Highest Self Podcast 366: Finding Courage + Creating Abundance In Your Calling with Ajit Nawalkha


If you’re ready to transform your life from the inside out and live your most abundant purpose, this episode is for you! Ajit grew up in a small home in Jaipur, India he shared with 23 of his relatives, not even having a bed to himself. All he wanted to do was be successful and create a life of his own. Pushed into engineering, he always knew his purpose was something greater. Growing up with Vedic concepts, he always sought for his dharma but didn’t know quite what that was. That brought him to intern at MindValley and eventually become the CEO, then founding MindValley Teach and EverCoach, multimillion dollar companies educating the world.

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Episode 366: Finding Courage + Creating Abundance In Your Calling with Ajit Nawalkha
By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you, your soul’s highest evolvement.

If it’s your first time listening – Welcome! I am soul grateful to be reconnected with you in this lifetime. My name is Sahara Rose, I am an author, podcast host and an ancient soul in a modern body.

And I’m so excited for this Episode today because we’re going to be really diving deep into one of my favorite topics which is Dharma, our soul’s purpose, the big reason why we are here. And we’ll also be diving into how to create a career for yourself helping others live their purpose.

If you have not heard yet, my Dharma Coaching Institute has officially just launched and who you’ll be hearing on the Podcast today is one of my partners in the project, along with his wife Neeta Buschan Nawalkha, who was on the Podcast last week.

So, I’m really excited for you to get to know Ajit better because he is someone who I find so inspirational. His story is really just such a testament to what is possible for any of us when we really desire something greater for ourselves. He grew up with 23 of his relatives in the same home in Jaipur, India, without a lot of means, even sharing a mattress with three other of his relatives. And his number one goal was just to have his own room, his own bed, his own house, a place to himself. And from that desire to want something greater he became an intern at Mind Valley and worked his way up to become then the CEO of that company for 6 years, building it to be a multi-million-dollar company, and from there became the founder of Ever Coach by Mind Valley which is an incredible organization training Business Coaches.

And when I met him and his wife, about 2 years ago now, we instantly bonded over really having this desire to take coaching and make it more sacred; bring back the parts of coaching that we felt like were missing, which were helping people connect to something so much greater than just, you know, the ‘how’ and ‘the getting things done’ and ‘getting clients’, but really the ‘why’, the ‘why we are here’ and how we can connect our coaching something that really serves humanity in this larger way.

So, in this Episode, we’re going to be speaking about his own journey growing up in India, his relative who told him about Dharma from a very young age, and the mindset shifts that he made to really help create an entirely new life for himself. We’ll also be getting a bit spiritual into what we really believe about Dharma, are we born with it, how does it really happen? And then we’ll be sharing more about Dharma Coaching Institute with you.
So, if you are feeling the call to become a Certified Dharma Coach as well as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach because this is a double certification, so you will have both at Dharma Coaching Institute. We give you all of that information, and again, we are enrolling right now for DCI, so if you’re wanting to get a little bit more information head over to dharmacoachinginstitute.com you’ll find all the info there and our class begins May 10th.
So, I highly recommend taking this opportunity, if you’re feeling the call, to come join us.

Now, without further ado, let’s welcome Ajit Nawalkha to The Highest Self Podcast.

[03:52] Interview

[03:52] Sahara
Welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, I’m Sahara Rose and I’m so excited to have a really special guest today. I’m actually at his house right now, I just interviewed his wife, so let’s welcome Ajit Nawalkha to The Highest Self Podcast.

[04:04] Sahara

[04:05] Ajit
Thank you Sahara, I’m excited to be here!

[04:07] Sahara
Yes! And the first question I’d love to ask you is what makes you your highest self?

[04:11] Ajit
What makes me my highest self is being the channel of love and service. I found that in my life, as different experiences happened, that seems to be the place that I feel most connected; that’s the place where I feel I’m most in service and most authentic to myself. And it feels like the place where, when I’m operating from a place of service and love, it’s just easy to flow and be in my highest self.

[04:39] Sahara
I love that and I totally agree. And I feel like so many people, because of 2020 and the shifts we’re still experiencing right now, are really reevaluating their priorities of “Does it matter for me to keep going all the time or living my life on autopilot?” And so many people are awakening and making shifts right now and really re-questioning their purposes. So, we’re excited to dive more deeply into that in this conversation.
But, your story is so inspiring, and Jaipur is probably my favorite city on earth, I love it so much and it’s so beautiful, and your story really just shows how the resiliency and the grit and the focus that you had allowed you to create this whole new reality for yourself.
So, can you just share with us a little bit about your upbringing?

