Highest Self Podcast 395: Launch an Abundant Career as a Certified Soul Purpose Coach with Dr. Neeta Bhushan and Ajit Nawalkha


They call this time period the Great Resignation because we are experiencing the highest number of people EVER resign from their jobs. According to research by Monster, 95% of people in the workforce are burnt out and 70% of people are seriously considering leaving their jobs. Right now they need coaches to guide them in discovering their soul’s purpose. In this episode, my Dharma Coaching Institute co-founders and I share the unique opportunity to become a Certified Soul Purpose + Spiritual Life Coach and how to create a thriving and abundant career doing it.

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Episode 395: Launch an Abundant Career as a Certified Soul Purpose Coach with Dr. Neeta Bhushan & Ajit Nawalkha
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:20] Sahara
If it’s your first time listening, welcome, I’m so grateful to have you here! And if you’re here all the time, I’m really excited to share this Episode with you because this is a special and very different Episode, because really, what we’re going to be talking about is Dharma Coaching Institute, which is my Institute and the world’s first and only accredited certification to become a Certified Dharma Soul Purpose Coach. And not just that, but you also become a Certified Spiritual Life Coach.

[00:46] Sahara
So, in my own journey of discovering my soul’s purpose, I realized that I really had a knack for helping other people discover it, and when I was quite young, in my coaching career, I started to do something called Truth Coaching.
So, I would work with people, essentially, to tap into what their truth was. And without really knowing it I was dharma coaching, although I didn’t have the words for it, nor had I really gone through the full experience to step into my soul’s purpose. And over the past 10 years (11 years) now that I have been doing this, I wrote this book called “Discover Your Dharma” with a Forward by Deepak Chopra that came out this January and became a bestseller, and really have been on the sacred mission of activating other leaders who also feel like ‘Maybe my purpose is to help others to find their purpose.”

[01:31] Sahara
So, if you always felt like that friend that people come to whenever they need advice, you, naturally, are able to see the higher vision for someone, you’re able to hold space for them, listen to them and really reflect back what they’re feeling, then you would be a perfect Soul Purpose Coach. And honestly, they are so needed right now because if you did not know this time, in history books, is called The Great Resignation, and it’s called that because we’re in the highest amount of people who are resigning from their careers right now. Reason being, 40% of them said they don’t feel satisfied, they’re wanting something more, they’re wanting to connect with their soul’s purpose. The thing is, who’s helping them? Where have we ever talked to someone about what we think our purpose is, ever? I mean, the closest thing I can think of is the guidance counsellor at school that was sort of, just like “So what college are you going to go to? What career are you going to pick?” almost like out of a hat, like when you’re playing Life, like “Which career? Are you going to be a police officer or a lawyer?” those were your options. And I feel that so many of us right now, your purpose is the most important thing and we don’t have any support for it.

[02:35] Sahara
And just seeing our first batch of DCI grads (Dharma Coaching Institute grads), they have such a high demand of people wanting to work with them, and what we’re finding is, we really just need trainings to get people prepared, on the ground, knowing how to hold space for people, knowing what questions to ask them and then knowing also how to create a business out of it.

[02:57] Sahara
So, in this Episode, I join with my co-founders of DCI, Neeta and Ajit, who are an incredible married couple who just really bring their zones of genius into the picture. And we talk about what you can expect as a graduate from DCI, why Soul Purpose Coaches are so needed right now, all of the shifts that we’ve made to the curriculum over the past year, getting the feedback and making it even better, stronger, and in fact, two months longer, with two months of business training, all the expert guests hat we’ve added and so much more.
So, if you’ve been curious about a career change, you’ve been wanting to step more into your purpose and maybe you’ve heard about DCI before and you’re interested in learning more about it, then this Episode is for you!
So, doors are open right now and spots are limited. So, if you are interested in joining us at Dharma Coaching Institute this round, please head over to dharmacoachinginstitute.com, that link is in my show notes. We won’t be open again for 6 months from now, so this is your chance to join us before we sell out, otherwise join the wait list and you’ll be able to join us when we open up again in 6 months from now.

[04:01] Sahara
So, without further ado, let us dive into this Episode with Dr. Neeta Bhushan and Ajit Nawalkha.


[04:08] Interview

[04:08] Sahara
Welcome back Neeta and Ajit to The Highest Self Podcast, so great to have you both here together on the same Episode!

[04:14] Neeta
Super stoked to be here!

[04:17] Ajit
I’m so excited to be here, to be talking to this amazing tribe yet again!

[04:20] Sahara
Yes! And the first question I’d love to ask you both is what makes you your highest selves? So, we’ll start with you Neeta.

