Highest Self Podcast 354: Quantum Physics, Universal Laws + Spiritual Truths with Brandon Beachum


We get multidimensional with this episode, discussing some spiritual principals we haven’t yet discussed on the podcast! I join author Brandon Beachum to go deep on questions like, How are we literally made of stars? What is quantum physics and quantum entanglement? How are we in a simulation? We also dive into his new book, The Golden Key. If you’re ready to go beyond the 3D and into the higher dimensions, this episode is for you!

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Episode 354: Quantum Physics, Universal Laws + Spiritual Truths with Brandon Beachum

By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

I am really excited to share with you today’s Episode because we dive into some spiritual topics that we have never, in the almost 4 years that I’ve been doing this Podcast, have gotten a chance to dive into yet. And these are the more Esoteric aspects, Quantum Physics, Quantum Entanglement, how we are literally made of the stars, are we living in a simulation?

So, I love nerding out on these topics, but sometimes it can feel really overwhelming for people and I always like to the make this Podcast as accessible to people as possible, which is why I haven’t totally gone into this stuff yet, but I feel like you guys are ready. So many of you have been listening to every Episode, so you’ve built up your spiritual repertoire and you’re here for it. Maybe it’s your first time listening and your soul has done its own preparation from past lives and prior experiences and books etc. that have made you interested in this topic; this Podcast title called your name – and I welcome you here.
My name is Sahara Rose, I’m an author and host of this Podcast and an ancient soul in a modern body.

So, one of the things I love learning about is, just how this world that we are living in, is not as 3D as we make it to seem.
So, when I say 3D (3-dimensional) that’s very cause and effect, like, the sky is blue because it’s blue; people are sad; people are happy; people are this – it’s a quite dualistic way of seeing the world, and there is importance and being able to tap into the 3D, like when you’re at the airport, you’ve got to be in the 3D, you’ve got to make sure you’re on time for your flight and you get in; when you’re filing your taxes or doing things like this, you’ve got to be in the 3D. And when do we make space to be in the 5D or the other dimensions? Now, these are conversations like this, being tuned into the heart, into the frequency of joy, connection, communion, spirituality. And there are many other dimensions past that which we go into a bit in this conversations; some other Episodes to come.

So, in this Episode, I ask Brandon some really juicy questions like ‘How are we literally made of stars?” You may have heard the term ‘we are all stardust’ but why do people actually say that? Are actually made of stars? And you’ll be surprised to know that yes, we actually are, and he explains why. What is Quantum Physics? Again, this was a term for such a long time, I was overwhelmed, every time I would watch a Quantum Physics documentary I was “Huh? I don’t get it!” But, he explains it in a more understandable way. What is Quantum Entanglement? How are we in the chrysalis right now? How we are living in this simulation. We really go into this because there’s a lot of different perspectives on the Simulation Theory which we speak about and his understanding of it, and we also go into his “8 Keys of Abundance” which is his new book which is all about that and he shares it at the end of this Episode.

So, you may know him from Positive Head Podcast, he’s an incredible podcast host, spiritual teacher and friend of mine.

Without further ado, let’s welcome Brandon Beachum to The Highest Self Podcast.

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[05:38] Interview

[05:38] Sahara
Welcome Brandon to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you here.

[05:41] Brandon
So excited to be here, thank you, Sahara, for having me.

[05:45] Sahara
And the first question I’d love to ask you is what makes you your highest self?

[05:50] Brandon
What a great question! What makes me my highest self? When I am acting from a place of love, that’s the simple answer. Whenever I’m choosing – you know, my favorite quote is, actually in my book, I wrote it, it’s a John Lennon quote that I remixed. I put John Lennon remix by Brandon Beachum but “Love is the answer, now, what was the question”. It’s, now what was the question and now is the time to do it, so I put the ‘now’ in little perfect meaning.

[06:24] Sahara
Love that! So simple yet we make it so complicated.

[06:29] Brandon
Cliché, but true!

[06:30] Sahara
Yes! And it all really comes down to how we can optimize our fullest expressions on this planet at this time. And I love your “8 Keys to Abundance” that really go into that. I love how you just take; you start us off with such a quantum approach and you bring up, from Chapter One is like “Hey, what’s Quantum Physics? Quantum Entanglement?” We are literally made out of stars and I think it’s so important for us to sometimes zoom out and see this big picture perspective of that we are just mere particles of the greater one that you know, right now a lot of us have really disconnected from that. I mean, saying oneness is almost like you just can’t say that anymore, people don’t want to think about our Universe sodality even though I think the only way we can transcend this human experience is to observe the separation and see beyond it. And we need different people with different opinions and different voices to remind us “Yes, we have all this beautiful diversity here on this planet, and these archetypes and these perspectives, and we’re literally all made out of the same stardust”. So I love how you started with that.

[07:39] Brandon
Yeah, I think it’s really, really important. In my book “The Golden Key”, the first key is to see the Oneness and that is so – once again, kind of cliché, all is one, but really, All is One. I truly believe the separation between us is an elaborate hologram; the consciousness that animates my form is the consciousness of animates your form. And when you start playing with that concept, one – as you mentioned, quantum physics is showiness; science and spirituality are really doing a dance that they’ve never done before and it’s incredible to witness. And when you start – like I like to say about all the concepts and perspectives that I share on the Positive Head Podcast and in the book and to anyone who’ll listen, it’s great to have ideas about how everything works. What I find fascinating is when you apply these perspectives, you know “Okay, what if I start acting as if everywhere I go, I’m there waiting for myself?” Literally, it’s me reflecting me back to me. Everything is vibrational in nature as quantum physics shows us and whatever I’m bumping up against is a close enough reflection, that which is like into its selfish drawing; it’s a close enough vibrational reflection that it’s appearing in my movie at this moment, and if I approach my life in that way, the results that I get from it, and the insights, and the ability to take a lump of coal experience and transmuted it into the diamond it’s destined to become, has just, to me, shown that yes, indeed, this is what’s going on. And I would say try it and see for yourself, and buckle up your seatbelt because you’re up for quite a ride once you approach your life in this way.

[09:20] Sahara
I love that so much and I’m so excited to chat with you because we’ve never really gotten to get into Quantum Physics and these larger cosmic concepts on the Podcast. So, for people who, maybe have heard this term ‘Quantum Physics’ before or they really don’t understand what it is, how can you best explain it?