[05:26] Ajit
Absolutely. So, I grew up in the city of Jaipur, I was born in this household of a joined family (we call it in India) where your uncles live with you, your aunts live with you, your grandparents and your grandparents’ cousins, and everybody’s living in the same house. So, I grew up in a house of about 23 people, as I was growing up, but that doesn’t mean you lived in a mansion or anything like that. It was a small house, still. And so, I didn’t grow up with a lot of abundance, or I should reframe that, not with a lot of abundance of money, but I did grow up with a lot of abundance of intellect and love and understanding of things. So, I had an interesting dichotomy of life where my mother was a really religious person (is a really religious person) and my father was really a questioning person (if I may), and my grandfather was even more so.
So, very early on in life I was brought up with questioning things. I would question religion, I would question why we would do a certain thing, well, how does it makes sense, does it make sense? And also, that environment was very uniquely set up because my grandfather was a unique person in society; wasn’t wealthy, like I mentioned, but he was respected as an individual, with an understanding of human beings fairly differently. So, very often, while I was growing up, I would come back from school and we would find 10 people sitting around my grandfather, asking him questions and having him talk about things. Sometimes it would 11, 12 in the night and people would still be there, they would come back again at 7,8 in the morning, and we could never understand what the hell was happening, we were like “Why are there people all the time in this house when there already 23 people living, it’s crazy”. And as we grew older, we realized that those people that were coming to our house were not just coming because they were guests, they were coming because they were seeking counsel; they were seeking a Coach. Now, at that time, coaching was unknown, but that’s where, I believe, my early nurturing started because I saw somebody being present with the person across the room and being honest with them and helping them guide.
At the same point of time, of course when you are not growing up in wealth, when you are growing up with, where you are almost always looking at somebody else and saying “Can I have a little bit of that”, like “Why are these people successful, what makes them so successful?” I grew up with that lack of belief in myself the lack of abundance in myself, the lack of “Can I ever get to a place where I’m comfortable? Can I have my own bed? A mattress on the floor, but just mine, not that I had to share with my brother or somebody else (or a guest)?” And that, initially, drove my behavior to really build an understanding that was beyond what most education systems would teach in India. Like you know Sahara, and a lot of listeners might know, because as you meet Indians you see a lot of doctors and engineers and accountants, and that was what mattered in my house, of like “Hey, you want to become successful, become an engineer; you want to become successful, become a doctor become an accountant”, and while that was something that I trained for, as I was preparing for my engineering, I realized that even if I became one, I will hate it, I would hate it to my core because I didn’t enjoy the process of what an engineer does. There’s nothing wrong with engineering, but it was just not for me. But that put me into a situation where I had to take some brave steps, even when my family didn’t approve of it. So, I had to quit engineering, I said this is not for me, I’m going to quit, I’m going to walk away from this, which created a great chaos in my family, But thanks to my father’s questioning nature, he was like “Alright son, here is the truth of life, I am not a wealthy person, I can support you for the next two, three years, as you graduate through college, you don’t have to do an engineering degree, you can do whatever you want, but I only have that much money. After that, you’re on your own.” And that really shifted me because I realized, I was running on a timeline of finding myself; I had to find what works for me. And that was really fascinating because those three years as I experimented with everything a person can experiment with. I experimented with different careers, I experimented with different companies, I experimented with a student organization that would expose me to all these companies outside of my realm of understanding, and that built an initial understanding of what makes us all tick; what is it that’s really important in life. That was my early journey in India.

[09:48] Sahara
I love that so much; and so many gems in that story! I heard of this man and he was a lawyer, and he realized, after graduating Law School that he would never want to be a lawyer, and he told his family and they were like “How can you quit being a lawyer, you just spent 8 years going to law school and spent all this money, you can’t quit now”, so he continued for the next 50 years and had that exact same feeling he had right when he graduated of “I don’t want to be doing this”, but he didn’t listen to himself and spent the next 50 years working a job that he knew was not in alignment with his Dharma, with his truth. So, I think that’s the story of most people; most people can instantly feel “I don’t like doing this”, but you just see societal conditioning and you hear what your parents say and you think “Oh, I guess no one likes what their job is”, that’s being #adulting, you know. So, I love that you, especially coming from India where there is so much pressure to succeed and it can feel very competitive and very, very cut-throat, to have that trust in yourself and not even know where it would take you to be like “I’m just going to figure it out because I know this trajectory is not going to serve me if I continue walking down it”.

[10:56] Ajit
And like you said Sahara, and you know this, and I’m sure your listeners know this, is that we all know it, it’s not like that it’s this hidden thing that we don’t know. We know that something’s off, something’s not aligned, something doesn’t feel real, doesn’t feel connected. It feels like “Yeah, I’m doing a chore”, it’s like you have to force yourself out of the bed, you have to force and push yourself out of the “Argh, I have to do this…alright, fine, I’m going to go do it.” When it feels like that, a lot of think of it like “Oh, this is just life, life’s hard”, but what if life was actually easy? What if life was made hard by people telling us what we need to do instead of us listening to what we need to do? What if life was actually, like our Dharma, was there to guide us in the direction of what’s honest to us and if we follow that path? Contrary to popular opinion, we would actually have an easier way, and that’s what, at least, I learned in my life – is the more people I met, they were connected to what they were doing, it was just easy, it didn’t feel like work, they didn’t feel like “Argh, I have to wake up today and I have to do this”, they were more like “Yeah, I get to do this!” They didn’t have the concept of time, suddenly, they were like “I’m in flow, I don’t have a problem”. They seem to be more abundant; they seem to be more connected; they seem to get things fairly easily. And we’ve met those people, right? They just get things and they just manifest whatever they want to manifest because they are just so aligned with their Dharma.

