s such a powerful reminder! And what I take from it is, if the Universe wants you to be living your soul’s purpose, if you surrender, and when I say surrender, I don’t mean lay on your couch and do nothing, I mean, surrender to the flow, surrender to what’s showing up, be in communication, be interest, follow the guidance that’s showing up in front of you rather than through a plan, that will actually take you places that you would’ve never guessed before. That’s why I’m here, that’s why you’re here, we didn’t plan any of this.

[1:20:55] Hellé

[1:20:57] Sahara
It was following the synchronicity. So, it’s remembering that because I think our minds sometimes overly credit the parts that are alike “But I was the one that made it happen. But I was the one that struggled so much and here’s why I’m here, for all of my hard work”, but it’s like, we don’t credit the unseen energies that are supporting us, that are far beyond. Like, our efforting is like 0.1% and the unseen energies and support are the other 99.99%. But we can’t credit it because we can’t see it, because we’re in it.

[1:21:32] Hellé

[1:21:34] Sahara
So, having that, I think, trust, is the hardest thing as humans, when we are in a world with such unsafe conditions. So, it’s that eternal battle of “How can I cultivate more trust in a way that I can still feel safe and then from there I can take that next step and next step.” It doesn’t mean like, let’s say you have 9-5 job, I’m not saying quit your job right now and trust you’re going to make all your money back tomorrow, but trust that that nudge that you don’t like your job is there for a reason.

[1:22:07] Hellé
Exactly! And it’s a conversation that you can go deeper into. And like you said, there is a big difference between being impulsive and going like “Oh, I’m just going to trust and I don’t need to think about it, I’ll just do it because it’s what I want”, that’s not necessarily surrendering to a higher knowing, that can be your ego preferences clouding what is true. And that is why I cherish this connection that I have cultivated to my own inner voice, first and foremost, and everyone has access to that, and these messages that I receive from the Arcturians, and I will also go and relisten to it because I learn every time, it reminds me that living in alignment with truth, with guidance, and leaving us in a surrendered state, as was just said, you know, it’s not that you’re not going to do nothing, it’s not that there’s no work, but it’s going to come from a place of drama-free knowing. And usually, when your intuition comes, it’s deep and it’s direct, and we’ve all got different ways that that comes through. Human Design is an amazing resource to learn how your intuition, individually, comes through, but there is a depth and a clarity to it, I would say, and a freedom from emotional fluctuations, like, when it really lands, boom, it’s there.
And for some people, I mean, I can’t even count how many people I have met who have actually done the whole “I quit my job, I got the guidance and I quit my job and everything did work out”, but then there are people who do that from a total mind, or even like was said in the channeling, their outsource, they’re looking outside and going “Well, Hannah, over here, quit her job and she didn’t have any backup, and so, maybe that means I can to”, so that’s not inner guidance, that’s just looking to someone else, and their path is not yours.
So, if we can practice really tuning in and finding that unemotional, drama-free voice, and trusting that. And I think a great place to start practicing is, when something feels off, be willing to notice it rather than letting your pride or your attachment to staying with something get in the way. A little example that I have about it, I was just telling you Sahara before we got on to the podcast, that I had a whole trip planned to Mexico. I had paid for everything, I booked my flights, I had booked a month in advance accommodation, which, you know, is a significant outlay of money to pay for a whole month of accommodation, and within about 24 hours, I received multiple messages, including from Sahara, about Mexico and that shifted how I was feeling about my reasons for going there. Okay, so it’s not about the place, and again, this is like that outsourcing game that we do, where we go “Oh, bla, bla, bla, she said something about Mexico, maybe that means I shouldn’t go either”, no, this was my reality. In conversation with me, I was getting signs and feedback, maybe it was working through ten different people all at once and I couldn’t not pay attention to that. And even though my mind was like “Oh no, I can’t cancel my trip, I’ve already planned it, I’ve already confirmed everything”, I know now, enough, to surrender my ideas of what I think I need to do and to be willing to pivot, and deeply trust that. And I have pivoted, and I’m sure you have too, I know you have, pivoted thousands of times over, to fine-tune the direction of my path. And sometimes I get an intuitive hit and I’m like “Oh, cool, I’m going to do this thing”, and then I start moving energy in that direction, like, I’ll be preparing things, I might’ve connected up with this person, made a plan, maybe it’s like a lunch or a meeting, bla, bla, bla, whatever, project, and I get half way and all of a sudden it’s like “Okay, you’re done with that, go that way!”, and this zig-zagging that can occur. But again, when I look back, I can understand why that allowed me to go here even more prepared, and there’ll be little bread crumbs, if I hadn’t gone into this certain direction with full intention of it happening and working out, then it wouldn’t have given me what I needed. Hope that makes sense.