[09:37] Brandon
Well, certainly there are folks that are more versed in Quantum Physics than I am, however, one thing I really like to do – I do my best to distill things to something that is understandable and digestible for myself and others. And understanding the nature of the situation in which we all find ourselves is, the particles that make me up are not solid at all, they’re 99.9999% space; the thing we call solid is actually not solid at all; these vibrations of energy that are popping in and out of existence so quickly, the illusion is that they’re solid, but it’s really like a movie projector that’s flickering so fast that they’re stringing these things together in a way it looks fluid. And that’s essentially what’s happening, we know now, with our biology, with our planet, everything is vibration, it’s vibrational in nature.
So, understanding and playing with that idea that okay, this is a light show, I’m essentially in a holographic reality and once you start playing with that idea and understanding that time itself, another thing science has shown, is malleable – I use, in the book as an example, if you shoot my mother into outer space at light speed when she was born, her twin, bring her back a year later, her twin, she’s a year old and your twin is running around, talking and is definitely the exact age difference, not a 100% sure but definitely would be at least a few years older than her – so that’s wild, right? Time is this relative thing! So, I like to say your fifth birthday party is actually happening on another channel, you’re just not tuned into it at this moment (and the same with your future potentials). So, once again, you start playing with some of these ideas and it gets really interesting and you start to realize it’s all sort of a feedback loop, a show reflecting you back to you in a way that is good, that is participating in your growth. We stop fighting it and we start learning from it, and that’s a real turning point.

[11:47] Sahara
So, I think a lot of us have experienced this moment of feeling like “Am I in a simulation? Is this real?” And I see both sides of it, of you know, everything is reflecting back to me, but then I see this other side of “Well, if everything is in my simulation, does that mean that – am I negating other people’s experiences and how that can even turn into kind of a narcissism of “Oh, you’re just in my simulation?” So, how do you dive into that topic?

[12:17] Brandon
Yeah, that’s a great question. I think one of the stopping off points for everyone on the spiritual path, it starts to having an awakening to more about the understanding the ultimate nature of reality, as I call it. One of the stopping off points or pitfalls can be spiritual narcissism because you start to realize “Oh my gosh, I’m the One” like Neo in The Matrix, “I’m the One”, okay, but don’t too excited because so is the person experiencing homelessness next to you on the street right now. It’s all the One, and so, you happen to be seeing the One through a vantage point – think of Source, it’s so infinite, it wants to experience from every possible angle and vantage point, so you an avatar, a particular lens that Source is viewing and experiencing through. So, from that perspective, you are the center of your own private ‘Youniverse. And then you talk about the simulation aspect of it, I talk about it in the book, Nick Bostrum wrote (I think it was in 2001) a paper called “Simulation Argument” and he looks at what would happen – what are the possibilities. Three possibilities with a civilization is that they become extinct before they become post-human, which would be before they solve all the world’s problems. The second is, okay, they become post-human, they survive all the major problems and pitfalls, but they opt for low technology. The third option would be, they become post-human and they continue to develop higher technology. Well, what was interesting is, he also did an algorithm to see which was the most likely, and what he came up was the third is the most likely of what would happen. And even if a small percentage of these civilizations our ancestors even (let’s say), were to go this route, you’d have one kid that creates – it’s inevitable that they would create very realistic simulations of Earth or life. So, it’s why someone like Elon Musk says, “Hey, it’s probably 1 in a million chance that we’re in a base-level reality” because all you need is one simulated, one high technology society that’s creating simulations and they can create – one person could create billions of us, right? And it gets really interesting and kind of strange when you start playing with this idea of being Sims. In my perspective, I find comfort in its – it’s obvious when you look at nature and quantum physics, it’s all the same stuff. We were made literally, like you referenced earlier, we were made of stars. You were born from a star that originally had its childhood, its middle-age, its adolescence, middle-age, old age, dies, exploded in a violent death, its guts spewed across the cosmos, ultimately reformed into Sahara Rose at some point. So, literally, the root of the atoms that comprise your human vessel were birthed in the heart of a star that already lived out its whole life. So, the Universe is just reiterating all fractals of the same energy; experience in itself, time and time again.
So, for me, it’s like “Okay, yeah, I’m a chip off the block, I’m the One. I’m one with the source consciousness that creates and animates all things”. So, whatever simulation, whatever light show is created, actually a part of me created it, there’s only one of us. So that helps to make it not feel so, I guess cold or scary, it’s almost like – I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie Vanilla Sky? Have you ever seen the movie Vanilla Sky? Do you remember the end when he’s convincing the doctor that “Lou, you’re not real, what was your daughter’s birthday?” it hits him like “Oh my gosh, I don’t know, I don’t remember”, I gotta be real, you know?! And I talk about the Relative Truths in “The Golden Key” and it’s like two apparently contradictory things that both hold true. You and I are separate, that’s true; you and I are one, that’s also true, depending on the vantage point from which we’re speaking. So, from one vantage point, it’s all an illusion and it’s all just a light show, and from another, so you could say it’s sort of, from one perspective, semi-meaningless, from another it’s everything; you are it all and you’re the one who actually architected, I believe, the whole thing. You just have amnesia to that fact. Just like when you dream at night and the bear is chasing you through the woods and then you wake up and you’re like “Oh my gosh, I believed I was being chased through the woods but I’m really lying in bed and I forgot I was Sahara or whatever”. I actually write that example in my book and my friend Vajra, who I have so much synchronicity with, amazing visionary artist. Him and I, there’s a bunch of stories of magic and synchronicity between him and I in the book. And he was reading it and he said “Brandon, I just, last night, had a dream that a bear was chasing me through the woods and then I picked up your book to continue reading where I left off the day before and here’s where I got to, where I’m talking about “Imagine if you’re having a dream where a bear is chasing you through the woods”, wow, this stuff gets really trippy.

[17:33] Sahara
So, would you say the purpose of life, then, is to awaken to the simulation and then say “Wait, if I am the player of this, I get to design my own reality”?

[17:43] Brandon
That’s exactly what I would say. It’s, you are it, of course you make it, there’s no one else here, you’re the only one in the room. It’s all you reflecting you back to you. Do you know Naseem Haramin, quantum physicist, or if you’re even familiar with him or his work?

[18:00] Sahara
I’ve heard of him, yes.

