Highest Self Podcast 397: What’s Possible For You As A Dharma Purpose Coach with Stacey Hickman + Jill MacKenzie


I am SO proud of my DCI students (and now coaches) for their powerful transformations creating the careers of their dreams through graduating from Dharma Coaching Institute and am so excited to share their journeys with you. In this episode, we speak about how Jill created her ideal position at her existing company to become a Dharma Coach for her team (plus getting a raise!) Stacey shares how she integrates Dharma Coaching principles into her yoga-teaching practice (also bringing up her rates!) They give their tips for apprehensive students and share what they wish they would have known before starting.

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Episode 397: What’s Possible For You As A Dharma Purpose Coach with Stacey Hickman + Jill MacKenzie
By Sahara Rose

[00:12] Sahara
Namaste, it’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

[00:20] Sahara
I am so excited for this Episode because it really shows what’s possible.

[00:24] Sahara
In this Episode, I interview two of my Dharma Coaching Institute’s students, who are now thriving Coaches on how they transformed during the DCI experience, and what is possible for you too.

[00:39] Sahara
What I love about this Episode is how unique and diverse and authentic the career paths that they’ve took since DCI have been.
For Jill, it was literally creating her own dream career in the company that she already worked in and getting a raise.
And for Stacey, integrating it into her yoga teaching practice, allowing people to take that next step, which also led to her increasing her rates.
And both of them, best of all, have been hired by DCI and are a part of our staff.

[01:08] Sahara
So, in this Episode, we talk about the fears and uncertainties they both had beginning the Dharma Coaching Institute journey and how they were able to transform, what was the most imperative for them, what their careers look like now and advice they have for people who are hesitant about joining.

[01:25] Sahara
So, whether you are curious about becoming a Certified Dharma Soul Purpose and Spiritual Life Coach or whether you’re just wondering what could potentially be, one day, in the future, this Episode is for you. I hope it inspires you to see that transformation is possible, it doesn’t have to take as long as we think, it just takes being in the right container.

[01:46] Sahara
And just a reminder that class starts the week of November 8, 2021. So, if you are hearing this right now and it’s before November 8, you still have a chance of joining us. So, head over to dharmacoachinginstitute.com you’ll be able to find all of the information there and enroll.
If you’re listening to this after November 8, 2021, be sure to also head over to dharmacoachinginstitute.com to join the wait list for when we open up doors again next year.
I’m so excited to meet you all!

[02:14] Sahara
Now, without further ado, let’s welcome Stacey and Jill to The Highest Self Podcast.


[02:21] Interview
Welcome Stacey and Jill, to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you guys here!

[02:25] Stacey
Thank you! It’s so good to be here!

[02:27] Jill
Yeah, thank you Sahara!

[02:29] Sahara
So, the first question I’d love to ask you both is what makes you your highest self? I’ll start with you Stacey.

[02:35] Stacey
When I feel like I’m in my highest self, is when I’m in flow, when I’m connected to the universal support, when I’m connected to my purpose and in flow with my dharma, I feel like I’m really in my highest self.

[02:49] Sahara
I love that! What about for you Jill?

[02:51] Jill
Yes, I love this question! I feel like I am my highest self when I am using my past experiences to really share and help others learn through the struggles that they’re going through. Especially if it’s something that I have gone through myself and, which, I can relate to this easy, you know that, is living your dharma and your purpose.

[03:13] Sahara
So very true! And both of you have really created incredible careers for yourselves as Dharma Coaches and beyond.
So, I’d love to start with your story, Jill, because you joined DCI in February of this year, trying or really seeking to create a career for yourself as a Coach. You didn’t really know what was out there for you and now you’re here, in your ideal career position, beyond your wildest dreams, and this has been able to manifest for you in such a short amount of time.
So, can you share a little bit about where you were before joining DCI and where you are now in your career?

