Highest Self Podcast 342: Path of Least vs Most Resistance in Living Your Dharma with Sahara Rose


I remember always reading spiritual books telling me to follow the path of least resistance and thinking, “How could I do that? Then if I did that, I’d just do exactly what my family is telling me to do. My parents wouldn’t have immigrated to this country. A homeless person wouldn’t have gotten out of poverty. How does that make sense?!” What I’ve realized through the process of writing Discover Your Dharma is sometimes to follow the path of least resistance, you first have to follow the path you are the most resistant to. I discuss more in this episode.

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Episode 342: Path of Least vs Most Resistance in Living Your Dharma
By Sahara Rose

Namaste. It’s Sahara Rose and welcome back to The Highest Self Podcast, a place where we discuss what makes you, Your Soul’s Highest Evolvement.

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And before we get started, I have an announcement for you.

So, on my own spiritual journey I realized that I wasn’t resonating with more information. I always felt like there was another book, another thing to do, another way to become, and I was really yearning for a form of spirituality that invited my whole self, my femininity, my creativity, my desire to be in my physical body, in my pleasure, in my joy, in my heart, in my womb, in my dance. For me, spirituality is not about leaving the body but really about being so immersed in it that you become one with it.
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The path of the Goddess is not to detach yourself from the world enough that you can handle being in it but rather creating the world you desire to be a part of, and that is what we are doing this month in Rose Gold Goddesses.
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I am so excited because my new book “Discover Your Dharma” is nearly out (January 5th) and I have been working on this book for almost two years now and I am so excited for you guys to have it in your hands.

When I began this journey of writing this book I obviously did not consciously know what a year 2020 would be and it’s almost as if Source had me begin writing this book exactly when I did so it could be out at the top of 2021, allowing people to really sit with the question. We’re in the greatest job loss in transition in our modern history with such high levels of unemployment. My husband himself lost his company, working in the music industry, so really, my heart goes out to anyone right now who has lost their job, who is feeling hopeless, who isn’t sure what their Dharma is, and I’ve been there too. And the opportunity right now is to ask yourself “How can I live a life that is more in alignment with my truth?” Because you were born with a purpose and sometimes we are living a life that makes sense and can be very monotonous, and we’re working our job, because that’s just what we’ve done, and it isn’t until situations like 2020 that can feel like everything was swept from under your feet, that you begin to ask “Was this really in my highest alignment?” And if it is – amazing! And if not, if you aren’t really jazzed up about going back to the same type of job that you had before; or maybe you’re feeling inspired just to start your own business or to work with someone who’s values are more in alignment with your truth, then this is the moment right now that you get to discover your Dharma.

Now, what does the word Dharma mean? So, your word Dharma is your Soul’s Purpose. It is the big reason why you are here, it is why you chose to incarnate on this planet at this time – your frequency, your energy, your vibration, it’s what you bring to the table, it’s your magic sauce.

So, it is so much more than just one career, one goal, one role you play, one project you do, it’s so much more than that. But really, it’s more so how you do than what you do. Because, for example, two people could teach yoga class, but the way each person will teach is going to be very different based off of who they are, their stories, their archetypes, so many different aspects that will make each person’s expression of you in the same yoga class show up very differently. And that’s really what our Dharma is; it’s how we do something. It’s essentially your mission statement; it’s the big reason why you have shown up here on this planet. And I believe that our souls chose it before we incarnated on this planet because we all got work to do and it’s also in alignment with our highest joy, because the Universe doesn’t want us to do things that are not for the benefit of the Universe, the Universe wants to make you feel good. That’s why people with good voices all love to sing, have you noticed that? They all love to sing! I don’t love to sing, I don’t have a great singing voice. But people who love to sing, all do; and people who love to dance, all do; and people who love to organize, all do. And do you see how the very things that you love to do the most are in alignment with your Dharma? So, we can trust that those things that are encoded inside of us are there for a reason. And this lifetime is about figuring out what it is.

So, the book is coming out January 5th, if you have not pre-ordered it, get your hands on a copy because I have some epic pre-order bonuses including tickets to my Virtual Book Launch, “Discover Your Dharma” Meditation, material for you to host your own “Discover Your Dharma” Book Club, teach it to your community. And if you are listening to this after book launch, head over to the same website because I’ll also have bonuses for you. So, you can head over to iamsahararose.com/dharma, the link is in the show notes to learn more about it.

Now, in this Episode I wanted to talk about something that has come up for me in conversations when I have been interviewed on different peoples’ podcasts, and it’s a really frequent question that people have when discovering what their purposes are and wondering how we can make it feel good and make it feel flow when sometimes it is the very biggest thing that we have resistance towards.
So how do we live a life of flow when to us, going with the flow might feel like keeping up our same job, our same friends, our same habits etc.

So, I’m going to share with you a reframe that I share in “Discover Your Dharma” and go much more in depth into in the book.

[07:06] Reframe
Sometimes the path of least resistance requires you to take the path you are the most resistant to.