[1:26:35] Sahara
So good! And the way that Spirit even works through other people, that like, I remember sending you that voice note because you’re like “Oh, I’m going to Mexico” and most people, your friend is telling you something, you’re like “Great, I’m so happy for you”, but Spirit was like “Just tell her this”, really intense information!

[1:26:51] Hellé
Sahara, my fellow Projector, I trust her, I’m just going to just take that, sit with that.

[1:26:58] Sahara
Your guides were working through me to tell you, to reflect it back to you, and it’s just so powerful because it’s like, sometimes we are being that angelic force for someone else and we don’t even realize it, we just have a call to tell someone something, and we don’t know the grander schemes of the Universe and how it’s working through all of us.
And another thing that you said in your channel, it was something along the lines of “What you want to do feels good, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be challenging”, and it made me think of – you know, in my own journey of stepping into my Dharma, it felt good, for me, the thought of being an author, I wanted nothing more than that. However, the steps that I had to take to make that a reality were like all of my deepest fears of letting down my whole family, not having any money, not knowing if I was going to make it, taking a giant risk, wasting all of these years of my life, but the desire was greater than the fear that I had for the challenges. And I think that’s what a lot of people misconstrue, like, for example, with Abraham Hicks, which I also love, but when they say we’re also galactic beings, when they say focus on feeling good, I think what a lot of us, people who listen to it from their point of consciousness, take it as is just like “Oh, just satisfy your urges”, but what they actually mean with ‘it makes you feel good’, well, how I take it, is, following what, long-term, will make you feel good, which is being truthful to yourself, which, again, sometimes being truthful to yourself is having a difficult conversation or setting a boundary. But it’s almost like when you have that knowing and you don’t act on it, like, let’s say you have a realization that your relationship is over, and you don’t act on it, it gets louder and louder and louder and louder that you think it’s easier to just stay in the relationship, but it’s actually a lot harder because you’re, now, in something that you know isn’t right for you.
And I think, for all of us, just having that trust that what is meant for us will feel expansive, it will feel energizing, it will feel good and fun and joyful, and sometimes we’ve built a stack of cards that the things that were false, are going to have to fall away for that vision to come through.

[1:29:30] Hellé
Yeah. I’ve gone through many different experiences like that that have felt like a death – a death of an old identity, and again, the common thread amongst all of these different chapters of my life that have been guided by – you know, we said at the beginning, my highest self, it’s that integrity, it’s the deep knowing that it’s the right thing to do, even when it’s hard, even when my mind, my ego, my insecurities, all of that stuff is like “No, you don’t have to do that, you don’t want to do that, that’s not a good idea, you’re not ready, bla, bla, bla”, there’s still that inner knowing inside, and it might come through as a feeling, it might be a vision that just won’t go away, it might be just a deep, deep knowing, it’s going to come through differently for everyone. But when you have that connection to that neutral truth of what you’re meant to do, you can only ignore it for so long. And I think, this is something that I’ve gone into with the guides over the last few years, a lot, is that everyone has a different breaking point, and a different capacity for discomfort. And that goes not only for a discomfort in pursuit of a goal or alignment, but also a capacity to sit in the discomfort of an outdated reality.
And one of the beautiful things about being a highly sensitive person, on this planet, is that when you’re very sensitive, your tolerance for a misaligned life is low.

[1:31:10] Sahara
Zero! I’m like “I’m not having this conversation! Goodbye!”