[12:30] Sahara
I love that! And now, for someone who’s listening who’s like “I have that feeling that I’m not in alignment with my Dharma but I just don’t know how to take that leap, I’m afraid”, how would you, now, with, you’re the founder of Ever Coaching and you’ve coaches so many Coaches, how would you coach someone into taking that plunge when they don’t know what it is that they really want to do?

[12:52] Ajit
So, fortunately, as several years ago I was running this company called Mind Valley, and while I was at the peak position of it (I was the CEO of the company), I had a crisis in life because I had fallen out of my Dharma again, I had fallen out of my purpose again, and that happens in life. Sometimes you’re so into it that you forget that you are going in a direction that is not you. And it’s a beautiful and fantastic company and everything, but I had found that the rest of my life wasn’t in alignment with what I wanted to do. And so, I had to ask myself the question of actually quitting my then relationship, I had to give myself the permission to say what I’m doing for the company is not perfectly aligned with what I really want to do and there’s this bigger calling that I had, and it was a really safe, secure place, which is the situation with a lot of people right now, is, they feel like “Okay, I can keep doing this, at least it pays the bills”, it’s safe, it’s secure. And so, it’s hard to take action when it’s safe and when it’s secure.
My invitation to anybody that is right now at a stage where they’re going “Well, this is safe and secure, I can’t move, I cannot quit this, this doesn’t feel right, I don’t know what my Dharma is”, is that, you only get to know your Dharma when you start taking the first few steps. Imperfect action is the most perfect action; imperfect action is the most perfect action. It also is true that when you start your progress and you find your connection with your Dharma; when you know we are you in your journey, for example, where you do your discovery of going “Oh, this is where I am right now, this is where I have awareness or I don’t have awareness and so forth”, you then can start to make progress; you then can start to take steps because you go “Okay, I know one day, I am going to be whatever I’m going to be”, you have to get comfortable with that, is to get, say, “I’ll discover my perfect position, my perfect Dharma, my perfect alignment in time” because progress or your movement towards it is what helps you find it.
What I found is – let’s say if we have to ask ourselves a question “Okay, what’s your career going to look like in 3 years?” Let’s say you were doing a certain job, like you’re a dentist, you’re a yoga instructor, you’re doing whatever you’re doing, right? Three years from now it isn’t going to look like – but let’s say if I ask what your career is going to look like in 3 years, you can give me whatever answer, but if I really ask you “Do you know what it’s going to look like in 3 years?” You don’t know. See, that’s the beauty of our Universe, right? The thing that we can do is to hope for a great future, but live in the greatest moment. Present, right now, is all you got, right? We know that, intuitively, we all know that, but do we follow it? If we say, “Today, today I’m going to live in alignment with my Dharma; today, I’m going to live with joy; today, I’m going to live with happiness; today I’m going to live with alignment, too, whatever my calling is, and I know tomorrow is uncertain, it will reveal itself as I create progress in it”. I think there is a lot of truth to that, there’s a lot of truth with getting comfortable with the uncertain and knowing that if today is joyous, tomorrow will be too.

[16:04] Sahara
I think if there’s one lesson 2020 taught us, is that the experience of your life is a result of how comfortable you can be in that unknown. And people who can really be in that dance of “Hey, I have no idea what I’m doing this summer or next year or next week at that”, and to be okay with that, just allows you to open up to all of the experiences that life is awaiting you. And I just see how so many people, that desire within them to shift, is so potent but they don’t say yes to it, that they could miss out on an entire trajectory of their life, experience they could have. Imagine if you were just like “You know what, I need to be an engineer, I wouldn’t make money doing anything else”, you’d still be in Jaipur right now, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, and all of the people who you would have affected would have had their lives affected and then they wouldn’t have gone and affected more people’s lives, and that ripple effect that one person has.
So, I see so many people, you also coming from India, it’s like, a lot of us feel it’s selfish to be living our purpose of like “Who am I” or “My parents sacrificed for me”, or this guilt around living your purpose, but actually, one of the most selfish things we can do is not live our purposes because we’re withholding our gifts from all of the people who need us to rise up into our lights.