[18:01] Brandon
He’s incredible, he’s a good guy to have on your show. And I remember he posted something a long time ago, it looked like a geometric shape that twists on like a cordial twisting, graph-looking – I don’t know, I wish I could just show a picture right now, but basically it just showed this twisting Torres and it had nodes, equal distance apart, all the way throughout it, and he said “Imagine this twisting for eternity” and that is consciousness, Source, us, higher self, God, Universe, whatever you want to call it. Each node, if you were to go to any one of those nodes, it’s the center of the entire Universe, it’s the center. So, you’re a node in this infinite sea of consciousness and it is so vast, it’s like the short story of the egg, you’re the only one here, you’re in your own – any by the way, why would you have a simulation, it’s a great tool to test something in a safe environment. Like if you’re going to learn to be a fighter pilot, well if you crash, you don’t really get killed you know. Well, I believe, this reality, it is a simulation ground for us to grow and get our wings (if you will) to more intensive levels of consciousness and reality in a place that’s relatively safe. Now, we might think “Oh, if I die, was that safe?” Do you really die or are you birthed back to where you came from, right? And so, it’s really empowering when you start to take on this perspective of “I’m the star of my own private movie. I’m not better than anyone else because they are too and I’m a proper enormity, I’m playing”, in this case you are reflecting a part of my consciousness back to me, that I created in the image of that avatar Sahara Rose and vice versa and it’s such a close vibrational match and reflection to where I’m at, it’s appearing on my screen in this moment and we’re having a meaningful connection.
And so, a lot of people, and especially in this Instagram age and all this stuff and I’m not the biggest person on social media, but I know for a lot of people, really, they start comparing themselves to you. We’re both podcasters, what if I were to say “Oh my gosh, let me compare myself to Sahara, let’s see, she’s got a gazillion Instagram followers and I post every six months and whatever”, I could then choose to see that as a – it’s so easy to say “Oh, am I not as good?” People are doing this all the time “Look at her” or “Look at how beautiful she is and how in shape he is”, and what I do is, it’s all about the story that you spin – if you’re the director and creator of our own private movie, the story is everything that you’re going to tell around any event. So, if something’s appearing in my movie that I admire, instead of saying “Oh, I could never have that” or “They’re better than me” or any of that, I never do any of that, it’s like “Oh, wow, I love that, I admire it and it’s such a close vibrational match that it’s appearing out of billions of things vying for my attention, I’m attracting it, so I’m really close to it.”
So, the difference between that story, in my own private own universe, and “Look at them look how great they are and I’m not good enough”, it’s huge, it’s a huge, huge difference. So, that’s one of the things that I highly recommend everyone, to start playing with that perspective instead of this comparison thing because it’s all you, it’s all an extension of you.

[21:20] Sahara
I love that so much! And can you explain a little bit what is Quantum Entanglement?

[21:26] Brandon
Quantum Entanglement is fascinating. So, what they found is, if they can take two particles and put them together, entangle them together, and then separate them by, they’ve done it as far as 700 miles or something, they can take one and put it in their space and another one here on Earth. So, imagine you’re entangled with your partner, for example, if you’re in a relationship, or your parents or anyone who you’re close with – think of you as being entangled with them. So, on a microcosm, you take two particles, you entangle them, you mesh them together, you separate them, you then put them at a great distance, you do something to one of those particles, and the other one, instantly, faster than the speed of light, is affected. So, this is the whole idea of quantum computing and stuff that is on the forefront of what’s coming down the pipe and people are working on, it’s still very young and mysterious and you know, but it’s wow! So, hold on, these two particles are somehow connected in a way that we can’t see, that information isn’t traveling via a broadcast or something, it’s happening instantly. So, you think of people that are – we’ve all had those moments (well, not all of us) but most people at least probably had some moment of “Gosh, I knew that person was about to call me” or “Something happened to a child and the mother instantly knew”, I mean how many of those stories are there, countless, and it’s because you’re entangled, you’re connected and you’re feeling what happens to them, in some way ripples through you.
And then as far as Quantum Entanglement – we’re entangled with the whole world. I believe I created this place, I literally designed the narratives of what’s happening in Afghanistan and with the Presidential Elections and all these things are part, in some way, of my extended consciousness. So, instead of resisting it or judging it, it’s like “Hmm”. You know, Abraham Hicks talked about this, when you look at something you like you say “I did that”, you look at something you don’t like and say “I did that” and just knowing, hey, it’s all a part of me in some way that is working through itself so that I can move on to the next stage of my butterfly nest.

[23:36] Sahara
So, I think the next natural question that comes up for people is then, why do bad things happen? Like, am I the creator of the bad things? Is it because I did something? Is it my past life? Is it my Karma? What is it?

[23:49] Brandon
That’s a great question, and that’s a very charged question, right?

[23:52] Sahara
Yeah. Please don’t come after Brandon.

[23:58] Brandon
Yeah, yeah, I like to say there’s never been a victim in all of eternity and I know that’s super-charged and challenging. And I think there’s a lot of things at play, that play into the experience that we’re seeing, that we just don’t have the full picture and that’s why it appears to be bad. First off, to answer your question – why do bad things happen? I don’t know that I believe that there’s such a thing as bad. Relatively, based off A) I want to experience comfort and warmth when I’m cold. Ok, you could that bad. But from the ultimate perspective, I believe everything is happening for love.
So, think about it like this, if we’re all one and it’s all love, that’s what I believe is the root of creation, and now have eternity, it’s just me and I’m love. That becomes absolutely meaningless, right? There is no context anymore. Take away that love and have the experience of completely having lifetimes of challenge and trial and you know, scraping it out of the dirt and then come back to the truth of abundance and then inherent love that is reality, and it actually means something. Our lives are a work of art and our souls, this is not for the faint of heart, who and what we are and what we’re doing. It’s said by someone who claimed to communicate with the deeds on the other side that we’re looked at those wild, crazy, adventurous ones who willing to separate so far from Source to forget, to have amnesia to who and what we are so that we can have the experience of remembering (re-remembering), coming back together into unity in remembering our power. Vanilla Sky, the same movie, the sweet is never quite the sweet without the sour; you’ve never seen a work of art without shadow in it, have you?

[25:44] Sahara
So, then, what about this concept of we’re going back to Heaven on Earth; we’re going back to this 5D, 7D level of consciousness that we are going to come back to this place of unity – well, why would Source want to go back to that if it created this whole simulation to be away from it?