[04:27] Neeta
I love this question, always! You know what, what’s coming up for me these days is being able to have alone time. As a momma of two, I’ve noticed that, when I am in my highest version of myself, that is me being super creative and having time in reflection. So, currently it’s time in nature and alone time, when I can actually be with my thoughts. So, that is what is bringing me to my highest self these days.

[05:02] Sahara
Such a great reminder! We just receive such different wisdom when we’re on our own. And I feel like so many of us right now, we’re putting so much energy into social media and being part of the conversation and knowing what’s happening that sometimes the most restorative thing we can do is just connect to our own intuition.

[05:18] Neeta
A hundred percent!

[05:21] Sahara
And what about for you Ajit?

[05:23] Ajit
For me, being my highest self, or living my highest self, is when I have an opportunity to be of service. Service to my family, service to my friends, service to the community, service to humanity in any possible way I can. So, that is when I feel like I’m in my highest self.

[05:40] Sahara
I love that! And you know, the three of us, I’m always chatting about our Human Designs and stuff, but we really are such powerhouse, dream team, power ranger vibes because we bring such different, unique lessons and experiences and backgrounds, but really, all of our hearts and our intentions are at the same place of wanting to empower more entrepreneurs to share their gifts, their messages, and use the unique obstacles they’ve experienced, their challenges, the demographics they’re from, whether it’s the queer community or Asian community or the mental health and addiction community, and not see those as random events that just happen to happen, but actually see that as your soul’s training and the very thing that you’re going to be teaching, and hopefully coaching people on.
So, we’re super excited right now to just really talk about this incredible opportunity for people to take their experiences and use it as a way to serve others.
So, this year has been incredible! We’ve hit the ground running, we’ve graduated our first batch, 350 Dharma Coaches at our Institute (The Dharma Coaching Institute) and now we’re opening up for our second batch and we wanted to really chat about lessons we’ve learned and how the landscape has shifted and really opened up this year for more Coaches to be needed.
So, what have you guys seen, especially with current events, The Great Resignation and some people leaving their jobs? What do you see right now is the opportunity to create a career as a Soul Purpose Coach?

[07:11] Neeta
Yeah, I mean, it’s just, the times are so relevant right now and if there is anything that is in the air, it’s this energy of owning your story and not settling for what’s around you. I mean, people are taking action in all different forms, The Great Resignation is obviously shifting a lot of people to kind of get out of their conventional jobs, to do something that’s unconventional, to do something that’s more aligned with themselves.
I think, never before, were we ever given this permission. I know for me, when I was kind of like in between wanting to stay as a professional, conventional dentist, I was like “What else is out there for me, if I wanted to leave?” And right now, it’s ripe and we’re seen it at DCI, in this first batch, where people are now feeling way more into where they’re meant to be going because they’re honoring their truth, they’re honoring who they are, they’re honoring their path, they’re honoring a lot of the wounds, and even just how and where, and all of the different complexities and the layers of what they’ve been through, to really be able to help others with their journey and their purpose. And really, what their soul’s calling has been kind of screaming at them to remember, to walk that path and walk that light and illuminate it for other people. And it’s just been powerful to see in our own community, at DCI, the stories that we’ve been able to see and just from all different walks of life, around the world, we’ve been able to serve from 15 different countries. So, it’s been so powerful that it’s not just here in the US that we’re feeling The Great Resignation, but I think globally, around the world, with our global community, everyone is feeling that urge to really come from a place from service and love, and that’s kind of the motto that Ajit and I, through and through, from our own personal relationship, to how we actually show up in business. And even with you Sahara, you kind of embody this as well, this idea of service and love, but to be able to kind of gel it all together and see, firsthand, our students really own their unique expression of that, has been probably of the most profound experiences.

[09:42] Sahara
I love that so much! Owning your story and recognizing that your story is powerful! I think so many people listening to this Podcast right now, have overcome enormous obstacles, whether that obstacle was a trauma they’ve experienced. I mean, even just the past two years now has been pretty traumatic for a lot of us. But a lot of people listening to the Podcast, they are that person their friends come to whenever they need advice, whenever they have a problem, they naturally are that person who’s able to see from a higher perspective, it’s just most of us feel like “Oh, that’s just a random gift that I have” or “That’s not even a gift, probably everyone can do that”, but that’s not true. The average person is not approached at CBS by a stranger, telling them their life story, if that is you that is a soul gift you were born with and you are meant to share that.
I think what’s missing is most people, they don’t know how to actually turn that into a business, a career, and that’s why we’re so excited to really hone those gifts together, to be of service, but also let people be handsomely rewarded so we can empower entrepreneurs, but also make investments into businesses and more opportunities to create that economy. Right now, we’re seeing the old world crumble, so it’s up to us to actually empower people who are making positive decisions and putting good things out into the world, to share that, so, we’re super excited!
So, what do you see as a business master, Ajit, of the opportunity right now to become a Soul Purpose Coach?