[17:22] Ajit
Absolutely! And the many, of course, theories around a lot of things that happen around us, even science, if you think about it, is a theoretical process in many ways where you could prove something and prove something completely different in a couple of years from now. So, there’s that much uncertainty that we live around. Even science is like that, it’s theories that were established in the 1800s and not valid in the 1900s and are not valid in 2000s. So, everything is changing at all times. The thing that we need to remember is that all of us have all of those paths that are always available to us. It is never any path that is the perfect path. So, I think that the decision making of “Hey, I’m doing this, it’s safe, it’s secure, how do I really choose if I don’t know where I want to go” is almost like saying that “I don’t know this is the path” is like saying “I am God and I should know what’s going to happen tomorrow. I am the Universe and I should know what should happen tomorrow”. And if you were to really believe in the Universe and of all things, then if you should know you know that Universe is always creating things for you. Universe is, by design, structured to support whatever journey you want to take. The reason why I feel most people tend to not go towards their Dharma, and a lot of times they stop themselves from that progress, is because the Law of the Universe that I think we don’t follow is that Universe is (and I like to call this this way), think about Universe as a blue-collar worker, it’s taking orders from you to say “What do you want”. Say, you go, “Hey, Universe, you know what, I would like to have a fantastic coaching business and I will generate, say, a really comfortable life, I want to make 6 figures”, you placed it in that order, the blue-collar worker says “Alright mam, alright sir, I’m going to go get to business” and they start working, they start working, they start working and they’re working on it; two days later you go “You know what Universe, this seems really hard, let me be a yoga teacher and that’s all I want to do, just give me $10.000” and the blue-collar worker says “But I have this order from you, $100.000, become a Coach, okay, going to that work!” So, what the blue-collar worker, the Universe’s creation, is doing is constantly changing their position because we fall out of our Dharma. So, the order placed to the Universe doesn’t even have time to really manifest into your reality, and that is the biggest challenge I feel today, or at least with the Coaches that we’ve been working with, a lot of time. You give up in the first 15 days, 30 days, 1 month, 2 months, when things get hard you start to give up and sort of say “Hey, can you give us time, it’s a big, tall order. You’ve given an order of $100.000, you never made $50.000 in your life, give it time. You want to be a Coach, you want to be successful, you want to impact lives? Give it time, it’s a tall order. Give it a little bit space, give it a little bit more energy, give it a little more work. It will all work out”. But that’s just the way we fall off all the time.

[20:24] Sahara
I think there’s this battle that a lot of spiritual people have of like “Well if it’s my destiny, it’s just going to happen, so I’m going to sit back and just let it happen”, but then the underlined belief if “I am not empowered, I can’t create my reality” and I think that – I’m actually curious, how much do you think your Dharma is your destiny; you’re born to fulfill this specific role and how much of it do you think it’s you having maybe like an essence but then you have all this free will of all the ways it could show up? Or do you think there is any kind of specific Dharma that someone has; it’s all created by you?

[20:58] Ajit
I think our Dharma is very, and everybody’s Dharma, is very much – so, and this will get a little bit out of what we are kind of talking about but I really believe that there are multiple Universes that we coexist in at all times. The experience that we are having is, let’s just call it, it’s the Earth’s number one or Universe number one, that’s where this experience of physical conversation is happening and there’s Universe number two that I am not aware of, I know it’s there but I’m not aware, and they’re having a different experience. They might be an engineer, they might be not even born in India, I don’t know, but there are multiple Universes and there are multiple layers of these conversations that are happening. So, when we talk esoterically how does the Dharma show up, is your Earth, your Universe is defined by you. It is completely your will which path that you’re going to choose because that is the Universe that you’ve chosen. So, there is some kind of destiny in there because this is your Universe. So, this is kind of pre-determined but it is not really because you have to make the choices to get to the destiny. So, it’s kind of that, kind of a mix of those two things, is that’s how I feel they might show up. So, you could be making a lot of strides in a particular direction right now and suddenly it might occur to you as, after listening to this conversation, that you really don’t like what you’re doing or you love what you’re doing and you’d like to progress even further on it. As you listen to this conversation, know that everything that you did, it actually accumulates. Relating back to my story, yes, I didn’t do engineering, but that made me a really analytical thinker, which allows me to really understand (the nuances of human beings), allows me to understand how I really understand things really differently. Like how we coach people and what I call First Principle Coaching Methodology, I use First Principle Thinking thanks to my engineering background. Not even the full engineering background because I didn’t become an engineer, but that study itself made me think in different ways. So, you would not connect that dot ever, how’s that even related – coaching and engineering? It’s not. It might not be that right now you’re a lawyer or you’re a dentist, you’re a doctor and you go “Oh, I really wanted to become somebody like Sahara or somebody like Ajit or somebody like whoever that inspires you. I would love to do that!” And you may thing “Oh, but there’s no connection, I’m a dentist, what are you talking about?” Well, first of all, my wife was a dentist and she’s doing this work now and she’s amazingly impactful in the dentist community and outside of it as well, but you could totally say “Hey, I’m going to take this, what I’m learning right now, and I’m going to expand my purpose into the dimension; use what I have, carry it on and become more aligned with what gives me joy, that happiness, that fulfillment and creates more value in the world.” That lawyer, that does 50 years doing, or 40 years doing things that are not aligned, well, they can go today and say “Hey, you know what, I feel like I have more to give, than to take from the society. I’m going to use my 40 years of experience, I’m going to top it out with some learning of human beings and then I’m going to bring this message to other lawyers so they don’t waste the 40 years of their life doing shit they don’t care for (I’m sorry, can I say shit?)

