Highest Self Podcast 352: Manifest Your Abundant Reality with Kathrin Zenkina


Super excited to be jamming out on the podcast today with the Manifestation Babe to dive into her story from immigrant background to spiritual multimillionaire. In this, we discuss our similar journeys of overcoming our familial and parental conditioning and how the Law of Attraction shifted her life. We also discuss the common pitfalls people make when adapting the Law of Attraction and why action is essential. We also speak about many misconceptions people have about manifestation and why it’s much more multilayered then we are made to believe. Kick back and enjoy this episode!

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Episode 352: Manifest Your Abundant Reality with Kathrin Zenkina
By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

I am super excited to share with you today’s Episode because I have been wanting to chat more with this Queen, Manifestation Babe, for a very long time and we finally got to do it on this Podcast.

So, if you have not heard of Manifestation Babe yet, she is known, especially on Instagram, for really talking about Manifestation in a very authentic and honest way. She shares more about her story of growing up as a Russian immigrant; who left Russia and struggled financially to then discovering Law of Attraction and using it to change her life. And in this Episode we really go deep into her story and I ask a lot of questions I know community members of mine have had about Manifestation and really get to go down to the nitty-gritty because so many people, they assume Manifestation is just “Think positive thoughts” or “Say some affirmations” and everything in your life is just going to change from doing that and it’s really so much more. It’s shifting your subconscious beliefs, looking at the way that your body is holding onto energy, looking at your ancestral lineage and the stories that you’re holding onto and so much more, and it’s also taking action on that thing. We have to also take into account that we need to take action, it’s the Law of Attraction, has the word ‘action’ in it; so we really get to speak about all of that and how this work truly can be very magical at the same time.

So, for me, manifestation is a word that can really be misused and it’s a word that I feel like we sometimes throw around to negate the responsibility that we have to create our own realities. And what I love about this conversation is it’s about creating reality and it’s about how much your life can shift through, first of all, opening up the scope of your mind to things that you may not have been aware of before and following through that. I think sometimes we have that awareness that something needs to shift. I just spoke about this in my Episode on the Five Stages of Dharma Discovery, but that first stage is self-awareness, something needs to shift, I see the trajectory my life is going on. But so many people, they see it and they still don’t make a shift, they still remain exactly where they are and they expect, I don’t know, life to just change things for them instead of them taking action.
And I feel like right now, in times like this, where there still does feel so much unknown and it can still feel like we’re waiting for something to happen but we are only going to change our realities if we make it a priority. Show me how you spend your time and your resources and your energy, and I’ll tell you what you value. So, how are we doing this? Are we saying we want to be abundant but our actions and our energy and our resources and our commitments are not going towards that? Do we say we want to live our Dharmas but we’re not taking any action on it?
So, it’s really important for us to realize how much our lives can change but it’s our responsibility to do so, and that’s not a bad thing. I think the word ‘responsibility’ could feel really heavy but responsibility also means opportunity. It’s your opportunity to shift, it’s your opportunity to create a higher reality and a higher vision.

So, in this Episode I loved hearing Kathrin’s story and she is someone that really embodies that energy and has really – we share so many similarities of both living with our grandmas and coming from these immigrant backgrounds. And I feel like she is an expander for so many people because she is really honest about the journey along the way and she deep dives more into it in this Episode.

So, without further ado, let’s welcome Kathrin to The Highest Self Podcast.

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And before we get started, I have an announcement for you.

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[07:08] Interview

[07:08] Sahara
Yay! Well welcome Kathrin to The Highest Self Podcast, it’s so great to have you here.

[07:12] Kathrin
Oh my God Sahara, I’m so excited to be here! As I was saying on my podcast, you were on, we were supposed to do this two years ago and every single year something would keep coming up, so I am so freaking stoked that the day is finally here.

[07:27] Sahara
Yes! And the first question I’d love to ask you is what makes you your highest self?

[07:32] Kathrin
That is such a great question! I would say that the thing that’s coming through me right now is being at service to other people, really just helping other people in any form, shape that I can possibly think of, just knowing that this life is so much bigger than just me and I’m really here to raise the vibration of the planet in any way that I can do that and make the world a better place – that’s me being in my highest self.

[07:57] Sahara
I love that so much! And for those of you who don’t follow her at Manifestation Babe, a lot of people may look at the life you’re experiencing now and like “Wait, did she just grow up with tons of money? How is that happening?” You’re traveling to Fiji, on first class and on all these flights and really showing up in this grand way and bringing your family along with you and then diving deeper and learning more about your story to get here. So, can you share a little bit more about that?

[08:24] Kathrin
It’s so funny that you mention that because I just recently took my mom to the Maldives, and I’ll get into this, but to cut the story short, my mom always wanted me to become a doctor. So my favorite thing in the world right now is when I take her traveling, I’m always like “Hey mom, if I became a doctor, I could not this on that salary”, or like “Hey mom, did you know that right now this time, right now, I would just be graduating medical school and she would be like “Shut up Kathrin!” So, I love doing that, I love to just make fun of my mom sometimes, but it’s funny because I would post snippets of my trip and the number one comment that I got traveling this past November is “Oh, you have a sugar daddy” or “Oh, you’re a trust fund baby” or “Oh, you won the lottery”, and just this bizarre comments and it’s just so fascinating where people’s minds are at and how people just don’t believe that, in particular women especially, can be successful without the help of a man or that children can grow up to be successful without the help of their parents. For some reason we forget that self-made success still exists.
So, my story really starts with – I don’t know, do you want the long version or the short version Sahara?

[09:36] Sahara
Go into whatever’s feeling flowy.