[11:10] Ajit
Well, the opportunity has been building up for several years. I think this is the time where everybody had to go through a pause in their life. I’m sure every listener of this Podcast has experienced a pause in life. It may have been s short or long pause over the past two years, especially because we kind of had to hold our hearts and kind of go “Okay, let’s re-evaluate life”. And when we re-evaluate life, we either experience, what the Japanese say, I think, ‘moments of kensho satori’, kensho, which is basically the moments of disruption or pain or moments of insight. Either of those situations probably reveal to you that it is time for you to move on and find and live more of you every single day, because that’s what happens when we get to stop and slow down and really reflect on life, we get to go “Okay, hold on, I’m doing all this crazy stuff, I’m working all these long hours in a job where I’m doing a career or getting an education that I don’t even enjoy. Why am I doing so?” The world kind of said “Hey, let’s take a break by introducing this virus into our ecosystem”, and suddenly the whole world went on pause and had to re-evaluate, reassess what had been happening in life. And the moment that happens, and we get to slow down, we all get to question what is our meaning and purpose in life. And guess what happens when we do that? The first thing that we evaluate is our jobs, the opportunity that is in front of us, the thing that takes most time. And when we evaluate it, and I want everybody that’s listening to this Podcast, to evaluate that for a hot second, and say “Hey, if I’m doing this job” or “I’, pursuing this political career right now, am I happy in it? Is this what I am really meant to do in life? Is this really what I want to do day in and day out for the rest of my life?” If the answer is no, know that you’re not alone because there are many individuals who felt the same way and they said “I need change. I want to change. I want to find a new career. I want to grow in a career. I want to do this or that.” And when that happens, while yes, inside-wise, we go “Yes, the person wants to change”, guess what’s the next step? “I want to change but I don’t know how. I need guidance, I need support, I need coaching!”
Coaching has become so mainstream that I think, right now, it’s one of the fastest-growing industries, especially Life Coaching, is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world right now. So, it is on fast track to, I think, be a $15bn industry, as part of the last data that I saw, I could be off about data, but it’s billions of dollars and it’s growing at the fastest phase that is right now. And so, the opportunity is only grown because of The Great Resignation as we call it, I heard someone call it The Great Reassignment, because we’re all kind of reassigned to a new purpose or new way of living life or need to reassign ourselves, our energies, towards a new purpose and a new life, and that happened because we all had a pause. And I’m sure everyone listening is also questioning “Is this what I’m doing right now, is my life’s purpose?” and the answer is something in alignment with helping individuals, helping people.
I invite you to check out what we have to talk about today because this will be a great, not only opportunity for your soul to live its purpose, but also be able to help others live their purpose. And that’s why we’re so excited to talk about it more.

[14:23] Sahara
I love that so much! The Great Reassignment, it truly is, because we’re all realizing that we are assigned to our unique callings. It’s not random, it’s not coincidental and it’s not even something outside of you, it’s something you remember.
And I feel like, right now, the sacred pause that we’ve experienced, this global Ayahuasca ceremony, for the past two years the collective has been in, we’re all siting in this, we’re all vomiting, we’re like “What is this shit I’ve been holding onto?” and we’re like “Oh wow, now I have clarity; now I see the vision; now I see how the abusive relationship I was in (which is part of your story Neeta) is helping me now empower other women.” We see what it’s like to be working at a corporate job and have everything figured out; be the CEO; be the leader on top (like you experienced Ajit) and also feel like there’s something deeper in my soul. My experience of doing what my family told me to do, and being smart and doing the right thing, and realizing “I have these creative gifts to share.” All of these things become part of the messaging that we pass along to others.
And that’s why when the three of us really got together, we’re like “How do we empower? We can’t do this alone! How do we empower other people to be in their unique communities, demographics, walks of lives, experiences, and to be able to create those transformations in the unique place only they can touch” and that’s really what this is about. Not one person can do it alone, and we really are here creating a global movement, the first ever Dharma Coaches. And it’s not just us, it’s you listening right now, when you join it’s going to be such a powerful experience.
So, we have learned so much this year and one of the biggest changes (or two of the biggest changes) that we’ve done (I’ll share about). First, I want to dive into Coaching.
What we’ve done at Dharma Coaching Institute is, as soon as you join, the first month is all about Coaching Frameworks. And what we’ve experienced is, a lot of people, they may know, intellectually, “Oh, you’re supposed to ask questions, you’re supposed to listen, but you don’t practice it and you don’t get that experience that only practicing coaching could do.”
So, can you share a little bit about what they can expect in their first month at DCI?