[24:12] Sahara
I love that and it really just reminds me of everything happens for a reason and also we give it a reason, right? You know, that lawyer could’ve pivoted earlier but chose 40 years, however, even just their story is creating change right now. Even, in an unconscious way, they’re still doing their Dharma and raising consciousness, and I think all of us, all of our Dharma is on the highest level, that highest quantum field, is to raise consciousness, it’s to make the world a better place, it’s to up-level the vibration of humanity, but then each of us, because of our direct experiences and upbringings and personalities and astrology and archetypes and all of the things, is going to give us our unique lens of doing so. And you know, right now, after these unprecedented levels of career shift, job loss, careers going online and the spiritual awakening happening behind the scenes of that too, so many people, more than ever, are beginning to ask themselves that question of “What is my greater purpose here? What is beyond just this career?” Because your Dharma is not your career, it’s beyond that.
So, we’re in this really interesting time that we’re at the tip of the iceberg, I feel, of people beginning to really ask themselves “What is my purpose, how can I live it?” And we’ve been talking about this for months and months and months now and that’s how we came up with this incredible opportunity that we are so excited to share with you!
So, we’re super-excited to present with you the Dharma Coaching Institute. Now, this is the first and only Institute that actually certifies Dharma Coaches. So, you will be trained by myself, by Ajit, by his wife Neeta who was just on the Podcast, to actually guide people with our frameworks, systems, his many, many years of coaching Coaches to have boundaries and a business and all of the masculine and the engineering – Researcher/Entrepreneur archetypes. Neeta brings in the Nurturer archetype (also a Researcher), I bring in the Visionary; we all have Teacher – all of the Archetypes are really present between the three of us, to create the most comprehensive, not only Dharma Coaching Institute, but it’s also going to be a double certification towards becoming a Spiritual Life Coach. So, we are so excited to share this with you!
So, for people who are – they’re wondering “Well I don’t really know, fully, if I’m living my Dharma. How can I become a Dharma Coach?” What advice do you have for them?

[26:28] Ajit
So, firstly I want to speak a little bit to what you are talking about, which is, the world has changed in the past year and a half, but the world is going to change even more in the next 5-10 years, because more and more people are waking up and more and more need is coming to purpose and alignment, and coaching in general, which is why this certification is so great, because it mixes Spirituality with Life Coaching. And that’s a big piece that’s missing.
Firstly, with all this need that’s coming up, and this is all data, I’m not just saying it because I run Ever Coach, no – you can look at data. But Life Coaching, Business Coaching industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and it’s not because it’s tactile – Coaches are needed, because people need coaching, it’s not just Coaches pushing the industry, it’s actually the need that’s pushing the industry. But the matter; I’ve spoken to so many individuals and companies, and what is the biggest struggle? There are not enough good Coaches. There are not enough good Coaches that understand that life is not just this, you know, psychological conversation. The psychology part of coaching has taken over because it’s the oldest side and it’s easy to talk about sides, where else, what is the missing piece – a lot of times you have a conversation with someone and after 10 sessions they’re still like “But I don’t know where I want to go” because all you’re dealing with is the psychology of the person. We are not a psychology body, we, as an overall human, as a spiritual body first, then there is psychology and then there is biology, and all of them integrated is the best way to approach it. But nobody has really tackled spirituality and life coaching, integrated together and are addressed in a way, where a person, when they go through a session and go “Oh, I see how I am one being”, that’s just not there. And that’s really when we were talking, like “Hey listen, Dharma Coaching Institute would be a perfect blend for a Coach that really wants to transform a person’s life”, in many different ways that you can do that, but you want to transform a person’s life, you want to work with an individual, no better way than to mix spirituality with life coaching; mix spirit with psychology; blend it together and bring it to the table because now, you have no bounds per say, you’re not going “Oh, I can only do this, I can only do that”, there’s no place where you can’t go. You can go everywhere with spirituality and psychology mixed together as a Spiritual Life Coach; as a Dharma Coach. That’s what really we are giving you, understanding that is why most people don’t get results with Life Coaching.
Another big challenge that, if somebody that’s listening is a Life Coach already, they would have found this already in their life, is, they enroll clients but they don’t re-enroll clients; they work with clients, but they don’t work with clients again. And the reason why that happens is because those Coaches are so stuck in psychology that they can’t create a transformation. They are so hell-bent on saying “I can only do ABCD and this is only a step-by-step”, their limitation is so strong that they’re not able to cater a wide variety of a very important piece, which is spirituality. And that is also another reason why you said “Hey, if you’re a Coach, if you’re already doing work like yoga or anything like that – perfect blend. You can just top it up with Spiritual Life Coaching, with Dharma Coaching, and you’ve become a rock-star, result-creator, which is the most important thing for a Coach , is you can drive results for your clients and that’s why this situation is so very important. What we are covering in Spiritual Life Coaching is, we are bringing the Dharma Method, the Dharma Ideology, the whole book and your programs and everything, the best of your training, we’re saying “Okay, let’s bring it all together, let’s train people in this”, which is the best way to really guide everybody to their Dharma and their spirit and their spiritual path. And we said “Okay, let’s bring the best of psychology, the best of coaching, the best of training around the psychological aspects of coaching”, we said “Okay, let’s bring that together, let’s blend it!” So, me and Neeta are bringing the psychology, you’re bringing the spirituality, and we are saying “Let’s blend it together to give the perfect product to people who are interested in A) finding their own Dharma, and secondly, living their Dharma by helping other people live a better or aligned, or happy, more joyous life. And then we are doing something even more special – I have trained thousands of Coaches in building their coaching business, especially when they are new. So, somebody who’s coming in hot and fresh and they’re like “Hey, yes, this is my calling, I’ve got to do this”, and they go “But hey, there’s this whole thing of business that I hear about. I hear Coaches don’t make money”, well they don’t because they had a bad product. So, we’re going to fix that problem first and then second, because they don’t understand the fundamentals of business, it’s actually really simple to get successful in your coaching business if you knew what you are doing, if you are not falling for all the traps that you hear online and all that – don’t worry about all that stuff, focus on some few things that we’re going to show you that has consistently created results. So, this is all tested, this is all proven, we know it works, it has worked consistently over years, at this point, and which is why there are so many success stories.