[26:02] Branson
Great question! So, think of it, like I said earlier, it’s all happening now; time is an illusion (we’ve shown that with physics), it’s all happening in the eternal now. So, I believe Source creates time to actually have a moment to experience something because it’s all happening now; we don’t listen to a song to get to the final note. And so, we want the journey, the journey is the goal. And so, it’s all happening not; it’s all your 5th birthday is on another channel, you’re just not tuned into it; future lives; past lives; all of it, it is happening in the infinite now – the question is, and it’s all divinely designed and perfect; every experience and vantage point exist; the question is which one do you want to experience next? That becomes the question that’s always posed to you. You are it all; what part of it all do you want to experience next? There is no wrong answer, if you’re choosing, unconsciously, usually, to do something really foul or awful or that it’s harmful to you or to someone else – first off, I don’t believe there’s ever, some things ever happen to someone that there isn’t some level of soul contract agreement. For us, we’re looking at it like “Oh my gosh, this awful thing just happened with this small child or whatever” but that soul is actually an eternal being who knows exactly what it’s doing, it’s orchestrated prior to coming here, what’s going to transpire and it’s all – my favorite book of all times is a children’s book called “The Little Soul in the Sun” by Neil Donald Walsh, are you familiar with it? Ah, it’s so beautiful, I highly recommend it, children ages 5-105, go check that book out. And it basically, just to sum it up, it’s – the sun is the metaphor for God and all the little lights make up the sun and they’re living in blissful, eternal Heaven, Heaven-like circumstances and one day a curious soul – “I’d like to experience something different”. What if this creative little guy came up with “What if there was something to forgive”, and then this interesting dialogue starts to happen between the sun and the little soul and all the other little souls are like “What is he talking about? Forgiveness? What’s that? Here, where it is perfection and there is nothing to forgive!” And then the sun goes on to say “Oh, you always were the adventurous someone, I knew you’d come up with this” and he’s like “I’ve come up with a way and however, it will take another one of your fellow radiant light-being friends to lower and dim their vibration, and dim their life and we’ll put you in a place where they’ll have to forget who and what they are in order to do this thing to you, so that you can have the opportunity to forgive. And this other little soul steps forward and says “I love you so much, I’m willing to come and do this thing to you, but please, in the moment that I do, I’ll have forgotten myself and if you don’t remember me, I may stay lost for a very, very long time. So all I ask, in the moment that I do this awful thing to you, please, just remember me as I am here so that I can find my way back.” And it’s like “Wow”, it gives you chills, it’s so beautiful.

[29:25] Sahara
My whole body chilled, wow, that is so beautiful. Yeah, and we are, the times that we can all think that we have heard others, whether as a kid, bullying or being mean to someone, we forgot ourselves and imagine, if in that moment, that person, though, it was their “responsibility” to turn back and they’re like “I forgive you, you are love”, you would’ve, probably broke down from being seen so clearly and that’s really what all of these acts are a call for – to be seen and to be remembered back as love again.

[29:57] Brandon
Les Miserable has a story similar to this where the guy steals and gets caught, and the priest, I believe, the cops are ready to beat him and they’re like “Oh, you forgot this one” and he lets him off the hook and he completely transforms his life because of this beautiful act that was done when he was a low-life, scoundrel. And it was, I believe it was Wayne Dyer, said, “See the light in others and treat them as that is all you see”. And yes, easier said than done, and I’m not saying we’re not going to ever feel hurt or angry or any of those things, those are emotions that source wants to experience too. As soon as you can come to a place of calm and peace, it doesn’t mean you’re always happy with what happens, but we can find a way to be at peace with what’s happening, by understanding, by interesting, knowing “Okay, I may not fully see all the puzzle pieces, but I trust that it’s happening for me and that there’s a gift here, there’s something I’m supposed to learn here.
So, I think a lot of things play into it. You’ve got the idea of Karma and you’ve got the idea of Dharma, you’ve got past vibrational offerings of what you were feeling and resonating with last week, last month, last year- It’s all playing into this soup of manifestation and experience that may come up. And like the book says “Don’t get too concerned because it’s all just an illusion, it’s all just a game. In the end, you’re safe.” And that’s really challenging for us to wrap our brains around because we’ve got on blinders too. Imagine if you could see everything you’ve done in – I know you and I, we’ve talked about this, you had some glimpses of that sort of stuff (I believe, if I recall), into other lives or whatever. Imagine if the blinders were completely off, then it would be just like “Okay, I’m not taking this brain and character so seriously. I’ve dies a bazillion times”, but for us who don’t really, fully see that, it’s like “This is everything” and if something bad happens, we’re judging it and when we can learn to just move beyond that and work on moving beyond that. It’s a daily conscious effort, it definitely is, but that’s the work.

[32:07] Sahara
And I think we can’t truly be free if we don’t think about death. I mean, I think that that’s what this, as you call in the book ‘The Covid Chrysalis”, but this cocoon we have been in this year has been death on the forefront of our minds and what are willing to do to not die. Are we willing to stop living to not die? It’s such a charged topic and I honor everyone’s perspective with it but how do you think we can become truly free and liberated and create an abundant life given this situation that we are in right now?

[32:38] Brandon
I believe it was Eckhart Tolle who says “The trick is to die before you die and realize there is no death”, because then you’re really free. A lot of people – I love watching stories of near-death experiences and some of the stories and some of them are just so fascinating. And a lot of those people are really empowered. Some of them have real challenges coming back, they’re depressed “I got a glimpse of what it’s like there and I don’t want to be here anymore”. And so, everything has a season, we can see the really apparent seasons in our life and then there’s bigger like the Mayan talked about, these longer cycles, a 13.000-year cycle where things repeat. So, if you can start to understand there’s cycles within cycles, it’s like reality is like these Russian nested dolls, if you pull one out there’s all a fractal, and so, if you can take on the perspective of this is a season where mankind needs to go inward and needs to – there’s a retraction. I believe the Source is – it’s like the breathing in and out of God. They think that the Universe may have begun as infinitesimals spec of incredibly dense matter we can barely perceive that’s exploding outward now. And one day, one of the theories is that it may retract back upon itself – separation – unification – separation – unification. So we’re in a cycle, that’s why I call it the Covid Chrysalis. The caterpillar goes and it destroys everything in its path, I don’t know if you know this story. I know that you’re playing with some butterflies so you know some of this. I was talking to my mom about this right when I was going to write about it in the book and she was like “Oh my gosh, caterpillars, yes, they just ate my geraniums that I’ve had for years” and I’m like “Perfect, that’s what I’m writing about.” This caterpillar, it destroys everything that’s in its path, then all of a sudden these imagine L-cells pop up within the caterpillar and the caterpillar sells looks at it “Hold on, what is this invader?” This is not part of what we are killing and they do. And then another imagine L-cell pops up and then another and they start working together and eventually a shift takes place where the imagine L-cells shift the power, if you will, control of the caterpillar and this is when it goes into becoming into this cocooning chrysalis phase and its actual destruction of that caterpillar that destroyed everything in its path actually turns into a goo that fuels the imagine L-cells to feed on, which then, it emerges as the butterfly. So, for the butterfly to exist and be born, the caterpillar had to do all of these destructive acts and that ended up being the fuel for the butterfly to emerge. And I believe that’s a perfect story of what’s happening with mankind. We’ve been destroying mindlessly, there’s been so much ugliness on the planet and it’s because we’re adolescents, we’re still in our caterpillar phase. And I believe there’s certainly a big awakening happening and a lot of people waking up to the content we’re talking about here with the popularity of your show. And just like spirituality in general, people are starting to have awakenings and I’ve watched it over the last 20 years and this shift now, compared to when I began, is incredible, it’s so many people in my world, whereas before I could read books and talk to people about it and they’d think I was crazy or that’s interesting and go about their normal life. Now everyone’s having these awakenings and I believe it’s because we’re transitioning into the butterfly stage of humanity and a very crucial part of that transition is this Covid Chrysalis; it’s just a great reflection. Just when the caterpillar thinks it’s world is over, it becomes a butterfly and that’s what I believe is going on with all of this madness in the world.