[09:38] Kathrin
Awesome, I love that! So, I am an immigrant and I came here when I was 1 years old, my family immigrated from the Ukraine to the United States. Long story short, basically, my family was in the mafia and there was a competing mafia somewhere around there and we were being threatened every single night when I was a baby, that I would get killed, my mom would get killed if we don’t do something, I don’t really know too many details but it was a terrifying time to be alive right when the Soviet Union fell because there was all of a sudden no laws, no rules, no regulations, the police isn’t helping anyone, the mob is running the whole country, so, very interesting times. And when we immigrated, finally, my family just had $900 with them, a couple of suitcases, not any belongings and we started off our life here in the United States in poverty. And actually, my family did have money, quite a bit of money in the Ukraine but zero money, none of that translated here in the US, so my family basically had to start over. My dad got hired as a dish washer and worked two dish washer jobs, so somewhere between 14-16 hours a day, for whatever the minimum was back then. Mom, she started work right away but her mission, she just knew, that’s how she saw the American Dream, as you have to get very educated in order for you to make a lot of money in the United States, and so my mum immediately applied for nursing school. Which is so impressive because she didn’t speak a word of English. My mom went straight up to campus of a community college here in LA, not understanding a word of English and asking where she can register for classes and her first class was Microbiology. And of course, she got Fs her first semester because she didn’t speak English and so. My mom is such a bad ass! My mom’s dream was for her to become a doctor, that’s always been her dream, that’s always what she wanted to do but she could only get her education as far as nursing school because she also had a child and we were immigrants, my mom had student loans but she was also on welfare to support us and my dad had this dish washer job. And it was just so, and my dad was an abusive husband to my mom, he was never really abusive to me but I witnessed a ton of just physical, emotional, mental, sexual abuse, it was horrendous and my mom got through all of that. And I guess a part of me, not only is it just hearing my mom constantly telling me my whole life “Kathrin, when you grow up, you’re going to be a doctor”, or I would hear conversations, from my mom having conversations with her friends and be like “What’s Kathrin going to be when she grows up” and she would go “Doctor!” And of course, I always wanted to impress my mom, I always wanted my mom’s love and approval and seeing all of the crap that she went through my whole childhood, I could never let her down. And so, it was around college when I finally got to university. I have a Bachelors in Science and Cellular and Molecular Developmental Biology (I know, so fancy) and it was in the middle of getting that degree where all of a sudden I experienced this immense, immense resistance. Resistance that just felt like dread every single day, dread, dread, dread! And I couldn’t figure out what it was until I, by the grace of the Universe, discovered an Instagram post made by one of my mentors back then, now one of my really good friends. She was recruiting people for her team, for an MLM called Beach Body. And at the time I really loved fitness, and she was a doctor, she was an emergency medicine doctor, I was like “Oh, cool, we’re on the same path, she’s fit, she’s helping people get fir, she is making a ton of money, this is awesome”. Maybe, and of course, I was still in this box of medical school, so, even though that was my entry point to entrepreneurship and other possibilities for myself, I still saw this in the box of “Oh, I’m just going to grow this business so that I don’t have to take out loans for medical school, so that I have an easier time in medical school”, so I was really seeing everything through that lens. And just to backtrack a little bit, my brand is Manifestation Babe, how did I come across manifesting? It was actually when I was 16 years old, I came across a book called “The Secret”, I found it in book form first, I know so many people come across it as a movie and the movie is now on Netflix of whatever, watched it a thousand times by now, but I had a friend who gave it to me and said “Hey Kathrin, and again, we were 16 years old, she said “This is why my grandpa has everything that he wants in life and he doesn’t work for money, money works for him”, and I was like “Okay, I’m sold”, I didn’t even have a job back then but I’m like “I don’t want to work for money, I want money to work for me”, let me read that book. And I remember taking it home, that was my first introduction to the Law of Attraction and something happened inside of me, Sahara, where I didn’t doubt a single word in that book, I read it as if I’ve read that book before, as if I knew this information, as if I was remembering this information, as if it made total and complete sense, and I actually started practicing it immediately. I immediately started manifesting things like, you know, what a 16-year-old cares about like good grades and whatever. And on my podcast episode, you mentioned how, I think in one of the Dharma paths, the pathway to discovering your Dharma, how sometimes you feel like you’re two people, it’s like there’s this side of you and there’s this other side of you, so there was this side of me that was like “I’m going to become a doctor and here are my textbooks and chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, biology, whatever”, and then there was this other side of me that’s like “Wow, the Universe and Manifestation and Law of Attraction”, I discovered Abraham Hicks and I would have all the books of this one side that I kept a total secret because I didn’t want to come across as a weirdo and then I had this other side of me, the part of me that society would approve of, the part of me that parents would approve of, the part of me that I thought was the path to my success. And so, in college, when I finally started this business in junior year, my mentor would always trust me like “Hey Kathrin, personal development is the key to success”, you want to make a lot of money, which of course, I’ve always been money-driven because of my background, of coming from poverty, I want to use money to change the world so of course, I’m driven to make lots of it, I was like “Fuck, yeah, I want to make a ton of money, awesome! So, I’m going to do a lot of personal development!” So, I found myself diving back into this world that I discovered at 16 around Manifesting, Law of Attraction, Leadership books, this book, that book. That’s when I first discovered podcasts and I had a 3-hour long commute from my home, which I lived with my parents, to my university, it was 1.5h that way and 1.5h return. So I would listen to every podcast, every audio book, every single school break I would just listen and listen “I need to program my mind, everyone keeps talking about this mindset thing and the mind and how powerful it is, that’s what I need to do!” And so, all of a sudden, I, obsession, what drove me, what excited me, shifted from my stupid text books and the development of a frog and whatever the hell else I was learning in college at the time, I’m like “Wow, I can help people on the internet, I am making money online”. I actually ended up quitting my movie theater job in college because I was making more money in my business that that job and all of a sudden I just started seeing possibilities. And the resistance that I was talking about, this resistance where I felt like straight up going to my mom and like “Mom, I want to quit. I’m done, I want to drop out of college”, or weird things would happen. I took the bus from a city called Tacoma to Seattle, to my university, and I lived in Carver Washington, so we drive to Tacoma, take the bus from Tacoma to Seattle and it was about I would say, a 30-mile bus ride. And all of a sudden, the bus would stop coming or it would be late or on test days there would be a lot of traffic or something would where no matter what, I could not for the life of me all of a sudden, the grades that I was supposed to get, I really stopped caring about school. It was really very hard, it felt like walking up hill constantly, an uphill battle just to take my tests and do my finals. But I did graduate, it was hard, it was not fun but I did graduate and during that summer it was really like the summer of self-discovery because I knew that when Fall would happen. I decided to take a year off between college and medical school because I didn’t want to do the applications in college, I wanted to do the applications, just have the time and freedom to focus on my med school applications without taking classes at the same time. So that summer was one of the best summers of my life because I was able to focus on my business full-time, I was like “This is so amazing, this is so exciting” but I always knew that I would still have to go to medical school. And so, my mentor at the time, told me about this dude named Toni Robbins and how she just went to one of his events and this event changed her life and he’s so amazing, he’s so up my alley and I was knowing this personal development queen so I would appreciate him and all this stuff, and he said “Kathrin, I don’t care what you have to do, you have to go there” and I was at this point in my life, one of those people who is like “Tell me what to do and I’ll do it” by this time I was already like “Okay, I don’t want to go to medical school, tell me what I need to do to be successful”. And so, I somehow convinced my mom while she was on vacation in France to let me go to LA to let me stay with my grandma on her couch and attend this event. And it was at this event where I heard my higher self for the very first time step in and take over. And the question that kept popping up at this event was “Kathrin, who are you living for? Kathrin, who are you living for?” And at first it’s always a whisper, it’s always “Katherine, who are you living for? [whisper voice]”. And it was an interesting question and I wrote it down in my notebook in the midst of this event and that was night one. And day 2, it got louder and then it got louder and then it got louder and louder and louder until I was like “Kathrin, who the fuck are you living for?” And all of a sudden I realized “Oh, my God! I am living for everyone but myself!” I am living for my parents because I don’t want to go to medical school, that’s their dream, this is my mom’s dream and I had a step dad at this time. Even though my dad is no longer in the picture, I also grew up with my step dad and of course, he would push whatever my mom would push. So, that’s why I say parents, but it was really my mom. And I was in a relationship at that time where I realized that I’m in that relationship out of comfort, it’s my comfort zone, and then I was like “Hold on a second, I’ve been wanting to move back to LA, where I grew up, for so long. Ever since I moved up to Washington State I was already planning