[1:31:14] Hellé
Exactly! And so, we have a gift and we get to lead right now in this huge shift that’s taking place to a more authentic way of being, to go “Hey, okay, I can feel so deeply, but I can’t tolerate that fierce, and so, I’m not going to tolerate that because I’ve already hit my breaking point, I’m done, I have to set the boundary and go this way”, whereas someone who is more numbed out and unaware of their own needs can tolerate really unaligned, uncomfortable, unsuitable situations for a lot longer.
So, we get to demonstrate what it looks like to be attuned to ourselves and then to take action in the direction of our truth, and that’s really exciting, and it could be uncomfortable.
I love that you talk about HSPs on your Podcast because I think there’s a lot of people who want sensitivity, like “Oh, show me how I can be more intuitive, that’s so exciting, that’s so cool”, or the other, which is “I’m so sensitive, help me, I’m so overwhelmed”, and it’s like these two groups are completely separate and we need to bring it together and go “Hey, when you develop your sensitivity, your tolerance, for your own misalignment is going to be really low”, and that can cause suffering because it can be scary to have to boldly live your truth again and again like that, but ultimately, it’s a gift.

[1:32:45] Sahara
Oh, you’re speaking the words out of my mouth sister! It is so real and it’s funny because people around you might think you’re being needy, selfish, maybe even cut off, if you’re setting a boundary, but it’s just because the world isn’t used to it. We’re so used to overriding our boundaries, overriding our desires, doing things for other people, and what that creates over time, is further numbness, further disassociation to, you know, think about the times when you were a kid that parents were like “You have to go to this party” and you’re like “I don’t want to” and they’re like “You have to”, so you’re physically there, but mentally you’re somewhere else.
And I think, from that, we start disassociating to “I don’t want to be at this job but I have to be. I don’t want to be in this friendship but I have to be. I don’t want to be in this relationship, I don’t want to be in any of it” and to have more of that integration that we truly have a choice. We have a choice in everything.
And I feel like the further I go into spirituality, I just realize how much free will we really do have in even the most micro ways, and how beautiful it is when we take back that sovereignty and that power that we have of “I can be hypersensitive and surround myself in a reality that my senses are pleasantly satisfied”, whether it’s your home, whether it’s your friends, whether it’s everything, and rather than trying to cut yourself off from your sense, it’s like “I want to open up my senses even more because there’s so much beauty and bliss. I want to take this sunset in even further. I want to take this love even further. I want to take this conversation even further”, and I feel like that’s the full circle of it rather than running away.
I feel like a lot of these typical HSP books are like “How do I cope in this crazy world” but it’s like “No, how can I create a reality where my heart can be fully open all the time?”

[1:34:42] Hellé
Exactly! Oh, I love that! That’s so good, that’s why we want your doing, it’s so important, it’s a permission slip to go “Okay, look, here is a blueprint, here is full permission for you to be a sensitive and create a life that is like fertile soil for you”, because I just kept seeing this image of the delicate little flower and as you said, it’s like these HSP books – you know, I’ve read a lot of them and there’s different tips that do help, but my idea of a beautiful free life is definitely not to just stay at home and be a hermit and be like “I can’t go to dinners, I can’t go hang out with friends”, and so, this image of a little flower that’s actually “I want to shine and I want to reach the heights and I want to absorb more of the light of the sun, and so, even though I am a delicate little flower, I have my roots and I have my stem and that stem is just going to grow and it’s going to grow strong and I’m going to be connected to my center, my spine, my life-force and I know that I’m nourished, and I’m going to allow myself to go in. And I know, in the process, I’m going to be exposed to elements, there will be more wind as I get taller, there will be more things, there will be more dust and leaves that get blown around me, but if I give myself the time that I need to grow stronger as I come out into the world, as I rise, as I expand whoever I want to be, I will be ready for it.” And that is also why we need a daily practice, it’s a non-negotiable to have time out for yourself to connect and to create that space.
And for a long time, I went through a stage where I was like “You know what, let’s not be…”, I went full pendulum swing, first I was like “Yeah, awesome, morning practice”, then I went the other way and I’m like “Just do you, who cares, it’s all good”, but in the last few years my guides have been actually quite hard on me and on others that I work with saying “No, you need it. You actually need a practice.” If you are to create that space, that they were talking about, the space to receive and to be creating something that hasn’t already been done on this planet, to support the evolution, you need a practice, otherwise you are more reactive and you’re looping in the matrix that already is. So, plug in, download and…