[16:35] Neeta
Yeah! I mean, it is all about coaching fundamentals and really, kind of, getting that solid framework of understanding how to interact with your clients. And most coaching companies and certifications, I feel like the one thing that we’ve noticed, and even in building the curriculum and refining it, even for this next batch, which we’re so excited about, and adding in even more of some of the missing elements, was this whole idea of, it’s not cookie-cutter, you can ask similar questions, but you have to really treat each and every client differently, and that is tapping into your own intuition, but also getting a sense of really understanding the psychology and the emotional health of your clients.
And so, we go into, for the first month, the Dharma Coaching Framework that we’ve all created and all developed together, but really understanding the personalities, the archetypes, as well as then getting into the Dharma Discovery Framework, as well as, then, fully being able to, for the next half of the Program, is putting everything together. Whereas, before, we actually started out with some of the theory, but we realized that you guys need a practice, right away, and we’ve got to get in there because if we want you to be the most solid Certified Dharma Coaches and Soul Purpose Coaches, coming out of a program, we have to start with the basic foundation of you being able to build your confidence while being a Coach, and as well as what your unique style is, because that’s really going to come out the more that we start practicing and getting you into just sessions with your community, with our family communities, and just being able to connect with some of the other students, so that you can really fine tune your skills as a Certified Dharma Coach.

[18:39] Sahara
I love that so much! And one of my favorite things that we added is, we looked at all of the deepest limiting beliefs that people experience when stepping into their Purpose. And these aren’t just experiences that your clients will have, but also you, as a student, because what we’ve experienced is, a lot of Coaches, they may still have these limiting beliefs, so we can’t help our clients if we’re still dealing with them. So, we look at what’s your relationship with money; what are the stories that you’re holding on to; what are, maybe, the perspectives that you have of “Oh, I can only be successful if I XYZ”; where do you feel like you’re not enough; where is there confusion; where is there overwhelm? Because, again, we can only take our clients as far as we have taken ourselves.
So, we really start this first month, at “How can I be a living example of my Dharma?” When what we’ve experienced is a lot of people join Dharma Coaching Institute (DCI) to actually understand their purposes themselves, not everyone even wants to become a Dharma Coach, so you’re actually going through being dharma-coached for 6 months, in this really deep and powerful way.
So, even if you’re like “I’m not sure I want to create a career out of this. That sounds cool but not for me. However, I am really interested in having the highest quality and the highest level, 4-6 hours a week, for 6 months, going in”, that’s really who it’s for. And, what we’ve observed is, for example, one of our students, she joined DCI to understand her Purpose. Her son dealt with addiction for most of his teenage years and actually experienced a heroin overdose, which is such a hard thing as a mother, for your own son to experience. So, a lot of her life has been dedicated to her son and now she’s in her 50s and she’s really wondering “Well, what is my Purpose? I’m curious about stepping into it myself”. So, she joined DCI simply for her own education and what she found was that, she got everything she needed to actually help others, that now, she is coaching other mothers whose sons and daughters may be dealing with addiction, which is so powerful because it’s such a unique and specific experience that really only a mother who’s been there, can truly understand what someone is going through.
And I love that story so much because people sometimes feel like “Well, my life is not perfect. I’m still dealing with pain. I still don’t know my Purpose, so how am I ever going to become a Coach?” but it’s actually those experiences are what make you a powerful Coach. And, we often learn by teaching others.
So, going through the process of learning how to teach others to live their Purpose is the highest way that you can understand your own.

[21:20] Neeta
It’s so true, and to really piggy-back on what you just shared about the mother with her son and his addiction, and now being the fuel that she shares with other people, I mean, we saw this with so many different students, coming in, starting out, thinking that, on the one hand, they’re going to be transformed, but then we got all of these testimonials and reviews saying how much they’ve deeply been transformed and many of them, of course, are going to go on and create businesses within their own communities, just because of the one or two big wounds that they’ve been through in their life. And also, being able to just even have deeper conversations, even if they’re not going to go on and become a Coach, but just using the skill set and the foundations that we provided, to have those deeper and meaningful conversations of even healing within their own family members, within their family dynamics, mother to child and even within their friends’ circles.
So, it’s been a profound experience for – I wanted to share this one story that came up. Marianna, she was actually from a small town and one of our students (of course, they changed her name), but she actually came into DCI because this was her first time leaving this, sort of, a cult environment that she experienced. And this totally blew her away because she finally found a community that would support her, not judge her, not shame her for the things that she didn’t do or did do. And what a solid way to really, then, build confidence and then be able, for her, to then go back and share this with her own community so that she can actually inspire and transform some of the dogma that she actually grew up with.
So, super powerful that whoever is listening, right now, if you feel that you’re the outsider in your community; if you feel that you don’t necessarily belong or you’re trying to find your own groove or you know you’re on the brink of some sort of change, this program is totally for you.