[36:28] Sahara
I love that so much! And yes, I’ve been raising my own caterpillars and seeing how when they’re little caterpillars, they eat everything, they’re just chomp, chomp, chomp, it’s a full-time job and then they just enter into this stillness. And it’s been interesting watching them emerge become some butterflies emerge and it’s like this beautiful expansion, other ones, their legs are caught on the web and it’s having a hard time. And you can see the way they emerge, it’s so different, for some it’s so simple, for others it’s very complicated, one has actually even died from its leg getting entangled, so you can that even though they all came from the same thing, our journeys, our birthing into this world is all so unique but really we’re all going to the same place. And another beautiful thing of the butterfly medicine, it’s so temporary. Butterflies, in the wild, typically live one week; in a home it could be two, maximum 4 weeks, if they’re just living their best lives but they go through this whole process and then they, right before they die, they lay their eggs for the next generation to come. So it’s just to be in the experience and let your wings fly and offer your fullest expression and know that you’re just a part of the cycle; soon there will be some new caterpillars on the block who’ll do the same thing.

[37:48] Brandon
I think that’s a great point. A lot of the times we think our lives or we have so much time. I think the Buddha said “The problem is you think you have time”, and it’s pretty short when you look at the lifecycle of a star, as I used as an example earlier versus you emerged, I emerged, everyone listening emerged from a star that had a much longer lifecycle than our human vessels will. And the good news is, I think there’s plenty of life behind that for us. I think a billion earth years from now, we will be experiencing in another now moment somewhere. So, that to me is really reassuring, it’s like “Yes, make the most of this life because the avatar character, Brandon Beachum, is very rapid, it’s very short (relatively speaking) and so, don’t lose the preciousness of the experience. Your soul is going to experience on and on and on, but this particular character, you’re going to be with Sahara for a relatively short period of time. Don’t miss the beauty because – I think that’s one of the things when we leave, we’re like “Ohh, I wish I’d been more…”. I know for me, my initials are BBB and I think a lot of times it’s encoded in a name (I talk about this in the book too), what’s someone is the message their supposed to get or what they represent energetically, and for me, I am very much like a doer, and I can tin-tell if I’m not careful, do so at the expense of the present, which is the gift, the present. And so, I think that that’s such an important thing for us to get us to be in the moment, as much as you can. That’s where all of our power lies. The past doesn’t exist, you can’t show it to me and you don’t remember it exactly like it was, it has no power here really and the future never comes like we imagine, we’re constantly in a now moment, you know, that is shifting as well.

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[42:17] Sahara
So, for people who are wanting to transform into their butterfly selves, live their abundant lives and let that echo out in their external experience but they’re feeling like there’s so much work to get there, there’s so many steps and things I have to do and I’m so behind and I don’t know where to learn it from. And also, I think a lot of spiritual people, they don’t want to compromise the morning routine or whatever their practices are; they don’t want to do all of this work because they’re like “Well, I can be happy as I am”. And I’m like you, I do a lot, so what is your advice for people who want to live in this abundant life? And can you just share briefly about your own story of abundance and what would you recommend for people now, who want to create that abundance without overworking themselves and giving up on their self-care?

[43:11] Brandon
Yeah, I think that’s a great question. And first off, what is the story that you’re telling? You are the creator and created, rolled into one, so whatever story you’re going to tell about your situation – abracadabra – means ‘I create as I speak’; your words are your wands, you’re spelling, you’re casting a spell and you’re saying “I’m too late. I’ve run out of time”. You’re on divine timing and I believe when we pass and we can see more behind the veil, we can open up everything, you’re going to weep at the beauty of the perfection of everyone getting exactly what they need, when they need it, in divine timing to propel them into the next and greatest version of themselves. And some people are on a faster track than others, and that’s not better or worse, it’s all divine. And so, I think that’s the most important. First thing is knowing that you are right on time; you couldn’t be late if you tried – so, we’re perfectly imperfect – and so, that’s the first thing. And then, i’s why approached my first book “The Unapproachable Key” with – I start of by saying “Hey, you know, the subtitle is Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance, and I start of by saying “Hey, you may think this is going to tell you how to skip the Starbuck’s and save that money or investing in crypto currency or switch to Geiko and save $300 of whatever this”, I’m like “That’s not what this book is about”. This is about – I like getting to the root of things; what’s the foundation? And the foundation of abundance is understanding that abundance is your birth right, the quintessence of your being; the essence of the essence. You built this place, you’re so abundant, everything you see is an extension of you – that’s how abundant you actually are; everywhere you look, that’s actually a part of you. That’s wild to think about when we think of what does abundance mean; look at this abundant planet; look beyond this planet – it’s all an extension of you. What’s happening is, because you’re such a powerful creator, you then tell the story of separation about you and that abundance, and abracadabra, you believe; she believes that she is poor; she has a narrative that says this; she has proof from a past experience – look, look at her bank account, it must be true – ah, as you speak, so it is.
So, the most important thing is, first, and that’s what the idea of the book was, is let’s put on the breaks of what you think abundance is. It’s not just money, that’s just one form of abundance, there’s so many forms of abundance (time, health, relationships, on and on it goes), so let’s put on the breaks of what your story is with abundance, first of all. Now, let’s reprogram, let’s change your base operating system to start seeing through these 8 keys that I’ve laid out and then play with that idea. Really, the reason I started the Positive Head Podcast and done so many episodes (just over 5 years now) is because I always say we teach best what we most need to learn, and so it’s like “Okay, I need to rewire my brain to even more live in this vibration”, i’s why I love having this conversation with you right now – we’re in a vibrational pond of magic and possibility and empowerment and we’re literally bathing in that (energetically) in that, which is like into itself a drawing, and so I’m calling in more of it by being in it to see it. So, that’s really the most important thing. It’s rewiring your narrative about the nature of the situation in which you find yourself. What is the ultimate nature of reality? How do I fit into that? And that’s really what I aim to do with “The Golden Key” – let’s give you something to, not only lay that foundation – Okay, now let’s play with these ideas with some exercises to go – Dr. Joe Dispenso talks a lot about this sort of thing and how we are literally, we can see when we look at the signs of it – when you change your thoughts, it actually changes new neural connections in the brain and so what happens with your old patters of living. Think of a trail through a forest, if you take that trail a bunch of times, it’s really warm and open, and it’s a clear trail, but if you start changing your perspectives on some of these things, all of a sudden that trail starts to grow over that old trail that was leading you to a place that you really don’t want to experience life from; and new trail possibility open up for you. And we can see this, we can actually see this when you start retraining your perspectives. And that’s what I believe is the most foundational thing, is that. And then, things come as a result. For me, for example, I started to grasp these concepts, 25 years I’ve been on my journey, and let’s say 10 years ago (2010). I was on my friend’s couch, no money, had just been through a hard entrepreneurial venture that kind of fell flat – Okay, I’m not going to choose to say I’m 30-some years old and therefore I am a loser because I’m on my friend’s couch – no! This is an experience that it was teaching me something. You either win or you learn. So, Chinese proverb “Fall down seven times, get up eight”, that’s being optimistic about always giving me something I need. Okay, so, I’m infinite abundant, I’m going to call in more abundance. My physical circumstances could tell me otherwise but I’m not going to let that dictate who and what I know to be in my heart and soul and core. And as a result, what happened then, was for me, because I was holding such a strong vibrational anchor to that perspective – “Oh, hey Brandon, see a friend you haven’t seen in 10 years, oh, they tell you about a business thing they’re doing in Virginia, oh hold on, I could explore that here in California since I’m flat broke at this moment; oh, I learned about it there and I can see a huge hole in this business model – what if I take that hole and I do my own thing?” Oh, next thing I know, an 800-fastest growing company in the US. 100+ employees. Doing 10 million+ year in revenue, which is 1 in 10.00 entrepreneurs ever achieve, and it’s not because I’m better, special, smarter, I just remembered who I was and said okay, and it was in the travel industry. I had no interest in the travel industry per say, but the Universe was answering my vibration that hey, even though I’m on my friend’s couch in this moment, I deserve, I am one with the abundance, this monetary, it’s not ‘if’ but ‘when’. And so, I held the vibration and the circumstances appeared to show me a path – I would have never picked that path for myself (consciously). And so, I think that is the most important perspective I can share in abundance. First let’s get to the core of your operating system, we need to rewire how you’re viewing your life in the nature of your situation in which you find yourself, and then the results will speak for themselves, opportunities will unfurl. And I’m sure understanding the dharmic path the way you do, you understand how powerful it is to start navigating from this vantage point instead of, like a lot of things, do this external thing out there in order to get more abundance. There is no ‘out there’ out there; ‘out there’ is showing up a reflection of your internal state, it all starts from within.