to move back to LA. And I miss it so much and I miss the sunshine but what’s keeping me up there? Oh right, this relationship. I can go to college anywhere, I can do whatever, the opportunities are limitless but I’m keeping myself because I’m so afraid of what they’re going to think and I’m so afraid of disappointing them. But, this time, this is the time in my life, I was 23 at the time, I was like “I need to start living for myself because I’m the only one who’s going to live with those consequences. At some point my parents aren’t going to be on this planet anymore, at some point I’m going to be 90 years old, sitting on a rocking chair, looking back at my life, like “Am I proud of the life I lived” and I’m on the course right now where I’m not going to be proud of the life that I lived. And so, that weekend, I literally went back home to Washington and I told my parents I’m not going to go to medical school and of course, like you shared on my podcast, of course I got called a loser, you’re never going to amount to anything, when they found out that I invested $15K into Toni’s other events when I literally had nowhere near close to that amount of money, I took out a loan on the Toni Robbins team to do that and put whatever deposit I could on this credit card that I for sure had maxed out. My mom was like “Are you kidding me, who do you think you are to do this? How come I don’t have a coach, how come I can’t do this, how come I have never invested this amount of money in myself? You can’t do that! You’re never going to amount to anything more than being a janitor if you go on this path and if you don’t go to medical school”. So of course, that was really, really tough and the time between when I actually moved from home to Los Angeles, I would say was 4 months and during that time, just like you, I would locked myself in my bedroom and cry and be so upset and so depressed and in despair of “What am I going to do? Nobody loves me”. And my boyfriend at the time, he was working and I was running my business but he was making a lot more money than I was and he was actually living at home with us so when I broke up with him, he had to move out and I was so afraid of my parents being ”What the fuck!? He moved out, you’re telling us you’re not going to medical school, oh my God!” It was just a disaster in the emotions that came through for the next few months. And then I told my parents I’m moving to Los Angeles, which would happen at some point, this was 2015, at some point in 2016. And so, during that time I will never forget, like I said, that was the first time I ever heard my higher self, ask me a question. I’m sure our higher self always speaks to us but that was the first time I ever listened and I felt like the craziest person in all the land. And I will never forget, before I flew home to LA to share all these decisions that I have already made in my mind, I was in my grandma’s kitchen and I had no real connection to the divine at that point (conscious connection). I always knew that there was a higher power and my ex-boyfriend was a Christian and I grew up kind of Christian, and somewhat believed there was a God, but I also had bouts on my path where I was also an Atheist and kind of like “No, there is no God, no one exists”, so this is the first time I was “You know what, God, Angels, Universe, whoever’s up there, can you please show me a sign. I’m going insane! I’m for sure going insane! Can you please show me a sign that I’m not crazy. Can you show me a sign that I made the right decisions”. And I will never forget this, I was like “Show me 11:11” and 11:11 had no meaning to me at the time, it was just a number that popped in my head because my friend, growing up, would say “11:11, make a wish” and I’m like “Cool, I don’t know what that means, I’ll make a wish”. And I’m like “Show me 11:11”, and I went to the kitchen to grab some water before meeting with this best friend before flying back up to Washington, and I look at the microwave and the microwave says 11:11. And ever since then, ever since I made those decisions, I would see 11:11 every single day, twice a day. And of course, all the other angel numbers followed and all these synchronicities just started to happen. And I’d like to say that my life was amazing after I made those decisions but it definitely got way worse before it got better.
When I finally moved to LA I had nowhere to live because I couldn’t afford Los Angeles rent and my business that I thought would be ‘The Business’ no longer brought me joy. And because it no longer brought me joy and I’m a generator by human design, the thing that I need to, that needs to bring me joy or it’s not going to be very successful, started to dwindle. And all of sudden I had something like $100 in my bank account for my move and I was like “This is nothing”, that’s really scary and I had $25.000 worth of debt, I had planned to move in with my father because he had a house and an extra bedroom. When I moved in with him, the first two weeks I felt like Cinderella, I did not at all belong in his house, it got to the point where I was “Fuck this, I’d rather be homeless” and so I literally got in my car, packed up my car, showed up at my grandma’s house and she only had a couch for me and I was like “Grandma, can I please live here until I figure out my life!” And those moments were incredibly stressful for me and very confusing, because all of a sudden, this path of medical school I just erased; the path just erased behind me, it’s no longer there. And this business that I thought was this thing for me for the rest of my life – my life purpose, this is my new life purpose, all of a sudden is no longer bringing me joy. I don’t have money, I’m living on my grandma’s couch, I just went from being an entrepreneur to being broke, to then having to get a 9-5 job. And thankfully, my mom’s best friend was hiring at the time and so I got a job as an office receptionist, $15/h and I’ll never forget being on my grandma’s couch and being just like “What the hell am I doing here? What am I doing with my life? Again, God are you there, can you please assist me?” And that is when I really, Sahara, dove deep, deep, deep into the work that I do today. That’s when I realized I got money blocks, I got money mindset problems, I got limiting beliefs, there’s this thing called the subconscious mind, that’s when everything just started to align for me in terms of the books that I would find, the teacher that I would find, the right YouTube videos and all this stuff, and I’ll never forget being on my grandma’s couch and in this moment of despair, I think it was one of the first nights, I was scrolling on Instagram and I scrolled by, of course, a Toni Robbins’ quote, which is so ironic because Toni Robbins, from an outside perspective you could look at it and be like “Oh, Kathrin, that event basically ruined your life. You made all these decisions and it basically led you to this place that’s way worse off than where you were before”. But that quote that I read, it was “Live as though your prayers are already answered” and that just sparked something within me that is still my affirmation to this day where I all of a sudden had this thought, I downloaded this thought of “Wait a second, what if I lived my life as if my success was inevitable? What if I lived my life as if the Law of Attraction was 100% real? What if I dispelled all disbelief? And just for a year of my life (I decided to give it a year), just for the next year of my life I truly embody the version of myself that’s already successful? What if I created a vision for myself, and that’s what I did, I opened up my journal and I wrote out my life exactly how I wanted it to look, with the husband and the penthouse apartment and the travel and the business that I wanted. And at this time I had no idea what I really wanted to do but I was leaning more and more into this fascination I had with manifesting. So I was like “What if I actually prove to myself that manifesting works?” And from that place I created Manifestation Babe, which started as an Instagram account, which just started as a bunch of quotes and stories that I would share based on how I’m applying the Law of Attraction to my life. And I made this agreement with myself, I call it ‘The One Year Experiment’ where I made an agreement with myself where, for the next year of my life, I will live my life as if my success is inevitable and I will do all the things, I’ll believe all the things, I will show up, I will act as if, I’ll do everything that I’ve ever learned and I’ll actually put it into action and embody it. And if it doesn’t work then I never, ever have to trust this pipe dream ever again. I never have to read another damn book about it, I’ll never listen to another podcast, it’s done, it doesn’t work, I’ll prove it to myself. But what if the experiment does work and what if this thing does actually work? Well, then I will just keep playing the game for the rest of my life. And I had to come to grips with “Wait a second, and I love that you mention this in your book, asking yourself what’s the worst thing that can happen, and I realized that I was already living my worst case scenario. I was living on my grandma’s couch, jobless, no money, it was already, pretty much the worst-case scenario. I knew that I always had my grandma’s couch and I feel so lucky to have her and I know that that’s very lucky of me because people don’t even have their family to rely on or don’t have someone else’s couch to live on and so I’m very grateful for that. And it’s such a huge part of my story because it made me who I am. And that’s basically what I did. And through this 1-year experiment, I just put a lot of faith into it and as I went on, my life started shifting, I started manifesting money and opportunities and all of a sudden people started asking me “Hey Kathrin, how did you do that? Can you coach me? Do you have a course? Do you have this, do you have that?” I would start to just create and all of this energy would just pour out of me, I have to tell people how I did it because I went from this place of despair to being very fulfilled, even though it wasn’t my dream life yet, but I was proving to myself like “Wait a second, if I just keep this up, what is my life going to look like in a year, in two years, in three years? This is amazing!” And so, long story short, I took Manifestation Babe, it was born in 2016, it made $9000 in that whole year and through this one year experiment which is like this thing I still do if I want a quantum leap. I had this entire quantum leap for the next year, I made $600.000. And going from $9000 and being a receptionist for $15/h as well as making $9000 in your business which is no money at all in Los Angeles. But going from that to $600.000, I was like “Are you fucking kidding me?!” The sky is limitless, it’s not even the limit, there is no limit, this is incredible and every single year, form that point on, I just kept expanding and I kept sharing more and of course my journey evolved but Manifestation became a multi, multi-million dollar brand, now on pace to being an 8-figure brand and it’s been such a wild journey and I’m so, so grateful to be on this journey, it’s been crazy.