[1:37:12] Sahara
Oh my gosh! That’s why going on trips, for me, movement, I need to move every single day. I can’t just get up and go like, hit the ground running. And you saw me, even in Costa Rica, in humid weather, I’m doing my work, because I know that’s the foundation for me and if I don’t show up for myself in the morning, I’m not going to be highest self in different conversations and thoughts or any of it. So, I think that’s so imperative and I’m excited to integrate more and more breathwork into my practice! I’m so excited that you’ll be teaching us an Awakened Breathwork workshop in Rose Gold Goddesses this year, which is going to be so magical and beautiful, and maybe the Arcturians will channel some more messages then, too, which is such a beautiful gift that you have, and thank you so much for sharing that and for really pouring so much wisdom. I know it’s probably still vulnerable, even, to share that aspect of yourself and I really just want to thank you for fully showing up for us and giving us so much value today!

[1:38:17] Hellé
Thank you! Yeah, I mean, as someone who is committed to being as relatable and grounded as possible while I share tools to access non-ordinary states and connect into our multi-dimensionality, I do find this very vulnerable. And I appreciate, honestly, so much, Sahara, what you do and the space that you create to normalize it. You have a solid pillar in the ground that’s like “In this space, we just be who we are and we love each other and we learn from each other and we respect each other, and that’s all there is to it.”
And so, all I can do with that container, is bring my truth, and this is my truth. So, take it or leave it, love it or hate it, it is what it is!

[1:39:05] Sahara
I love it so much! We’re all loving it! So, where can listeners further connect with you, practice breathwork with you? I know we’re going to have a special link in the Bio for them to sign up for your membership.

[1:39:17] Hellé
Yeah. So, the best place is probably at Instagram, you can find me by my name on Instagram, or my website is just my name helléweston.com and then for breathwork related information, tools, experiences, awaken.com

[1:39:32] Sahara
Amazing! Well, thank you so much again, for sharing your gifts with us today!

[1:39:36] Hellé
Love you! Bye!

[1:39:38] End of Interview

[1:39:39] Sahara
Let’s just take a deep breath together, wow! That was powerful! This is why I love the Podcast! Moments like this, the conversations like this where we can just really go there and ask those big questions to take a moment to just take a break from the 3D rat-race, ping-ponging of messages and money and this and that, and just the blast-out into this eighth dimension and remember why we’re here, and bring our human bodies with it, and realize that it’s all interconnected mind-body-spirit, the breath is the channel to higher states of consciousness which bring you back into the body, and it’s this beautiful spiral dance between the two.

[1:40:35] Sahara
So, I hope this Episode activated you, reminded you, inspired you! And please share it on your Instagram stories, on your TikToks and tag me so I can see, celebrate, reshare. And it helps spread consciousness! Imagine if everyone in the world just did breathwork, I mean, we would eliminate child abuse and animal abuse and environmental abuse, and so many issues, if people just raised their frequency, and took a moment to connect with their breath and release the traumas so it stops being passed along.
So, please, share this Episode and of course, commit to your own breathwork practice, Hellé has so many, I have her link, with a discount, in my show notes, as well, to her breathwork membership and she will be teaching in Rose Gold Goddesses, a full 90-minute Awaken Breathwork Experience. So, if you are a Rose Gold Goddesses member, which is my membership community, stay tuned for Hellé’s workshop. If you are not, head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com and every single month we have a new Highest Self Podcast guest giving us an immersive 90-minute experiential workshop for the Rose Gold Goddesses community. So, it really gives you an experience to actually try and put these things into practice and learn from such incredible spiritual healers and teachers like Hellé, like Bibi, like Axel, and myself. I teach different workshops on channeling and accessing joy and living your soul’s purpose on there as well. So, be sure to head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com that link is in the show notes, to join our wait-list for when doors open again.
And of course, doors are opening back up for Dharma Coaching Institute, which is my spiritual Life Coaching Certification, and we’re opening doors back up again this March. So, again, head over to dharmacoachinginstitute.com to join us in there and that link is also in the show notes.

Thank you soul much for tuning in, I’m so grateful for you! Namaste!

Episode 417: Healing Trauma Through Breathwork + A Channeled Message From The
Arcturians with Hellé Weston
By Sahara Rose








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