[23:37] Ajit
I want to share something on top of that. So, we already talked about the group of individuals that are interested in serving humanity, right? If you want to serve humanity, you want to help people find a Purpose doing this Reassignment, Resignation, however you want to call it, this journey that humanity is having, DCI is something that you want to look at, it’s an opportunity to do something you’re going to look at.
Secondly, if you are somebody who is feeling lost yourself, if you are concerned about where you are right now in life and you want to go through an intensive experience to rediscover your own Purpose in life, this is something that you want to look at.
I want to talk to the third set of people that we haven’t talked to as yet and that is individuals that are in careers, jobs, businesses, that you don’t necessarily, are not passionate about, you like that, but at the same time you know you have more to give, that you want to still serve humanity, even if that’s not the core job that you do, but there is something more that you have to offer, and you’d like to discover it and use the channel of service, your inherent need of all human beings, but just to serve humanity on a larger scale, to make a contribution to humanity on a larger scale, if that is something you want to do part-time, something that you want to do just as a project that you do, as you, anyways, have the career that you have, because some of us are also individuals who have families and don’t want to quit our careers per say just yet, but we want to get ready to really, fully, live the way we want to live.
So, if you are that person, this may be the perfect program for you because this is not something we’re doing in a short burst, it is a full 6-month experience that you get to come in and out of. We’ve tooled it in a way that you still get to still enjoy your holidays, you still get to go back to the family and make sure that holidays are taken care of with them, but you come back to the community, the community is there to support you, the training is complete, all the way going from the first month, which is where we work on your mindset and how you approach coaching; what are some of the blocks that will stop you as you start the journey. Then, in month 1, we really dive deep into Human Design and Coaching (Coaching as a skill). Month 2 – Month 4, we talk about really finding your Purpose to helping your clients finding their Purpose using the Dharma Model that you’ll be learning throughout the course. And then the last two months, we actually hand-hold you, to show you some of the ways you can build your business. This is one of the things that a lot of Coaches or a lot of people who are just starting out, feel very concerned about, they feel “Oh, I don’t have all the tools, I don’t know how to put this together”, so what we have done is, we have taken the combined experience. So, me, Sahara and Neeta, who have all built really, really successful coaching businesses in different ways, in our own lives, to bring those models together and work with you for two months. This is something that we expanded into, after hearing more and more individuals saying “Hey, yes, you gave us all the training, but I would love to do some practice with you.” So, we have added two extra months to the certification so everybody that is coming into the program can practice at the pace they need to practice.
So, it’s not something where you have to feel rushed, you don’t have to feel like you’re cornered, you don’t have to feel like you can’t finish it, we’ve given enough space for you to really take in all the content, really embody it, really practice it during the course of the Program. This is why this is a little longer, as a Program, from what we initially envisioned, but it in consideration of everybody that comes in to the Program.
So, we’re very excited to work with you for the next 6 months, as this Program becomes something, that becomes an essential card of your training in how you get to do life after this.

[27:14] Sahara
Thank you so much for sharing all that, I’m so excited for all of the additions that we’ve created. And, a lot of listeners, they may have done a Yoga Teacher Training, Health Coach Training, Meditation Training, so, think of it like that. For example, when you do a Yoga Teacher Training, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to quit your job and be a full-time Yoga Teacher? But diving into a training allows you to really focus on something from that highest level. Like we shared, the best way to master something is to teach it to others, and frankly, there aren’t a lot of experiences in life that we step into a container. But what I’ve noticed, in my own journey, is, every time I’ve stepped into a container, that’s when I’ve experienced transformation at the fastest speed.
Most people think living your Purpose is something you figure out later on in life, in your 40s or 50s, and if you haven’t figured it out by then, you probably don’t have one, it’s too late for you. When does it happen? But really, it’s because, when have you spent 6 months of your life, and really dedicated 4-6 hours a week, to ask yourself powerful questions, having conversations, practicing, reading books, doing Q&As, working with people – that has never happened. Honestly, I don’t even understand how the college and high school system work with their Guidance Counsellors, they’re like “Pick a career, you’re going to be a doctor, lawyer or a policeman”, well, it’s like, a game of Life when you pick a card and like “Choose your career”. That’s not how it works! And that’s why most people, they always feel like they’re in between, they’re like “I don’t like this job but I don’t know where I’m heading”, but they never feel like they totally land and get there because they’ve never been asked the right questions, they’ve never been in a container, they’ve never had a period of transformation.
So, think of like when you go on a retreat, you walk out of that retreat just a week later and you feel like a different person. Now, imagine a retreat, over 6 months of diving and deepening and deepening, with all of these different layers and nuances to it. I mean, 6 months are going to go by regardless, you can listen to this and 6 months are going to go by, maybe you’re still listening to the Podcast in May, and maybe nothing’s changed, or you can have your website up that says your name, Certified Soul Purpose Coach, “I work with people who experienced exactly my story and here is how I’m going to help create transformation for you.” And every single day you open up your Stripe account, you open up your PayPal account, and you are being rewarded for sharing your gifts. You’re the job you hate, you’re not selling your soul, you’re not working to pay bills or taxes and die, you are actually rocking your gifts on a daily basis, and that’s, to me, is the most rewarding thing of all of this, to really be able to know that my gifts, my voice, my message matters, and that alone is enough. And most of us, we don’t feel that that’s enough, but it is more than enough! Truly, everything that you have right now is going to make you a great Coach! You already can coach, however, to know the frameworks, to have the agreements, to know the legalities, to know how to hold space, that’s what’s going to make you a Master Coach, and that’s what we’re here to help you do at Dharma Coaching Institute.

