Highest Self Podcast 353: Embodiment + Rewilding As the Sun-Being with Sahara Rose


I wanted to touch base on where I’m at energetically now with my book Discover Your Dharma being out in the world for the past month and finally at this place where I’ve manifested all of my desires. I share the two intentions I have at this time: embodiment and rewilding, and why I believe these are such important and lifelong practices. In-joy!

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Episode 353 – Embodiment + Rewilding As the Sun-Being
By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

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And before we get started, I have an announcement for you.

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I was where you might be right now, confused and overwhelmed about my own Dharma, questioning if I even had one, if my dreams were just wishful thinking or if my obstacles had happened to be for a reason because it was my opportunity to share them. And through my journey of deconditioning and unraveling and getting true with myself for many, many years I finally got the courage to write my first book, second book, third book, my newest book “Discover Your Dharma” and help thousands of others discover their Dharma too.
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[02:18] Sahara
I am speaking to you right now as I watch the sunset and just this deep feeling of gratitude and grounding and peace that has swept over me. And I wanted just to record a Podcast on energetically where I’m at, at this time and space with my book now being out for a month; with just so many of the things that I once dreamt of and hoped for and worked for and strived for and prayed for, being in my manifested reality right now; and everything to come.

[03:02] Sahara
So, I feel like the past 10 years or so, for me, has really been about trying to get to my Dharma; figuring out what it was; how can I, first understand who I am; how can I get to know myself; how can I figure out what it is that I’m meant to do; and then finally going through my health issues and my body shutting down and going into paramenopause when I was 21, and going on a journey of self-healing and needing to put away my dreams and desires of doing things out into the world because my physical body needed care and attention. And from there, of diving so deep into my own physical healing and bringing my body back into balance through Ayurveda and naturally wanting to share that with others through my blog and eventually getting the download to write a book on it. And in the next couple years after that, figuring out how to write a book on it; dealing with my family not being in alignment with my path, also not knowing how I would ever have a career doing this; if it’s possible; if I’m crazy; and all of the unraveling and deconditioning that came with that journey which I speak about in depth in my new book “Discover Your Dharma”. And from there, writing my first book “Idiots Guide to Ayurveda” and walking up to Deepak Chopra at a conference and him writing the Forward of the book; and then writing my next book “Eat Feel Fresh” and creating a Yogic Path Deck and Journal and now, finally, this book “Discover Your Dharma”. This decade has really been one thing after the next and there has always been this goal that I have been searching for and craving for and striving for, whether it was my career and then learning about abundance and friendships, relationships, home, team, that for the first time in my life, I feel like I’m finally there.

[05:03] Sahara
And I wanted to share this with you because I feel like we never get to hear about that other side. I feel like we’re always hearing about “Here’s this next thing to work on and move towards and the steps to get there” and it’s really important to always be moving towards something, however, when do we just realize that we’re there; when is it just enough; when do we shift our focus from striving to embodying?
And I feel like the past few months, but especially the past one month that “Discover Your Dharma” has been out into this world, has felt like this big weight off my shoulders. I feel like, at least in my lifetime, it’s like “Learn a lesson (myself), overcome it and then transmute it through sharing it”, whether that’s through Ayurveda, physical healing, spirituality, my Dharma, and I feel like this soul contract that I had before incarnating, of bringing this wisdom out into the world and helping people discover their Dharmas, too – the torch has been passed and I am now creating more systems for other people to actually be training and teaching this work as well; that for the first time I have no goal. My goal is to just embody, to be in the body, to physically be here.

[06:32] Sahara
So, one of the main things I guess I’m evolving into right now is to spend more time in the body and less time in the mind. I am someone who can get very deep into information. I am definitely an intellectual, I love to read, I love to learn and especially in 2020, spent a lot of time trying to understand and figure out what was happening that I realized that’s never going to lead to fulfillment. We’re never going to think our way into enlightenment but we can feel our way there. And enlightenment is not somewhere out there or up there but really it’s a state within us. It’s a frequency that anyone of us can tap into to fully be embodied in your truth at this moment.
So, I have felt this, just deep sense of grounding, this restorative energy moving through me that is no longer seeking anything but, rather, how can I understand more or what is inside of me.