[03:53] Jill
Yes! I would love to share because, 100%, it’s happened in a short amount of time and I want to say I’m really surprised by it, but I’m not, because that is how powerful DCI was for me.
So, my entire life really has been me, kind of, working jobs and taking this one here, and that job progresses to something else and I’m a committed employee, and it always was okay. I never hated, I’ve never gone into a job that I despised or didn’t want to do, but while I was working, and I’ve been in corporates for over a decade, and while I was working I was always taking trainings, this training, that training, after work, during breaks, whatever it was, and all not having anything to do with what my job actually was.
And so, my latest one was becoming a Yoga Therapist, that was a 3-year program, and in there, leaving the program I really thought I would be able to launch a career from there and actually do something, finally, with all of the skills and training that I had and be able to share my wisdom, and I just didn’t get what I was looking for, completely out of that program.
And so, when DCI came up, it was an instant yes for me. I saw the email and I was like “I don’t even know what this costs or what it is or what is happening; this is it!” And taking the program, of course, through the months I was growing and evolving and learning and laughing and crying, and all of the experiences that we have. And I was also on a maternity leave, I need to add that too, it was really important because it was like a whole reframe of what I’m doing. Now I have two small children and I’m heading back to a job that I like, but I don’t love. And it’s not really my dharma or my purpose, because why have been doing all this other training for a decade in wellness, right?
So, long story short, I decided, DCI gave me the confidence, initially, first of all I just need to say that. It made me so confident in my skills, especially coaching and all of the practices that we gain doing that type of work with our peers and coaches; it gave me the confidence to really go for it.
So, before I came off of my maternity leave, I set up a meeting with my CEO and my VP and I sat down with them and I had this whole presentation about why we, as a company, because I’m part of that culture, in that company, why we need a corporate coach. And they loved it, they were all about it, all it took me was setting it up exactly how I saw it unfolding and what skills I have and how I could help all of our employees just become better versions of themselves, which helps our company in turn. And yeah, they just loved it.
So, I’m in the process now of writing up my new job description and they’re sending me an offer, I got a raise, it’s just one wonderful experience after the other. And now I’m in a career that I can say, I mean, I liked it before, but now I’m in love! I’m doing my dharma with a company that I’ve always admired and with the people that I care about. It’s everything I’ve asked for.

[07:25] Sahara
That makes me so happy to hear, especially because it shows that it’s not, sometimes, creating a whole new career for yourself from the ground up as an entrepreneur, as a coach. Yes, for some people, that’s what they’re going to choose, but for other people, they like who they work with, they like being a part of a team, they like company culture, making sure that they have a solid income, especially if you’re a mother. But to be able to recreate and redefine, basically invent, your own role at your company, and get a raise for it, and be able to share your gifts, and being able to coach people within the company, of people who you already want them to succeed.
And it’s just, it’s so beautiful to see that also companies are realizing the importance of this. And again, I don’t know, if you hadn’t told them and presented them, if they would’ve, on their own, but it shows the opportunity that, because you took initiative of like, you know – because most people in a job, and CEOs are busy, they’re not sitting around thinking about “Oh, I think my employees need a Coach”, some may, but majority, they’re doing what needs to be done, but you took that initiative of “Hey, I see a hole in the system; I see how we can all go further, and my skills and my gifts that I’ve been working on, are a perfect fit here.” And it was just the ideal situation to create your dharma, your career, your abundance, everything, in alignment with how you want it to be.
So, first of all, congratulations to you! And I’d love to know more, what does it look like to be a Coach within an organization?

[09:03] Jill
Right. And I just want to add before I explain that. Within DCI, doing the Dharma Blueprint specifically, was where I tied all this together, because like I mentioned, all of my training was Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Wellness, Nutrition, all these things that didn’t straight apply, and I didn’t see how I could combine those careers until I went through the Dharma Blueprint specifically, and found “Oh, okay, well maybe this is what it could it look like.”

[09:32] Sahara
Can you share your Blueprint with us?

[09:35] Jill
Yeah, how much time do we have?

[09:39] Sahara
Okay, what are your Dharma Archetypes?

