Why “following the path of least resistance” won’t always work.

What I’ve realized through the process of writing my new book Discover Your Dharma is that sometimes to follow the path of least resistance, you first have to follow the path you are the most resistant to.


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I remember always reading spiritual books telling me to follow the path of least resistance and thinking, “How does that make sense? If my mother did that, she wouldn’t have migrated out of her country on foot in the middle of a war. If a homeless person did that, they would have never gotten out of poverty. Maybe if I did that, I’d just do as my family + societal conditioning told me to do and completely negate my purpose.”

Let that sink in.

Those fears.
The limiting beliefs.
Those triggers, traumas and forms of conditioning.

These are the exact waves we must learn to overcome and navigate through to then make it into the open waters of your dharma (soul’s purpose.)

Maybe they’re showing up for you right now.

Maybe you’re taking it as a sign of “Well it’s just not meant to be” when it’s exactly the very obstacles you’re meant to overcome to prepare you to embody your dharma.

I share more deeply in this 15 minute Highest Self Podcast solocast with an analogy that just may change the game for you in understanding the path of least vs most resistance.. and why it isn’t as simple as most books out there will make it seem.

Tune in here.
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Sometimes we don’t immediately understand what our dharma is since we are conditioned to assume it should be obvious, but that is not always the case. ?⁠⠀
Not everyone is born knowing what they should do with their life, and that is 100% normal. Now is the time to keep learning, exploring, and evolving so you can remember the truth of who you are. ✨⁠⠀
In this video, I share FOUR quick ways to detect if something is related to your dharma, from Discover Your Dharma! ⇡⁠⠀Click the image above to view it!

I’m literally pinching myself that Discover Your Dharma is launching in just a couple days, especially at this time when the question of our purpose couldn’t matter more.

Not only does discovering your dharma impact your life significantly but the ripple effects it has on your family and humanity. In fact, the world can only come into balance when we are living in alignment with our dharmas.

As free gifts for your pre-order of the book, you’ll receive my Discover Your Dharma Meditation, tickets to my Virtual Q+A Book Launch Workshop, material for your own Discover Your Dharma Book Club or teaching it to your students and more. I’m even doing a giveaway for a free 1:1 Dharma Coaching Session with yours truly!

Sending you the happiest new year vibes and making this the year you truly embody your soul’s purpose!

Not a big fan of reading? listen to this podcast on Highest Self Podcast 342: Path of Least vs Most Resistance in Living Your Dharma with Sahara Rose

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