[30:21] Ajit
Absolutely! And so, so true about that. It’s so funny, as human beings, what we’ve done is, we’ve created all these different tools, computers and everything, and when you buy a computer, you get this big manual that you have to read (and Mac has a big manual), everything has a big manual, and where is that manual of being, living, human? We’re just defaulting ourselves to “Oh, whatever happens, I’m just going to react to it” instead of saying “Here is my manual of finding my Purpose, living my Purpose”, because that is having a human experience.
And so, so spot on! Why would you choose to not live a live, a career, of purpose and meaning where you are actually pumped about every day, that you have freedom to create what you want to create, you have freedom to work with who you want to work with? There is really no excuse.
In this year, in 2021 and 2022, for us to say “Oh, I can’t do it because…”, there is no because left anymore. Everything that we know of society has changed, more so in the last two years, but definitely in the last decade. We are a different society all together, we don’t have to follow those norms. The world has changed and it’s about time that we did too.

[31:31] Sahara
I love that so much! And one of the other things that I love, that we’ve really added is, in the Business Training, we really guide you through finding your niche. You know, most people, they go to a coaching school and they still don’t know who they’re working with, they still don’t know who they’re communicating with, and they don’t know how they can speak their language and serve them. So, we’re going to be guiding you to come up with your niche, to practice sharing your niche with the other students, to get feedback, to practice pitching, to get comfortable with that.
I’ve seen, and I know you guys have seen so many people with incredible empathy and listening skills, but they don’t know how to share it with others, they don’t know how to create a business out of it.

[32:09] Neeta
Or they – I think the biggest thing that we’ve seen, just even in the last batch, which is why we’ve added and extra 2 months, so that we can help Certified Dharma Coaches leave with the confidence that they need to make offers, coming from a place of their own heart and their own wisdom and their own intuition, where, a lot of times you’re not given that, a lot of times you’re saying “Well, I serve everybody and I’m coming from a place of love and I want to just serve all of humanity”, but actually, that’s not going to help you create a really sustainable business.
So, we actually help you own, not only your story and where you come from, but also have those, sometimes, uncomfortable conversations that can really help transform someone else’s life. Because a lot of times, that person, on the other side, maybe it’s your friend, maybe it’s a colleague at work, maybe it’s a family friend, they need you but they’ve never had an experience with a Coach before. So, we give you those specific skills on how to navigate those kinds of conversations which are about enrolling clients or, some would call it a sales conversation, so that you do it with grace and you do it with confidence, knowing that, at the end of the conversation, that person, doesn’t matter if they’re going to sign up with you or not, but they are transformed. And so, that is the beauty of what we’ve extended our business training for an additional two months.
Not only that, you know exactly who you are meant to serve and you are of saying, just like how you said Sahara, “I am this person and I serve mothers who have gone through traumatic experiences” or “I serve teenagers who don’t want to go to college and want to do something that’s more in alignment with their hearts”, because these are the stories from so many of our students that have just graduated. And to see the specificity, to see how excited they are to go back into their own communities and small towns and places all around the world, to be able to have that level of clarity and just conviction and excitement, it’s something that you will experience at Dharma Coaching Institute.