[09:41] Jill
So, my Archetypes are Teacher (surprise), Visionary and then third is Nurturer. The obstacles I’ve overcome are – I’m a mother so all of the motherhood things.
I started working in oil and gas when I was 26, maybe, straight out of university. So, young woman in a male-dominated industry, remote on top of that, I worked at a remote oil site in Alberta. So, all of the obstacles along with that.
I pioneered the first yoga program actually at one of the oil sites when I was working out there. I just started offering free yoga because everybody needs it, everybody needed to have an outlet and people loved it, they loved it. I’ve had so much feedback saying “This is the only way I get through my work week up here”, which is so sad, which is why I think this DCI and supporting people and finding their purposes is so needed right now and it’s so important.
Yeah, so I’ve always just, kind of, gone off of those things.
My superpowers, I’m working through. I’m nervous to be speaking here today, for example, but I’m doing it and I think that once I get into the flow of speaking, this is my medium, this is where I feel comfortable, is speaking and sharing experiences. And yeah, that all led to “Okay, so how do I do that in my current role with something that I really desire to teach?” As s Teacher archetype, “Well, what do you want to teach? What inspires you? What brings you joy?” And when I think about what that looks like in the workplace right now, I don’t 100% know because it’s brand new, I’ve just gone back to work at the beginning of this month. We are planning it, and by we, it’s only me because I get to build this program, how I want it to look as well. They’re just giving me full go-ahead to show them what I can do and what I would like to see in the company.
So, I have been working with some metrics. Again, this is like one of those corporate companies, they’re like “How are we going to prove that our employees are utilizing this tool?” And so, I’ve been working on some metrics, and kind of breaking it down analytically from that, from that standpoint, and I’m running a program right now for burn-out. So, I’ve already started doing something like that and I have a whole self-discovery workshop that actually uses the Koshas as the model, which I’m just going to reword for corporate. We don’t need to necessarily use this as fit terms, it doesn’t resonate with everybody and not everybody in that world will understand that, so it’s very easy to change the terminology and still make it so applicable.
So, a lot of it is going to start with just some self-discovery. There are in-group settings or we have different departments for example, so this department, they can work together, like a team-building activity where we’re doing self-discovery, and they already know each other because they work together, so it’s this fun environment.
The sky is, kind of, the limit, and those are my initial ideas but I’m really looking forward to really flushing it all out.

[12:54] Sahara
I love that focus on burn-out you’re doing right now because according to monster.com 95% of people in the workplace identify as being burned-out, which is extraordinarily high and that’s why right now is called The Great Resignation, because we’re in the highest time of people resigning, not being fired, but resigning from their jobs because they’re recognizing “Oh, I’m not in alignment with this role here” or “I’m feeling burned-out” or “I’m not utilizing my gifts” or “I want to stay working online”, etc., and a lot of employers are very nervous about their whole team resigning. So, right now, they’re like “Okay, what else can we do to take care of our people? To check-in?” because no one quits their job overnight, it’s months and months and months of dissatisfaction. So, having a Coach on the team who can be like “Hey, so and so in the tech department, really wants to shift into doing HR”, and having that conversation happen months before, because every single time, an employer has to hire an onboard, a new team member, it’s an enormous cost and investment and risk for them. So, I think that right now really is the perfect time.
And we often don’t think about this in the entrepreneurial world, but employers right now are “How do I keep my people” and they are needing Dharma Coaches to support them.
Yes! I love that so much!

[14:21] Jill
Yeah, thank you! And one of my big goals here, and I mentioned it earlier and maybe we’ll end it here, and pass it on to Stacey, but I want people, so wholeheartedly, to be themselves, and to be able to show up as themselves in the workplace, because really that is what is going to harbor a beautiful work experience.
Just because a job might not be something that you dreamed of doing, it doesn’t have to be a horrible thing, and as you get through – if you can show up as yourself, in what you’re doing, it’s a beautiful thing.
And so, that’s just really one of my main focuses, is really, really diving deep into who you are. I love how much DCI really asks those deep questions of you. I came into the program having a really good idea of who I am and I learned so much more about who I am. We only know what we know.

[15:23] Sahara
Totally! It’s a never-ending process and it’s like being in those containers of transformation where, especially, I feel, in a group setting, because when you’re one-on-one, you can get far, but when you’re in a group, in a container, that energy of “We’re all in this together and we’re all transforming”, you’re having conversations, you’re making new friends, there’s really nothing like it.
And we’re so excited because you will be a Support Coach in DCI for this coming batch, so, students will be able to connect with you and you’ll be able to support them, so I’m so excited for that and for all of the new additions in the DCI curriculum.

[16:00] Jill
Yes, me too! Thank you!