[31:35] Sahara
Thank you so much for sharing that! And so many parallels, I was like “I feel like we were on our grandma’s couches at the same time in LA”.

[31:43] Kathrin

[31:44] Sahara
What years were you there?

[31:46] Kathrin

[31:47] Sahara
Okay, mine was a little before, it was like 2014, but so interesting and also being first generation immigrant and that responsibility and wanting to make your parents happy. And also, your mom probably thinking “Okay, doctor is the most safe job out there, so I want my daughter to be safe so I’m going to keep telling her to do this thing” because manifestation expert wasn’t really a thing out there, especially in the Ukraine, in the Soviet Union.
And it’s so fascinating to just see how quickly it changed for you, $9000 to $600.000, and now being in the end of 2020, that’s like 4 years ago.
So, how do you think it shifted for you so quickly?

[32:32] Kathrin
Yeah, there’s this thing I teach called ‘Timeline Jumping’ or ‘Collapsing the Timeline’, it’s like a quantum physics terminology, but it’s really what I did without knowing that I did it. And now that I’m aware of it, that’s literally – there’s this Three Step Process and I kind of look at it as phases because you can go back and forth in between them and really within the phases there’s a lot that can happen, there’s a lot that’s going on. But when I look back on everything that I’ve ever manifested, and no matter what the speed was, whether it took 2 seconds or it took 2 years, no matter what it was, it was always the same process and the faster that I could embody Phase 2, the faster it would happen. So, my Phases are (or my Steps are):
– 1. Decide on what you want – so clearly, like a GPS system, if we don’t know where we’re going, the GPS is just not going to lead us anywhere. It’s either not going to work properly or it’s going to lead us to some random destination. So we always have to know where we’re going. Now, a lot of people get stuck in “Oh, I don’t know specifically, what it’s supposed to look like” and I don’t know if you know about Human Design, there’s Specific Manifestors and Non-Specific Manifestors. So, I’m a Non-Specific Manifestor which means thatthe details stress me the F*** out and the more I go into details of what I want it to look like, the more resistance I create towards that thing vs. Specific Manifestors, they thrive off of that specificity, they want to paint the dream home, they want to pick every color of everything and what the floors are going to look like and all this stuff. For Non-Specific Manifestors it’s really about embodying feeling. Now, feelings are a part of the process, no matter what, but for Non-Specific it’s really embodying that feeling of how that thing is going to make you feel, but regardless, you’re still creating a vision. So, Step 1 is creating that vision – exactly what do you want your life to look like. And you can do this in your journal, you can do this in your meditation practice, you can do this by voicing this out, talking it out with someone, building a vision board, there’s so many different tools that you can use to do this.
For me, at that time, I really enjoyed journaling, I don’t journal as much anymore unless I really have to and it’s something coming through me but I wrote out exactly what I wanted as if I was the main character of my life, 5 years into the future – where I’m waking up; who I’m waking up next and how I’m feeling, what I’m doing for work and how much money am I making and what I’m doing with the money, and I’m just really giving this future a purpose, I’m really anchoring in this, all of the incredible things that could happen when I choose this reality. So, it’s really about choosing the reality.
– Phase 2 is very much in line with Embodiment, because you talk a lot about embodiment, so it’s embodying the version of you that already has that reality. So it’s coming from this theory because science has such a hard time proving spirituality and I know Deepak Chopra is really good at it, but still, science is still very limited because spirituality is so expansive, there’s so much we cannot explain. But according to Quantum Physics, there’s a holographic Universe and there’s the Multiverse and how there are parallel timelines that are existing right now, all at the same time. And the way I like to look at it is, for instance, right now, there’s a version of myself out there on a parallel timeline, a parallel life, that chose to go to medical school; right now there’s a version of myself that’s out there that chose to stay with that boyfriend; there’s a version of myself that chose to never start Manifestation Babe. There’s all these different versions and there’s all these different consequences of it as well as benefits and all these different examples of what it looks like. And there’s no right or wrong here, it’s just the way I like to look at that is – what is your current reality and what is your desired reality? There is no right or wrong, it’s not like what is better than another, it’s just what do you want. And so, I pick the timeline I desire which is based off of my vision and I ask myself “Who is that version of me who’s already living that reality?” And I like to break this down, I call it my Blueprint. And how I break it down is, I’m like “Okay, what is he self-talk like? What are her beliefs? Who does she hang around with? What kind of content does she consume? What kind of content does she create? How does she show up? Does she meditate every day? Does she communicate with ancestors? Is she doing plant medicine?” There’s so many directions that you can take this in but the more detailed that you can get with this process than the next step is really just to do the embodiment, it’s to take the action as it feels in alignment and as it feels inspired and as it shows up because a lot of people want to know, they’re like “I want to know every single step of how I’m going to get there”, they want to see the whole road before they embark on the road. You have to understand that just like life right now is unfolding one step at a time, it’s unfolding one second at a time, one minute at a time. Your path to your manifestation, to your desired reality, is going to unfold one step at a time and it’s not always going to be clear which direction you need to go in until you get to that place where it’s asking you “Do you want to go left or do you want to go right?” And it’s imperative for you to follow your intuition because your intuition is your hotline to your higher self, it’s your hotline to the divine, it’s your hotline to the Universe, and so it’s constantly telling you, if you just listen, if you just calm the fuck down and listen, maybe meditate, maybe do some breathwork or something and really access that part of you, it’s always saying “Hey, go this way” or “Hey, go that way”, and then all that you’re doing is you’re embodying this energy, on an energetic level, on a physical level, on an emotional level, on a mental level, this version of yourself and you are literally acting ‘as if’. But I don’t really like to use acting ‘as if’ sometimes because a lot of people see it as ‘fake it until you make it’, I don’t believe in ‘fake it until you make it’, I believe in ‘faith it till you make it’. So it’s having faith in your path, it’s having faith in this is the direction you want to go in and having faith that the Universe is literally is guiding you every single step of the way to get there. And the faster you can embody that version of yourself, the faster you can embody Phase 2, the faster the manifestation is going to happen. Because what a lot of people don’t realize, and they don’t think to this level sometimes, they get stuck in worrying about the timeline and worrying if they’re doing it right, worrying if it’s going to happen and worrying if it’s a possibility for them. But if you think about it, the version of yourself that’s already living that reality, are they worried? No! Are they even questioning if they’re going to get there? No! Do they have certainty that they’re going to get there? Yes, because they are already there! So, it’s really thinking and accessing and embodying that version of you that’s already there and then the faster you can do that now and have that certainty – it’s all about certainty – the faster you have that certainty, the faster you’re going get there because time really is an illusion. And yes, there’s elements to it like Divine Timing, and the way I see Divine Timing is – there’s certain lessons that we need to learn in order for us to be ready to receive what we want to receive. The best example I can give is, for instance, if I was 18 years old and you just handed me $10 million, at the level that I was at back then and the mindset that I had back then, I would freak out if I had $10 million, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. That’s why a lot of lottery winners, they go broke is because they don’t have the acquired wisdom through all of the lessons that they learned in order to manifest that money. It just happened so quickly that all of a sudden, it’s like they’re not in vibrational alignment with that money because they didn’t get into vibrational line of that money and all of a sudden, they stay in the vibration that they’re at which means no money and so they end up losing that money. And so, there’s a lot I had to learn, there’s a lot of lessons and sometimes challenges and obstacles – they look like signs to give up, a lot of people are like “Is this a sign to give up?” No! There’s no such thing as a sign to give up, it’s always something that you just need to overcome because once you overcome that, you’re going to be ready to receive whatever it is that you’re manifesting into your life.

[40:46] Sahara
So many – we’re on the same download but it’s beautiful because it’s a different languaging and way of looking at, really the same, universal laws and that’s how we know it to be true because we’re living it and sharing it.
One of the things that I hear the most about is – “Well, it’s easy to make a lot of money if you’re talking about manifestation”. So what do you have to say when people feel like “Oh, well I’m not going to be able to make it if I’m talking about trauma or something heavy” or that people aren’t running to?