So what that means is that the path of least resistance is the path of following flow. I remember I used to read all these spiritual books – “Follow the path of least resistance” I was like “That does not make the sense to me because if my mom followed the path of least resistance she wouldn’t have left her war-torn country, crossed the border by foot and gotten asylum in different countries, and then ended up in Spain and then ended up here.” She wouldn’t have gone through all of that if she followed the path of least resistance; she would have just stayed put.
So, I was very confused as to how can we follow the path of least resistance when there are people born into poverty, and if they just did the path of least resistance, they would just remain in poverty forever. Isn’t there an innate desire in people to grow; to learn more; to become; to overcome obstacles? How is that following the path of least resistance? And I was really stuck on this question because I so deeply wanted to believe all of these things but I would look around at the world around be and be like “This doesn’t make sense!” Follow the path of least resistance – maybe if I was born into the perfect situation, but most people are not. So, I really wondered this! And when I was writing this book of “Discover Your Dharma” and really tuning into the frequency of living in Kria, living in flow, just continued to sit with me of – most people are so far away from living their Dharma that how are they going to feel flow when they are so far away from it? And that’s when this analogy came into my mind.

Imagine yourself to be on a beach. So, you’re on the beach, on the sand, and your Dharma is out in open waters. You haven’t been out to those open waters, it’s kind of like Mowanna who wants to go out to the open waters which she’s never been and everyone around her is telling her don’t go. But something within her really wants to see what’s out there; she can feel it to be true. You want to see this thing that you’ve never known about but can feel and resonate in your bones to exist, but you have no proof for. So, these open waters are your Dharma, your Soul’s Purpose – you living a life in full expression with who you are.

Now, to get to those open waters, you’ve got to swim through the waves. And those waves represent the obstacles, the roadblocks, the limiting beliefs, all of the things that have kept you from living your Dharma in your entire life. And the further away you are from your Dharma, the bigger those waves are going to be.
So, you may have gone into the water once and tried to swim through the waves, and the waves crashed you back to sure and you’re like “Fuck! I can never get out to the open water! I can’t even get past the first wave!” And you try again, you’re swept back to shore, and this could look like you failed and you give up, or you get really anxious and you stop what you’re doing, or you’re about to take a risk but you’re really scared.
So maybe after a try or two you give up and you remain back on the sand and everyone around you says “See! It doesn’t exist! There’s no open waters out there! I tried to make it with my call and vanned and I failed! So, Purpose does not exist!” or “I once had a dream about being a writer but I never did anything with it because it’s unrealistic!” And you hear these stories from people who may have also tried and failed, and tell you to keep it safe on the sand.

Now, knowing and trusting that your Dharma is out in open waters requires you to learn how to navigate those waves; how to become a stronger swimmer; how to learn how to duck and dodge and move through even the biggest waves; your biggest fears; your biggest roadblocks; your biggest limiting beliefs, many of which can feel so dangerous, so confronting, so scary, but as you continue that path you become a stronger swimmer and you navigate through those waves and you learn how to swim through them until you make it out to open waters. And this is when you are finally living in alignment with your Dharma, your Soul’s Purpose.

And then from this place, you’re yelling back to people on shore “Oh my Goddess! Here it is! It really does exist, I’m here! I made it!” But they can’t hear you because all they can see are those waves. And they can only trust the open waters when they make the voyage out themselves.

So, this analogy came to me and allowed me to see that sometimes to follow the path of least resistance, we have to follow the path we are the most resistant to.

Now sometimes those forms can come from things that our family told us; things that our society, our media, our school system – for example “You’ll never make money being a creative! No one values healers! You’re going to remain a starving artist! You’re going to end up homeless! You’re not good enough at that! Too many people are already doing that! You’re out of touch, you’re wishful thinking! You’re not even that talented! You’re just going to fail! You’d better stop while you’re still young! You’re never going to figure out how to make money or make a living doing what you love! You’ve got to snap back to reality, you’re out of touch!” Have you heard any of those things? Maybe something else? I know I have and sometimes those voices become your own and then you’re not able to differentiate what are voices of the fears and what are the voices coming from my own truth. So those stories become the stories that narrate your life, and those waves become bigger and bigger, and stronger and stronger, and denser and denser, until you bust through them. And sometimes it can crush you down to the bottom of the ocean, you can hit your head and it can fucking hurt. Another times you glide right through it and see it wasn’t that big of a deal after all. But you’ll only overcome those waves if you choose to navigate it. No one can find your Dharma for you. No one can give you a 30-day money back guarantee on your Dharma, only you can take that journey. And that journey begins by you trusting your journey; asking yourself the right questions; looking within instead of others and remembering your truth.

I hope this ignited something in your soul to remember who you are, why you’re here and you’re meant to express your Dharma with the world.

If you want to dive further into these topics with me, and remember, I will always reflect you back to your own inner knowing, then check out my new book “Discover Your Dharma”. It is available at bookstores nationwide, globally, and you can also submit your receipt on iamsahararose.com/dharma to receive my epic bonuses.

Thank you soul much for saying YES to living your Purpose, for being the solution and for being a bridge to the new paradigm. I am soul grateful to reincarnate with you at this time.

Episode 342: Path of Least vs Most Resistance in Living Your Dharma
By Sahara Rose


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