[16:02] Sahara
Yes! So, Stacey, so, you were a Support Coach this round of DCI, now you’re one of our Master Coaches, and I’m super excited to share and really hear more about your experience witnessing the students blossom, and also your experience because you also work as one-on-one Coach with people and using it more in a one-on-one setting, especially as you work with a lot of yoga students, teaching yoga, and also NFL athletes, and working it there.
So, first of all, on the DCI transformational experience, what would you say are some of the main things you noticed from a student, when they walked in versus when they graduated?

[16:42] Stacey
Probably one of my favorite parts, thank you for asking this question. Yeah, walking in, you see people coming in and they’re very excited, their eyes are wide open, but they’re also very nervous, and that nervousness and excitement is just so amazing to witness. And they are kind of like deer at headlights a little bit too, not knowing what to expect, everything is coming at them full force. And as we start to even go through the first few calls, I’m starting to see more of who the students are and more of their strengths and their desires and what they want. And as we keep moving through the program, you see the students open up more and more and begin to share more about themselves, and you see the connections that students are making with one another.
I got to witness them coaching, I got to do one-on-one coaching with some of the students, as practice coaching, and got to really know people on more of an intimate level, and just to watch them grow.
In fact, Jill was one of the students, who we hopped on a call together, and I got to witness the beginning of her journey and the middle, and then now see it all come to fruition in the end and the full process. So, it was just a beautiful thing to see them grow and to step into who they truly are.
When walking in, they may not have known or they may have had a little glimpse of who they were, like Jill said, but them to learn even more about who they really were and what they really wanted to do, and where they wanted to kind of take this dharmic journey, perhaps, not just in their personal life, but in their professional life as well.
So, it was like night and day from the beginning to the end.

[18:18] Sahara
Yeah, it was so cool to also witness how many people joined DCI, not wanting to become a Coach, but strictly for their own education. A lot of people were like “Oh, I just want to learn deeper about my own dharma,”
I remember one of the students, Rebecca, and she was a student who came in, and she is a mom and she had a son who is in his, I think, mid-20s and he dealt with addiction. So, really, her life was about taking care of him and making sure he was good. She had a lot of ups and downs and it was really heavy for her as a mother. So, when you have a child with addiction, that is your full focus and here she is, in the empty nest stage of her life, like “Well, what is my purpose”, and it was beautiful to witness her coming into it like that, but also to see her build the confidence that she started to do peer coaching, she’s like “Wait, I can actually coach”, and she started to get more comfortable that now she is a coach, she is full-on coaching people.
And it is so beautiful to witness that level of certainty in people’s gifts and skills because we’re all, naturally, I can’t say we all, most of us naturally have the ability to help others based off of our past experiences, right? That is embedded in you and that is who you are. However, learning the skills and the containers and just the languaging of being a Coach allows you to see “Oh, my experiences aren’t just random or nothing, they’re actually extremely valuable and I can pass them along to other people and create transformations in their lives, it’s just that I haven’t even been really noticing them.” So, it was beautiful to witness her and so many other people’s journeys of seeing them open up their throat chakras and like “Wait, I can share my experiences and my stories and my gifts and my voice!” And I feel like that’s what DCI does, it’s like, it puts on your wings and it’s like “Okay, you can fly! you’re good, you can do this”, they’re like “Wait, I can?!”
We’re just so used to the school system that says “Oh, you need to do XYZ thing and then, maybe if you’ve served enough time, then you can open your mouth and your voice matters”, but also, only if you’re a man.
In DCI we’re like “Actually, you already, naturally are a Coach, it’s just you haven’t learned the terminology, the agreements, these kinds of things, so we’re going to help you with all of that so you can shine like the light that you already are.”

[20:44] Stacey
Yeah, I think that was one of the biggest things I saw in people, was taking their pain into their purpose and sharing their story and things that may have happened to them that could be perceived as not optimal in their life and transforming them and using those things, not only to help heal themselves, but then in order to step into their purpose and help to heal others in that way.
I think a lot of us don’t realize that the experiences that you go through are for our highest good. And I saw that click in a lot of students of “Oh, wait, these things that happened to me were actually for me and I can actually use those things to help others”, and witnessing that transformation and that lightbulb go off in a lot of their heads, I think was one of the most touching things to me because it was helping them heal even greater, and then, also, helping others heal.