[41:13] Kathrin
Yeah, that’s such a great question because I see that pop up a lot. And the thing that I used to share with my clients, when I had one-on-one clients, is whatever you want to do just go out there on freaking Google and google people who are doing that thing without doing that thing that you think that you need to do to get there. So, for instance, look at the people who are manifesting money who are not manifestation teachers because I know that’s a big block for people, being like “Oh, I only see the Coaches and the people”, but people who teach business have successful businesses and the people who teach money mindset are the ones who have the most amount of money. First of all, there’s this thing called The Reticular Activating System in our brain which is basically the part of our brain that’s there to recognize patterns based off of what we’re focusing on. And so, I find, and here’s the best example I can give you – when I was in the fitness industry, all I ever found were other people in the fitness industry, all my brain would ever pick up is anything to do with fitness, anything to do in the MLM space, Beach Body, and I would only find other Beach Body Coaches, I would only find Beach Body programs or competitors of Beach Body programs, it’s like my whole world was that, and then when I transitioned out of that and I came into the realm of manifestation, guess what my brain did? Now I only see the manifestation teachers, now I only see the entrepreneurs, now I only see the spiritual teachers, but that doesn’t mean that those are the only people that exist. So you have to understand that sometimes your brain is working both for you and against you, so you kind of have to recognize that “Wait a second, this is awesome” because you can use the Reticular Activating System for manifestation because it just proves to you that what you focus on literally comes into your reality. We also have to understand that if you keep focusing on that only these type of people can make this money or that only teachers of business can have successful businesses, then guess what – that’s all you’re going to find. And so, then you’re going to convince yourself that “Wait a second, it’s only possible for these people” or “I have to do these things”. It’s very important for you to kind of step back from that and ask yourself “Is it really true that these are the only people that are capable of making a lot of money?” No, that’s not the full truth. There’s other possibilities, there’s other people and now that you took that step away and you recognized that and gained awareness of that, you’re creating this field for your Reticular Activating System to now pick up on more people who are doing different things and all of a sudden you see different people doing different things who are all successful, happy, fulfilled, whatever it is that you want to bring into your life, whatever you want to feel.

[43:45] Sahara
Totally! And I think it all relates back to Dharma. If that’s not your Dharma, it’s not going to work for you. I see a lot of people, they try to replicate something that they already saw worked before so they re-share that same content, maybe change around the wording a little bit, and they’re like “If it worked for Kathrin, it worked for Sahara, it worked for this person, then it must be proven to work” and then it doesn’t because it’s not their Dharma and people can feel that it’s not in alignment. For example, I used to share more about abundant stuff a little bit a couple years ago but I was like “This is not my space”. I just knew that in myself it’s not my space and I’m still able to live an abundant life but I don’t teach about abundance. So I think we’re just, exactly as you said, we assume everyone must be exactly like me because that’s who’s in your tunnel of people that you’re following. But there’s many epic interior designers out there who are extremely abundant or personal gardeners or Etsy shops or all of these different things and it’s also, I think that, often times, Business Coaches share how much money they made so people are like “Oh, the only time I’ve even heard of someone making that much money was this person who shared about it”. Do you think that Rupal is talking about how much money he made? But I guarantee you he’s making a lot more than most Coaches out there, but he’s just not talking about it.

[45:01] Kathrin
That is so, so true! I really love that you brought up the Dharma thing because even though I know, like for instance, I had my Academy (Rich Babe Academy) and that served me for such a long time but I realized that I am here to teach more than just money although I will always teach about money and abundance. But I recognize a very similar thing for me where I think it came from the earlier stages of my career where I was around a lot of other money mindset teachers and I was like “Oh, this is the key, this is the thing that people want”, and yes, it’s the thing that people want, but whatever you’re here meant to teach, whatever you’re here to embody is going to be way more successful than the thing that you think is going to make you successful. So I really love that you brought that up.

[45:44] Sahara
Yes! And it reminds us again to trust the wisdom that’s coming through us and that’s really the only way you’re really going to land into people’s hearts, if they can feel that it’s in alignment.

[45:54] Kathrin
Yeah! Oh my God, so true!

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[49:12] Sahara
So now that you have learned so much about manifestation, what were, kind of, maybe, the mistakes that you made at the beginning, that now, looking back on it, you’re like “Oh, I guess I misunderstood that”?

[49:25] Kathrin
Yeah. Okay, so this is a big one that every time I do – so I have this fun ritual that every time I travel and go on an airplane, I always open up a Q&A and that’s how I pass the time on planes. I connect to the Wi-Fi, I answer people’s questions, it’s so much fun, and every time I’ll see these very basic Law of Attraction questions and I’m always like “Wait a second, I thought we were past this”, but I keep forgetting that new people keep following me. So I love, love, love always answering these questions because I want to remind people that the basic information that they might have right now, could be working against them. And that’s something that I had to learn the hard way, through my own experience, like for instance, with Law of Attraction, a lot that is taught is you only can have positive thoughts. Well, we don’t manifest from our thoughts, we manifest from our subconscious mind, we manifest from our subconscious beliefs. So, I have, and believe it or not people, I got negative thoughts for days, every single day. I am not perfect, I have my bad days, I have emotions, I have negative emotions, I feel anger, I feel sadness, I fell jealousy, I feel all these things that we’re so ashamed of feeling, thinking that we’re going to create a negative reality. But, what it really comes down to is, it’s your dominant vibration that’s creating your reality; it’s who you are at the center and who you are at the center could be in a much more elevated vibration if you learn that the only way to let go of negative emotions and thoughts is by actually continuing to think them, to feel them through, to process them so that you can let them go. And the way to raise your vibration, a lot of the times, is for you to finally release all of those negative emotions that you keep suppressing because you’re taught that you cannot feel them if you want to create a “positive” reality. This is like the basis of Toxic Positivity, right?
So, what I learned in my childhood that worked against me, is that I don’t receive any praise whatsoever, any love for being sad, being upset. Unless I am happy as can be, I receive no love or anything else. And so, I learned that it was not okay to feel emotions, so I would always, constantly suppress everything that I truly wanted to feel and covered up with a smile until I grew up to be an adult who kept having a lot of anxiety and a lot of panic attacks. And what anxiety is, sometimes, is there’s things that are trying to come up to the surface and a lot of the anxiety, and often times, is just the resistance of the things that are trying to come up to the surface. So if you just allow yourself to feel and take off that damn lid and let it, just the steam rise and exist your energetic field, you’re going to feel so much better and anxiety will just dissipate. And a panic attack is a level of anxiety that is so intense because you keep forcing and stuffing that lid to such a degree where the steam is ready to explode and all of a sudden it has to explode. And so, what I learned on my manifestation journey is to have practices to feel, and that if I have negative thoughts or negative beliefs come up or – this is really like shadow work – if I have things I feel ashamed about or things that I’m not ready to face or feel like by facing them, I’m going against the Law of Attraction, life attracts, positive attracts positive. I learned to do breathwork to help me release emotions, I learned to cry, I learned to feel and the more that I feel and the more that I release, the higher of a vibration that I embody, and the lighter that I am, and the freer I feel. And we are actually, constantly attracting everything that we want into our lives but we’re blocking it by the resistance that we’re creating by not allowing ourselves to release things from our energetic field. So, often times, in spirituality, we hear like “Just raise your vibration”, so we feel like we need to do things and add things on to raise our vibration when it’s actually a lot of letting go, it’s a lot of releasing. Because who we are at our core, our truest self, is already a creator, it’s already a master manifestor and it’s all of these beliefs and thought and emotions and things that tell us we can’t be that unless we do something or unless we add something into our lives that’s preventing us from creating what we really want. And so, by having practices to release that crap, I know you do shamanic shaking and you do dancing – I really love breathwork, I really love sometimes just sitting on a couch crying – that’s a spiritual practice to me, and doing whatever I need to do, move my body, just run, just scream, have a rage ritual and start hitting the pillows on my bed and punching them and whatever I have to do to release, I find that I am not only a happier person, but I am so much less resistant to receiving the things that I truly want to receive.
So I would say that’s the biggest, biggest mistake that I see people make.