[31:34] Sahara
I love that so much! And I feel like so many Coaches, too, they are afraid to go niche because they don’t want to miss out on clients so they’re like “Sure, I’m just an overall Coach of anything”, and then they don’t go niche so then people don’t know then for whatever problem they’re going through, and then that’s why they don’t get booked and end up no longer being a Coach, and they end up going back to whatever it was that they were doing before.
And there is no other school out there that teaches Dharma Coaching, we are literally the pioneers of this right now, and the people who join this are going to be that first generation of Dharma Coaches who are essentially creating a new field of coaching that integrates the Mind-Body-Spirit. I know for myself, with Health Coaching, I felt very stuck, only talking about food, I’m like “Clearly this person has a lot more going on in their life that I don’t need to keep telling them ‘Oh, don’t eat a bunch of food at midnight when you’re crying’, there’s something deeper happening there”, but I didn’t have the training of how to create that transformation, it was very like “Just step back and don’t say the wrong thing”. And then I see yoga teachers, and it’s just about the physical body, and then I see people who do more, just overall coaching, it’s just about the mind. And how do we really create transformation? It’s integrating the three and you – I mean, you live the most Ayurvedic life I’ve ever seen, but that’s what Ayurveda really says, and then how can we now take in the more masculine principles of creating boundaries; creating systems; creating frameworks?
I see so many women, they’re like “I want to be a Coach but I just don’t want to charge for it because people need the help”, and then what happens – they don’t make money doing it, they have to spend their time making money doing something and they go back to square one. So, that’s why we saw all of the issues – hours and hours of like “What are the issues people are having? What are the holes here and how can we create something that not only – because some people were born, have you felt this? You were born to help other people find their purpose? Like your purpose is to help other people find their purpose? And I think some people feel a lot of imposter syndrome around that of like “Oh, well, I don’t have books” or “I don’t have a 6-figure business, who am I to help someone else find their purpose?” But just like your grandfather, there have always been Guides. Some of us were born to be Guides and to see things for other people in that birds-eye perspective and that’s why you’re here, that’s why you were born with that gift. And then it takes reconnecting with that side of yourself and letting yourself be seen and recognized, and claim and own, like “Yes, my purpose is to help you find your purpose”, and that just brings everything together and it creates that living in flow and manifestation and all of these things, the piece of the puzzle that is missing – you can’t manifest your abundance when you’re not living your Dharma, you know. So, it’s like, let’s bring that into the picture and then let’s also create that ripple effect. And that is the greatest way we’re going to shift humanity at this time.

[34:25] Ajit
Yeah, absolutely! And you’re so right, if you’re not in alignment with your purpose, it’s like it’s trying to chase in the other direction of where your flow is and hoping that it will create income for you or create joy for you – it will not. And that’s why, again, a lot of Coaches that start the journey, don’t finish the journey or don’t really get successful in it, it’s because they fall out of it; they fall out of the Dharma; they fall out of saying “Hey, this is my alignment; I’m going to seek alignment.” I truly believe, and I know this is a big trigger for, especially, people who’ve tried coaching, ever in their life, is, they go “Hey, I can’t make money doing it”, like the thing you address. And it’s a big trigger mostly because money is the outcome of our work in the world; our representation of a Dharma in the world. And if you are putting in that, not by stressing yourself out, because it will bring that kind of money. You’ve met a lot of people who are very wealthy but they are not having a good time in life. So, yes, you can make money by doing things that will really push you over the edge, and you not enjoying it, and will cause bad health and everything, but the Universe is always responding to the energy that you’re putting in there. If you’re putting the energy of saying “Hey, I want money as a response of my service, you’ll get money”, if you want respect, you’ll get respect. My grandfather didn’t care for the money, he cared for the respect, so he got ton of it. I cared for having abundance as well, so, I’m blessed with love abundance around me, of wealth, and also respect. I chased Dharma in that alignment; you chased your alignment with whatever you seek, you get. Universe has our back and we know this and I’m sure you know this (the listeners of this Podcast know this because they hear you all the time), is the Universe has got you, but the challenge is – are you giving it time, are you giving it the focus and attention that you want to give, are you living your purpose? And the greatest purpose you can live is to help somebody else live theirs. It’s the greatest blessing, as teachers, that you resonate with it, I resonate with it, I’m sure if you’re listening, you resonate with it, is, because we all have a little teacher in us, and if you get to express that with somebody else and you see somebody else fly, oh the joy we get!