[50:28] Sahara
So that is such an incredible story because I feel like we hear people who, or have been in those moments, that you’re on the couch and whatever, but then most of the time it’s just – I mean, we’ve all seen people in the festival space etc. who are like on the couch “I’m abundant, I’m abundant” but nothing is changing in their life. So what do you think, for you, actually created this incredible shift from looking at it in this highly spiritual lens but it very much manifesting in your reality?

[50:59] Brandon
Great question! Such good questions! So, for one, you can see I naturally get very excitable, right? So that is, my vibration gets elevated when I start tapping into – that’s a remembrance about my authentic power. And so, what’s happening, I could say “I’m abundant, I’m really abundant, yeah, I read a book and it told me that I’m abundant and so I’m abundant”, but if I’m not feeling it, I’m not really resonating with it, I’m not really tapping into that vibrational pool, words are just, you’re just not really meaning them, right?
So, I think getting excited, finding a way to get excited about your situation. And that, thankfully for me, has been somewhat natural and how, I think, I came into this world. So I found it, maybe, easier than some, who maybe struggle with depression or whatever (I didn’t have a lot of them), but I think that was a real difference is – I’m not just saying it, it’s like Law of Attraction, a lot of people think if I just sit here and focus long enough, it’s going to appear – the key word “Action” in the Law of Attraction – really start to pay attention to the subtle energies and the cues. I am always reading what is being reflected to me, it’s like “Hmm, if I’m excited about something, maybe that’s because there’s something for me there”. And sometimes I go down that path and it’s like “Okay, I’ve hit somewhat of a dead end, but then it leads to somewhere else and then – so, you’re never judging. I think people get discouraged and then they start saying “Oh, yeah, I’ve been excited before and I failed 7 times, so of course I’m going to fail 8”.
It’s like, Walt Disney, he went bankrupt, I forget how many times, this is a guy (the 5th time or whatever), would you have believed he was going to end up doing what he ended up doing? No, he just kept believing, he kept that child-like wonder, my favorite, there’s very few Bible verses that I quote but one of them “Unless you become like a child, you can’t enter the Kingdom of Heaven” and I believe that is crucial, your child-like self who could hop in a cardboard box and imagine it’s a spaceship, and really playing and being playful because if you’re in a vibration of “It’s all dull, it’s all unexciting, I really don’t believe in my potential”, you can’t really – the fuel isn’t there.

[53:17] Sahara
I always say excitement are breadcrumbs guiding you to your Dharma because it’s that little treat on a stick that keeps guiding you on the next thing and the next thing. And yeah, sometimes you explore that avenue and the map redirects you another direction but if you don’t follow that fuel, that amplification, you’ll never know what’s there. So, I see your experience as that, as the excitement guiding you, but also from a larger level, you’re here to show people that that is possible. You are here to be a living story that “Here’s what I lived through and I literally became a magician of my own life” that you’re in this incredible conscious home that, which I’d love for you to tell listeners about, and all the things that you’re doing there, but it’s just currently rare to see, but I believe that it soon won’t be. I think that we’re going to hear all these people who will, from this Covid experience, we’ll see that “I too, reframed my beliefs and chose to see the world from an abundant lens and let that surpass my intellectualism and move towards a place of embodiment, and I listened and reacted”. It could’ve been one thing of “I could be abundant but I’m only going to do it if it shows as a screenplay at the couch”, that could’ve been the thing that’s more, potentially more exciting for you on a larger dharmic path, but you were open to “Okay, well this is showing up for me. This person is guiding me to this place and this place, and you’re kind of this pond, but you’re continually saying yes and yes, and then from going through that journey now, with all of these experiences, are able to create from such a grand level that I think sometimes people skip through that part that the Dharma is showing up right in front of them but they’re like “No, no, it’s supposed to look this because that’s what’s on my vision board”. But maybe redirection is actually going to give you the embodiment to hold energy for the greater vision.

