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I am beyond excited to finally announce a project I have been working on for the last year and truly my life’s work. I have joined forces with the two most powerful leaders I know to co-create the Dharma Coaching Institute, the world’s first and only certifying institute to train you to help others discover their dharmas. Not only that, but it’s a double certification as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach. If you’ve always felt like your purpose is to help others find their purpose, then Dharma Coaching Institute is for you. We are enrolling our first batch of students now!

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Episode 365: Introducing Dharma Coaching Institute
By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes You, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

I am so excited to be sharing this news with you today because this is a project I have been working on for the past year, but beyond that, many lifetimes. And what makes it more exciting is, it’s so much greater than just me, but it really is a movement. A movement that you may have felt deep in your soul, that you were born on this planet for a very specific reason and that you have probably been that person that your friends come to whenever they have a problem, whenever they don’t know which direction to go to in their life, whenever they need feedback of someone reflecting back to them their soul’s purpose. And if you’ve ever heard how you can actually create a career for yourself, for your spirituality as an integral part of your every day. It’s not this thing that you do after hours, deep in google searches by yourself, but it’s actually what people come to you for. Imagining a career for yourself that people come to for your reflection, for your intuition, for your ability to give feedback and see things from a higher perspective that they, deep down inside their soul’s can feel but their conscious minds won’t let them realize.

So, I am so excited to share with you a very special opportunity that is in the horizon – and that is for you to become a Certified Dharma Coach.

So, as a Certified Dharma Coach you will be able to guide others to find their purpose, and we really have integrated the best of Eastern Spirituality with Western Psychology paired with a very comprehensive business training, so you’ll actually be able to get your ground on the feet and create a thriving business for yourself as a Certified Dharma Coach.

And what makes this opportunity especially exciting is not only will you graduate as a Certified Dharma Coach, but it’s actually a double certification, so you will also become a Certified Spiritual Life Coach so you can go beyond purpose but actually help them in all other areas in their lives, that as we know are very deeply interconnected, from their relationships to their self-care, to their health, happiness and so much more, but it all comes down to is cornerstone of living your purpose.

So, I know in my own experience of going through many health issues and challenges with anxiety, etc. it all really came down to the fact that I was not living in alignment with my soul’s purpose. And when we are out of touch with our purpose, everything else in our life kind of falls to the side. We don’t have tis big reason why we are here, we don’t have this thing that is energizing us that we’re putting our focus and momentum towards, so our life feels pointless, it feels like we’re living the same day over and over and over again. And so many people, especially after a year like 2020, where we are experiencing the greatest job loss and job transition in modern history, are for the first time asking themselves this question – why am I here and how can I live a life that is more in alignment with my gifts; what are my gifts?
And pure research has found 70% of the US population, right now, is seriously considering leaving their job. So, who is going to support these people asking these really big questions of why am I here, what are my gifts, how can I share my gifts, how can I live my purpose, who is going to be answering those questions if no one is trained in this?

So, this is what I realized was a huge gap in the market. There are no Coaches out there helping others to live their Dharma and to integrate all of the facets that go around living your Dharma; your sense of self-care, purpose, your Human Design, Ayurveda and all of these different tools and modalities that really support us to live a life that is a pure vision of who we want to be, where our external and our internal reality are matched.

So, last year, in 2020, when so many people lost their jobs or their companies were going online, there weren’t enough Coaches out there to help people move through this transition. And in fact, now, that a lot of things are opening, a lot of people have gone into deep spiritual awakenings this year and they’re realizing that they don’t want to go back to the same normal. They don’t want to go back to the same job that feels like it’s eating apart their soul. But they don’t know what to do and they’re looking for someone to ask them questions to guide them deeper into their truth.

So, the number of people who are needing Dharma Coaches right now is in the billions. Almost every person on planet Earth could use a Dharma Coach, and the Coaching industry, which, right now is a multi-billion dollar industry, is only growing with more and more people realizing the importance and the value to be coached, to not have to take so long to make shifts in your life but to actually create these massive transformations for yourself that may have taken you 10 years to realize to actually create that shift for yourself in a matter of months or weeks or even a moment in time so you can live a life that’s in alignment with your purpose.

So, if you always felt that call to go deeper, to guide people, to help ask them questions to reflect back their truth to them, then you are meant to be a Dharma Coach.

So, I have co-created Dharma Coaching Institute, the world’s first and only accredited Institute that will train you to become a Certified Dharma and Spiritual Life Coach. In this training you are going to learn everything you need to create this business for yourself; from all the tools and modalities I created for you; frameworks you will instantly be able to use on your clients. I actually have created this thing called The Dharma Journey Spiral where you will basically be like a psychic for your clients because I have mapped out the stages that people go through when they’re living their Dharma and how sometimes it can feel like they’re taking a step backwards but it’s actually a step forwards. So, you will be trained into completely working with people, empty-nesters, whose kids have left their homes and are now questioning what their purposes are; to people in corporate or professional careers who are afraid of making a shift and leaving their stable income; to recent college grads or people in their 20s who are just not sure what to fully step into. In fact, we will be teaching how your unique experience are what make you an ideal Dharma Coach for your clients.
In fact, your stories are part of your soul’s curriculum that will help you understand your client on a deeper level and know the nuances that they have gone through because you have gone through them yourself.