[54:20] Sahara
I love that so much! I went to an Abraham Hicks conference once and I found it really amazing and so much of the stuff I was – I could just feel that there was a lot of space; the people in the crowd, it felt like a lot of space between where they were and what they wanted, it was like a yearning. It was in LA so basically everyone wanted to be a famous actor, so it was question after question “I’ve been trying to do all the things and raise my vibration, I still haven’t been casted for any movies”, and it was like “You don’t believe in it enough”, and I was like “Well, there’s also this element of action”. Are you trying different roles? Are you showing up or are you just waiting to receive? I feel like sometimes we use these spiritual tools to kind of take yourselves out.

[55:06] Kathrin
Avoid the action.

[55:07] Sahara
Exactly, and kind of spiritualize “Okay, I’m just going to wait for it to happen. If it’s meant to be, it will happen for me”, and it’s like “No, bitch”, the casting agency is not going to be like “Hey, you on your couch, you’ve been casted to be the new star next to Tom Hanks. You’ve never showed up for an audition but we noticed you were watching a lot of Abraham Hicks on YouTube, so you are worthy!” That is not going to happen.

[55:29] Kathrin
I love that you brought that up! First of all, I also went to Abraham Hicks in LA, when did you go? Maybe we went to the same one.

[55:35] Sahara
I went two years ago (I want to say).

[55:37] Kathrin
I think mine was three years ago, or four, somewhere around there, but anyway. A lot of what Abraham Hicks teaches has a lot of truth in it but it keeps it very much in the mental space, the mental realm. And so, how I see it is, manifestation is taking action. There’s a Law of Action and you can’t get around it, it’s one of the Laws of Manifestation – Law of Action, it goes hand-in-hand with the Law of Attraction, but what most people do is they take mental action or they take emotional action or they take spiritual action. So, I did the meditating, I did the vision boards, I did the feeling “as if”, whatever, but it’s still not happening. Well, remember, you’re drawing things, you’re pulling things out of the energetic field and bringing them into the physical field. Key word: physical field. What kind of action do you need to take in order to bring something from the energetic into the physical? Oh, physical action! There is action that you need to take in the 3D, and the example that I always use is – you want a successful business but at some point you have to open up your laptop and make a website; you have to push Live and talk to people; you have to make a post – there’s stuff that you need to do and often times people get stuck in “Oh, I’ve got to hustle and grind and work hard”, no, no, no. The kind of action that I’m talking about is the kind of the action where maybe, from the outside perspective – I don’t know about you but you shared this in your book – you can work for 14hours straight on your book every single day and write, write, write, you just don’t even feel like you’re working, you just get so lost in it. To an outside person, they’re like “Oh, Sahara is hustling. Look at how hard she’s working. She’s preaching alignment but really she’s not in alignment because she’s working so hard”, no, no, no. It’s not what you do, it’s the energy that you do it in. And so, physical action can sometimes look like a lot “I’m working 16-hour days”, and I remember at the start of my business, I was working 18-hour days, not sleeping very much because I was going to work from 9-6 and then I was building by business, watching courses ‘How do I build a business’, ‘How do I build a website’, all the stuff – how do I make a course, how do I string it together, how do I attach a payment process to it, all these things. I was working my ass off but the energy that I was doing it in was very much “This is so much fine” and every single thing that I did felt like the next logical step and it felt like the next thing is like “Duh, this my next step”, “Oh, duh, that’s my next step”, “Duh”. And all of a sudden, I built a business, all of a sudden, at the end of it, here I am, living my dream life and continuing on and continuing to manifest a more desired realities. That’s the big piece that I also think the secret left out is action and I re-watched it a couple of times after realizing “Wait a second, it’s very much in the mental; it’s very much in the emotional, the energetic, the spiritual, but there’s not very much the physical action”. And I remember there was one person, I don’t remember who it was, but there was one speaker that said “Yeah, you’ve got to take aligned action”, or something like that, and then no one else mentioned it, and it left a lot of people in the dark being like “I don’t get it, it doesn’t work”. And of course, it doesn’t work, you left out a very important piece of it.

[58:46] Sahara
I love that and I think it’s important to have that balance. Someone could say “Oh, so you’re basically just taking action, then that’s what manifestation is” and it’s like “No, it’s getting clear, first on, what path you want to go into if you don’t have those other layers then you’re just stuck on the hamster wheel (which most people are), of just taking action on combat energy. So you need the spiritual, you need to handle the emotional, you need to balance the mental and then have that physical step, be really thought out, deliberate, so you’re not just stepping and then 10 years later “Wait, I’ve been walking this whole time and I’m still not going anywhere”. And I feel like what your story really shows us is how fast you can go when you’re in that aligned action. I had a friend, she was over and she was like “I don’t get it. I’m 40, I’ve been doing this for 20 years, why is everyone more successful than me?” I’m like “How have you been focusing your time?” It’s not about “I’ve been doing this for 20 years, now I get the tenure”, when you’re an entrepreneur especially, it’s like 1 year can change more in your life than 50, than a lifetime, and that’s really how you’re taking that action and it’s just as magical as it is pragmatic but we have to have our hands in both.

[1:00:00] Kathrin
Yeah! It’s like you mentioned on my episode, you have to (or maybe you mention this in the book) but I remember you saying, you have to both have a foot in the 3D and the 5D to understand how to bridge the two together and how to help people cross over, and also how to cross over yourself. You can’t just be only in the 3D or only in the 5D, this is what gets a lot of people, that I share with my students. It’s, listen up people, you incarnated here, you chose to incarnate here as a human being, okay. If this wasn’t about experiencing all of the vast parts of being a human being, you would not be here. And I think that often times the Law of Attraction, Manifestation role, really forgets this part about being a human; the part about embodiment; the part about being here and feeling all the things and experiencing the things and learning from the things to just “No, love and light. There’s no such thing as darkness, there’s no such thing as evil, there’s no such thing as shadow. Nope, nope, I’m just going to focus on this instead” and they “What’s the point of being here then; what’s the point of being a Light Worker, or as you call it ‘a Sun-Being’ if you’re not here to shine a light on the darkness and you’re here to experience both light and dark – and I call that ‘Polarity brings Clarity’. When you have polarity and when you can see opposites and experience and have different experiences in life, all of a sudden you can only get clearer and clearer on what it is that you do want to create. It’s only when you experience darkness do you know that “Hey, I also want the light”, or when you experience poverty, that you’re like “Oh, I want money”. You can only learn from having that contrast or polarity, and that’s what really brings a lot of people clarity. And if you resist so much having those experiences of polarity or contrast, then you’re not going to really even know what you actually want. And a lot of what we want comes from, if you look at it, what we also don’t want. The problem is that a lot of people get stuck in the “I don’t want this (thinking)”, at some point you have to evolve to “Okay, so what’s opposite”. If you don’t want this, if you don’t want to be broke, then what do you want? “Oh, I want to be rich”, cool, so let’s start focusing on that. So that’s another very important element as well.

[1:02:16] Sahara
So, what if you are trying to manifest something but maybe it’s not something you’re ready for or it’s not in your highest alignment? You shared, for example, that you were wanting to grow on Instagram but then seeing that maybe you weren’t even emotionally ready for the amount of trolls and hate and all the bullshit that one gets when they get a huge audience like that. So, what do you say for someone who’s maybe not even sure if they should be manifesting that thing?