[36:39] Sahara
And I really believe our abundance is in direct correlation with how alignment we are with our Dharma. Like, if you are in alignment with your Dharma, abundance will show up in all areas, from family, to home, to money, to all of the things. But I see all of these people that they try to become a cookie-cutter coach and just say what the other person is saying and then, because they’re not living in alignment with their Dharma, it’s not unique, people can feel it, and the Universe can feel it because you can’t lie to that shit, and it doesn’t up working. So we need more people sharing their direct experiences, those years that you may have the story that you wasted those years, those are actually the defining years. You can go to an engineering corporation and be like “Hey, I was once in your position” or “I see the world like you do”, I can’t do that because I definitely was not an engineer, I can’t even do math, but you can do that. I can go into a room of yoga people, though I feel like you can too, but I can go into my room, you go into your room, we all have our people that we have direct access to that we understand, and that was all part of our journey.
I feel like sometimes people think it’s too late or those don’t fit in, and it’s really, actually taking those things, even the things that we’re the most ashamed about, like the things that we feel that “I don’t want people to know about me” or “This doesn’t fit into the puzzle.” I’m sure for you, there was an element of maybe shame or “Who am I to go from big CEO to becoming a Coach and being more of a personal brand”, did you ever feel that?

[38:12] Ajit
Oh, hell yeah! I would say even until recently, a lot of times, even when you following your Dharma, sometimes you doubt it, you feel like “Hey, I don’t know if I’m pursuing this right”. And that’s where, I think, I like to remind myself, I’d rather be honest than be right, I’d rather be honest than I be right. So, if I’m honest with who I am, if I’m honest with what I’m doing, the shame seems to not matter because I go “Is it honest, am I doing the best I can, am I coming from a place of love and service, am I being heart-centered, am I being in alignment with what I found my Dharma to be?! And if it is all true, then some people will think that I’m not doing a good job or I’m not good enough for them, and that’s okay by me. They, hopefully, are following their Dharma. I would not say that for anybody else because I feel like that’s not the energy I want to put out, but if somebody feels that’s what they’re going to do, that’s what they’ve got to do, but let me be honest with myself because all I got, really, if we were to live again, we’re all one Universe, all connected and we’ll all eventually, all just, you know, stardust, haze, then how does it matter? The only thing that matters at the end of life is did you live in an honest life to yourself where you’re joyous, it doesn’t matter if somebody else thinks you’re joyous or not; it doesn’t matter if somebody else thinks you were rich or poor or happy or unhappy because they are also going to be the same stardust and their opinion really is not the matter. The point is to live this life in the greatest alignment that we possibly can and make this physical experience so very exciting, so very fun, so very joyous, then when we are having our cosmic experience, we miss our physical experience, like “Damn that physical experience is dope, let’s do it again”, that would be fun, that would be amazing. So, I’ve definitely felt the pain of feeling like that I don’t deserve it or I may not be the right person for it, I’ve doubted myself and I think all of us do, at some level, even when we’re really good at something. Almost feels like when you don’t doubt yourself, maybe you’ve stopped being curious and stopped being interested, and that may be your whole different conversation to have if that is happening for someone. But if you’re curious, you’re interested, you would go “Let me know more about that, let’s discover what’s in there, what’s in me when I’m feeling so scared, when I’m feeling not good enough about it, there’s something more to talk about here, something more to discover, learn, teach, so I can experience more of this experience of life that I’m having.” So, I feel that’s what was honest with me at that time and is honest to me even now is to say “Hey, I’m living this experience”, and that emotion is an equal part of “That’s not my Dharma, that is an emotion that will fluctuate tomorrow”, which is again, some of the things that we talk about in Certified Dharma Coach is how do we regulate the emotions? How do you go from these crazy emotional swings and how do you really regulate and find your balance and go back to “Oh, I catch it”, and how to help your clients do that? Once you master that, the emotional challenge that we go through – well, that’s a big win for all of us because those emotions can really throw us off.

[41:32] Sahara
I love that so much! And for people to know that Dharma is not a one-time process, it’s not like “Oh, here I am at the top of a mountain and then it’s done. I’m the CEO of Mind Valley”, and it’s like, that’s one peak of the mountain, and it’s a mountain range and it continues to evolve and deepen and deepen, and the more you experience the truth of your soul, the more awareness you have and then you’re outer reality is going to shift because you’re going to be like “Oh, there’s this whole other side of myself that I wasn’t expressing in this current manifestation of my reality, so I can’t ignore this now”, in fact, when you ignore it, it becomes so crippling, it feels like you’re a lion stuck in a cage. And I think so many people right now, because of Covid, because of everything happening, are like “Wait, I have these other sides of myself”, and once you know them, you can’t un-learn them, you can’t forget it, it’s just going to get louder and louder and louder until you take action and then it’s like “Wow, here is a whole new world that the reason why it was painful was because it was pushing me to take action and say yes.”