[07:34] Sahara
So, I have been dancing more than ever, but my dance practice has really been to listen to my body and how my body wants to move. So maybe I’ll start with undulating my back and I’ll let that move my shoulders and my hips and I let my body be this serpentine-like figurine that’s just moving and letting the energy flow through it without me dictating how it’s meant to move. And I feel like this practice of just listening, listening to the natural ebbs and flows of the body has brought me such a deeper sense of interconnectivity than I’ve ever felt before. I have also been belly dancing so much more. Belly dancing is a practice that I have been doing since I was 15, growing up with Persian parents and then performing at my sweet 16th birthday, and I’ve been belly dancing since but I never really committed to it, especially as a spiritual practice, I definitely could feel that there were spiritual elements to it but this year, especially, has been really honoring that that is how I most deeply connect to spirit – through moving my hips, through undulating, connecting to my root chakra, letting my belly be loose and not holding everything in. And energetically it’s, our bodies reflect our minds and our minds reflect our body, so when we’re constantly telling our bodies what to do, how to show up, be in this pose but don’t stick your stomach out and hold this tighter – how are minds going to show up? We’re going to be like “Hey mind, think this but don’t do that”, it’s like the Olympics in the mind.
And so many of us are speaking to ourselves in this very rigid way, that allowing more flow and acceptance and ease and surrender and interconnectivity in the body will translate to these expressions in the mind.

[09:32] Sahara
So, I have been belly dancing every single day, letting my hips open, creating more space in these different parts of my body where there was once rigidity. And the more space I open up in my rib cage and my pelvic floor and my shoulders, the more the tension in those areas naturally dissipates, holding the weight of the world on my shoulders, feeling like I have to do everything alone, feeling like I’m not supported. So, we could actually shift this frequency without even having to think about it by being it in the body.

[10:11] Sahara
So, I have been so passionate about this, I actually created the Healing and Embodiment Through Dance Course all about this that really guides you. It’s a 3.5h long course that guides you to connecting to the natural energies of your body, how your body wants to move and express, and noticing what that says about what’s going on deeper within as we are these psycho-somatic beings. So, if your body is wanting to move in circular motions, what does that say? If it’s wanting to move in a more rigid way or shaking or primal way, what does that say about how your energy is moving within you? So if you are wanting to dive deeper into that course, head over to rosegoldgoddesses.com/dance and that link is in the show notes.

[10:59] Sahara
The other concept I have been really passionate about is Rewilding. And I’ll definitely be doing more podcasts specifically on this, but Rewilding is the concept of reconnecting to our wild nature. We were not meant to live in these boxes, being between our homes and our cars and our jobs, and we are so far away from the way that our beings were naturally designed to thrive, connected to the elements, connected to the patterns, the seasons, the elements, the animals, we aren’t separate from nature. And I think that this past year we had to get to this extreme of being so fearful of the outside that we’ve realized that we are nature in human form and that our bodies know exactly how to heal and how to thrive, if we allow them to. But we’ve stripped them from their natural habitat, it’s like taking a lion and putting it in the zoo and wondering why it’s not thriving. Well, the lion was not meant to live in the zoo.
And I believe that so many of us are moving right now so we can remember our wild ways so we can set that light grid in so many places and reconnect back to the Earth.

[12:22] Sahara
So, I was in Costa Rica not so long ago and I was sitting by this pristine waterfall with just this pure, pure, pure water coming straight from Earth, like water that has never been touched by any human, blasting from Earth in abundant amounts. And it really inspired me so much to just embody that waterfall. The waterfall, it never runs out of creativity, never runs out of ideas, it never runs out of things to move into, it’s always flowing, it’s always fluid because it’s connected to Source. So, we are that waterfall and as long as we’re connected to our root, our core, our center, we will always have creativity, and imagination, and thoughts, and music, and art and words streaming through us, because it is not from us, the waterfall did not create this water but the waterfall is a channel, a vessel for this water, and this water is your Dharma. It’s your creativity, it is your highest self-nature.

[13:33] Sahara
So, as I shared in my ‘30 Lessons in 30 Years’ Episode, this year for me is the year of the rainbow waterfall and embodying that in every way and realizing that my energy is not finite. I think sometimes we get to spirituality and make ourselves so fragile like “Okay, I can only work this much and that’s it, I’m going to get burnt out!” No, when you’re tapped into your Dharma, that shit is endless. It is streaming through you, you could create more in one hour than most people can in a year because it’s coming straight from Source. And letting it be fluid, letting it be easy, letting it move through you, letting it be an orgasm. You’re orgasming your Dharma, there’s no force there, it’s coming through the highest joy, the primal essence of who you are.