So, you will be learning everything you need to start a session; get clients; express what it even means to be a Dharma or Spiritual Life Coach to people who don’t understand it; how to work with people on a 1, 3, 6-month basis; how to actually go through the different stages, the different transformations that people experience. And what I really found was missing in different coaching certificates that I’ve done is pure coaching. You know, this isn’t a certificate that you just do online and talk to anyone, you’re just given an App and you’re considered a Coach after, but you’re actually going to be practicing these frameworks on Zoom calls, Live, with your other Dharma Coaching pod peers so you’ll be able to get feedback on how you ask that question or how you navigated conversation to know that your coaching is actually creating transformations in people’s lives.

We are here to create powerful Coaches who know what they’re doing so by the time you graduate, in 4 months, you’ll be able to instantly go out there and create a ripple effect of change, knowing that you have the confidence, courage and experience to actually be a Dharma Coach.

So, the way that it goes is, every single week, for the 16 weeks that we’ll be together, is, you’re going to get a module that really breaks down a specific framework, system or methodology of Dharma Coaching that I have created for you. So, we’re going to be breaking down the Dharma Blueprint, the Dharma Journey Spiral, how to work with the Dharma Archetypes, but we’re also going to go into Somatics, Embodiment, Divine Feminine and Masculine Integration, Western Psychology, all of these other facets that can also support you in becoming a Dharma Coach.

Then, every single week we will have a Live Q&A call on Zoom. So, on this Q&A call you’ll be able to ask questions and I, Ajit and Neeta will actually be live on these Q&A calls with you, so you’ll be able to get peer-coached by us. And this opportunity is only going to happen in this first round of Dharma Coaching Institute because you will be our first generation of Dharma Coaches, so we are really going to be walking along side you on these Live calls with you and giving you a level of personal attention that just won’t be available ever again. So, if you’re feeling the call, this is definitely the batch to join.

So, you’ll have the module every week, the Live Q&A call every week and then, on top of that, you will be in your Dharma Coaching pods. Now these are pods of about 4 people that you will be practicing all of these frameworks together. We also have a peer Coach, Francesca, that’s going to be guiding you along this journey. So, she’s going to giving you feedback, helping you with any questions that you have and really giving you the confidence and courage so you can go out there and take these practices into the world.

So, these 4 weeks are going to be jam-packed with our module, our Q&A call, our peer coaching groups and a community that’s going to be really supporting each other. We are creating Dharma Coaches because we know that not one person can help everyone live their Dharma but each of us has unique experiences, obstacles we’ve overcome, stories, demographics that we relate to. So, if each of us can really be available for those people that we can touch. For example, maybe you are a lawyer right now and you’re thinking “Well, how can I ever be a Dharma or a Spiritual Life Coach, what do I know about that stuff, I’m a lawyer”. Well, think about all the lawyers out there, I’m sure you know them right now who are considering leaving their careers but they don’t know what to turn to. You will be that person who can tell them what it’s like, your questions, your obstacles, your fears, and guide them along that journey because you’ve been there. Or maybe you’re thinking “I haven’t worked in 20 years, I’ve been busy raising my kids”, well you have that experience, you know what it feels like to feel guilt around leaving your kids and shame around maybe not being active in the workplace and can work with other clients who are feeling the same way so you can connect with them on a deeper level and embody the transformation that they want to experience. So, know that your obstacles have prepared you to be the Coach that you were meant to be.

We’re also going to be teaching you different ways that you can use Dharma Coaching. So, you can work one-on-one with clients which is what we recommend starting with so you can get that experience, get the feedback, really curate your expertise, find your niche and get more confidence in becoming a Dharma Coach. But beyond that, we will teach you how to work in a group coaching setting. So, that is taking a group of 4-40 people and creating a curriculum that they get to go through using our frameworks and modalities so you don’t have to guess and figure it out on your own. We’re actually going to be giving that to you so can create your own group coaching programs. We’ll also be teaching you how to pitch yourself for speaking engagements; corporate; wellness; retreats; and so much more.

So, if you haven’t heard the last Podcast Episode with Neeta, who’s going to be one of your teachers at Dharma Coaching Institute. She is a Dentist turned Coach who really has the experience of overcoming imposter syndrome and dealing with divorce, death in her family and cultivating emotional grit. She’ll be teaching you everything you need to know from how to really work with your clients, what type of agreements do you need, how to step up your sessions together, what to do if your client needs something you don’t know how to provide – all of those nitty-gritty of coaching things, she’ll be able to teach you. In fact, herself and her husband Ajit, who will also be your teacher, wrote the Official Book of Coaching, so, they are really the most learned Coaches I have ever met, who can tell you anything you need to know about being a Coach and taking this practice out into the world and creating a career for yourself. You’re truly going to be taught be the best in Coaching.

