The Limiting Belief That Is Plaguing The Spiritual Community

Have you ever had the thought “I’d really love to create this but it’s going to take too much energy..”


Then you’ve bought in.
Most of us are operating at only a fraction of what we are capable of.


We don’t even allow ourselves to dream because we feel like it’s going to be too much work to make it happen.


Then we end up doing the unfulfilling work that really drains our soul.


The truth is… you live the life you dare to dream.


When you ask yourself bigger questions, you become a bigger person.


Most people aren’t willing to ask themselves..


How is my highest self expressed?


How can I create a life that brings me joy, excitement and fulfillment?


How can I share my gifts with the world?


What are my gifts?


So we end up never knowing.


Even though the only purpose of this life is to know and embody the answer to those questions.


We talk a lot about wellness but wellness without living your LIFE in alignment with your dharma, soul’s purpose.. isn’t truly wellness.


It’s a band-aid.


So let’s ask the expansive questions so we become more expansive people.


Because you are capable of SOUL much more than you give yourself credit for.
Check out my latest Highest Self Podcast solocast 257: The Limiting Belief That Is Plaguing The Spiritual Community with Sahara Rose.


Click here to listen on iTunes, Spotify or Soundcloud.


It’s only 20 min and just may change your life.


I hope it opens up some blocks for you so you can step into your greatness.


The world needs you, boo.
With gratitude,

Sahara Rose


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