[34:29] Sahara
Yes! It feels so good to know that these people are going to be in every avenue of life, every corner of the world, raising the vibration of the planet.
I think of us each as these individual little lightbulbs, you know when you see those pictures of the world at night, it has all these lightbulbs, that’s what we’re doing here as Soul Purpose Coaches, we’re like “The lightbulb in France and the lightbulb in Peru and the lightbulb in this demographic”, and that’s really what we’re here for. No one, whether it’s Toni Robbins, no one can solve the world’s problems. And in fact, every single person is going to need someone who can connect with them, So, know that your experience is enough.
And, what I love, also, about what we’ve added on to the program is, once you graduate, you’re not left alone. So, we have added a 2-year licensing program, so, for 2 years, every single month, it includes a Q&A Coaching Call with our Master Coaches, these are Master Coaches that have worked with Dr. Joe Dispenza, really cream of the crop Coaches that, alongside us, will be coaching you.
So, let’s say, 6 months later, you’re like “I still have some questions about enrolling clients. I have some questions about “Should I change my 3-month package and make it a 4-month package” or whatever else it is, you know you’ll have that continual support because we don’t want you to just graduate the program and leave and figure it out on your own, we are in your corner, we want you to succeed. So, that’s why we have added two additional – no coaching program out there does this, but we’re just obsessed with you guys, so, we don’t want to let you go. As soon as everything opens, we are going to do Live events, this is a community, this truly is a community that will surpass the test of time and these are the people you’re, one day you’re going to go on family vacations with, you’re going to start businesses with, your future best friends, and we’re so excited to be those people to help connect you guys together.
And, another incredible thing that we have is Dharma Directory.
So, all three of us, we don’t even work with clients one-on-one because our practice is really about coaching Coaches, but we get asked hundreds of times a day “Can I work with you”, “Can you Dharma Coach me”, so we have actually created a Directory now, that soon will be on our website, of all of the Dharma Coaches that have graduated with us, with their niche. So, someone can look up, I’m looking mother, corporate, addiction, whatever the niche is, and they’ll find the Coach that can work with them.
So, this is such a powerful tool because we will actually be an avenue for you to get clients from and between our email lists, hundreds of thousands of people who, every single day, are interacting with our work, and you will be right there, spotlighted. And we’re so excited to share your success stories, we’re already on Instagram, we’re sharing the different business that you guys have come up with.
And another detail to that I want to add is, beyond one-on-one coaching, we start with one-on-one coaching at DCI, but then you can take this experience towards creating your online courses, writing your book, speaking on stages, creating businesses related to this. We believe that working one-on-one with someone gives you that experience and that background, and that’s really what we focus on at DCI, and then from there, and having that experience, that confidence, the sky is the limit, the revenue streams are unlimited!
For example, I do podcasting and speaking; Ajit starts businesses. We had one graduate, she started these archetype gift-boxes of the different Dharma Archetypes with gifts, it’s so cool how creative it is, so don’t feel like “Oh, I don’t really know if I a one-on-one Coach is really right for me”, get the experience and then apply it to whatever it is that you want do in life.

[38:05] Neeta
Absolutely! And even for those who are listening and they’re like “Hey, you know, can I join because I’m already a Coach, I already have a practice”, and absolutely, this is totally for you. We’ve had several of our first batch, and several of our students, already were Coaches, to some degree, either they took some sort of training, whether a Yoga Teacher Training or they were already practicing Coaches, or they were already a practicing Therapists that wanted to know a different angle, that wanted to add a different element, a different layer to what they were already doing.
So, think of, even this Program, this Training, as an additional set of tools and armormentarium of tools that will help you even more connect at a different and a deeper level with the clients that you were meant to serve.

[38:55] Sahara
Love that so much! There’s so much there! If you’re listening to this podcast, imagine actually having me as your Coach, diving deep with live PDFs and frameworks and all the good-ish, it is like taking everything in this Podcast and bringing it into action.
And I actually teach two workshops in the curriculum too, not even workshops on, first of all, on my entire system of the Podcast, what’s my backend, how do I edit, how do I put episodes up, how do I chose my title, this, that. I have, now, almost 5 years of podcasting experience, so, that’s all available for you. I’ve written an entire E-Book for you in the Program, then, I also did one all about how to be an empowering interviewer, how to have conversations, how to have Solocasts, because at the end of the day it’s your content that is going to get you far.
So, it’s experiences like this that you don’t get in other coaching institutes. To be honest, I would say, at most coaching institutes, people who’ve never had businesses as Coaches. And for us, we’ve had businesses as Coaches and beyond, and we bring all of these layers of expertise into in.
I also teach about social media, how to use your social media as a powerhouse marketing tool for you to share your message.
And Ajit, if you could share a little bit about how you teach how to create packages as a Dharma Coach?