And her husband Ajit Navalka is the founder of Ever Coach by Mind Valley and co-founder of Mind Valley Teach. He actually was the CEO of the entire Mind Valley organization for 6 years and built it tup o become a $40 million corporation while the time he was there, so you are truly learning business from the best in the field. He has managed teams of thousands of people and has also co-wrote the Book of Coaching and has trained over 50.000 Coaches out in the world. So, he’ll be teaching you everything you need to know to take this craft and make it your business.

And of course, I will be teaching you all of the Dharma, Spiritual Life Coaching, Divine Feminine and Masculine Integration, Embodiment, Somatics, Human Design and all the different tools you can use as a Dharma Coach to give people the internal transformation that translates into their external reality.

So, the three of us came together because we really embody the Nine Dharma Archetypes and can give you levels of transformation on multidisciplinary skills that no other Institute out there can. Imagine being trained by the best in the field of Dharma and Spirituality; the best in the field in Coaching and the best in the field of Business. And beyond that, the three of us have grown up knowing how important living your Dharma is. So, we will be teaching you from direct, personal experience and guiding you along this journey, so not only will you be creating transformation in your clients lives, but most importantly, you’ll be discovering your own Dharma along the journey.

Even if you feel like you’re not at the place to create a career for yourself as a Dharma Coach, this is a powerful incubator that you can be in to really put through a container where you are given curated information, questions, practices and everything you need for transformation.

I know that throughout my life I have lived up signing up for schools, programs, institutes etc. because there is truly nothing like being in a portal of transformation where you are guided step-by-step along the journey and really brought through this initiation where you find yourself as a totally different person on the other side. So, I know, throughout my life I was always the most excited about brochures and syllabuses and it was probably guiding me to create an institute one day but because I know how exciting it is to be signing up for something that you are deeply desiring to embody and trust that all it takes is to really focus. And it doesn’t need to take years to discover your Dharma, we’re actually going to be giving you everything you need to know, in 4 months, to personally discover your own Dharma and then translate that out into a career.

And this is also a wonderful thing to add onto other types of coaching that you may be already doing from Health Coaching to Life Coaching, to Yoga Teacher Training, Meditation Training. In fact, our research has found that you can instantly increase your rates by 20-100% by also being a Dharma Coach because there really aren’t any out there and the demand is so needed right now with so many experiencing career turbulences and job losses.

So, you may actually be able to make your tuition back before graduating because by month 3 you’ll be able to practice Dharma Coaching and take on clients. We’ll give you all the agreements, forms, everything you need. So, in that month 3, you’ll be able to make your tuition back by just adding it along to the type of coaching that you’re already doing.

And if you aren’t a Coach, don’t worry about it, we will teach you everything you need to know to get yourself off the ground including social media information, ways to market yourself, graphics, things to put on your website. We will also be featuring you on our directory. So, if people are out there looking for Dharma Coaches, we’re going to have a directory where your name, your expertise, your information, your contact will be featured on the website so people can directly find you.

We’ll also be emailing our Dharma Coaches to our email list to over 350.000 people, so you’ll find so many students simply from being a part of this network.

I know, every single day I am personally DM-ed by thousands of people who are looking for Dharma Coaches and I’m so excited to give them your names and pass along your information to them so they can find themselves with the right Dharma Coach who can really serve their needs.

So, there are so many opportunities available for you as a Dharma coach, in fact, you are going to be amongst the first generation of Dharma Coaches ever, really paving the path of this industry and co-creating this new way of being where everyone can be living in alignment with their Dharmas. And this is why the mission is so much greater than us. Truly, the world can only come into balance when each of us are living in alignment with our soul’s purpose because that is why we are here.

You were born with your unique gifts, interests, skills and superpowers because that is what you are meant to share with the world. At Dharma Coach Institute we will be igniting those superpowers and strengths inside you and then teaching you how to pass along that torch to share the dharmic wisdom with others.

So, if this is calling your name, you want more information or you’re ready to apply right now, head over to dharmacoachinginstitute.com you will find all of the information right there and you can either instantly apply, save your spot and get started or hop on a call with one of our enrollment advisors to answer any of your questions.

Because this is our first round and we will personally be on all of the Live Q&A calls with you, coaching you throughout this experience, spots are very limited. So, again, head over to dharmacoachinginstitute.com to get more information. That link is in the show notes and our class starts May 10th. So, if you’re listening to this and it’s before May 10th 2021 please head over to the page, save your spot and enroll now. And if you’re listening to this after May 10th, don’t worry about it, we’ll be opening our doors again probably in the Fall. So, be sure to join our wait list to get more information when doors open up.

I am so excited to join forces with you as Dharma Coaches, raising the vibration of the planet together. Truthfully, this is why we were born at this crazy time – for this reason, because we are meant to be those lights, to be the sun, to ignite the flames inside of others and show them that not only is living their Dharma possible, but it’s their birthright.
I am so excited to join forces with you and meet you inside Dharma Coaching Institute.
Can’t wait to see you there! Again, head over to dharmacoachinginstitute.com to learn more or apply now! And I can’t wait to meet you inside!


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