[21:32] Sahara
Yeah, and seeing all of the unique niches people have been choosing, like Coach for New Moms or Coach for Teenagers or Coach for Artists, they’re even defining is “Co-dependency”, “People-pleaser”, it’s so cool because every single person serves a unique demographic and a unique type of person that even if we’re all Dharma, Spiritual Life Coaches, we really all serve in such unique ways and I really feel that success just comes in owning who you are and who you’re here to serve, and making that clear so people can be like “Oh, wait, I do struggle with co-dependency”, “I am a teenager who’s not certain about my path”, etc. and find – it’s like match-making, you just got to find the right Coach for you, so the more you can show who you are, the more easily those types of people can find you.
So, you work a lot with your yoga students, athletes, etc., how has, now having a dharma coaching background, helped you even in yoga teaching and other forms of coaching?

[22:43] Stacey
Yeah, so, I love that you ask me that. I’ve been a yoga teacher for, gosh, 13 years now and worked with clients and yoga students, one-on-one, in small groups, big groups, but I really can say, after DCI, there was just an up-level in the way that I could approach my students, and up-level in the way I can speak to them about their purpose and about their dharma, and using these different tools.
So, even when I teach a group class, I can bring in some of the DCI coaching aspects, I can bring in some of the Dharma Blueprint and different terminology, and after class, students will come up to me now and say “What was it that you were saying about my archetype or your archetype”, or “What was it that you were saying about that”, and they want to know more. And then I just instantly, kind of, become a client because they want to further that conversation.
So, the invitation, really, instead of coming from me, it does a little bit, but it mostly comes from them and their inquisitiveness about some of the different words and things that I was using, and they have become my clients and I’ve helped them to, now, find more of their purpose.
And a lot of my students are, I guess they’re all ages, but I’ll go to some of the women in their 40s (my age), where they’re ready to make a shift and they’re ready to do something different. And maybe their kids are out of the house now and they’re not exactly sure what to do and they come to yoga and they do their thing all the time.
And so, a couple days, recently, had realized what they want to do now that their kids are out of the house. And one is now making, she made a foundation making blankets and she had lost a child. And so, starting this foundation and using her blankets, able to start a non-profit, able to sell them and able to honor her child’s memory as well. So, we’ve come full circle into her being an entrepreneur, using a lot of the DCI techniques. So, that’s just one example of a demographic.
When it comes to my NFL clients, and even my high school kids – so, I teach yoga to a high school basketball team and they come to me once a week, and I’ve been, just slowly, building a rapport with them. And week after week, we get a little bit closer and they trust me a little bit more. And recently, a couple of the kids have come up to me, asking me more about their purpose. I lead them in a meditation at the end and I’ll give them some affirmations and some things and tell them how important they are and how they have a purpose in this world and how, them being here, isn’t an accident. And so, a couple of them have approached me, last week actually, wanting to chat more about what does their purpose mean and what their purpose might be. And so, I’m going to start to help them through the DCI tools to help them to kind of discover, in a fun way, for teenagers. So, I’m just, kind of, scaling it down, for a teenage boy, to make it fun, to kind of find out who he really is at this point of his life, and his purpose. And, that’s been really awesome, taking into the young 20 men as well, and they’re professional athletes, thinking that their purpose is football. And at this moment it is, but I really want them to know that their purpose goes greater than football, that they were put on this planet not just to play this sport but there’s more things about them that are really important for this world, to, not just now, but after football, because their lifespan in this sport is so short.
So, we’ve already had conversations about that. I’ve already given them some quizzes and some tools, and they think it’s just so much fun because it’s not football-based, it’s outside of football. So, hopefully, as we continue this, they can see that, yes, right now, their focus is football, but they also can bring awareness to other spaces in their life, and hopefully be ready to have a different career after this career is over, and not have to flail around after they’re done and figure it out after. They already can go into it knowing kind of what the base of their purpose is on this planet.