[14:22] Sahara
So, I believe Rewilding is a concept that so many of us are going to be stepping further into as we have been so stripped away from out natural habitats. We don’t know how to survive, we don’t know how to listen to the trees or connect to the animals or read the stars and tune into what’s happening from a greater perspective because we have been essentially turned into zoo animals that don’t remember what their natural habitat was once like.

[14:53] Sahara
So, I invite you to rewild yourself, to, if you can, spend a weekend out camping somewhere near you or take a drive down through a nature preserve or just go outside and sit in the grass or maybe in the snow. I’ve seen people taking ice cold plunges in freezing cold lakes, but reconnecting to the ways that the elements can support us.
I believe that when we can tune into the Earth’s energy, our full power and our full ability comes online and when we are stripped from that we are only operating as a fraction of who we truly are, so, rewild yourself, trust that your body knows what to do.
We know how to survive in the jungle, we have been doing this for thousands of years, it’s only recently that we have forgotten but the codes still live inside our cells.

[15:50] Sahara
I really believe that after this quarantine we’re going to have such a deeper respect for Mother Nature than we ever have before and we’re going to see how important it is for us to be directly communing to her.
You know, when we’re in nature, the problems of the world feel really insignificant. We remember that we are just a tide on this massive ocean and that life comes and goes and it’s just this beautiful gift and opportunity we have. Every sunset, no two are ever going to be the same and no two seconds of that sunset are ever the same, and you too, are just a fleeting expression of nature, at this very moment, here to express yourself in your fullness and to allow yourself to continue to evolve into what is meant to come next.

[16:39] Sahara
So when we connect back to our wild nature, our pure essence, who we are outside of all the limiting beliefs and conditioning and stories, we remember our enormity, we remember our truth and we remember that who we really are is love.

[17:00] Sahara
My grandfather passed away one week ago and some of his last words were “Stop waiting to live life, this is it, there is nothing else out there to be waiting for, it’s here, right now”. And I think it’s just such a reminder for us that we’re often striving for the next thing “Oh, once I make this much money then I’ll be happy”, “Once I hit this goal, this accolade, this achievement, this position, then I’ll be happy, then I’ll be able to live my most expansive true free life” but it’s right now, this is it.
So taking each moment as that gift and that opportunity to express your fullness and embody and who you be at this time without feeling like you are broken or fragmented or this thing to be fixed, but rather you’re a soul to know. And the more you know yourself, the more your Dharma reveals and it never has to come from any sense of force. It never even needs to come out of motivation, it simply is a natural result of you being who you are. And this is each of our birth rights!

[18:17] Sahara
So, this is my invitation to each of you to give yourself that permission to be you right now. Maybe instead of spending your time trying to figure out things more and read more and get better – listen to music, soften, dance, sit outside in nature, sing and realize that the answers that you have been seeking for have already been inside of you all along.

[18:51] Sahara
So, sending this message from my heart to yours. This year for me is going to be anchoring into a deeper state of joy and really, really honoring my Dharma as being a Joy Priestess. I am here to embody the Sun. I am a Sun-Being. I am here to express my radiance with the world. I am here to bring light to the shadows and help people see that this lifetime does not have to be about suffering but rather can be about freedom, fun and fulfillment.
So, anchoring into that Dharma more and more, laughing harder, playing more, loving more freely and empowering other leaders to be taking that torch and helping others find their Dharmas as well.


[19:43] Sahara
I have something really, really special that I am working on, which, wow, it feels like such a divine blessing and I can’t wait to share it with you but it will be an opportunity for you to actually be a Coach in this work. So, stay tuned for that!

[19:58] Sahara
So, honoring you in my heart, honoring you in your fullness, honoring you in each ray of the beautiful sunset and sunrise that you are and allowing us to embody into the full array of the Sun-Being that lives inside of us so we can radiate our light with the planet at this time.

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Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you on the next Episode. Namaste.

Episode 353 – Embodiment + Rewilding As the Sun-Being
By Sahara Rose

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