[1:02:43] Kathrin
Yeah, you know, it’s such an interesting question. I believe that what is desired by you is destined for you and I think that as long as it’s a heart’s desire – which, the way I define it is, ego desire is coming out of wanting to take away from someone else or wanting to impress someone or wanting to please your parents. If you have a desires that come out of wanting to please someone else or very focused on outward things or someone else, and that’s typically your ego trying to manifest something so that you have some sort of result that you think you want – but a heart’s desire is something that you can’t stop thinking about it. It’s just on your heart, you can’t stop thinking about it, you can’t stop dreaming about it, it something that you really want. Even if it doesn’t make sense, even if it’s not something as grand as “I want to save the world” or “I want to cure cancer” or whatever, “I just want a G-wagon”; for some people, they just want a dream home or “I just want the husband” – that can still be a heart’s desire, for sure, and what is desired by you is destined for you.
So, sometimes when things aren’t happening it’s just an element of, as I mentioned before, the divine timing of there could be a lesson that you haven’t yet learned, and will learn, there’s a lesson that’s put on your path, that’s going to teach you something, that’s going to be a breakthrough moment that’s going to allow you to appreciate the desire so much more when you actually have it. So, the example that I know you want me to go into is with Ayahuasca, when I did Ayahuasca last year, my very first ceremony, I had my iphone pop up in my vision. My iphone just pops up in front of me and Ayahuasca starts scrolling through my Instagram, and I immediately remember being like “Don’t tell me to delete my Instagram” because sometimes she says things like that, and they are for your highest good even if you don’t want to admit it at that point or you don’t feel that way because your ego is trying to resist that. And she was like “No, we’re not deleting your Instagram, but we’re going to do some review”. And so she would show me “Hey, Kathrin, you wrote this post because you wanted people to like you and you wrote this post because you wanted to avoid someone not liking you. You said this because you were afraid that someone’s going to hate you for saying the opposite of what you actually wanted to say” or “You said this because of whatever” and it’s just the most eye-opening shit I’ve ever experienced. And she showed me two different timelines and she said “This is where your following is currently at”, and as I was sharing with you earlier, it was at a plateau, it was a great following, I think I just hit a 100.000 followers but I was stuck at 100.000 for months and months and months and it was just not moving at all. When I experienced my entire career of having my Instagram – my Instagram is growing, it’s consistent, sometimes it’s growing faster than others but it was just stuck and I couldn’t figure out why, and she was like “Listen, it’s because you cannot handle the criticism; you cannot handle the negative comments; you cannot handle the hate at this level. So what makes you think…”, and she showed me another timeline, she was like “this is where you’re supposed to be” and it was like 682.000, she’s like “You’re supposed to be here but why do you think you’re not there? It’s because you’re going to receive 6x the amount of criticism; you’re going to receive 6x the amount of hate; 6x the amount of trolls; 6x the amount of people calling you a trust-fund baby or whatever it is; or saying you’re selfish for wanting more money or whatever, whatever people say to me” and I was like “Oh, my God, you’re fucking right!” And so, that was just a lesson of the ages, I swear it was so shifting for me. When I came home, all of a sudden, the way that I was posting, the way that I was interacting, the way that I started to share myself on social media just came from this place of “I don’t give a fuck anymore. I don’t give a fuck!” And now, when I see a negative comment, there are some that affect me more than others, but the majority of them, they honestly make me laugh. It’s actual, a genuine laugh that I feel.

[1:06:41] Sahara
It’s a great teaching material! I post them and like “Here we can what happens when someone’s not in alignment with their Dharma and they’re projecting!”

[1:06:48] Kathrin
Exactly! That’s how I see it now and it’s so much fun! And all of a sudden, I have doubled my following, I’m about to cross over 200.000 in this year because I learned that lesson. And so often times, there could be something that is subconsciously just limiting you that you don’t know is there until you have a certain experience. Now I’m not telling everyone to go do plant medicine, it’s not for everyone, in fact, be very careful people, when you do plant medicine because it matters who you do it with, where you do it, your intention and all that stuff, you really have to enter it with a lot of respect. There’s other ways that you can do your work without plant medicine. But you’ll have some other experience, you’ll have a breaking point. I know Sahara, you reached many breaking points in your career and finding your Dharma and I reached many breaking points. And in those breaking points, in those low moments you’re like “Why the fuck is it not happening!?” All of a sudden your higher self comes in and just says “Hey, you might want to look here” or “Hey, it might be because of this; it might be because of that” and all of a sudden you just see things so differently and from that new perspective you just timeline-jumped without you even knowing that you just timeline-jumped. And all of a sudden, just from that one simple shift in perspective, you’re on this new timeline that finally gets you to manifest the business, the G-wagon, the whatever it is, the $100.000 a month, whatever your desires are. It’s usually rooted in just something that you need to learn or something that you need to let go of.

[1:08:11] Sahara
So, what do you recommend for people who are really afraid of having haters or being judged or perceived? I’m sure you get tons of people say you’re so superficial, you only care about money, how can you call yourself spiritual when you’re talking about money. Do you sit with that, do you block it, what do you do when you see that?

[1:08:30] Kathrin
Yeah and you know, different parts of my journey were different versions of myself because I did different things but what I learned works best for me now is to just have compassion for that person. I know it’s really hard but that person – if you really think about it, for instance, the people that I’m friends with that are very successful – Do they sit around reading other people’s comments on other people’s Instagram? No! Because they’re so busy doing their Dharma (as you say), they don’t have time for that shit, they don’t have time to leave comments, they’re just so happy and fulfilled doing their own life and doing their own thing that they would never so that. So, I have compassion like “Wow, this person is feeling lost. This person is feeling triggered. They’re feeling upset”, they’re feeling something, which is beautiful, because hopefully, out of this feeling something, they learn something out of it. I know that it’s all a projection and sometimes it’s hard to see that but you just have to, at first intellectually know it, before something becomes embodied, it’s first mental and intellectual. So you just have to intellectually see it as “Okay, this person’s projecting on me. That’s okay”, and then (this is the hardest part but this is the game-changer) is to just sit with it. And this is something that my friend James Webmore taught me because I was really struggling with haters last year and he actually told me this before I did the Ayahuasca and he said “Kathrin, next time you receive a DM or a comment or something of someone saying some crap about you, just keep reading it over and over and over again and just sit with it and stare at it until you stop feeling anything. And really let yourself feel whatever’s supposed to come out of it and at some point you’re going to notice, within 5-10, max 15 minutes, all of a sudden you let the vibration pass through you, you let the vibration leave you, you see that you’re still safe, you’re alive, you’re breathing, no one killed you, your survival is not at stake, you’re still here, your business didn’t burn to the ground, nothing bad happened, it’s just a comment, it’s just words written on a screen, you’re okay”, and all of a sudden you just don’t care anymore. And then the more that you receive it, the more that you sit with that and practice sitting with that, all of a sudden that charge just starts to go away. And in a way that you can kind of fast-track that, I really like EFT (Tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique) – so if you know how to do that, tap through that, use the pressure points and tap on them and just keep reading it and allow that vibration – it’s going to escalate at first but at some point it’s going to slow down and it’s going to leave. And all of a sudden every time you see a similar comment, you’re going to anchor in that feeling of “I don’t fucking care. I don’t care, that’s cool, ithat’s them, it’s not me”. And you can also tap, for instance, another technique you can use with tapping is when you see a very nice comment, someone is expressing their gratitude and appreciation for your work, you can use tapping to also anchor in that feeling and remind yourself that that also exists. And there’s also this beautiful experience that you can have by expressing yourself online and that there’s people who do appreciate that and that’s called Anchoring – anchor in that feeling and make it stronger. So it’s about making that feeling stronger and then making the other feeling less strong.
And then another thing you can do (it’s just about trying different things) is to just (this is more of a perspective thing), it’s just recognizing that nothing anyone ever says about you, both good or bad, means anything about you. So sometimes we get very lost in the positive feedback and we rely on positive feedback and we’re like “I didn’t get enough positive comments today, something’s wrong with me”, that’s because we that mean way too much about us when even that person who is leaving a positive comment. It’s actually just a reflection of what they see in themselves. So you have to recognize that nothing in this Universe can be taken personally, nothing in this Universe means anything about you except for the meaning you’re giving it. So, even detaching from both the positive comments and the negative comments, will allow you to just express yourself freely, and know that whether people like it or people don’t like it, doesn’t mean anything about me. It’s just a very powerful energy to come from.