[26:41] Sahara
So powerful! And it’s just such a great reminder for moms to have that understanding of purpose because our children are really looking to us and if moms have this tool and this awareness and this vocabulary to be asking their kids from the time they’re young, rather than “Oh, so what do you want to be when you grow up? What job? Oh, you should choose the high-paying job” Oh, actor, ballerina? That’s never going to happen!” That’s honestly how most of us were spoken about career.
So, to have, even if you don’t feel like you’re going to a Coach, we’re really Coaches for our children or our nieces, our nephews, the children in our lives, the teenagers in our lives, so having that is so impactful.
And also, what has been so cool hearing both of you share is, it wasn’t that you had to make this drastic change to meet all of these new people to coach, it was the people you already knew, the people you were already in community with, in conversation with, working with, and every single person is looking for more purpose. There is not a single person, whether you are a CEO or a professional movie star, or you’re a high school basketball player, or you’re just in college, or whatever it is, every single person in any walk of life. And it’s just such a beautiful reminder that sometimes we feel like “Oh, well, I can’t do a training or start a new career because I’m going to have to make too many changes in my life and it’s just not going to happen”, but it’s like, it can be just starting exactly where you are. And trust me, we’ll talk five years from now, you guys are going to be in totally different places. This person you worked with led you to another person, which led you to another, which led you to another, and that’s how it starts. It starts with ‘Where am I right now? Who can I serve?” and then letting that journey guide you.
And I think so many of us, we get so stuck and then we freeze when we’re like “Well, I don’t know what step 10 is going to look like”, it doesn’t matter what step 10 is going to look like, step 1 is exactly where you are. Even if you never coach anyone else, you’re going to learn and grow, and that’s already going to open up new pathways for yourself that you would’ve never experienced.
So, I love hearing both of these so much! And I’m super excited for this round two, because it’s 6 months rather than 4 months, we have more time to dive deep with people, we have incredible Support Coaches like Jill who are going to be in the break out groups, we’re going to be doing a lot more feedbacking, because I’ve realized that what is really lacking in all coaching schools is people still feel like “I don’t know if I’m a good Coach. I don’t know if I’m doing it right”, so having that ability to not only get feedback, but to watch other people get feedback. That is so valuable!
And even in life, having conversations with friends and giving feedback, receiving feedback, we’re so bad at it as a society because we’re so defensive and we don’t want to hear feedback, but that’s actually how you learn and grow, and that’s why, for you guys, you were able to transform in such a short amount of time because you were getting that feedback and then shifting and moving so fast. So, I’m really excited for more of that.
And something that I’ve really been diving into, and I actually just recorded new modules about, is the nervous system, and how the nervous system is so related to our purpose because if our nervous system is in a fight, flight, fawn or freeze response, we actually don’t feel safe enough to come up with these ideas, to be creative, to use our intuition. So, I’ve been super curious and just recorded a video, and bringing in more of just the somatics and the embodiment because that’s really what creates our mindset, and that’s what I love about Ayurveda, the mind and the body are interconnected. Whereas, sometimes, in the coaching world, what I feel like happens, it’s like “Well, you’re not working hard enough, you don’t care, you obviously don’t want this!” And it’s like, no, that person just may not feel safe enough to take that action.
So, that’s what I love about integrating Eastern and Western, you get the best of both, you get that nervous system, the yoga, breathwork practices, meditation and the focus and clarity that I think coaching gives you, of like the Dharma Blueprint “Okay, let’s build these things out, what do you want to do with it, where is the action?” and just having them both integrated. So, I’m super excited to see the next 6 months and how this journey unfolds.
So, I would love, if you could share, maybe, any words of advice for someone who’s a potential student, who’s not sure if they’d be good at this, they’re not sure if they have it in them to be a Coach? Jill, do you have any words of affirmation you have for them?

[31:34] Jill
Yeah, I’m so glad you asked that. I did, I wanted to add to everything that you’re saying that, this is a family and the spiritual journey for, I mean, I can speak from my own experience, can be very isolating and lonely one, among all of its beautiful things that comes along with your spiritual awakening. But coming into DCI and being surrounded by like-minded people, really created such a beautiful, safe space, a container (like you’re saying) to really show up exactly how you want to, exactly how you maybe feel uncomfortable in your day-to-day, surrounded by people that maybe don’t get you or that don’t understand your perspective on things. This community of people are all here for very similar reasons, I feel. And you mentioned the pods; the pods are everything, this experience has continued outside of graduation. I still have multiple pods that I connect with, some on a weekly basis, some bi-weekly, some once a month, it’s amazing the connections I’ve made with people from all over the world, how they feel, period, I feel them, I see them, I hear them, we’re on the same page and it’s often not that accessible in my close-to-home community. So, that alone, I think is just such an incredible experience and if anybody is questioning what else they will get out of that, it’s family.