[55:13] Brandon
Yes, absolutely. I like to say life is what happens when your plans don’t work out. And you can have expectations about what you like to create but with a healthy sense of detachment of this or something better. And I think that is such an important – we think it’s a straight line from A to B, really, it’s like, really it’s zigzag – leading us to where we’re supposed to go. And also, one of the things I want to add is, everyone out there listening, there is something for you, and I think you’ll agree with this Sahara, that no one in the history of existence is better suited for than you; your Dharma – what you are seeking is seeking you, you just need to get out of the of way of it. You are as worthy to have great life, a rewarding life as every person who ever has, and the story that you tell around it is what’s been holding you back. That you’re playing in a low vibrational pond and therefore you’re not seeing these high vibrational experiences. And the good news is, it’s an inside job, so you can listen to this Podcast more, there’s so many things that you could do to see the way we feed our bodies to feed our mind and soul and really help to create this neuro path; new neuro pathways that you’re like “I don’t know what’s next for me, but I trust the mystery, I believe in the process and that it’s all happening in me not to me and whatever comes – a master is someone who embraces whatever shows up because they know exactly what they need to get to the next level of where they’re meant to go next”. And when you start viewing your life through that lens, you start stepping into becoming, what I believe, is the next great art form on our planet – the art of manifestation. You start becoming a heartist that is manifesting things because you’re being it to see it. Most people are doing something like work in order to have something like money in order to be something like happy – you’re being happy and grateful for what you already have and then as a result you’re seeing, doing and having things that are a reflection of that vibration.

[57:15] Sahara
Totally! And then the details don’t matter. It’s like sink into to what it is that you really want to feel and then let the Universe show you how you can best feel that way. Maybe you’re like “I want to feel abundant” but your imagery of it is a penthouse in New York City, but the Universe is showing you a farm in Vermont, and all roads are leading you to the farm in Vermont but you’re like “But that’s not what abundance looks like in my idea of it”, but then you actually surrender to that experience and say yes and you’re like “Ahh, this is actually the abundance that I was really seeking!”
So, I mean, much to say, I could talk to you about this forever and on that thing of ‘the dreams are in you for a reason’, I always say your dreams are dreaming you back, the very reason why they are a dream within you is because, and encoded within them, is a piece of your soul; it’s not an accident; it’s not random. I don’t have dreams about the same thing you have dreams about, which aren’t the same things Lisa listening or Emily or whoever; I don’t dream about new architecture, but probably an architect is or someone who has that propensity. So, listen to those dreams, and it doesn’t exactly mean it’s going to look that way, but maybe it’s you come alive being on stage or you really love to connect people one-on-one with their hearts, look into the frequency of what that dream is holding for you and know that it is in you for a reason.

[58:36] Brandon
Beautifully said! That makes me feel of Matt Khan, he said “Bleed on stage”. I understood what he said to me and I love that. If it scares you and excites you, it’s probably for you. And be willing to step and put yourself outside of your comfort zone and just trust “Hey, I failed”. The greatest fail is not trying and resigning to mediocrity when abundance is your birth right.

[59:06] Sahara
Yeah, it’s actually the only true way that you can fail, is to just not try, and that’s just the only guarantee, so I love that so much.
So, can you share with us your new book and this gameification process that you’ve tied onto it, which is super unique?

[59:20] Brandon
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, I always, I pride myself on wanting to do things differently and sometimes that works out great and other times not as well, but nonetheless, in this case I couldn’t be more excited about “The Golden Key”. And this is a great example, by the way, of the book came to me – once you start getting into this magical, open, high vibrational state, so much synchronicity and serendipity starts to unfold. And for me it was – I had been doing the Positive Head Podcast for just over 5 years and had you on a while back back, well a couple times now, and then I wanted to, basically evolve that into a new late night style consciousness centered talk show Optimistic (which you were on). So, I started to release the episodes right when Covid hit and it was like the world was turning upside down; there had been some challenges with timelines and production and all those things and so I started to limp into releasing in the middle of this pandemic the world had never seen. And then we found out we were going to be on the Amazon, so we paused it, we paused releasing and just put everything on hold, and then for months and months and months that got strung along and then all of a sudden Amazon was like “Oh, never mind, we’re not releasing this”, and “Okay, why is this happening for me?” So, this could have been a great story of “Oh gosh, I put all this energy and kind of started releasing and then paused it and just kind of messy”, not what I envisioned. But out of that is how the book was born because then I thought “Oh, okay, on the up side, what is the silver lining of not being on the Amazon? Well, I can work in some sort of promotion of my own thing again”, on Amazon you can’t have a commercial really, but before I was promoting retreats that are part of the Optimistic Show, retreat guest that would spend a week here in the Mystic Manor that you referenced, leading up to last night, they were here recording…So, I’m like “Okay, well, it’s Covid, I can’t really do retreats right now, so what could I do? Universe, what’s next?” I’d always known I’d write a book but I never wanted to force it until it felt right. And then I had a dream and details of the Gameification Process and went to my friend Vajra that I mentioned earlier and said “Hey, would you do the cover art? I don’t know if there’s enough time because I know your artistic process takes a long time”, he goes “Well, guess what, I dreamed that I was at the Mystic Manor 2 months ago and I was hunting for the key and I was so inspired by the dream that I already started working on it. Here’s the Golden Key cover that I started working on 2 months ago”, you know, from his own dream (and this is the same guy who had the bear thing happen). So it’s just like, this is the type of magic that happens. So, okay, from one perspective “Aghh”, all this effort for filming the show, you were here, you saw how much goes into it, editing and going to release it and Covid hits and then Amazon doesn’t really pan out the way it was supposed to, and out of the ashes of that came “The Golden Key: Modern Alchemy to Unlocking Infinite Abundance” and the whole Gameification aspect is, essentially, Maharishi talked about if we can get 1% (the inventor of the transcendental meditation) 1% of the population to shift its consciousness, it will affect the whole; or Malcolm Gladwell (in the book “The Tipping Point”) talked about if we can get 10% to adopt something, wholeheartedly it spreads like wildfire, you can’t stop it. So, I believe this information we’re talking about here on the show, people understanding the whole nature of reality and who and what they are, is everything, it’s the quickest way to save our planet because once you stark knowing all is one (act accordingly), that’s the rule, whatever I do to you, I’m doing to an extension of self, which is why I will inevitably feel the energetic repercussions of my actions. What other law or rule or guidance do we need, right?
So, that’s why I decided I want to gift the book and I want to give people the opportunity to gift the book. So everyone who aligns with it or feels like this message is a one I stand for and I would like more people to know – great, you’re going to get a code where you can go and instead of the person buying the book go and use your code and they get it for free (they download the audio or e-book), if you get the physical book, you pay for it in that case. And then, at the end of the book – now everyone reading it has received it for free, and at the end of the book I invite everyone “Look, words are one thing, talk is one thing, let’s put it action (as I talked about earlier)”. So I have some exercises I put together, what I call the Game with the Youniverse or The Golden Game, and let’s actually do some exercises together over 88 days (8 being the number of abundance in Chinese, the old, ancient and modern day, they look at 8 as this abundance and wealth – 8 generating an abundant number). So, there happen to be 8 keys, just coincidentally, so I used 8 for almost everything. And then over 88 days we do these simple, yet powerful, exercises together and that entails people actually, coming after reading the book and paying for, putting money into the game based off what they feel like the book was worth to them. You can out $1, you can out $1000, there’s no requirement. Then, what we’re doing is, I’m going to – not only have I taught about abundance, now I’m going to share that, I wasn’t to practice what I preach by 50% of everything that I spin on the site, I’m just sharing with all the people who shared it with others.
So, there’s an actual golden key necklace that is the same golden key that is on the front of the book, we had make into an 18 carat golden-plated necklace; you can get the cover art of the book; several other things, monthly Zoom; key conversation to continue to talk about the Golden Key. So, anything that’s generated financially, it’s just shared with everyone, split with everyone. So, it’s a way to practice what I preach and I call it the good kind of selfish. I know if I give more way, the more comes back to me, especially when it’s aligned with something that’s a powerful, positive intention like this. So, that’s what we’re doing, yeah, it’s super exciting and fun. And then we’re going to see all the cool results that people get as well; hear the stories “Oh my gosh, I started doing the exercises and I manifested this!” And some people – different intentions of the type of abundance they want to call in – that’s part of exercise as well – setting, writing down what it is you want to manifest and taking action; ritual – to get into the vibrational pool of attracting what we wish.