[40:14] Ajit
So, what we did is, we understood, like how Neeta was sharing before, is when you a new Coach, very often you lack the confidence, you know what you need to do but you, for whatever reason, are not able to do it. And because of that, what we did is, we designed the business trainings of Rocco Institute in a way, where you can take it as templates, you can go “Okay, I want to start my practice, I need a package” or “What could be my package”, and we say “Hey, here is a structure you can use for a 1-month Coaching Program, a 3-month Coaching Program, a 6-month Coaching Program, here is roughly how you can price”, and of course, there will be variations based on the country that you’re in and the client and the type of audience that you’re talking to, but we give you those variations, we give you how to talk to these clients, how to really make an offer, how to really have a conversation that’s a heart-centered conversation, that doesn’t sound like as if you are pitching something or anything like that, it’s a conversation, it’s a dialogue, and you’re able to, much easily, by understanding the person across the room, able to enroll them.
So, what we’ve done is, we’re really taken those key nuggets that stopped a person and tried to temptidize it as much as possible, so you can feel confident and encouraged to be able to take action, because that is the key to success.
We, after building so many different businesses, between ourselves, we realized that there is no perfect script. The perfect script is ‘keep taking action’, ‘keep moving towards the target’, and as you move towards the target, your methodology improves, your ability to sell improves, your ability to communicate improves, your ability to package improves, the ability to price yourself improves.
When I started my coaching practice, I was charging a couple hundred bucks an hour, now it’s hard to hire me for $3000/h because I just don’t have the availability. And that’s not to boast about anything, that’s not what I’m trying to share here, what I’m trying to say is, all of us will find our journeys and be evolving from there. What we’re giving you is foundational skills that will always be useful and you will be using them through the course of your coaching career, because they always stay the same. There are no gimmicks, there are no things that work today and won’t work tomorrow, these are things that are fundamental in business. We have built business after business after business based on these foundations, and if you get them right, you will never need the gimmicks and the tricks, you will always be able to grow, just because off of a great profit that you create and that you are the Coach and what you will become as a Coach, and just be able to use those fundamentals to keep building a solid business and not just something that’s based on some of the change, or whatever, that is always changing, on all of us, clearly.

[42:51] Sahara
I love that so much! And what I love, what we’ve created in DCI, it’s really for every type of learner. So, if you’re someone that, you really like to follow the rules, you want to have your script, we’ve actually created what could a 3-month package look like for you, what could you talk about every single session, we have all that laid out; what would a 6-month package look like; so, you could literally just graduate.
We’ve created a social media graphics for you; how to do your Bio; what to put on your website – literally everything. So, if you’re that type of learner, you’re just like “I need a lot of support, please help me. I don’t want to have to figure this out on my own”, we got you! If you’re like “You know what, I just want to learn this new methodology, but I have my own thing. Maybe I want to integrate it with Astrology, or maybe I want to integrate it with my bodywork practice”, or whatever it is, you can also just take what you like from it and sculpt it to be your own masterpiece.
And again, I feel like that’s really what’s missing in the coaching space, that freedom to make it look the way that you want. We’re not here to create carbon copies of ourselves, but we are here to, really, shed light on the things that sometimes are a little bit nuanced, or you’re not sure about, of like “Hey, how much could you actually price”, ‘Hey, how do you deal with a client that ghosts you”, these things also do happen and we really integrate the masculine and the feminine, the light and the shadow, all aspects, 360, full spectrum, because we want you to succeed and we’ve been there too!

[44:18] Sahara
Yay! Amazing! So, we really got to dive in, in this Podcast! Thank you, guys, both so much for showing up!
So, doors are open right now. If you are interested in launching your career as Certified Soul Purpose Coach, this is the time, because we begin week of November 8, 2021.
So, the next 6 months are going to pass by, you can continue to try get free information from Instagram and the Podcast, and that’s great, or you could step into a container of transformation. And I guarantee, you will not be the same person on the other side!
So, if you’re listening to this, you’re curious, you want to learn more, head over to dharmacoachinginstitute.com. Again, that’s dharmacoachinginstitute.com you can find that link in the show notes and we’re so excited to welcome you inside!
So, thank you so much Neeta and Ajit for being on the Podcast today, and for co-creating this amazing opportunity with me!

[45:16] Neeta
We are so, so excited! Cannot wait to welcome each of you into DCI!

[45:22] Ajit
Class starts November 8, so the time is limited and so are the spots. Looking forward to welcoming each one of you!

[45:29] Neeta
See you there!

[45:30] Sahara
So grateful for you both, and thank you guys so much for listening! Namaste!

[45:34] End of Interview

[45:35] Sahara
Yes! So, if you are feeling inspired to join us this round of Dharma Coaching Institute, head over to dharmacoachinginstitute.com. Doors are open right now, spots are limited! And I’m so excited to have you inside!
Imagine diving in together every single week with Modules, Q&A calls, an incredible community, Master Coaches and literally transforming your life and becoming a Certified Soul Purpose Coach, accredited with the ICF in 6 months.
Again, head over to dharmacoachinginstitute.com, that link is in the show notes and I’m so excited to meet you inside!

[46:09] Sahara
I hope you enjoyed this Episode. Namaste!

Episode 395: Launch an Abundant Career as a Certified Soul Purpose Coach with Dr. Neeta Bhushan & Ajit Nawalkha
By Sahara Rose

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