[33:13] Sahara
Thank you so much for sharing that! That warms my heart! And another really cool edition is, we actually have support calls for 2 years after graduation, now, too. So, the family is real and to truly, I feel too – sometimes graduation coaching school, it feels like someone just let go of your hand, you’re like “I can’t do it!” But to know that you still have that support, you still have monthly calls with the DCI faculty, you still have those pods and friends, lifelong friends, people who you probably would have never met in everyday life. Just like you said, that alone is invaluable.
So, Stacey, if you have any words of advice for people who are thinking about it, they’re not sure, they’re a bit nervous, they don’t know if they have it in them, what would you say to them?

[34:00] Stacey
I had all those feelings as well, coming into this, part of me a little imposter syndrome, and then also a part of me is, I’ve done all of these training, I’ve done these things, do I really need to do more? So, coming from both sides of that, I would say yes and yes. Yes, it’s super exciting to jump in. You might have that imposter syndrome or that lack. Being, like Jill said, with these other people, this family, you are not only going to get the confidence in yourself, but also the tools.
So, yes, do it, sign up for it and if you have doubts, sign up; if you’re scared, sign up; if you think you don’t need another training, sign up.
I was not sure, I jumped in, and not even knowing what the outcome would be and not knowing if I could use this in my current situation or coaching, and it’s brought my coaching up to such a different level. It’s not only enabled me to bring more offerings to my clients, but also to raise my price points because I offer such another level to my coaching.
So, I would say yes on all levels, take a chance on yourself, for the most part. A lot of times we are just lacking, and we feel maybe we’re not worthy, and this program will not only let you feel worthy, but it’ll create that family, it’ll give you the tools, it’ll give you confidence, it’ll even talk about imposter syndrome throughout the program and how to overcome imposter syndrome. So, I’d say yes and yes and yes, and go for it, dive in! Say yes, see what happens, let the Universe organize all the rest, don’t worry about step 10 because it’s already waiting for you. You just have to jump in and just trust, and all these people and support staff and all the people you’re with, your family, will be there with you along the way and after!

[35:45] Sahara
I love that so much, including Stacey and Jill and myself! So, thank you queens so much for sharing!
And for those of you watching or listening, if you are curious about learning more, if you are feeling the call or if you’re ready to just jump in, head over to dharmacoachinginsitute.com that link is in the show notes and we are so excited to welcome you inside!
Thank you, queens for being here today, I so appreciated it!

[36:19] Jill
Thank you for having me!

[36:20] Stacey
Thank you so much!

[36:22] End of Advertisement

[36:22] Sahara
It just warms my heart and lightens my soul and inspires my being to hear the ways that people have taken the DCI education, the frameworks, the principles, the learnings, the peer coaching and created their life of their dreams. It just shows what’s possible, and really, actually, moves me because when writing “Discover Your Dharma” I could’ve never imagined it could’ve turned into the movement that it has and empowered so many people to really make these massive changes in their lives, which also shifts their lineage, it shows their children what is possible for them, and also allows us to be of service, elevating humanity through the vehicle of coaching. There literally can’t be anything better!

[37:06] Sahara
If you’re interested in joining us on a mission of raising planetary consciousness through your career as a Certified Soul Purpose and Spiritual Life Coach, then head over to dharmacoachinginstitute.com.
Again, class starts week of November 8, 2021. So, if you’re listening to this before then, there still is a chance for you to get into this batch, and if you’re listening to this after, be sure to head over to dharmacoachinginstitute.com anyways to join the wait list for when doors open again.

[37:35] Sahara
I am so grateful to have you in this journey and hope to see you in class! Namaste!

Episode 397: What’s Possible For You As A Dharma Purpose Coach with Stacey Hickman +
Jill MacKenzie
By Sahara Rose

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