Living your dharma does not mean overworking

Living your dharma does not mean overworking. It means honoring your purpose in life and feeling fulfilled in doing so. Read this blog for more insights on dharma.

living your dharma

Living your dharma means honoring your sacred doing.

Your sacred doing is when your doing and being merge. There is no longer any separation between the two.

The writer becomes the words, the yogi becomes the asana, the artist becomes the painting, the practitioner and the practice merge as one.

There is no forcing, coercing or even a need to “motivate.”

You are simply being the natural expression of who you are.

This is possible for every person and in fact our birthright when we are living our dharmas (soul’s purposes.)

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We live in a society that most people dislike what they are doing, hence the war against doing. We act like doing is a bad or even less evolved thing and make games plans for how we are going to retire early to just “do” nothing.. as if doing it this thing to escape from.

The doing only feels exhausting when it’s not in alignment with our dharma.

Still curious about dharma? Read my definitive guide to dharma to learn how to find your dharma.

living your dharma

I remember when I had a clothing line, I dreaded long days vending at different yoga festivals. I spoke with my friend who was also doing the same thing and she said she loved it and was actually excited about it. It gave her energy, passion and fulfillment, whereas I was counting down the hours. I realized then that the long days weren’t the problem– it was me not feeling in alignment with how I was spending them. That’s when it became crystal clear to me that I needed to focus on what I truly wanted to do– write.

Living your dharma is not a result of overworking. It’s a result of alignment your work with exactly what is coming through you.

That feeling when creativity is just oozing out of you is a sign you are living in aligment with your dharma.

In one download (stream of consciousness) you can actually channel what may have taken another days, months or years. Because the idea is not coming from you, but rather through you, from a greater source. Your only job is to tune in and allow it to channel through you.


How to actualize this embodiment within yourself?

This was my greatest question and curiosity on my own journey, which led me to studying Ayurveda in India for two years, living in Bali and then writing three best-selling books and an oracle card deck. The question I kept getting from people was how I created this as my reality and this is what led me to write Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose, which is now available in book retailers internationally!
In this book, I share stories, frameworks and step-by-step processes to support you in rememberin your soul’s purpose (because it’s been inside you all along!

I created my Dharma Blueprint Method™, which is five stage process to help anyone (and I mean ANYONE) take actionable steps towards their dharma as soon as they read this book.
I’m beyond excited to share this book with you.⁠⠀

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Here’s what people are saying:

I’m also super excited to share it’s the #1 New Release in the Spirituality category on Audible! I read the book myself so if you’d like to hear me reading aloud to you, click below to get the book on Audible or wherever you purchase your audiobooks today!

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It’s time to honor, share and celebrate your gifts, your uniqueness, your weirdness.. THIS is your dharma.


My Dharma Support Circle

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It’s soul important to have a community to support you as you find your dharma. Personally, that has been one of the greatest factors leading to my dharma— having sisters to share with along the way, as well as supporting them! ?⁠⠀
This is why I’m SOUL excited to announce the latest offer in my membership community Rose Gold Goddesses will be Dharma Support Circles – a concept from Discover Your Dharma. ✨⁠⠀
When we are in deep conversation, we enter flow state through mutual energy exchange. To embody our dharma, we need the sounding board of others. Hearing about other people’s experiences also gives us depth to better understand our own.
Right now in Rose Gold Goddesses we have a new space where we are connecting people with their own virtual Dharma Support Circles with other likeminded spiritual women! You will meet with your group of 4 Goddesses every two weeks to support one another in living your dharmas!

This month we are also working with Goddess Green Tara who represents compassionate action and your sacred doing, with a full 1.5 hour Goddess Circle, journal prompts, meditation and practices to furher support you in bringing your dharma to reality this year. Plus we have plenty of my workshops, masterclasses and 14+ other Goddess circles available for you. All of this is available for you in your Rose Gold Goddesses membership!

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Let’s co-create the world we desire to be a part of, where everyone is in alignment with their dharmas. We’re in this together.

With Love,


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