[1:12:35] Sahara
Yes, I think that we so live for that, we’re so “Okay, I took one step, what does everyone around me think; the next step, everyone around me think” and then we so focus on the negative of that we really repeat that in our minds and we can think of all these different rebuttals that we want to say back to it, then you read a positive and you’re like “Hmm, yea, another day”, “I changed your life…okay”, and we become so numb to things like that but then so focused on the criticism. And I remember being in this group and someone asked Deepak, they were like “What’s one of your biggest regrets” and he said “I wish I didn’t spend so much time trying to prove myself to people who never believed in me”, because he was really trying to prove to these hardcore, mainstream, scientific people that spirituality exists and they would literally set up interviews with him that would be a group of scientist who would all team up against him and edit it to make it look like he’s the biggest fraud or a charlatan – such high levels of public shame that they would do for him and he was always trying to get back at them and prove to them that he was right and what he was saying was not bullshit, he was like “I wish I didn’t waste that energy”.

[1:13:42] Kathrin
Aww..you know, it’s funny you mention Deepak Chopra because you know him personally but I did meet another scientist who is pretty big in the quantum physics world and by proving scientifically that manifestation work, his name is Naseem Haramin, have you heard of him?

[1:13:58] Sahara
I haven’t heard of him, no.

[1:13:59] Kathrin
Okay, so, I haven’t either until (this is a story) I was in Abu Dhabi for Toni Robbins’ spiritual trip and we were staying in this massive palace, this massive, massive palace and so of course we got lost trying to find where the event is going to be. And at this time I was a platinum partner and we would all wear the same outfits, we were all wearing black (because Toni wears black) and we all kind of looked the same, we were all kind of this group and we see another person who looks like a plat also looking lost and so we’re like “Okay, cool, finally there’s another person and we can all look stupid together, awesome, let’s go”. And so, as we were walking with this guy, I was like “What’s your name”, or whatever, I had no idea who he was, and we’re like “What do you do” and he’s like “Oh, I’m a physicist” and we’re like “Oh, cool, where are you a physicist” and he’s like “San Diego”, I’m like “Awesome, I teach about the Law of Attraction”, I’m just talking about myself, whatever and then I’m asking him more questions, and then long story short, as we’re getting closer he’s like “I hope you guys aren’t too jet-lagged and don’t fall asleep during my presentation”, and I’m like “Presentation?” I’m like “Who the hell are you?” And it ended up being Naseem Haramin which, if you watch Gaia, the amount of Gaia documentaries that he’s in, it’s ridiculous, now when I watch him, I’m like “Oh, shit! Okay, that’s him.” And anyway, he does this talk or whatever, and if you google him it’s just a lot of scientists just laughing at him, he’s the laughing stock of physics or whatever, they’re like “This is bullshit” and of course, everything that I hear him saying I’m like “Yeah, that makes sense, that’s totally logical!” And on our way back to our hotel room, we didn’t realize that we were literally neighbors, we kept walking and talking and all of a sudden we’re going down the same hallways, very far, and we ended up being neighbors. So I ended up getting to know him a little bit and I asked him – he mentioned and it was kind of sad – he mentioned, the hardest part about his career, he loves what he does so much, but the hardest part is the amount of personal attacks that he receives. He’s like “They don’t even just go after my science, they go after my family and the way I look and this and that” and that just really showed me that no matter what you do in life there’s going to be criticism; no matter who you decide to be, what you decide to accomplish.

[1:16:15] Sahara
Especially if you’re shifting consciousness.

[1:16:17] Kathrin
Exactly! Because of you see something that not everyone sees; if you are seeing a paradigm that no everyone sees and you’re trying to bring people to that paradigm, of course they’re going to think you’re crazy, it’s guaranteed, it comes with the job, of course they’re going to think you’re crazy. But I love that, I love that you mentioned Deepak Chopra’s biggest regret is proving people wrong and I think that if we just take the energy that we put into proving others wrong or how we’re right or how we’re good or how we’re this, and actually put it into what we want to put it in, we’re going to live a completely different life; we’re going to put so much energy into actually what we want to put in and by the time we’re off this planet we’re going to be so proud of what we’ve created.

[1:16:57] Sahara
I know, I think we all just try to convince that person who doesn’t like us “Like me, accept me, love me” when there’s loads of other people who already do but a lot of the times they’re just silent, they’re not saying anything. Think of all the people you scroll by and you’re not “I loved this post” even though you did, so sometimes angriest people are the loudest, it’s a call to action for them. So we think that everyone must be angry at us or everyone must think that we’re a sham”, that same hater probably goes on their scroll, 20 accounts a day, give their daily hate thing, and they’re all on private profiles, no profile picture, so it’s so easy for them to hate someone else who’s sharing their expression and then hide behind their screen. So it’s like, I would also never take advice from someone that I want nothing to be like, so you can keep it to yourself, by the way, the comments are still engagement, so thanks, kisses.

[1:17:54] Kathrin

[1:17:57] Sahara
So funny, but it’s funny because we all experience it and it’s one of the biggest things that hold us back. Another thing for me, that was helpful was, I would look at these big authors who I would look up to, I was so afraid of bad Amazon reviews and I would read their Amazon reviews and they had tons of shitty ones and they were still so successful and I’m like “Wait, what?” I don’t even typically go and read Amazon reviews if it wasn’t for me writing a book, so here I am thinking that’s your make or break. If you get a bad review, you are done, but it’s like the bigger you are, the more reviews you’re going to have and statistically, the more are likely to be bad as well. And when you’re shifting someone’s beliefs, like Naseem is or so many people, ourselves, the Visionary archetype, it’s so much easier to come after you and say you’re wrong than me look within and rethink my own belief system.

[1:18:46] Kathrin
Truth! Yeah, I love that!

[1:18:50] Sahara
Yes, girl! I could talk to you for hours, which we have been.

[1:18:54] Kathrin

[1:18:54] Sahara
Yes! Such a great Sahara-Kathrin Day. But, where can listeners connect with you, learn from you even more deeply?

[1:19:02] Kathrin
Yes, so I definitely love to hang out on Instagram and they can find me @manifestationbabe and then my website is really much like the portal of everything. If you ever get lost just go to manifestationbabe.com and you can find any of my offerings at that time; my book; my Instagram; my social; everything, you can find there, and that’s manifestationbabe.com

And then, I also have a podcast, which Sahara is going to be on. We just finished recording her episode before this one which is The Manifestation Babe Podcast and you can find that basically wherever podcasts are.

[1:19:31] Sahara
Thank you so much for sharing and for being an example of what is possible for all of us.

[1:19:37] Kathrin
Aww…thank you so much, I had so much fun being here, I appreciate you!

[1:19:41] Sahara

[1:19:42] End of Interview

[1:19:43] Sahara
How amazing was that conversation with Kathrin! I feel like she is my sister from another life. We have so many similarities in our own journeys and I hope it inspires you as well to know that whatever background you come from, whatever struggles you have experienced or obstacles you may still be overcoming right now, at this time, it is never too late, it is never too early, it is never too much. You were born for your Dharma and you were born to live a life of abundance. So I hope this Episode reminds you that you can indeed manifest your reality and it comes from taking aligned action because, truthfully, we need more conscious people empowered, able to have money to solve the problems of the world and to support businesses that are actually making a sustainable difference on this planet.

So, if you are felling called to step into your Dharma this year, come join me in my 21-day Dharma Discovery Journey! This is my new course specifically for you out there who are wanting to take action on your Dharma, to move from confusion to clarity and to not waste another year wondering if this job is right for you or if you should start that business or write that book or not and to actually know where to shift your energy towards.

So, I am so excited to share with you my very new course, the 21-day Dharma Discovery Journey. You can find it over at iamsahararose.com/dharmadiscovery that link is in the show notes, it starts as soon as you join and I’m so excited to have you inside.

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Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you on the next Episode. Namaste.

Episode 352: Manifest Your Abundant Reality with Kathrin Zenkina
By Sahara Rose

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