[42:31] Ajit

[42:33] Sahara

[42:34] Ajit
And I kind of want to speak to that last bit that you said that taking of action, which is also Karma, or Karma is the whole give and take thing, but Karma is you doing the work. Once you find your Dharm or Dharma, you have to do your Karm, your Karma because the result of the outcome of your Dharma is very directly proportionate to your Karma. So, you can listen to this conversation and say “I’ve got to find my Dharma” and then do nothing about it, it’s going to do nothing to you, right? Yes, you listen to the conversation but do something about it, do the action so that Dharma can manifest itself so you can keep doing the Karma in the direction, in alignment of your Dharma, giving you that joy, giving you that fulfillment, giving you that alignment to the greater Universe.

[43:21] Sahara
I love that so much! And I think so many of us, and I found myself doing this and I stopped this pattern of I would listen to one podcast and just listen to the next; go on my day and not do the embodiment. And I think that that’s what we speak into so much ‘Embodiment over Information’, you can have all the information in the world, not embody any of it – what does it mean? So to take something, take action, embody it, practice it, live that experience – that will take you so much further than having all this information about things that you never apply.

[43:50] Ajit
That is so beautifully put and I think that is why there are so many podcasts and very few action-takers in context to that. But still, I think spreading this information out is increasing the consciousness of the Universe and I think having this conversation is very important, but thank you very much for sharing that. A lot of us find ourselves in that situation “I listened to this great thing and yeah, it was great” and whatever about that.

[44:11] Sahara
And on to the news…
So, if this is striking a cord within your heart and you can feel that your Dharma is to help others find their Dharma, you know you were born for a greater purpose and you know that maybe this is a part of your journey that will guide you to what comes next, then we invite you to head over to dharmacoachinginstitute.com we are taking applications right now. If you are listening to this later, you can join us on our wait list. We are so excited to just bring you in this portal; a true portal of transformation.
I feel like it’s a spiritual car-wash, you’re going to enter into this experience, you’re going to go through some steps, you’re going to come out of this a shiny, new version of yourself and the ripple effect it that it has on your kids and your parents and your community and every single person whose lives that you touch; and then their ripple effect and their ripple effect. And that’s why, you know, for us, it’s so far beyond money, success, anything. We’ve been so fortunate to experience that that we’re beyond it, we’re like “How can we really be of service at this time when so many people are experiencing uncertainty, confusion, job loss, apathy, depression, anxiety?” It is clinically proven that purpose is the remedy for that. So, if we can help people find their purpose and inspire them to help others find their purpose too, I believe that is truly how we’ll raise consciousness.
So, we’re so excited to have you in!

[45:34] Ajit
Yeah, super-excited and pumped! I think, like you said, if we could help few of us find our purpose, think about the ripple effect it will have on society, not just for now but for years and centuries from now with us all living in alignment with our purpose – that would be a beautiful world!

[45:50] Sahara
I actually believe that with the Dharma Coaches and end up joining us and saying yes to this, we may actually create this to be the first generation of everyone living their Dharma. Your little son Ari could be amongst the first; they won’t have to do all the un-learning that we had to do, all the deconditioning, all the “Wait, wait, wait, what did my parents tell me”, it’s like “I want to be a rocket scientist”, so, I want to be a rocket scientist; “I want to end climate change”, so I’m going to do it. And I really believe that it’s up to us to create those shifts, to guide people, to show kids from the time they’re growing up that it’s possible for them and then we will, naturally, have solutions to all of the world’s problems because there is someone who is designed to be that solution.

[46:32] Ajit

[46:33] Sahara
Yay! Well we’re so excited to have you, again, that link is in the show notes (dharmacoachinginstitute.com). Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us today Ajit, I’m so grateful to have you here.

[46:41] Ajit
Thank you so much for inviting me, it was super-fun talking about this.

[46:45] Sahara

[46:46] End of Interview

[46:47] Sahara
I hope you feel inspired from that conversation and it helps remind you that your Dharma is your birth right, it is the reason why you are here. So, please, don’t let any limiting beliefs hold you back from being of service in the way that you were meant to be sharing your gifts in the way you were born to.

[47:08] Sahara
Now, if you are feeling the call to become a Certified Dharma and Spiritual Life Coach, we invite you to head over to dharmacoachinginstitute.com the link is over in the show notes, you’ll find all the information there. Class starts May 10th, so if you’re feeling the call, take action now and come join us. And if you’re listening to this after May 10th, we will probably be opening again sometime in the Fall. So, head over to the website anyways, to join our wait list.

[47:39] Sahara
I am so excited to meet the future Dharma Coaches! It has been such an aligned launch, it really has been so easy and effortless because so many of you have already been feeling the call, have already, naturally, been helping others in your lives find more purpose. And now you can finally make this an official career for yourself.
So, if this feels like you, you’ve always been that friend that’s been helping others find their purpose, then take action on that and create a career for yourself where you can really set parameters that allow people to experience success and also allows you to create a livelihood doing so.
So, again, head over to dharmacoachinginstitute.com you’ll find all the information there and we’re so excited to welcome you inside.

[48:26] Sahara
I hope you enjoyed this Episode and I’ll see you on the next one. Namaste.

Episode 366: Finding Courage + Creating Abundance In Your Calling with Ajit Nawalkha
By Sahara Rose

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