[1:05:46] Sahara
I love that so much and such a unique way of bringing your book out. And thank you for playing big and for really leading with your visionary archetype of just seeing a new future.
I have these Nine Dharma Archetypes and you’re just the Visionary one of “Here’s the future of books and the future of this!” I love it because it then gives people permission too, to either use a similar model or just create their own and I just think that so many people out there have such important messages to share and they wait because they think they need to be chosen by an agent and by a publisher and by a market plan and all of this, and you can just choose yourself. So thank you for just stepping into it, putting yourself out there with this book. Choose yourself and making these Keys so accessible for everyone! So, we will have the link for it in the show notes. It has just come out when you’re listening to the Podcast, so post it out on your Instagrams, share it and be sure to check out Brandon’s Podcast as well – The Positive Head Podcast. I have been on and it is just such a good one. You have so many episodes always happening so it’s just a really great one to always just feel like you’re in the vortex, feel like you’re in the loop, always get that good ju-ju coming your way. And thank you again for being on today.
So how can people get the book right now?

[1:07:02] Brandon
So, all they need to do is go over to goldenkey.gift and in this case you’re gifting the book to them. That’s part of it is, I want to empower everyone not only to gift but to receive. So, you’re gifting it to them with your code ‘Sahara’ and they’ll be able to download the audio or e-book for free and then be invited to play the game, the manifestation game at the end, the Golden Game (totally optional to do) and yeah, it’d be great to see. Hopefully a lot of your listeners will check it out and then we’ll hear some really exciting stories of the abundance that they’ve created from playing the game as well.

[1:07:42] Sahara
I love that! It’s like spiritual Willy Wonka (Who will have the Golden Key?)

[1:07:48] Brandon
It’s funny because I always ask the question on my show – you’re in an elevator, the woman next to you says “What’s your passion”, what do you say? And then when someone gives me a long answer I’m always like “That was the Willy Wonka answer”, or you’re like way past 10 floors, end of this stratosphere where the elevator shoots in outer space.

[1:08:08] Sahara
I love it! He’s in your frequency, that’s how you’re channeling him back to you. So, people can find that link in the show notes, they can use the code ‘SAHARA’ (all capital letters) to get your book today.
So, thank you again for being on today Brandon, we so appreciated all your wisdom.

[1:08:23] Brandon
Aww thank you so much, this was such a wonderful experience, and just so grateful for everything that you do in the world, you’re such a beautiful reflection, so thank you for being you.

[1:08:25] Sahara
Thank you!

[1:08:26] End of Interview

[1:08:37] Sahara
I love conversations like that because I feel like we get so stuck into just talking about the 3D world around us, what’s happening next, what’s happening in the news, what’s happening in politics; and sometimes we need to just zoom out and see things from that birds-eye perspective and see how we are, in some ways, calling in all of our experiences and when we can understand what is this teaching me, we can actually graduate past that and move onto higher experiences filled with joy, unity, love and all the things that we really are. You know, at the end of the day we all want the same things. And we may go about different ways of getting it based off of our own understanding and experiences but when we can truly, always respond as love – I’m always asking myself “What would love do right now”, and even if I’m faced with someone who’s mean to me or creating problems or whatever else, I just keep asking myself “What would love do right now” and me responding as love; first of all, it often shifts them because they are being met by love, and two, it’s no longer creating that energetic cord, it’s not bringing me down into the dirt, playing that dance. It is bringing me to this higher perspective that it’s not bothering me anymore.
So, this is possible for every single person, it’s really just mindset shift and I’m really excited that more information like this, books like this are getting out so we can assist with the shift that we are in right now and emerge as our fullest butterfly expressions.
So, thank you Brandon for being on the Podcast, you can find the link to his book in the show notes.

[1:10:13] Sahara
And if you are wanting to dive deeper into discovering your Dharma, your soul’s purpose, the big reason why you are here, then come and join me in the 21-Day Dharma Discovery Journey. Over 21 days with just 10 minutes a day we’re going to be diving into practices, tools, exercises and prompts to help you remember your soul’s purpose and have an action plan so you could actually take aligned action on making this your reality. You can find that link in the show notes as well and I’m super excited to have you inside.

If you loved this Episode, I would love to send you a free gift which is the first half of my unreleased book “Eat Right for Your Mind-Body Type“. This is a different book than “Eat Feel Fresh“. My first book ever which is not released anywhere, and I am gifting it exclusively to those who leave a review of my Podcast in the iTunes store. So all you’ve got to do is head over to iTunes where you’re maybe listening to this podcast and leave a review, take a screenshot that you’ve left it and email it over to me at [email protected] and I will send you back the first half of my unreleased book “Eat Right for Your Mind-Body Type“, which goes all into Ayurveda, Doshas, Plant-Based Nutrition, Body Types – all of the things in a really fun and engaging way. So this is my gift to you for free for supporting the Podcast. Every single review I personally read. It really helps the Podcast be listened to by more people so we can raise the vibration of the planet together, and I am soul grateful to have you on this journey.

Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you on the next Episode. Namaste.


Episode 354: Quantum Physics, Universal Laws + Spiritual Truths with Brandon Beachum
By Sahara Rose

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