Are you feeling burnt out? Here is why you get to receive.

Collectively we are burnt out. We are moving a million miles an hour, our workloads are higher than ever and we’ve now spent a full year dealing with the stress of CV-19 and quarantine.

Astrologically, we are moving into Pisces season, a time to take a deep breath and tune into how we feel emotionally after all the plans and goals we set in January.

Last year in March in Rose Gold Goddesses we worked with Goddess Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion. We were similarly feeling the need for a sacred pause.

It is time to slow down, pause and really question:
How do I want to spend my time?
Am I living in alignment with my dharma?
Am I honoring my boundaries?
Am I continuously educating, uplifting and inspiring myself?
Or am I filling up my time with busy-work and social media scrolling without any real connection?

In order to manifest, we must create space for all the universe has awaiting for us.

Only when we allow ourselves to receive can we channel the next iteration of our dharmas.

This week on Highest Self Podcast, I share about Creating From a Space of Rest vs Unworthiness.

What you are creating is not as important as HOW and WHY you are creating it.

Is it coming from a place of creativity oozing out of you or from unworthiness of who you’d be without productivity?

I’ve experienced both and share how to tell the difference in this episode.. And instead, create from a restful state aligned with your highest self.

Tune in on iTunes, Soundcloud or Spotify now! (It’s only 20 min!)

I also have a couple incredible interviews for you going viral right now that may inspire you to blossom into your highest self!

  1. Episode 354: Quantum Physics, Universal Laws + Spiritual Truths with Brandon Beachum. If you want to zoom out and see things from a higher perspective, this episode is for you! I mean, do we really even exist?! We travel the realms in this one!
  2. Episode 352: Manifest Your Abundant Reality with Kathrin Zenkina. If you’re feeling stressed about money right now and are looking for a higher perspective, this episode is for you!
  3. Episode 353: Embodiment + Rewilding as the Sun-Being with me, Sahara Rose. If you’re feeling the call to reconnect with nature, your body and the Earth, this episode is for you.

We can only manifest to the level that we can receive.

What is your relationship with receiving? (Compliments, praise, money, gifts, etc?)

And what is your relationship with boundaries?

They’re deeply connected.

This Sunday in Rose Gold Goddesses, I’ll be guiding you through the March Goddess Circle which is focused on sacred receiving and boundary setting.

I’ll be guiding you through practices to gain clarity on where your energy is leaking and how you can set more aligned boundaries to open up your channel to receive.

This month, you’ll also be guided through a relaxing Goddess Yoga Nidra Practice and meditation to further anchor in the energy of receiving.

We are also putting together Dharma Support Circles now which are small groups of four people so you can support each other in living your dharmas!

Ready to nourish your nervous system and create from a place of wholeness?

Discover Your Dharma is almost two months old!

I’ve received thousands of messages about how this book has changed your life, single-handedly helped you find your purpose more than any other book and inspired you to see the world from a new lens. WOW. I am divinely honored to be the channel for this work.

Dharma (purpose) is more needed now than ever before. We need you activated, alive and in your power so you can embody your fullest expression and raise the vibration of the planet.

Order Discover Your Dharma + submit your receipt below to receive bonuses including my Dharma Embodiment Practice, Discover Your Dharma Meditation and Dharma Tapping Practice!

Your dharma is encoded within you. It just takes asking the right questions to receive it.

When we are burnt out, on autopilot and in a state of stress, we can’t know what our dharmas are.

I created the 21 Day Dharma Discovery Journey to support you step-by-step in gaining clarity, confidence and courage on your dharma.

Each day you’ll be given an actionable practice to help you gain clarity on your purpose and know exactly what it is to focus your energy on.

The results so far have been nothing short of AMAZING. Come join us and see your life transform over the next 21 days!

May your wings expand and colors blossom sun-being,



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